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VOL. EL NO. 28
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Team Has Last Hard Practice.
Injured Players Recovef.
The work laat night was fa&t and
furious. For a while In the early part
of the ovenlng the team practiced sig
nals. Later on they lined up against
the scrubs. Here tho fun began. The
Bcrubs played like fiends and although
the 'Varsity made their distance all tho
tlmo they had to work for it,
Tho scrubs appeared in tho best form
they have been in this year and their
work was excellent. They go to Grand
Island next Saturday to play the col
lego there, leaving at 10:30 Saturday
As for tho playing of tho 'Varsity.
It was quick and' snappy at times, but
at others was not up to the usual play
ing standard of the teami This is
not an indication of the team as a
whole. It must beremembered that
for tho past day or two the practice
has been light. Nevertheless, they will
depart for Iowa City in good shape
and laat night was the last hard prac
tice. Word comes from Iowa that several
now men1 ha'Vo been added) to tho line
during tho past two weoks and the
team has been individually strength
ened. Their coaching has been sys
tematic and careful, and If all reports
aro true, great improvement lias been
made since tho game with Minnesota.
Tho Nebraska team goes to Iowa
in very good condition with tho excep
tion of one or two slight Injuries to
tho men behind tho line.
Borg's shoulder is almost as good as
now and will probably not cause him
any more trouble. Robinson hasi re
covered from hlB sprained ankle.
Bondter is well and will be in the
game from start to finish in all prob
ability. Eager Is suffering from a sprained
ankle, but hopes to be all right by Sat
urday. Graves sustained a severe bruise in
the muscles of his leg in last night's
practice, but with careful doctoring ho
hopes to bo all right for tho game.
Several members of tho faculty wero
out upon the field last night practicing
up In minor points for the great meet
Bo sure and register soon. Tills
means today. You should do so If you
intend going to Kansas City.
The names of the men who go to
Iowa are as follows:
Bender, Benedlct.rtBelt, C. Mason,
Cotton, Borg, Lesb.Munter, Robinson,
Perry, Wilson, FeAlon, Eager, Lantz,
G. Mason, Marsh, Graves.
Union Debaters Appointed.
President Myers of tho Union TJoyB'
Debating club has appointed the team
which will contest for honors In de
bato with the Doame Collego team. R.
C. James, J. C. ...cRoynolds and L. O.
Pfelffor comprise tho team. These men
will make a very Btrong trio and will
no doubt be able to give tho Doanltos
several pointers in debate. James was
a member of tho team which van
miicnoi Kansas last year, and McRey-
nold9 was an alternation tho Colorado
team. Pfelffer Is a man of consider
able experience and ability in this lino.
Tho debate will bo held In Crete,
some time before tho holidays; The
Union team will submit a question to
Doano at once and Doano will have
the choice of sides.
Thia annual cjontest promises to bo
of unusual interest, as Doano is said
to -bo exceptionally strong this, year
and feels confident of victory. Some
of tho Union boye may accompany tho
team on the trip.
Faculty Concerned Over Carnival,
But Determined to Act.
A remarkable change has como over
the spirit of the being of our faculty
members during the past week, and It
Is evident that they have affairs of
pressing Importance weighing down
upon them. Ben In the class room Is
this change noticeable, and much curi
osity has been aroused1 to the where
fore of It all. The eye that watched
with cat-like alertness for unbecoming
conduct among tne students has be
come filled with abstraction; the hand
that grasped the ferule so firmly to ad
minister Just punishment upon offend
ing pupils, now tremble nervously as
It holds the book of wisdom and knowl
edge. The reason Is plain, now that the
secret has been divulged. The faculty
aro going to hold an Athletic Carnival
Saturday. We were requested not to
mention this fact, that is the icason
why we publish It. The mental strain
to which our Honored and revered pro
fessors have been subjected is some
thing wonderful anu terrible. Any of
them can feel entirely at home upon
the platform before a large assemblage
provided it be not a Woman's club
meeting but when it comes to doing
athletic feats for the amusement of
the populace, luey feel that they are
out of their element. '
Yet for all that they are preparing
with unremitting vigor for Saturday's
events, as it will be the day of their
lives tho day of which future histo
rians will write and from which btorlcs
will be written and upon which num
erous plots for plays will be founded.
Countless seminar classes will ponder
over piles of manuscript and olumes,
trying to determine the brand of manu
facture of tho wheelbarrow with which
Prof. Dann won the memorable race:
the number of men Prof. Fogg stinck
out and tho make of the armor that
the umpire wore; who it was of the
non-participating membeis of the fac
ulty who carried water for Prof. Tay
lor's hor&e, and finally whether the In
strument used' by Prof. Ross in the
shot-put was really lighter or not than
that used by Prof. Caldwell, asthe lat
ter claimed after the conteet was over.
A few moro points of interest will be:
From what section of the grandstand
did most of the applause come when
Dr. Jones knocked his second home
run; if the humane society did' not In
terfere to prevent tho participants In
the walking race from Injuring them
selves, and how many men were killed
in tho football game and how many
played on a side.
Students should not neglect this op
portunity to make themselves solid
with the faculty. Any opportune and
conspicuous applause will be greatly
appreciated, if rightly directed, and
a megnphone will prove useful In
reaching the right person. And at the
same time another kind of an oppor
tunity will bo presented that should
not be neglected. If you have any
grudge against any member of the
faculty we all have you will have
an opportunity to vent your feelings.
Whenever one of them fails In some
dismal fashion you can turn loose and
roast him properly, as they have often
done to you. However, be secrete, for
If you are caught In the act the conse
quences will be direful. But, never
theless, come, whether to roast or to
cheer for the attraction Is one that any
sane person could not afford to miss
and any insane person would not miss.
So all of us are suited.
As complete a program as It is pos
sible to secure will appear in tomor
row's Nebras'kan, and such other In
formation as may come to our ears
will be published!.
Marshall and Richards, hair-cutting
a specialty; massage, Bhaying, etc.
Basket Ball Prospects Good.
Considerable interest is already be
ing shown in basket ball and from the
showing made so far it is evident that
Nebraska will again have a strong
team. Without any effort on the part
of the manager men are showing up
for practice voluntarily, and1 there are
always enough men on hand for a live
ly game.
Elliott and Hoar, the last year's 'Var
sity team men, are back and almost
the entire scrub team, Beers, Krake,
Noyes, Tyner, Ludden, Mellek and1 Ml
lek, will try for places. Also a num
ber of new men have made an excep
tionally fine showing. Benedict and
Newton of last year's 'Varsity are now
playing football, but will probably be
on hand' after the football season Is
over. With this amount of good ma
terial to pick from1 the management
will find no difficulty In making up a
strong teaim. especially since practice
Is beginning early and so many men
are old players. ""There "will also be a
good scrub team and competition be
tween the scrubs and first team will
make the 'Varsity como up to the
Dr. Clapp on being Interviewed by a
Nebraskan reporter last night, said:
"The prospects for a winning team are
very flattering. The old men are show
ing a great deal of Interest and some
very good materitl is found among the
new men."
Cross Country Runsill be Held
at This Universil
Cross country runs nro a feature
will figure quite extensively h
athletic activities- at this Institution in
the future. Dr. Clapp Is responsible for
the introduction of UiIb Innovation,
and to him belongs the credit for tho
Introduction of a clean, healthy form
of exercise that can not help but ap
peal to every student seeking physical
improvement. Especially for runners
and "short-winded" students Is this
exercise helpful, aB the constant prac
tice Indulged In will effectually dimin
ish or do away with defects that so
Fifteen men met yesterday after
noon In Dr. Clapp's office, whore they
wero Instructed as to tho manner In
which theso cross country runs would
be conducted and as to their nature.
Lated they formed a band under tho
leadership of R. IL Searle, and took
a "trot" out to the fair grounds and
back. They covered a distance of five
miles In lively fashion and good time,
and returned much enthused' over their
experience. Later tho length of theso
runs will bo increased1 to a course of
five or six miles and return. Of course
this limit will gradually be worked up
to by easy stages.
The class will meet twice a week
at 4 p. in. on Tuesday and 2 p. m. on
Saturday. All Interested aro requested
to report to Dr. Clapp. If enough men
register another class will probably be
formed. Even those wlio can not meet
nt the hours stated above are requested
to signify their willingness to Join.
Cross country runs have como to bo
quite a feature In many eastern and
some western Institutions. Steeple
chase contests are held at some col
leges, and these always arouse a great
deal of Interest. It is Intended that
hare and hound' chases wi.. be held
hero as soon as the enterprise gets
well under way.
Union Shining Parlor, 1018 0 St.
Chairs for ladles and gentlemen.
$5.00 for $4.00 Good Health Cafe.
Laundry Club at tho Co-Op.
More Cadet Appointments.
Tho following appointments In tho
cadet battalion were announced yester
day evening: To bo first class signal
sergeant, A. Helmrod of Co. A; to be
musicians, Co. A, J. R. Caley and C. R.
Stanley; Co. B, H. Hargreaves and C.
Wolroth; Co. C, C. W. Browne and
W. L. Rarely; Co. D, W. A. Charlton
and C. G. Steen. The Met of appoint
ments is now practically e-ompletod,
although such others will be made as
may be found' necessary later on. The
battalion is now drilling In company
formation and) tho new men are be
ginning to acquire aptitude In hand
ling their rifles.
C. A. Sawyer Gives Reading.
Tho convocation period yesterday
morning was taken up by C. A. Saw
yer of tho department of elocution. Mr.
Sawyer selection was "King Robert of
Sicily." It was presented In a clear
and forcible manner. The speaker
caught the spirit of the selection and
bis interpretation of mood' was very
good. Mr. Sawyer has a splendid voice
which, together with, his ease on tho
platform andi fluent delivery, renders
his ability aa a speaker very efficient.
New Members for Pershings.
Tho applications of the following
men for membership in the Pershing
Rifles havo been approve: A. W.
Beckman, J. B. Postrlstal, C. J. Nelson,
L. P. Stone and R. H. Thompson.
Lemlng'o, Ice cream and candy; 11th
and L Sta.
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