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NO. 13
Only Light Practice Today. Six
teen Men Make the Trip.
Over the back fence the wind hustled
anu tore the sandburs out of tho cam
pus, and howled gleefully out tho gate
with Its burden of hats, and still they
practiced football.
The work was fast and Bnappy, both
teams working well. Tho 'Varsity
scored several times and made their
distance at will both around tho "fends
and through the line.
Cy Mason's brother went In at full
for a while and showed up well, y
himself rwa8 on The" side lines tonight,
but only on account of some outside
duties; ho will bo but again tonight.
Borg was given -a night off on ac
count of a cold, from which ho Is suf
fering. Ho will be out tomorrow even
ing. Marsh Is out after a short Illness,
and back at his old place.
ThlB evening at 5:50 the team leaves
Via tno Burlington for the city In tho
hills. No m.oro reports come from the
mysterious west and the boys start
out with assurance of victory and mc
hearts Oi e Btudent body with them.
All will be In' readiness early tomor
row afternoon. The suits will an be
jpacked and Jack will stand In rcadi
.pess te send the team off to victory.
Tho practice toulght will be short,
consisting of light signal practice.
There will bo no line-up.
Bender's ankle will be in good shape
to put him through the game.
Cotton is practically over his Injury
and will bo in the game to make up for
lost -time;
Sixteen" men will go out tonight to
uphold the honor of Nebraska on Sat
urday. The names of tho men are as fol
lows: Bender, Bell, Benedict, Borg,
Brlggs, Leah, Eager, Fonlon, Groves,
Hunter, Cy Mason, J. M. Mason, Perry,
Robertson, Cotton, Wilson.
A strange bit of news comes from
South Omaha.
The Bellevue College team, which Is
to play here near the end of the sea-
. son, went to tne city 01 pacing uuusua
not long ago and played the High
school team 01 mat city u iu v. r ui u
while it appears that the High Schoo
hwn hnA the better or thines. u
failed to score against the collogo
Geology Ldctuj
The lectures in KOdfbgy 1 will short
ly bo held in Memorial hall, which is
being- prepared or- lantorujwork -Dur-tnc
ftin vear Illustrated lectures will
convocation irom umo
lantern '.purchased for
it satisfaction
also bo held
to time. Th
Student Trade Not Such a Bad
Thing After All.
The state association of laundrymen
now In session at Omaha Is- reported
to bo taking stops to discourage' the
sending of Btudent laundry away fr6m
Lincoln. They mlBBed their best op
portunity when they neglected to per
suade tho laundrleB hero to deal fairly
with tho student In -the first place. Tho
best means that could havo been em
ployed to discourage students from
sending their laundry to Omana would
have been for the laundrymen here to
havo offered them reasonable rates In
tho first place. Now that they have
over-reached- themselves and gained
nothing when they hoped to compel
tho students to pay whatover they were
mlnded to deman, tho laundry trust
through one of its concerns, concludes
to offer a reduction. The fact that tho
work can bo done by a laundry In the
city at tho prices offered by tho new
concern that has suddenly sprung into
activity, shows that the Increase In
rates was not warranted by such press
ing necessities as was claimed by the
trust. They could afford to do the work
at a rate much less than they held out
for and tho natural course of eventB 1b
constantly bringing up Bome new proof
in Biipport of this fact.
University students should bo slow in
rushing Into an agreement with any
new concern that solicits their busi
ness. They should remember that tho
Laundry club prevented them from be
ing held up and charged a double price.
If tho club had not, taken action tho
Lincoln laundries would never havo
made any reductions In the world. No
new concern should be allowed to slip
In and draw the trade, because If tho
Lincoln laundrymen once recover con
trol of tho students'- business, they
will raise prices later on, charging
whatever they please, and the students
will be compelled to pay them or wear
dirty linen, which under the circum
stances would bo their Just deserts.
Students Bhould not bo misled by tho
appeals circulated against sending their
laundry out of tho city. They should
remember that they are under obliga
tions to nono of the laundries here.
The Lincoln laundries have lent prnctl-
Lcally no suppprt to student enterprises
but have shown themselves tight and
unobliging whenever appealed' to. Fur
thermore 1t should not bo forgotten
that their combination to put up tho
prices on Btudents was made for no
other purpose than to increase their
own gains at the expense of the stu
dents. They showed their color and
do not deserve to be patronized.
And now finally, -Ilia -Laundry club
will offer rates fully as reasonable as
those offered by any Lincoln concern
Dont bo misled by reports
Nebraska's Presence is Desired
iff Oratorical League.
The University of Nobrnska has been
Invited 'to Join ,a proposed Oratorical
League, composed of tho Btato univer
sities of tho MiBsIsBlppI valley, which
leaguo It Ib intended shall bo Iho nu
cleus of tno American State University
Oratorical League. This offer comes
from President Benton of Miami Uni
versity of Oxford, Ohio. In a letter to
Chancellor Androws. As yet no action
has'beon taken In tno invitation. Iast
year Nebraska declined to go Into a
throe cornereiLorntQckal Jeaguo. with
Kansas and - .lssourl, on tho ground
that Interest at Nebraska was in do
bato rather than oratory. President
Benton writes Nebraska to send a rep
resentative to a meeting of the repre
sentatives of tho varloiiB institutions,
to bo hold before very long. So far
wo hear that Kan bos Is going into tho
Year's work of College Settle
ment Will beOpenod.
The Anatomical Laboratory.
One of the busy placeB on the cam
pus is the anatomical laboratory. About
seventy students aro enrolled In tho
different courses, as against twenty a
year ago. During the summer It has
been necessary to lit up a second dis
secting room oqual In size to the one In
use last year, and to also build a third
room for lectures, quizzes and labora
tory work in ostoology. Courses are
given this semester In hum fin anatonry,
Including osteology, to first and sec
ond grade medical students and to sec
ond grade dentals; In anatomy of the
dog to first year dentals: and In anat
omy of the cat to students In physical
training. Tho laboratory 1b open dally
from 1 to G p. m. and It has also
been necessary to open It on. Monday
and Wednesday evenings. Dr. D. C.
Hilton, a graduato of tho University,
who also took his M. A. hero, and who
has since graduated from Rush Medi
cal, has been appointed assistant dem
onstrator. Ab a nucleus for a referenco library
In connection with tho laboratory Dr.
Wolcott has placed his own books on
anatomy at tho disposition of the stu
dents, and has also received several
books from tho publishers to be used
in a similar ipanner. Noteworthy
among these Is a sot of throo volumes
of "Deaverrs Surgical Anatomy," sept
by P. Btuklston's Son and Co., of Phil
adelphia; tho work is profusely illus
trated and elegantly bound. It Is a
standard work and sells for 21. Tho
-opportunity jdX having such books at
Company Drill.
The battalion was drilled In corn-
' Vpany movements Tuesday evening. The
BSmon1 showed up in excellent shape, con
sidering that this was the first time
4 these movements have been attempted
this year.
The musicians of tho battalion hold
their first practice Tuesday night in tho
chapel. Six bugglers were in attend
ance, under tho leadership of Fred
Sam's Cafe The only place in tho
city to get the famouB Little Gem hot
waffles. Bpeclal service for ladles.
Subscribe for The Nobraskan' and
take; advantage of- tho Laundry club
rates. Office at tho Co-Op." Tel. A1217.
of a 30
Law Seminar.
The Bomlnnr course In law, recently
Introduced, is very popular with iho
students. There are three divisions,
of twenty pupils each, one reciting
Monday at 7:30 p. m., the other two on
Saturday nt 10 and 11 a. m. Tho hour
Is devoted to filling out legal paperB
such as deeds, mortgages and comV
plaints. Thus the Btifclcnts aro trainee!
in drawing up legal documents. Thls
should prove a very valuablo study.
The students In tho law department
aro petitioning for a water tank In
the hallway near tho law library.
Ed' R. Llndburg Is down from. Wayne
in tho Interests of a suit which Is pend
ing In the supremo court, While here
ho Is vlBltlng his University friends.
The class In constitutional law Is
laboring under difficulty on account of
a lack of books. The library ha? or
dered a supply which Is expected dally.
Tho new law library Is nearlng com
pletion and access can. now bo had to
tho books. It Is very conveniently ar
ranged and well lighted, and is a. vast
Improvement over tho old one.
The goologlcal department has Just
received ten boxes of minerals, rocks
and fossils, which havo been collected
for a number of years by the assistant
of A. W. Wincholl of Michigan.
Basket Ball Practioe.
The formal opening for the year's
work of the Collogo Settlement will
tako place this ovonlng nt tho settle
ment homo at Twontloth and N BtrectB.
An entertainment will ho given to the
roBldonts of tho neighborhood to got
them togothor and make announce
ments of tho year's work. After a short
program of muBlc and tableaux the
clnBB work and organization of clubs
will bo explained. Tho roBt of tho
evening will bo social and art, opportun
ity given for all to become acquainted.
A bright year 1b looked forward to by
those In charge. Tho University Y. W.
C. A. will furnish Rome onovto havo
chnrgo of gnmcjr four evenings of tho
week and Mr. ColllnB and A. F. Mng
danz will havo charge of thp boys' .
game room, and Mr. Brown will look'
after the organization of the BoyB' pltib.
MIbs Burllngame will havo chargo of
tho Little Glrla' club evory Saturday
evening. Tho Bowing and cooking
Bchools will bo started In the near fu
hand-f or ready reforonee-lB-eno whloh4 Practice-will be held at4 p. m., reg'
Is deeply appreciated by "the Btudonts.
dlscount on special articles. It will
duplicate any rates that have yet been
offered here. Once more. Keep In mind
tho fartrtirfit the Laundry club parol
ized the tr.ust, and that the induce
ments offered py ono of their concerns'
are sanctioned by the whole system, in
order that the trade may be weaned
away from Omaha and all will ba a
short time be drawing their share of
It when other unfortunato conditions
necessitate a rise In prices. That is tho
way that any trust would do business
Jf It foufid Its operations blocked.
The 'trust sees that It Is unable to
carry out Its purpose, but tho leading
laundries pan not come out openly with
a reduction, and hence they use a side
show in order to ultimately draw the
multitude to the larger attraction. Let
the students stand firm. Tho Laundry
club will fulfill' Its obligations and
I those who stay with It will, profit In
the long run.
-Halladian Standing-Ctmmittees..
Tho Palladian Society standing com
mittees for the first semester have been
announced. They are as follows:
Membership RusBell Moore, chair
man; Emma Sbinbur, Geneva Bullock,
Grace Carder and J. B. Davidson.
Program Minnie Petroshok, chair
man; R. B, Kollogg, Nellie Miller, Aga
tha Totton and Bernard Newton.
Music Roy Clark, chairman; Clara
Boose and Ethel Colwell.
Finance James Anderson, chair
man; Burt Colby, Susan Barnhart and
John Clark.
Slate bearer Andrew Hutton.
ularly hereafter on Tuesdays and
Thursdays. If hjL degjred that astnany .
"men as possible attend the practice.
-Every -one will-be permltted-to-play-for
the noxt two weeks at least. r -
Choir Entertains.
Chris' Bath Parlors, 11th and P Sts.
Restaurant Unique, 1228 0 street
St. Luke's Episcopal choir held a
dance si Walsh hall Tuesday evening;
Various forms of amusement were In
dulged In. The singing of -Professor.
Miller and Miss Tllvett's playing was.
oxcellent. A largo crowd was In at
tendance and an excellent time Is re
ported. Chorus Class Work.
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Tho University chorus practiced sev
eral songs from the nov book Tuesday
afternoon: Some of these will be ren
dered In chapel before long. This new
' book Is a recent publication' and 1b a
collection of merit Words from a great
many fine jtoems by standard authors
have been sej, to, music.
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