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atrg IFlebraskan
VOL. m. NO. 50
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ARF PRACTICING ooooooooooo
Basket Ball Teams Show Up
Well. No Games Scheduled.
The basket ball team Is working haul
every night. The prospect for a good
team Is very encouraging, many of the
old men are back and much promising
new material is at hand.
About twenty men were out last
night. TheBe are divided up into three
scruK teams. Two of those teams plry
together and the third and best Is j li
ed against the first team. "
The first team showed up In 'Acel
lent form last nlgnt and their playing
was exceptionally speedy and sure
No games have been schedule as yet.
but some games with local teams will
soon, be arranged and the season will
be opened.
The team always makes a trip or
two during the year. Last season these
trips were comparatively successful,
but this year It Is hoped they will be
entirely so, and that the team may not
lose a single game.
The 16th day of December is the
probable date for the Indoor Athletic
It Is hoped that this Carnhal will
arouse the Interest which 1b due it and
that the affair may be made a complete
Dr. Clapp and his assibtants have
workod hard and now the rebt lies
with the students. It fs hoped that
they will not fall but leepond to the
call with true spirit
In this contest there aie to be three
events. The horizontal and parallel
bars and tumbling.
Men entering may choose three fig
ures In each event. They will be
Judged by the following schedules: 1
point for perfect retieat, 2 points for
retreat, 3 for the figure and -1 for form,
making a total of 10 points for each
perfect event.
Sliver cups will we awarded for first
and' second place.
Hr. Clapp wishes all men intending
to take part in this Carnival to make
choice of their events and get tlieni
worked up. The doctor will be only too
glad to assist anyone in making his
choice and he wishes everyone who If
to take part to see him Boon.
Some time In March a second Car
nival will be given in which three
more events will be added, nnmely, the
Iojig and sldo horse and flying rings.
The man gaining the greatest num
ber of points in both these contests will
be given the title of University Gym
nast and' the privilege of wearing an
The practice for track athletics will
begin very Bhortly, This is to prepare
for the Charter Day contest. The ex
act date for the beginning of this prac
tice will be commenced later.
Armory Tickets 50 Cents
Mens' Meeting at the Oliver.
"The Cfreatest Question of the Day,"
Illustrated with a fine selection of ster
eopticon views will be the subject pre
sented at the big men's mass meeting
In the Oliver theatr.e next Sunday af
ternoon at 4 o'clock, by Hon. Frank
H Ganiel. of Pennsylvania. Mr. Gamel
has a national reputation as an orator
and his services hae been secured with
no small amount of effort. He is at
present touring the states, and Is draw
ing magnificent crowds of men wher
ever he appears. Last week he ad
dressed a large audience at Sioux City,
and concerning his oration and him
self the Sioux City Journal said:
"Many ot the colored views with which
Mr. Gomel's address was illustrated
were highly aitlstic and made a most
pleasing feature in the piosentatlon of
the subject Mr Gamel is a polished
speaker, at times rising to a high de
giee of finished Orator "
Mr. Harry Whaiton who f.unished
some high c lnss music a couple of
weeks ago. has consented to ting again
at this meeting. Mi. Whaiton has a
most pleasing tone quality and sings
with telling effect. He is well known in
the city, especially in University cir
cles College men will find special inter
est and enjoyment in this attractive
meeting, and a cordial welcome is ex
tended to each one.
Theft In the Armory.
A few dab ago a considerable bum
of money was stolen from the ladles'
dressing room during gymnasium class.
The matter was Immediately taken up
and suspicion now points strongly to
ward one person. Should suspicion
prove correct the severest of measures
will, of course, be adopted, unless the
loss is made good before the guilt is
Chemical Journal Glub.
Palladlan Program.
The fblowlng Ib the program to bo
given at the next moetlng of" the Pal
ladlan Literary society, Friday t veiling,
December 4:
Piano solo, "Warrior Song." "Etude'
Heller; MIbb Preston.
"Story, Miss Geneva Bullock.
Talk, Mr. Black,
. Piano solo, Miss Iva Love.
Paper, "Liquid Fire," Mr. Drfvidson.
Recitation, MIbb Myra Warner.
Instrumental solo.
The Daisy Chain Quartet will appear
at convocation today.
Wright JfcHg'Co 117 Nn. llth.
Girls-Don't rail to attend the "Tog
gery Quits" sale today and tomorrow,
and buy "hlnVa Christmas gift. All
the holiday goods for this Benson are
being sold at G5 cents on the dollar.
Saturday morning at 10:30 in 100m
1 Chemical hall, the lollowlng inter
esting reports will be given.
Mr. Jacobson: The composition of
a new delicate indie atoi fiom nu'.a
toluidlne; the obtaining ot ethciral oil
fiom the acacia flown-, and explaining
the alumlno-thernieti i al welding pio
cess on the geneiation of intense heat
through the combustion of aluminum.
Mr. Woodruff: The bacteria and the
nitrogen problem, the digestibility and
nutritive value of bread.
Mr. Winchester: Solid hpoc hlorite
of soda; a new match to stiike on any
surface and not containing phosphorus;
ciuantitathe and qualitative analysis of
compounls of cobalt; carbide cartridges
Tor acetylene generators, and coin oil
In the United States.
Professor Bessey is rejoicing oer
the purchase of a couple of rare old
books, which he was so fortunate as to
find a few das ago. On Monday morn
ing the mall brought them to him.
They are both LInnaean works, one be
ing the very rare first edition of the
Philosophic Rotanica, published In the
year 1751. Later editions are easily
picked up, but this one is rarely of
fered for sale and then only at a high
price. The professor considers him
self doubl fortunate in getting the
book at all, and in not having to pay
an exorbitant price for It.
Law Students To Have Practical
Experience. Judges Appointed-
Union Program.
The following program will be pie
sented by the Union Irary society
in their hall on the eevTOg of Decem
ber 4:
Music, Selected.
Sketch. Milo Daughters.
Paper, Ralph Hickel.
Original Story. Helen Sargent.
Music, Selected
Students again had the pleasure of
listening to Mr. Bixby. He read a few
of his recent poems at conv6catlon yes
teiday morning and to show their ap
pierintion of Nebraska's renowned
poet, the students turned out en masse.
The leadings were loudly applauded.
Immigration Debate.
To Tour In Europe.
Tomorrow's issue of The Nebiaskan
will" contain an announcements of a
proposed Nebraska Tourjst's excursion
to tho exposition at St. Louis and
through Europe. This will be of spe
cial .interest to University people and
rio reader of The Nebrnskan should
fail to give special attention to this
announcement. Watch for It.
Restaurant Unique, 1228 O street.
The Whitebreast Co., at HOG L t.,
is the placo to buy coal. '
Marah.aH & Richards', hair cutting,
massage, shaving etc., 139 So. 13th.
Lincoln Transfer " Co. Baggage
'Phone, 176.
Chapin Bros., Florists, 127 So. mil
Go to tho Burr Barber shop ror ilrst
class hair-cutting and shaving. Shan
non & Dlmick, proprietors. Basement
of Burr block. ,
Whether or not Immigration shquld
be restricted by a literary test and a
capitation tax of $25 will be argued in
English 15 this afternoon at 1 o'clcok
Charles A. Sawyer and C. T. Borg will
argue for the affirmative, and E. T.
Monroe and James Anderson for the
Union-Doane Debate Postponed.
The debato which was to have taken
place between the Union Debating club
and Doane College, on December 11, has
been postponed to some time In Janu
ary. It was found that proper prepar
ation could not be made in the short
time that was given the speakers. The
exact date has not yet been arranged
The law Htudents hae this year en
larged upon their annual practice work
and will soon be engaged In pleading
the cause nt right nnd Justice with fer
vid eloquence nnd profound earnestness
of argument. They expect to conduct
trials after the regular order, having
their own Judges and nil the nccommo
dntlons that go with a regular session
of court. By this practice work they
exppct to gain an Intuition Into how
It seems to conduct a trial under pres
sure. Instead of limiting their opera
tions o the theoretical points of a case.
Prisoners will be tried and convicted
at their hands, juries corrupted and
lovers torn from each other's arms by
the relentless severity of the law.
They Intend conducting trlnls cover
ing the points of law that they have
encountered In their courses of studv.
The walls of the room have been firmly
braced and by means of copious venti
lation the outward pressure will be re
duced and equalized. Before their awe
some tribunal the pathos and woe of
human existence will be aired In their
numerous and varied lights, as the
judges, bound by strictest oaths to do
their duty, shall measure out justice
in an impaitial manner.
In one point, however, will the advo
cates of, the law department excel their
big brothers of the actual practice
They will not have any sordid motives
of gain by wayB of fees or compensation
to actuate them to pleading the dis
honorable and evil causes and prevent
In gthe ways of justice to accomplish
their own ends. The contests will be
ones of logic and mental acutness alone
and the winners can rejoice In the glory
of their victories.
The first section of the court officers
for the practice work in the law school
for the six weeks term beginning Jan
uaiy 3, has been announced and Is aB
Judges of the supreme court: C. F.
Cowen. Samuel Reese, E. E. Waltmnn.
District Judges: James M. Arm
strong, I. P. Hewitt.
Justices of the peace: Bert Griggs,
L. O. Pfoiffer. J. C. McReynoIds.
Clerk of the supreme court: C. T.
Clerk of the district court- V. M.
Towne. '
Tho other two sections will be an
nounced In a few days.
Professor Bessey is reviewing a now
book on "Ferns," which appeared
within the past few weeks. It is in
tended for the use af amatuer botan
ists and others who rollect specimens
not in full fruiting.
Miss Gladys Henrv. '00 Ir nHntirfin,,
the Joints Hopkins Medical College.
The class in agricultural entomology
has an enrollment of sixty-five,
A becoming suit Is our best adver
tisement. We wll fit you correctly and
suit your taste properly. Palne's
Clothing store. ,
The following have been added as as
sistants to-thc editorial staff of the
Law Class Book:
Editorial assistants: Nielson.
Member of the auditing board. Hon
nold. J'
Committee on court appointments;
McRoynolds, Pfelffer, Towne.
Assistant business managers; Rees,
The other members of the auditing
board will cdme' from the first and
second year classes. The purpose of
this committeolB to control tho finan
cial accounts of the Law Year Book,
and to see that the surplus is properly
disposed of.
Just A Suggestion.
TJiere is nothing that one can give
as a Christmas presont that is more
appreciated than an artistic, life-like
portrait. ,
Money spent in this way goes farther
than in any other line. Think of this
suggestion. See what we are produc
ing and make an appointment for your
sitting immediately.
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