The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, October 07, 1903, Page 2, Image 2

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Gbe ail Ylebraeftan
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Ce Daj Debraskan.
A potiRollrtntlon of
The HttpcrUn, Vol. ni, Th NebraiiVon, Vol. lo,
Bcarlet and Crenni, Vol. 4.
doatnfti MnnAffcr
John D. Rice
A. Q. Bohreibep
C. A. flnwjer
A. F. Booker
Gnylord (1. Bennett
Dorothy Orcen
Offlttt: Edltorl
Pot OWco
11, V SWlH': Biwlnww, U 21 1.
. Box 18, Station A, Lincoln.
Bnbwrlptlon Prion, $2 per year. In 'lnnce.
Entered at tho postoffloo at Lincoln, Nnbriwka
rvi Hwond-clftHH mall matter.
Editorial Remarks
Our tonm Is putting on 1(k finishing
touches for tho game nt Denver Satur
day. I .It t lo speculation has boon ven
tured, concerning thin game, t hough n
feeling of assurance exlBts that Nebras
ka will have no great task In taking
their meamiro The team Ih now strong
and In good condition for the trip, the
games played thiiB far having furnished
Home excellent practice and brought
out the potential powers of the play
em. The men, however, will be obliged
to take as good care of themselves as
possible on this trop. as It Is abso
lutely necessary that they meet the
Haskell Indians with strength unim
paired. This will be the first trip of
the year, but little concern Is felt over
the outcome of the game.
year to year by the co-operation of
liberal-minded members of the faculty
and the student body That a large
house could be furnished and main
tained by the students of our Universi
ty for such a laudable purpose as our
settlement house fulfills. Is a matter of
pride nnd a redit to our Institution.
Each year a large amount of money
must be ralBed and the settlement
board trusts entirely to the liberality
of University: people and of the city.
The College Settlement has enjoyed
a steady growth, although at the be
ginning those In charge were badly
hampered by lack of means. However,
to their appeals a liberal response was
made, and the years that have inter
vened have witnessed progress of a
most substantial character The set
tlement now has a house of Its own
and has large possibilities leforo It.
The Interest taken by students who
hae given freely of their time and la
bor has made possible the carrying on
of the work, as they have foregone
pastimes and pleasures in order to
take (harge of and instruct those to
whom this opportunity for study Is
their only one.
And now a new year Is at hand, and
the student body will be called uion
to lend their assistance. We should
remember that those raising funds are
not seeking the money for their own
benefit, but for the benefit of those
whose mental and moral natures will
thus be bettered. All who are appealed
to should not hesitate to contilbute
what they can The money goes for a
gL.od purpose nnd not better investment
could be made
Sigma Alpha Initiate.
A frco entertainment was held on
the campus yesterday morning by
Messrs. Putnam, '07, of Omaha. Nye.
'07, Kearney, and other accomplished
artists, inder the auspices of Sigma
Alpha Bpsllon. Mr. Putnam was mag
nificently attired In white duck trou
sers, a bath robe and an elegant sash
of purple and gold the fraternity col
ors. An alarm clock, guaranteed never
to stop, served effectually to draw at
tention while Mr. Putnam industrious
ly swept the walks of the campiiB.
Mr Ne came on the campuB at 10
o'clock, and favored the crowd with
a "well rendered boIo,' on the trom
bone from tho largo rock Just west of
the library. Mr. Nyo' attire conBlBted
of a skull cap, a bath robe and pajamas
of the latest and most approved Btyle
He also had an alarm clock.
The other gentlemen were busily en
gaged In the various mud puddles on
It Htreet Several weng fishing and one
practicing on a minute snare drum.
After the entertainment had con
cluded refreshments were Borvod In
the Sigma Alph house.
The Weber Suitorium
Is the up-to date place
where you can get your
Clothing Cleaned and Pressed
Phone 708 Northeast Cor. Hth & O SU.
'Billiard and Pool Parlor
TabUi Nrwty Corcrtd
Powell's, 146 North llth St.
Phone L 664.
The employment bureau of the Y.
M C A announces that It still has
several places where student help is
desired Men desiring to earn their
board or room rent, or loth, are re
quested to call at the association rooms
and arrange for same. Those who wish
to take care of odd Jols from time
to time, are also requested to call.
Gymnasium classes will
mem e floor work Monday
all com-
The last lettuie In physical culture
will be given Friday.
Miss Julia llednar has been tut
sick lint and Is slowly recovering
It Ik said that sixteen moie Miles
were cast at Monday's election than
tluro were class members present If
hU h Is the case there Is need of an
InvstlKatlon. Such crookedness as la
alleged should not be tolerated In this
University, where good Influences only
ar supposed to exist and as far as. we
know do exist. Whatever contamina
tion there Is In class affairs Is brought
In fiom the outside and enabled to
spread thro.igh the unscrupulousness of
a few Few of the students take the
trouble to examine deeply Into the bus
iness of the elections, and while they
sit still In their passlvenesB, tounter
fones ure haul at work to achieve some
purpose which they are abb- to carry
out simply because their mind Is con
. ontratod In It and they ure deter
mined to see it thiough Thus the icRt
ot the membeiH ot the (lass often don't
rtali.e that they are imposed upon and
(hoy themselves are to blame for It
IT those .lunlois who hae rebelled
against the methods employed at Mon
days election, feel that they have any
giounds for at Hon It Is their duty lo
go ahead and do whateer the oi aslon
jeoulreH. Tho majority Bho.uld In no
wise allow the minority to dictate to the University. Is specializing In chem-
,. , .i , , i.lislry and metallurgy,
them and If they aie sure that the
ballot box was stuffed. then they
sho.ild calmly and deliberately take
measures It) set ure themselves Jusllte
We do not believe thai all the mem
bers of the winning side would openly
tountenance the stuffing of the ballot
box, and we do not see why anyone can
have any objection to this matter being
Investigated thoroughly, if he Is sure
thai It will stand investigation We
make no charges, but If It transpires
t hut there are suflltient grounds for
un investigation we urge that it bo
I'rof Louise Pound will speak on
"The Murdering of the Klng'B English"
this morning.
Chancellor Andrews- will speak on
"The advantages of attending chapel"
Mr John Nicholson, of Springfield,
Neb, visltetl University friends Monday
The observatory was open to visitors
from K to 10 p. ni. on Monday The
people that came got a gootl view of
hatui n.
Prof Lvous. from the Univeislty
stute farm, was a taller at the chemi
cal lalmiutoiv Monday
The "leicoptiiau lanteiu used In ge
ology I Is being plat til In i dullness
for use As soon as It Is lead) the
tlus-s will he I itinstei red to 1' HIT
When the new uilitliia) i oof tit the
tolleiits of the boilei house is tomplet
ed their will lie loom tor a luigc
amount of toal under a water proof
II Ciouth. who retently resigned his
position as assay ist in the Flat Iron
mine In South Dakota, to return to
An attempt is being made to start a
class In metallurgy, but as there are
only a few who wish to take It It is
doubtful whether the course can be of
e regular prayer meeting for men.
whit h has been held on Thursday even
ing from 7 to i 30. will be held from
now on. on Wednesday evening at the
same hour This meeting lasts for a
bilef half hour, beginning at 7 o'clock
sharp, and dosing promptly at 7.30
More and more men are coming to ap
preciate this feature of college life
All men are cordially Invited to lx
piesent -
Thcro Ih no watcli, clock or
article of Jewelry wo cannot fix
The Up-To-tho-Mlnule Jewelry.
Prompt Service. II 23 O St.
Western Glass & Paint Go.
12th & M. Sts., Lincoln, Neb.
fM 2U fcSj H Wk
. rt "Sy a..
Restaurant Unique, 1228 O St.
The College Settlement.
The Btudent body of the University
of NebruBka should not be unmindful
of the good work that 1b being done In
their midst. We refer to tho College
Settlement work that Is carried on from
C A Fisher, who was formerly in
tho geological department, but who Ib
now working on the United Statea ge
ologlcul survey, visited the geology de
partment )isterday.
)i toiler 1 lo lo. In, luHive
For this oi aslon the Union I'm lilt
has made a into of One Fare for the
Hound Trip
Tickets on sale (h lober 2. r, (!, 7. 8
Limited for loturn up to and Int hiding
Ot tober 12
For full information tall uihmi
i: n. slosson
The Improved
The Standard
for Gentlemen
The Name " BOSTON I
GARTER "lnUmped
Ion every loop.
cushion ,
Lies flat to the leg never
Sllps, Tears nor Uruajteru.
Bainple pair, 811k AOc r
Cuttuu X5c
Mailed un receipt of prlr. '
Boiton, lbu.,UJ.a.
Every Pair Warranted'
F M Hkhurds, '03, was on the cam
pus )esterday. Mr. Richards spent the
summer In the eaBt, where ho vlBlted
Niagara Falls. New York City, Provi
dent , and other places of Interest.
The ornithology course under Profes
sor Hruner, has every indication of be
ing un especially interesting one. Those
taking the course will attend the local
bird club, which meets every two
The work of tearing out the old
boiler In the boilerroom Is progressing
quite rapidly and workmen are now
engaged In removing the brlek wall of
the furnace. Owing to a delay, how
ever, the materials for the new Heine
boiler have not yet been received.
The University .
School of ZMusic
One of the greatest Schools of cMusic in the coun
try. Complete Faculty. Every facility for study. New
pianos and apparatus. Modem home foi a limited
number . cMany fiee privileges and scholarships.
Year opens Sept 7. Write tormJmil Catalog
Willard Kimball, Director
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