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    V- ' - .,-- . (j-J1 ,) V
r :
ft !) e Bails IRebraofcan
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Yi i
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I; .
Ce dj Uebraskan.
A ponnolldntlon of
The Hesperian. Vol. 01 , The Nobnwknn, Vol. lo,
8cnrlet nnd Crotim, Vol. 4.
visit, to thr nrt room at present pre
fcr.ts opportunities for an education
and enlightenment In rcgatd to things
that hae been In the pafct u sealed
book to many.
doalnoM Manager
John D. Rloo
A. G. Sohrelber
C. A. Sawyer
ABSOutATi xditoiu:
A. F. Becker
Oaylord O. Bennott
Dorothjr Green
IIkpohtkiw P. A BwIiib, Violet Irwin, C
11. Taylor. W. (.' Rumwjr, Kdtfnr Mollott,
and Mnhcl Fosslor.
Jluooa: Editorial, U VXM; BaMncfla, U 2U.
Post OIHco, Box 10, Station A, Lincoln.
Subftorlptlon Price, $2 por year. In advanoo.
(Stored at tho postofllao at Lincoln, NobrosUa
as seoond-olasti mall mattor.
Editorial Remarks
Every indication points to a strong
football fichedulf next car, and If the
I ream! nrgotllions with MinnoHOta
yield tlu ichuUs that there Is reason
to expect, our tram will meet a dans
of institution!'' such iik few collets in
the wrt will have the good fortune to
meet. Town. Illinois and Minnesota
wculd each turnhdr an attraction that
any institution would be fortunate in
r-ecuilng, while Knox and the Haskell
Indians are both nble to present strong
arguments for their rivals on the grid
Iron. We have picnen our ability lo
play up to the "Hlg Nine" r-tandard and
the gamo nixt year will prove whether
we can stay there or not. We want a
strong s hedule and do not seek gamen
with Inferior tcairrs to insure our
:;elrs against defeat Success iir col
lege Toot ball is irot confined to whi
rring alone, but to creating arrd main
taining fil"iMlly relations with ohr
Institution and encoinaging hports
nranllkc' conduct both oir the part of
our i el vet. and by our example oir the
pmt of om opporwnts That Is the true
En-ret of success In college athletics,
arrd we believe that much has been
clone hero this year towards promot
ing the means lo such a desirable end.
In meeting such strong teams as nraj
be scheduled for n xt ear. we have
two opportunities, both of which ar
apparent. We will have an opportunity
to excel all past records iind to
strengthen our ties with other InstlM
tlons. Both of these arms are ot
ecirral importance, arrd a double vie ten
will be ours if both aie rcall. d.
MM... ,,.., 1 , .i- ,,C lln, .iiiiiMi li-ii..
ll.l lltrtlliii in i, uit iui nil,! ,.i.
been ofHclully leciuesled to sit dn ill.
platform during eonvoiation, irr oreU r
that the interest irr thr chapel exei
clses may be increased. There h, i -Jiainly
sc;meihirrg rreeded to inc-re-ase the
Interest taken irr these exercises and
to encourage the srtirirntMr t-o tvffend
in greater numbers. The features thai
have been provided this year could aei(
be excelled, as all of them have been
of an un.i.sun0jptrigh character. H
taking thej prominent part requested
ol them the faculty may bo able to ac
complish good results irr engendering
a more active interest in the? exercls
liy enabling them by what they them
i olves do to mean mores to the studt in
In general.
Affairs at the Academy.
On Friday at o p. m. the Social Hour
club holds its next meeting nt 700 No.
H'th rtrret. A literary arrd musical
propiam w)ll be rendered. The young
women will also discuss the advisabili
ty ol visiting the Art Exhibit in a
bodj .
In the evening at 7:30 the debating
club will argue pro and con orr the
(luefition of national aid for improve
ment of roads All new men are given
a cordial invitation to be present. The
secretory. 1I-. M. Scott, is at work on
. schedule of debates with other
school, as Is also th new football
manager. H. (J. Myers, who is making
up his t hedule lor rrext fall. Mr.
Myers is proving himself to ire a man
ager of ability nnd executive strength,
and the Academy feels conlldent of his
SUi reSK
The Best Always the Cheapest
Wednesday Dean Bessey. "The Cau
casus Mountain Range, and Its Peo
ple." Thursday Professor Caldwell. "The
Relation of Cuba and the United
Friday Music.
Union Shining Purlor, 1018 O St.
Chairs and ladies and gentlemen.
Lemlng's, lee crcam-and candy; 11 tb
and j Sts.
Lincoln Local Express, lllli and N.
Tel. 787. Baggage hauled.
The Connecticut Mvtual Life Insurance
Company Oilers a Policy That
Combines all the valuable features
that experience has1 shown to be de
sirable in life insurance, and is liberal,
just and definite In all its terms and
For further Information or sample
policy call on
119 South 12th St. Lincoln
Wright n-ng Co 117 No. nth.
The 1 incoln Academy News rrre t its
Mist s-ci-hae k this week irr the lefus'tl
of Uk postal authorities to admit it to
t li - mails as see orrd-ciass matter. But
the managers are not j'eo.rle who give
up on the first discouragement and will
soon rtrrke a see oncl attempt. The ob
jection is on the ground that the paper
is of purely local; but so is
every high school publication, hundreds
of which now enjoy the privilege.
The next Issue of the paper will ap
rcar rrext week. All cony should be
handed to Mlns Dean by Thursday nt
the latest.
Mi-. Ait bur Edgren did not rencir
home in tirrrr to greet bis sister Anna
before h. r death. A cablegram' to the
'l l iuci.ial arrrrc unc ed this double af
llleiion "Mi. Edgreir has the wannest
"- - ' V1- '! -J ri, , 'ff''
- a ' tih ' ' " ( '"'-A'F'" l w
h- -. i '1 F ij .
H n E w r-v-, t ; fe". y,- jtjy
11 'W&kXi ' '
rjmiKX' i
s in pat by
trie rids.
of bis marry Academy
Dr. Jno. J. Davis
Graduate Optician end
Ile'iitlaeiics and all Nervous Troubles re
lieved by correctly fitted Spectacles.
Prices Low. ('orrsultatioir free.
Home Office 12 !W () St liioric B !).V)
The Art Exhibit continues to attract
attention and all University people
should visit it now while they have
tho opportunity. No better chance for
ieving such a largo and complete ex
hibit as Is now afforded is to be found
than this which lies .at our own door.
It is seldom that many of us have ever
occasion to view jLho productions of
The pnrrcipal and his , lie the
rci ipients ot a bea.itilul palm, a t'niist
rrias r. mc mbianc e from Kim Akagi
the .lnpancM' s-tuctr ill , wins" slinggl l
tor an education are wr.telicd with so
much mu ie.-t.
The rrew sweatein lae aiiieel anil
;ie hui bett.r sat Islac lion than v. is
airtic lateel. The color is a daik blue
with a Irrge leltci' "A' on breast ic
old gold, the coloih of the Ac aclenrj
The' Academy hludents, returned with
comniiirdnhh' piomitness and v,inK is
again weil urreie r way.
Bon-Bons Were Alright.
A I , of arul lia. be i'ii received
Menu a I uly in the 1 1 by the eiinmis
1 1 ele par tint nt for an 1 s i. ten p.)K ur
iiie eu (v has be'i n tinned enei to an
i.elaineel i lass, wlile !i is bu-
ing the eontei;j anel report tin irr a
ei el'.eilei llllllld cif b'lli 1 oils
M A CiirrikcM'. Toimer .usistMt i'i
the ci't'inicdogy ele ,iar trrreiit. las a"
ipted a posit icur as field agent tui tire
Carrie gr Mlbiiihi, and will lerrrawr in
Cota Kb t to ii. o:i tills woik in
stead of ic turning to Nebraska.
"Mi s. Clark, of the ex.utie ofllc e. i
eii'oing u visit from he i bister, who,
will he.r husband, a Mr. Clark, of (Mii
(irgo, Is spending their honeymoon in
the west.
Theie will be a beginning clues in
;,hsinl tiaitiing, course 21, given the
second serrester. All girls who ex
pect to enredl in tills eiass will pl-a-e
see Mis. Ch'.p at once. Tire ci.i.,-; will
meet at s o' lock.
Chi is' Bath Parlorse, lllli anel P Sts.
Chapln Bros.. Florists, 127 So. Mth
Union Shining Parlor. 1018 O St. '
Chrtlrs for laejics and gentlemen.
Hotel Walton
J5J5 0 Street. Phone 566.
100 rooms best low-priv I Irousoiucity.
RATES $ i Per I)uy and Up
anvtiiintr you invent orrmprovo; air.o crci
PROTECTION. Bviul model. Bketcb. cr photo. 2
' for frco exaRilniitioit nnel nelvtce. $
t i'.V,"t !.ivvr WASHINrTOiM, D.C. S
Teachers Wanted
We need nt once a few more teach
ers, both experienced and Inexper
ienced. Wore calls this year than ever before.
Schools supplied with competent teach
ers free of cost. Address, with stamp.
TION. 1123 Arch Street, Philadel
phia Pa.; 174 Randolph Building,
Memphis, Term.
Up-to-Dato Soda Fountain
and Magazines.
118 North 11th Street,
was opened this fall with tables all
newly covered, best cues and balls,
rrewly papered, everything up-to-dato,
Including customers.
B. P. POWELL, 146 N lltb St. Phone L 664
We wish all our stndents friends to
know that the
Best Ice Cream
Franklin Ice C?eam
and Dafoy Co.
Jhc Improved
133 So. 12th St.
Phono. F 205
Don't forget the (Jood Health Cafe
and try it a week.
Lincoln Transfer Co.
'Phone, 17G.
Sam's Cafe. Tho only place In the
cltv to tret the famous "Llttlo Gem
great artists in such profusion, and a n0t Waffles." Special service for la-
Thc Standard
for Gentlemen
The Name " BOSTON '
GARTER" Is stamped
aejjgon every loop.
The 6
Llea flat to the Ic never
Slips, Tears nor Unfasten j.j
Beta: Hpo'r, Silk 0c
C oltcm -L .
Milled on tit eli'l ct price.
OEO. FU0.1T CO.. Msk.ri
' Aioaton, uui. , u.H .a.
'Every Pair Warranted-5
for acceptable Ideas.
State li patented.
Baltimore Mu.
Subscript' in prrce of tho Patiiht Rucowp ftuv
aer anuma, -jinuice Lr;t
Steiner-Wocmpencr Drug Co.,
Succcuon to
IJ46 O Strttt'
Phone 707 Lincoln, Neb.
Manufacturers of Steiner's Balsam
Rhubarb Cold Capsules, Pilo Cure and
Gray'B Coudition PcYdera.
Call at 1134 O' St.
For all Kinds of
Commercial and Society Printing
Qrlffln-GroorPrlntlng Co
There is no watcb, clock or article of
jewelry we cannot fix
The Up-lo-lhc-M!nute Jeweler
Capital $200,000.00
Surplus 100,00.00
Undivided Profits 40,000.00
S. H. UiritNUAM. President.
VIce-Pres. . Cashier
Asst. Cashier Asst. Cashier
P. R. EASTERDAY, Auditor.
" -