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vol, m. NO. 30
vi-F Flag Is at Half Mast, There
Will Be No Carnival Today,
If tho flag hangs at half-mast this
morning there wili Indeed be cause for
grief. Nowb, sad and melancholy,
would be heralded abroad, to sadden
tho hearts of the faithful and bring
unspeakable sorrow to disappointed
members of tuo faculty.
If the flag is at half-mast at nine
o'clock and after this morning, the
Athletic Carnival will bo postponed
until next Tuesday morning, when it
is hoped the rain god will be more pro
pitious. This is tho means decided
"upon of acquainting the students of tho
lamentable fact, if it is necessary to
postpone the Carnival, which will like
ly bo the case. Indeed the occasion
would be a sad one and' tho students
would havo as muoh cause to grlevo
as If ono of their beloved frlondB or ln-
atructors had passed away, or if Tho
Nebraskan was suspended.
The mere fact of the Carnival being
po&tponed is tho only cause for regret.
If it wore postponed Indefinitely then
the blow to us all would be hard to
bear, but there Is a comforting and as
suring hope hold out. If it can't be
held today It will bo hold Tuesday, so
that after all none of us will be de
prived of a privilege which 1b both an
Honor and a blessing to possess and
a priceless treasure into tho bargain.
We may oven look for a better class
of entertainment. The professors will
have all day Sunday to practice, being
unhampered by work or detracting con
siderations. Improvement acquired at
thoir stage in tho course of training Is
noticeable indeed, and the delay will
bo for tho good of the game. . Nothing
will bo omitted from tho program and
wo will get a half-holiday into the
bargain; for who'll be there to teach
us? Tho faculty won't for they will
all bo at tho moot. Those who do not
take part will arrange themselves along
tho wire fenco-in order of height, and
boxes to stand on will bo provided f6r
those needing them.
Whatever happens, don't feol dis
couraged. If tho rain does spoil our
pleasure today, it will help tho crops.
What's our loss Is someone else's gain.
And our loss of today will bo our gain
Tuesday. Let us at least bo philosoph
ical and bear our disappointment in
good part, -keeping in mind the fact
that the meeting will bo held In spite
of present discouragement.
.Dr. Orr Gives Incentive to Med
ical Students.
To encourage careful note-taking on
tho lectures In tho History of Medicine
and collateral reading with, additions
to tho notes taken in tho locturo room,
it has boon decided) to mako tho fol
lowing offer:
For tho beet sot of notes submitted
at tho ondi of the course, a first prize
of medical books to tho value of $10
will bo given. A Becond prize of medi
cal books to tho value of $5 will bo
given to tho student who submits tho
set of notes which aro considered to bo
tho second best. Tho following ruleB
shall govern tho competition:
The notes when submitted shall be
written clearly on Index cards such as
have already boon recommended for
use in this course.
They must bo written carefully On
one or both cards and ono subject only
to occupy each card. More than- one
card! may be used if necessary for a
single subject
Tho prize will be awarded after hav-
Today or Tuesday
At 2:30 today if the 'weather permits, otherwise 2:30 Tuesday
1 T Tnivretv flao will he. hnnc al half-mant
ing been judged by tho following
points: Quantity of material collected,
value of the notes and tho caro and
neatness with which they aro prepared.
Tho best three sets will bo chosen
by tho lecturer and the best two of
these will be decided with the assist
ance of Dr. E. Benjamin Andrews,
and Dr. H. B. Ward, dean of the de
partment, H. WINNETT ORR,
Lecturer in the HiBtory of Medicine.
. The Union Debating club will dis
cuss the following question tonight:
"Resolved, That England should adopt
Chamberlain's tariff policy." Milek
and Schneider will uphold tne affirm
ative Brubaker and Daughters the
J. A. Barrett is now engaged in pre
paring a list of tho surviving members
of the Nebraska constitutional conven
tion of 1875, by correspondence with
the survivors.
The best shoe for young gentlemen
and, ladles. Sanderson's $3.50 and $4.00
Specials. They are made in all the
swell styles. Try them.
Laundry Club at tho Co-Op.
cNgvj Songs for
Nestling in a fertile valley,
'Neath Nebraska's smiling sun,
Rlso tho strong walls of our college,
Scene of many battles won.
From' afar wo see their outline,
Clear against tho western sky;
Like some high and lofty purpose,
Seeming time's strength to defy.
So hero's to our loved college;
May her gem of success over gleam,
May her students bo true to their
Three cheers for the Scarlet and
In the battlo of life still before us,
When far from tho campus we roam,
We'll bo true to the 'Varsity colorB,
Thor banner that waves o'er our
Bravo old Unl. How wo lovo Thee,
How wo cherish thy dear Fame.
HoW each student heart Is stirring -At
the mention of thy name.
All our hopes and aspirations
Found their birth within thy walls;
Wo have-breathed tho air of Freedom
In thy class roomB and thy halls.
When tho daylight yields to twilight,
And tho sun sinks to his rest;
Over all tho world reflected
Are tho colors wo lovo best.
Far across tho sky at sunset
We behold our colors gleam
Olor tho fields and o'er the valley
Streams the Scarlet and the Cream.
Ah, wo love Thee, Dear Old Unl!
With a lovo that will endure.
Time can only mould thy memory
Into purpose high and pure.
As It made us better students'
So 'twil make us better men.
Our respect, our love, our friendship,
Will continue to the end.
after 9 o'clock todiv if carnival U nntnnnr4 f
University Lecture Bureau.
Owing to the frequent callB from
different, parts of the state for Uni
versity men to lecture, a locturo bu
reau has been arrangod under the di
rection of the committee on University
extension work. This plan Is very sim
ilar to tho lecture bureau In connection
with Chicago University, which has
become very famous and which sends
men out to all parts of the country.
Tho work hero was systematized this
year under Professor O. W. A. Luckey,
chairman, and Virginia H. Clark, sec
retary of tho University extension com
mittee. The names of tho various lec
turers are arranged alphabetically In
the bureau over their topics. A num
ber of the professors have already been
out, and tho secretary, Mrs. Clark, is In
receipt of a number of communications
asking for men in the near future.
Professor Barbour lectured Thursday
at York on the "Yellowstone National
Park." Professor Fossler will give his
lecture on "Vacation Rambles in Eu
rope," before the RichardBon County
Teachers' association, Nov. G, at Ver
don, and Professor Grummann will lec
turo at Hastings next week.
Laundry Club at the Co-Op.
University) Use
On the bosom' of tho pralrlo,
Far out In tho west,
There aro dear old college buildings,
All In glory dressed.
Hall, Nebraska, hail! Hail to thee and
hall to tho Scarlet and Cream.
Fairest of all tho colors the Scarlet
and the Cream.
When tho wanderer disheartened,
Woos swoet memory;
From tho shelf ho takes a volumo,
Ono that speaks of thee.
Standing by our Alma Mater
Till tho day wo die;
Ever will wo fondly greet her,
Shouting to tho sky:
Let us shoutr-for old Nebraska,
Let tho trumpets loudly blow;
For the glory of tho Unl.
That has conquered every foe.
Oh, the Unl. is a winner,
And she does It up bo fine,
That tho teams who dare confront her
Can not phazo her sturdy line.
Thus, t football Is in season
She Is ever at tho front,
With a Bonder for a long run
Or a Benedict to punt.
Or, porchance, 'tis on the roBtrum,
Then again she towers high;
She can triumph o'er this section
Though she needn't half but try.
Let us cheer for old Nebraska,
Lot the hills and vales resound;
Causing, terror to the Unl's
For a thousand miles around.
M. .
Football Affairs Dull in Absance
of Team'
All affairs In football circles were
at a standstill last night owing to tho
rain. A dull, misty, clammy fooling
pervaded the atmosphore and filled tho
souls of tho rain-coated, umbrollaed
being hurrying "souzingly" across tho
damp campus.
This ehango of weather broods no
good for the game at Iowa City tomor
row. The toam will be in a Btrange
place on an untried ground and possi
bly may be outwelghted. On a heavy
field a light faflt team can not do as
good work as a heavier Blower one.
But wo havo faith in tho ability of
the Nebraska team to adapt Itself to
any conditions and to be ablo to rise
above any obstacles. How big 1b our
score going to be?
There will be bulletins of tho game
at different points about tho city, both
from tho Dally Star and tho Evening
News. OWing to tho courtesy of both
these papers It will bo possible for all
who so desire to follow tho game close
ly throughout.
The second team' leaves this morning
for Grand Island, whoro they will play
tho Grand Island College team.
The team Is in good condition and
will give tho Grand Island boys all
they went, and wo think, a little too
Tho following men go on the trip:
Laird, Striker,- Barta, Frazier, Burns,
Nowon, Do Bey, Myers, Foster, Drain,
Craig, Stein, Weller, Calhoun.
The train leaves at 10:30 over the
Burlington Routo.
A splendid exhibition of tho game of
football was given at tho F. & M. park
yesterday afternoon by tho Lincoln
and York high schools. The field was
slippery and In consequence all very
brilliant work was eliminated.
The York toam had tho advantage In
weight, which counted much In their
favor owing to tho condition of tho
Neither Bide was ablo to score. In
tho second half Lincoln took a brace
and ruBhed tho York team- down to
York's 10-yard lino, where one of tho
Lincoln men was laid out and after tho
delay which this cause Lincoln was
unablo to strike the touchdown pace,
and York hold on her 10-yard line. This
was tho nearest to the making of a.
score during tho game.
Today 1b tho faculty field mcot, don't
miss It. It will go on record In the his
tory of tho University as ono or tho
events of athletic Interest, Unless the
field is too bad the affair will happen
as scheduled.
Freshmen To Meet Monday.
The Fjreshmfon are making flnn1
proparatipns to complete their class
organization. . They will meet again
In U. 107 to complete the necessary ar
rangements and choose their officers
for the present semester. Every Fresh
man is urged to come and bring his
green ticket, as this alono will admit
him to tho meeting. A large repre
sentation l& desiredrin1 order that the
officers elected nray be the choice of
the clasa as a whole. At the last
meeting a constitution was adopted,
but time was lacking for tho election
of officers. But Monday there will be
a complete election, thor being no
other business on hand or in view to
hinder. The list of candidates lias
narrowed down, bo that only tho fol
lowing aro in the field. Sunderlin,
Scott, and1 Grinnoll.
If you want your feet to be comfort
able and look trim and pretty, wear
Sanderson's $3.50 and $4.00 Special.
Warranted patent colt shoes.
Support the faoulty and, the faculty
will suppport you.
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