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Communication Holding Oppo
site View to Editorial.
The following communication has
been handed to us for publication. We
freely give it publication, only reserv
ing the right to explain a few points
that concern ourselves and the Univer
sity in general:
"Editor N?braskan:
"In regard to the article in yester
day's paper pertaining to the Junior
Annuals no doubt you have &truck a
subject which It would be well to look
into. If the "Dally Nebraskan" wishes
to accomplish something, here la a field
for her to work. It is impossible, fol
lowing the present plan, to get out a
book such as would meet the wishes of
the student body. The fact is admitted
that the present plan is deficient, but
can one or two men change the condi
tion of affairs?
"The fact is everyone is enthusiastic
and a loyal supporter when it comeB to
talk about it, and it is easy to put noble
thoughts in writing. Wo point witli
pride to the fact that all bills contract
ed by the last year's Sombrero board
are paid, but wo can not say that all
bills owed to the board are paid. (Far
be it film such.) It is a fact that peo
ple will contract for space and neglect
and refuse to pay for it, then turn
around and knock on the publication.
Yet those aie the very ones who
"holler" about the "silver lining of the
individual pocket." . -v. rule thesi
calamity "howlers1 are so tight that
a leach would fall from their noble
biow in disgust and starve to death
for want of blood.
"There never was a movement on
foot for the accomplishment of some
purpose but what some pig-headed
phllospher would "holler" calamity.
Simply because they are in a position
to put their noble thoughts on paper,
where they may be read and under
cover of the respect and esteem that an
editor is held, will proceed to make
charges of dishonesty, which (hey
never think of proving, and would hesi
tate to make to any Individual of whom
they speak.
The above communication certainly
falls short of the mark of refuting any
editorial opinion that we may have
advanced concerning the Junior An
nual. Leaving out all the severe terms
.and personal references the Bubstance
of the letter reduces itself to an allega
tion to the effect that those who con
tract for space are Qften remlsjn dis
charging their obligations, and that
theses are the ones who are opposed
to the method employed In the publi
cation of the Junior Annual. If this
be true, the high standard of morals
that they show In the latter regard ex
cuses their failings In the former.
But it 1b more convenient to follow
the argument through as presented
ubove and see what the contingency
may b,o upon which the clalmB of up
right dealing in getting out these Ju
nior Annuals are, based. We are quite
sure that we have struck a subject
that it would be well to look Into, and
ve havetaken some steps In that direc
tion already..
We aro quite euro that the present
plan, whjch differs in no detail from
past plans, is sadly deficient, and it Is
In connection with this Very th(ng lhat
thq demand for refdrm is mot urgent.
A new system should be instituted,
compelling the individuals in'charge of
the Sombrero to keep within bounds
and devote more of the money placed
in their hands to giving us a decent,
representative bp6k, IriBtead of supply
ing their own needs so faithfully. One
or two men-Qf the rteht character cau
.VV t certainly change the condition of af-
t Jf talis, Jt they Tmppen to he the editors
or tne book, simply py exhibiting a
proper grade of "honesty and striving to
servo tho University as well an them
selves. It is very easy to put noble thoughts
Into writing, when one has bucIi a good
field for condemnation to select from,
as the conduct of past Junior Annual
editors presents. Thero is no harm In
anyono paying their bills, and we think
it quite tho best thing for the editors
of last year's book to pay soma that
we know they still owe, but anyhow,
wo should think that they should be
willing to rest content with what they
have got without bothering nbout what
may yet be outstanding.
Tho writer of the above letter would
limit the number who know the pub
lication to thoBO who have not fulfilled
their contracts. Tho condemnation of
tho methods of past editors of the
Sombrero is a matter in which practi
cally tho whole University is united,
and the movement for reform embraces
the wishes of nearly tho entire stu
dent body. Perhaps a leech might fall
to its doom from the brow of those
who now "holler calamity," as they
have already been visited by the Junior
Annual and suffered worse treatment
than tho leech could ever inflict.
Tho "pig-headed philosophers" are
certainly obstreperous beings, and it
is to be regretted that they have been
furnished such good material to work
with in decrying the lack of principle
displayed by those entrust with the
work of giving the University a decent
and creditable book and pointing out
the fact that there Is room for Im
provement. We don't find it necessary
to spend time in proving the dishonesty
.employed in connection with tho Som
brero as the University public has som
decided views upon the matter already.
This affair is not a matter of indivi
duals, but It concerns tho whole Unl
ersity, and It can not be argued out
to a satisfactory conclusion by two,
however attractive the Inducement
mlglit be.
If this is all the argument that can
be presented to favor an opposing view
tho need of- tho Introduction of new
methods is certainly urgent. The nec
essity 1b made more plain of ruling
out all self-interest, if the book is to
bo raised to a creditable standard.
These aro our views, and we bellee
that they represent the feeling of the
University at large.
Engineering Authority Will Be
Here Next Weak.
Professor Elwood Mead, chief of ir
rigation Investigation, has written that
he will be able to deliver a lecture to
the 'Engineering society and to others
Interested on "European Irrigation." It
is quite probable the lecture will
bo given In the chapol at 10:30 noxt
Tuesday. The lecture will be illastrat
cd with lantern slides. Professor Mead
Is one of the most prominent In tho
engineering profession and a specialist
in 1i1b line. The Engineering: society
is very fortunate In securing this address.
Mr. F. J. Buck Is now an assistant in
electrical laboratory work. Mr Rnir
will take his degree next Monday, bull
expects 10 remain at tne university the
rest of the year.
Thero aro thirteen members of the
olass in civil engineering 101,. "Modern
Framed Structures." This 1b an In
crease of four over the registration of
last year.
Norton Wore, '04, returned from Ne
braska City Thursday. Ho had spent
the previous week in a visit at his
The classes In foundry work are nof
running full blast. The first heat will
be taken off next Saturday.
J. A. Green, assistant in the civJl
engineering department, has been ill
with ear trouble for the past week.
Debate to Occur Near Opening
of World's Fair.
Arrangements are being made for the
Nebraska-WaBhlngton Unlvoralty de
bate, which will occur at St. IouIh,
about the opening week of the world's
fair. This will give our debaters an
opportunity of making their trip a
doubly pleasurable one. They may b'e
there at the time of lie inaugural ex
ercises and in such case they will cer
tainly be fortunate. At present our au
thorities are waiting to hear from
There are thirty entries for the pre
liminaries. A bulletin has been post
ed requesting all candidates to notify
either Professor Fogg or Ire Ryner as
to the side they prefer. All of the men
are favorably impre ed with the question.
The Inter-ScholaBtic debate which
has been held heretofore during the
holidays at the meetings of the State
Teachers's association, will be held
Friday night at tne auditorium. That
the Interests of all nations demand that
the Ibthmlan canal be Owned and con
trolled by the United States will be dis
cussed The Lincoln representative has
been trained by N. M. Cronin. one of debaters, and an assistant of Prof
Cornell University has abandoned
lance and discipline of "crlbbers."
An alumnus of Brown has offered
three annual prizes of $75, $50 and $25
for the best essays on a subject in
American or English literature.
The department of English at tho
University of Illinois has organized a
course for the special training of the
Inter-University debates. The instructor
is John Quincy Adams.
Wesleyan University was unanimous
ly defeated by Baker at Baldwin. Kan.,
last week on the municipalization of
street railways.
The University of Missouri Debating
league is bringing to Columbln this year
several distinguished lecturers.
""-I far?
Rev. Wild at Convocation
Rev. Laura Wild, pastor of the North
Lincoln Congregational church, will
speak at convocation tomorrow on
"Theological Training for Women." It
Is Intended, If poslble, that the Lelder
kranz furnish the music on Friday,
with a program of German folksongs.
A discussion of tho Ruseo-Japanesu
war will be arranged for tho near fu
ture If possible. It is intended by the
committee In charge of the convocation
exerclBes to make them as entertain
ing as possible, In order to provide a
fitting recreation for University stu
dents. Professor Fossler reports that
the "attendance at chapel has been In
creasing very satlsfacorlly of late.
Seniors meet Rest of Officers.
The Seniors met yesterday morning
at chapel time and completed the elec
tion of ofFlcers-wbJeh they began Mon
,day. MIbs Damon was elected secre
tary; Miss Bullock, treasurer; Miss
Van Zant, historian, and Russell Moore
class senator.
A ticket as above, with the excep
tion of secretary, was elected before It
was discovered that a quorum was not
present. Miss' Damon and Russell
Harris were candidates for the office,
and Mr. Harris was at first in the lead.
Enough members of the class came In
late, however, to give a quorum, and
a final vote ratified the rest oCthe tick
et as before elected and chose Mies Da
mon as secretary,
Special rate to students at Hendry's:
Basketball Team Will Not Meet
Highland Park.
University people will be disappoint
ed to learn that our first college basket
ball game has been declared off. One
of tho conditions under which tho High
land Park team agreed to play here wot.
that they must be able to Blgn a game
with Wesleyan the night before, and
this they were unable to do. It is
not yet known definitely whether the
girls' game Saturday afternoon will
tnke place or not.
Tho big gnmo of tho season will be
played In Lincoln on March 5 "with
Wlfeconslu. TIiIh will be our first en
counter with Wisconsin in basket ball
and if a big crowd does not turn out
to the game we should be forced to
return to our old opinion that colilege
spirit In the University of Nebraska Is
drad, and all that lemalnu for us to
do Is to hold the funeral service over
Its remains.
Interest In the inter-frulernity relay
race 1b becoming greater. Last year
only.two teams entered the contest, and
already six fraternities have signified
their Intention of sending represen
tatives. Those so far entered aro Delta
U.. Phi Kappa PsI.Bcta Theta PI, Sigma
Alpha Epsllon, Phi Gamma Delta, and
Phi Delta Phi. The race will be as fol
lows: Two boxes are placed 40 feet
apart, with three bells In one box. Tho
first man take up a dumb-bell und car
ries it to the other box, drops It. re
turns for another, dropB that one, and
then returns for the last one. Tho sec
ond man Is ready at the Bocond box
with one of tho first two bells, and
may start as soon as tho first man
touches him with tho last bell.
Entries must be In beforo six o'clock
tonight. Mall them to Dr. Clapp or
leavo them In his office, and be sure to
glvo the list of events entered as well
as the name. The preliminaries will be
held Saturday afternoon. Entries for
the relay race must contain the name
of the fraternity and the names of the
Tho basket ball team leaves for its
northern trip TueBdny. The class teams
areto use the floor on Tuesday and
Thursday at tho regular first team
Negotiations are under way for a
game of baseball with the Chicago Nor
tlonal league team, to be played In Lin
coln. Our Educational Exhibit."
Material Is still being received by the
superintendent of oUr educational ex
hibit at the world's fair. Exhibits from
the schools at Aurora and Talmage
were received yesterday. A cholco
painting by a Nebraska club woman
is expected from tho art Institute at
Chicago, one having already been re
ceived. Dr. Elwood Mead, who will
lecture here next week, is looking up
a collection for the Irrigation building
at the world's fair, where he will ex
hibit enlarged photographs of irriga.
tion In Nebraska, taken by (he Morrill
geological expeditions, and also exhib
it tho models cf home-made windmills,
prepared three years ago by the de
partment of geology. The, designs for
tho fascades and partitlons'in our edu
cation booth havo been recast owing
to increase in cost of matorial and la
bor, which bid fair to be ten times as
much as at the Omaha oxposltlon.
TT" -tt;
I-craing'a. ice crenm ana candy; 11th'
and L Sts. ' .
Wright Drug Co., 117 No. llthl"
'phone 313,
Lincoln LqcbI Express, 11th and N.
Tol, ?87, Baggage hauled.