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Words by Will M. Mnupln, muBlc by
William O'Shoa.
Nebraska! We stand while we sing to
Thy star on the flag we cheer.
No star on the blue shinea brighter
than you,
None other to heart so dear.
Whatever betido, our hearts swell with
At mention of your great -ame:
And joyfully Bing, till the echoes ring,
Of our Nebraska's fame!
We're singing thy praise through the
sunlit days;
Undimmed Bhall thy glory stand
Nebraska! Nebraska! The Queen of
the West!
Our own Nebraska land!
Wo hail with acclaim thy glorious
We love ev'ry inch of thy sod.
Wo shout In our glee when agleam we
The sheen of thy bright goldenrod.
Wo sing in our pride of your rivers
Thy boundless resources proclaim;
And cheer when we hear the echoes
Of our Nebraska's fame.
,, Refrain
The storehouse of earth In thy bounds
wo build,
And point all the world to thee.
The nations we've filled from thy fields
well tilled
And ranges so broad and free.
From valley-nnd plain pours the golden
In fullness that men acclaim;
And loudly wo sing till the echoes ring
Of our Nebraska's fame.
Copyrighted, 1903.
Reserved Seat Tickets On Sale At The Mis
souri Pacific Ticket Office.
Mass-Meeting for Illinois Today.
How Bellovue Was Swamped.
This morning at chapel time there
occurs the last reat students' rally of
the year. This rally is in connection
with the great game on our schedule
the. rontest with Illinois. It Is de
signed to Into flory cbulitlon the
languid spirltB of-the student body, so
that on Thinksjdvlglng day Nebraska's
team will be cheered to victory with
all the ardor I hat a large and united
form of ronterB can arouBe.
Coach Booth will address the meet-
Ins. Ho hOB some Interesting facts to
disclose, and bis" opinions will certain
ly arouse Interest. Others vlll also
speak and all will strive to make this
meeting the ..moEt successful of the1
year. The band will operate on the
spirits of those present In an effort to
incrfcaso their vitality. They will ren
der the new Nebraska song, which Is
printed elsewhere on tulcpage.
" Bellovue was here, Shels not here
now, but she was last Saturday.
The Bellovue team and about 150
rooters arrived in Llncqln at about 2
o'clock Saturday afternoon on a spe
cial train. ,
The game was called at 3:10 p. m.
The day was a good one and the
crowd fair-sized. The Bejlevue con
tingent qccuplcd reservoa seats In the
grandstand, and hung a largo banner
between two of the 'posts In front of
the stand.
Each student was supplied with a
pennant, th.elV- "coldrs being blue and
gold, and the effect was vfjry pleasing.
They cheered loyally for their team
dear through to tne bitter' end and
their spirit was to bo commended.
The spirit throughout the game was
of the best. Both sides cheered for
each other and their opposing teams.
The game itself was a very clean one.
The Nebraska line was a. mixture a
goQd many of the 'Varsity men were
kept out and saved for the Illinois
game, so that the full strength of the
team was not used against Bellevue.
The visitors were rather light but
very spoody and sure. The game on
both sides was remarkably free from
Bender kicked off for Nebraska at
10 minutes past 3 o'clock, the Belle
vue man retaining only a short dis
tance. For a few brief, sensational minutes,
Bellevue played a hard, snappy game
and "did things" to the Nebraska team
in the way of end runs.
Tne visitors had some very clever
plays which for a while they sprung
on the Nebiaska team with telling ef
Twice Moore of Bellevue circled our
left end and got clear of all the play
ers except Bender. But Bender was
there and got blm sure, and hard both
'1 lie new men soon steadied down
and Bellevue's brief splurg was past.
During the first few minutes of play
Bellevue rushed the ball down to our
-yard line, and there tried a drop
klkck. but failed. This was the near
est the scoring the visitors came.
As soon as Nebraska got the ball
she marched steauny down the fle.
for a touchdown, Graves going over
for the score.
Before the half closed Marsh was
sent over for a second touchdown, this
ending the scoring In the first half.
In the second half the team pulled
itself together and the new men playe1
like veterans, otandeven at left end
played a good game. He is credited with
a sensational run of sixty yards, dur
ing the course of which he was tackled
three times, before he was finally
downed. Vvilson and Mason were also
strong and consistent ground gainers.
Every little while Bender would take
the ball under his arm and amuie down
the field for twenty-five, thirty or for
ty yards. The Bellevue men found it
no easy proposition to tackle him. In
one of his runs he hurdled clear over
wooro and went on down the field.
'ine visitors were unable to do any
thing against the Nebraska attack and
we gained almost at will both through
the line and around the ends.
Toucndown after touchdown was
made until it became almost a constant
race up and down the neld.
Bellovue played a very gritty game
till the last whistle blew, but were sim
ply out-classed at every point.
When the final score was counted and
th,o books balanced Nebraska had 52
points and Bellovue 0.
Moore, for Bellevue, played a star
gnmo and deserves great praise. Ben
der played his usual uriiuant game and
time after time played horse with tho
Bellovue men.
During the last half Marsh Is credit
ed with two toucuuvvns, Belle two,
Bender one. l.antz one, Mason one.
Play Arranged For and Prom
Committee Appointed.
Freshmen Will Conduct Hop on
Fair Principles.
President Scott, of '07, has finally
appointed a committee to have charge
of tho Freshman Hop,. which Is to be
held December 18th, at Fraternity hall.
This committee and Its work will form
the center of social opinion for some
time to come, for it represents the first
real step ever taken In the University
toward the elimination of graft in eo
clal functions. This la not a commlt
tco or one or two men, or for ono or
two men. but a committee of the class
of '07, and for the class of "07. There
will be no rake-off to ilne some Indi
vidual's pocket, but the Income from
sale of tickets will be expended where
It should bo. In making the Hop more
complete and more enjoyable, and any
funds left over will revert to the class
treasury. There are some who contend
that a hop Is made up of three com
ponent elements a partner, music, and
floor. This conclusion has doubtless
been reached by tho method of elimi
nation and all the pretty enjoyable fea
tures have been cut out, leaving only
the essentials. This is the theory of the
grafters, and they proceed to put It
into practice by announcing a hop,
providing a hall and musk-, too often
not of the best, and charging a price
which would warrant three times the
outlay, and so far has this spirit of
graft been tolerated and so Immune
have the grafters been from censure,
that at a recent hop the price of ad
mission was raised by half at the last
minute. Every fellow had invited
someone, and of course had to dig" up.
The grafters took advantage of the
situation beautifully and nearly made
expenses by tills strategic coup, but
they failed to reckon with public opin
ion, which didn't pass with tho hop
and which, though perhaps not spoken
openlv, severely condemns the act. And
this is not entirely tho fault of the In
uTvTduaIs at point. It is the fault of
custom, and of us in tolerating such
The class of 1907 Is to be congrat
ulated upon Its action, taken whore It
should be, at the very beginning, look
ing toward the cutting out of the mer
cenary grafting of one college man
upon his school mates, and toward
making tho Freshman Hop art affair
distinctly one of the whole' class and
for the whole class.
The Seniors met yesterday morning
In U. 100 and a number of business
items of an important nature were car
ried out. It was voted that both tho
boys and girls have their pictures for
the Senior Annual taken In caps and
gowns. Tills Is a decidedly new ven
ture In the University, but It a step in
the right direction which should bo
credited to the present Senior class.
The class play alRo is to be conducted
In a businesslike manner. Tho com
mittoe reported that the outlay will bo
about $300, which amount is to bo
raised at once by an assessment levied
on each member of tho class. By
this means tho committee will know
whero they are at and can proceed to
get up a good play without fear of run
ning behind financially. Receipts will
be issued which entitle the holder to
tickets tb tho play. N. J. Elliott was
unanimously chosen chairman of tho
pluy committee. The pin committee re
ported that sample pins will be left in
tho executive office and Seniors aro
requested to express their prefcrenco
so that a vote may be taken at some
futuro class meeting. It was decided
that a monogram made from "U. of N.,
"0'1," be worn on the boys hats. Tho
committee reported that orders for
hats and canes may be left at tho Co
Op. Mr. Harrison, manager of tho
class football team, spoke of tho Senior-Freshman
football game and urged
every Senior to bo out and help hold
up tho honor of tho class by cheering
the team on to victory. The Senior
Prom committee was announced by
President Elliott, and Is as follows:
Mr. L. P. Hewitt, chairman; Mr.
Clarke Boll, master of ceremonies; P.
J. Harrison, MIbb Katherlne Sterling,
M. E. Townsend, E. F. Myers, Miss
Mabol Stephens, Roy Beckford, Ernest
Bridge, MIbb May Edholm, Miss Eliza
beth Heacock.
Y. M. C. A. Business Meeting
One of the important business meet
ings of tho year will be held in the
Y. M. C. A. rooms tonight at 7 o'clock.
The subject of raising the association's
pledge to the Temple Fund will bo
taken up. A full attendance Is desired
as the opinion of every member of tho
association Is of importance In tho
matter. The meeting will bo dis
missed before 7:45 p. m., In order that
everyone may attend Professor Jas
trow's lecture.
lnter-class.Athle.tic Board to Meet
Sam's Cafe. Tho only place In the
city to get tho famous "Little Gem
Hot Waffles." Special service for ladles.
UNION Y. M. a A.
Association Rooms tonight y:oo-y:45 P. M. Every
member urged to attend. Adjouzhment in time to pet
mit attendance at Iecfuze.
The Inter-class Athletic board will
meet this morning at 10 o'clock In U.
10G. The purpose of the meeting Is to
consider the legality of- the amendmont
to the Inter-class rules -passed nt a
meeting In -which the Freshmen wero
not represented. The Freshmen claim
that tho amendment will not stand, tho
Seniors hold the acthpn was legal. At
tho meeting this morning tho point will
be decided.
Conservatory Notes.
Miss Bessie Snyder is able to attend
classes again after a week's illness.
Quito a number of tho girls will go
home Wednesday to spend Thanksglv-
Tho rogular Saturday recital will not
be hold this week on account of vnca-tlon.
Wright Hnig Co. 117 No. 11th.
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