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President of Leland-Stanford
Speaks at Chapel
Cadet Band Will Give Concert
February 29th
GUI' University had tho pleasure of
entertaining Dr. David S. Jordan, who
is preBident of Leland-Stanford Uni
versity, yesterday. Dr. Jordan was
en route to Peru, where he delivered
an address at the State Normal yester
day evening. He "me directly through
to Lincoln from California. Dr. Jor
dan had heen expected here several
weeks ago to deliver an address be
fore the medical society, but owing to
xl wreck he was unable to come,, and
he was 'obliged to postpone his visit
here until a later date. Although ho
had been expected for some time his
arrival In the city Tuesday evening
-created quite a surprise among Univer
sity people.
At convocation yesterday Dr. Jor
dan addressed a few words to the stu
dents, in the absence of General Dag
gett, who failed to arrive until late.
He entertained for a short time with
a numbpr of humorous stories and
jokes and then congratulated the stu
dents upon their being the students of
a state institution. He discussed state
educational students in general, point
ing out tho fact that the equipment
in such schools Is far superior to
others, and that private Institutions in
order to maintain their standing in the
educational world must offer some
thing entirely different and specialize
upon it. Tho State University deals
with a much greater variety of courses
and has behind It tho people of tho
state with great financial support.
Dr. Jordan Is a man of fine physique
and carries himself with the greatest
ease. His general appearanco and
modo of delivery are pleasing and hd
held the close attention of his audience
throughout Tils entire discourse.
Acompanled by Dr. Wolcott, he vis
ited tho different branches of tho sci
entific department. He took special
interest in these, as he himself is a
scientist of great note. He expressed
himself as pleased with the busy ap
pearance of everything here and com
plimented the work that our Univer
sity was doing. He said that It was
perfectly evlde'nt that our scientific
department was not only strong and
well equipped, but that the work was
pushed in all directions. The work of
the zoological department, through its
thoroughness and Tange, struck him
forcibly, and he spoke in high terms of
the general conditions and the labora
tory work. He"was greatly interested
in the zoological department, as he is
a' zoologist himself, and Dr. Ward la
a personal friend of his and an ac
quaintance of long standing.
He alBO visited the medical, geology
and botany departments, and ex
pressed himself greatly pleased and
surprised at the advanced order of
conditions there. He spoke before tho
Medical society' and one of Dr. Bes
sey'B classes in botany. Ho thought
well of our medical course, and of the
progress mado in the department.
Chancellor Andrews entertained at
luncheon at tho Lincoln hotel for Dr.
Jordan, General Daggett, Commandant
Chase and Dr. Wolcott. Dr. Jordan
left at 1 o'clock for Peru, after speak
ing in high terms of his entertainment
and expressing his pleasure at having
an opportunity to visit our University.
Basketball Team Will Meet the
Omaha Y. M. C. A. Club
Tho University cadet band will give
its regular quadrennial concert at the
Oliver theatre, on the evening of Feb
ruary 29th, 1901.
University spirit should pervade the
hearts of the students, one and all, and
cause them to turn out en masse to
show beyond the shadow of a doubt
their appreciation of the talent and
ability of whkh the band Is composed.
Close, critical observers have given the
banu of this" university very high com
pliments, and the dose attention to
practice and application to study
which has enabled its members to place
tho organization upon such a high
piano should receive an unquestionable
show of appreciation and approval.
The University band is at present
composed of forty members under the
leadership of Prof. August Hagenow.
Its services have been given without
compensation on Innumerable occa
sions of University functions. It has
turned out as a body at almost every
football game and added enthusiasm,
college spirit and public Interest to
the affairs held on the University cam
pus. Its presence during football and
baseball games has caused the Univer
sity of Nebraska to receive enthusi
astic praise and complimentary com
ment from visitors who betook the
character of the organization as an in
dex to the University life and general
Aside from things connected with
the regular curriculum it is the moBt
important organization of the Univer
sity; occupies a larger place in the-
public mind of the patrons of the Uni
versity and constitutes the most neces
sary complement to all public exer
cises and sports, of the University.
For these and many other reasons,
the concert, on February 29, a date
none can forget, should be one grand
ovation and event of appreciative en
thusiasm for the good work and effici
ency of the University Cadet band.
Lincoln Transfer
Phone, 176
Co. Baggage.
Don Cameron's
gopd service.
lunch counter for
Sneclal rates to students wishing
typewriting done. 512 Richards block.
Box "of cigars given away every "day
at Powell's Oliver theatre building.
Faculty People Entertained
All of the members of the Faculty
Women's club were entertained with
their husbands yesterday by Chancellor
and Mrs. Andrews at their home, 1410
Q street. The ladies were entertained
in the afternoon, and the gentlemen
were invited from 5:30 to 7 p. m. The
occasion was elaborate in every de
tail, the whole houso being opened up
in generous hospitality to tho enter
tainment of tho faculty ladles and their
husbands. The decorations, which
were scarlet and cream roses down
stairs and pinks and tulips upstairs,
wero tastefully and attractively ar
ranged. Downstairs dinner was served
and upstairs Ice cream and cake. Tho
Misses HowellB. Puffer, Dean, Pound,
Prankish and Evelyn Gear and Frankle
Gear served refreshments. About
one hundred and fifty guests were pres
ent. This is ope of the most pleasant
and olaborate social functions of the
season, and one In which all found un
usual enjoyment.
The basket ball management hat
signed a game with the Omaha Chris
tians to take the place of Highland
Park College tomorrow night. Omaha
defeated tho Lincoln Y. M. C. A. by a
decisive score a couple of weekB ago,
bo they are certnln that they can do
the same thing to our team. Ab this
will be tho last game before the team's
departure on the northern trip every
student should turn out, especially
since our team is to play four hard
games, one of them with a team we
have never defeated. We know that
the interest does not attach to thlB
game that does to, a regular college
game, but still It will be as close a
game as this season' schedule prom
ises, and will be wc. worth seeing.
If a desire to encourage our team will
not pull a crowd, perhaps a good gamo
may do so. On tho trip our men will
see big crowds and thoy can not fall
to draw odious comparisons between
college Bplrit in the north and college
spirit in Nebraska.
Before the game and between halveB
our second team will play Wesleyan.
ThlB will be the second team's firBt ap
pearance in public, and It will be picked
from these men. Newton, Noyes, Me
llck. Mathewson, Krake, Miller, Tyner,
Lott and Hammlll, who played such-a
star game for the Y. M. C. A. last year,
and who has Juat registered In the Uni
versity. Entries for Charter Day closed last
night. No other fraternities than those
mentioned yesterday have entered. It
Is very important that the names of
the teams should be handeuYVln also.
Only one fraternity did this. The Phi
Gamma Delta team consists of Sunder
lln. Miller, and Cramer. The pre
liminaries for all the contests will be
held Saturday afternoon at '2:30, the
Highland Park ladles' game being de
clared off.
University people who have not seen
the faculty basket ball team at prac
tice have a great treat in store for
them. A power is given Into our fac
ulty that we common mortals do not
hav'e they can do two things at a
time, and not only that, but they can
do them well. Dr. Engberg is tho wit
of the distinguished group, and all the
while the ball is passing swiftly back
and forth he keeps up a constant flow
of Jokes faculty jokes, and we refer
all Freshmen to rPof. Barber for in
formation as to their grade. The Ne
braskan reporter withstood five or six
of them, but when the distinguished
profesors, justly famous "Two stoneB
with one bird," joke came forth, the,
reporter turned tall and ran. In truth,
his is a Scandinavian wit, as Dr. Clem
ents puts It.
But If Dr. Engberg Is the vlt of the
crowd. Mr. Congdon surely wins the
laurel wreath, for beauty, and all Unl.
people may be glad that he knows It.
and displays his Apollo-Uke form to
the best of advantage.
In tho traditions of tho institution.
It Is a distinctively college meeting,
and Is meant to take tho place of thf
church sorvlco on the appointed even
ing. Those who are in tho habit of at
tending Bervlcea in tho city churches
are urged to bo In this University ser
vice next Sunday evening, and in this
small way show their respect and ad
miration for tho services and charac
ter of our chancellor. Let ovory col
lege student take advantage of this op
portunity to attond a University event
which Is free from all partisanship and
tho like.
Special music has been provided, and
as tho mooting will last but ono hour
it is expected that the chapel will be
filled with loyal University students.
Further Communicationt
The mllltarv department has received
further details concerning tho cadet
encampment at the St. Louis fair this
bummer. The barracks will be very
advantageously placed In a prominent
part of the grVinds, with quick and
easy access to any of tho most import
ant buildings. Tho exposition authori
ties are In receipt of requests foi space
from pchools all over the country.
Camping facilities will be furnish for
from five to ten dayB. There will often
be more than 2,000 troops In camp.
During the encampment of the Uni
versity battalion, from June G to 1G,
the Inter-Scholastic and Olympian
games will be held dally. These will
form a part of tho great Olympian re
vival which promises to form bo prom
inent a feature of the fair. This period
will be largely devoted to Intor-Schol-astlc
Seventeen colleges and universities
have already arranged to send cadets
to the fair, and new applications nt
coming In daily. The University is to
be congratulated on securing a good
date for the encampment, as they are
all practically filled by this time.
New Mimbers of Pershings
Regular drill tonight at 7:15 sharp.
The following members will straighten
up their affairs within one week or be
subject to dishonorable discharge:
Case, Crazier, Hershey. Krajlcek, Mill
er, Ross, Scott, Smith, Shallenberger.
The following are dropped In good
standing: Guthcrle, Lefler.
The applications of the following
men for Pershing Rllles have been ap
proved and they wjll obtain leggings
and report for drill Thursday evening:
Orcutt, Westover, Manning, Rohrer,
Kendall, Lott. Hill, Elmendorf, Mur
phy, Rush, Raber, Moser, Flake.
Other applicants will report and
drill as recruits.
About 1,700 men attended the meet
ing addressed by Fred B. Smith In tho
Oliver theatre last Sunday afternoon,
there being scarcely standing room
left. In every respect, this was the
greatest meeting ever held In the city,
and brought many lasting and import
ant results. One hundred men decld
decided at this meeting to lead a Chris
tion life from that hour. Nothing but
praise for Mr. Smith can be heard on
every side.
Tho noon meetings of the Y. W. C. A.
for tho week beginning February 1G,
will be In charge of Miss Anna Van
Zandt, who will" gtve extracts from
Gordon's "Quiet Talk on Power." All
who can., we, urged to come the first
day and each day as promptly at 12:20
as possible In order that the connec
tion may not bo lost, for the running
sequence will be very essential to the
help and enjoyment to be derived from
these readings.
Union Shining Parlor. 1018 O
Chairs and ladies and gentlemen.
Special Service Next Sunday
Chancellor Andrew? to Speak
A service absolutely new In this in
stitution, and one that should be of
deep Jntere8t to every man and woman
In the University, will be held In the
chapel next Sunday evening, February
14th, at 7 o'clock. The service Is
known as a "Vesper Service," lasting
but one hour, and addressed by .Chan
cellor Andrews. In some of the older
Institutions of the country, this service
1b one that calls forth the entire stu
dent body, and holds an honored place
Prof. Hodgman has been electe!
chairman of the sidewalk committal
of the City Improvement society. The
other members of this committee are
Rev. I owls Gregory, Prof. C. A. Rob
bins, M. J. Waugh of the Lincoln Paint
and Color Co., and John E. Miller of
the firm of Miller & Paine. If Uni
versity people have complaints forth
coming regarding the condition of our
sldewalkB, now is the time to let, the
committee know of It.
Special rate to students at Hendry's.
Lincoln Local Express, 11th and N.
Tel. 787. Baggage hauled.
Sam's Cafe. The only place In the
city to get the famous "Little Gem
Hot Waffles." Special service" fat ladles.