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vol. m.
NO. 6
Varsity Smashes Grand Island's
Line Repeatedly. Score
64 to 0.
It took just two minutes and forty
seconds for the University to score Its
first touch-down against Grand iBlnnd
in the game of last Saturday After
tho first few downs it was easy to see
how tho game would result, but hard
ly such a Bcore as was made fit to 0.
was looked for.
Tho visitors piovrd to be txcept Ion
ally weak In many of tho most Im
portant places, while the University
was strong throughout the entire team
Many of the Grand Island men were
now to tho game, this being the first
year for n number of their line men
Tho team ns a whole was weak on
tackling, only two or three men were
able to make any showing at all
fV Tho University started out with Its
strongest men in the line, but as soon
as Coach Booth saw how the game
was going he gave the new men a
chance to prove their metal
Tho work of the team was excellent
Tholr playing was very noticeably free
from those errors and faults which so
often fall to the lot of a (earn early
in the season
In tho early pait of the game Jim
Bell played full, but Inter was trans
ferred to half and Clark went In at
full. Tho back field did splendid work,
skirting the ends for twenty and thirty
yards and hitting the line for long
Benedict proved his ability as a first
class halfback, in the mom comroendn
blo stylo. His long run and sensation r
al hurdlo over a would-bo tackier, was
onp of tho features of the gamo
Marsh took Benedict's place at half
during tho latter part of tho game and
mnde sensational gains, both through
tho lino and around the ends.
Brlggs, who went in ut half in Bell's
place during part of the last half, made
hltflKalna whonover called upon He Ih
a heavy man and will make a strong
line plunger with a little coaching
Bender at quarter ran his toam lu
a way which won for him the admira
tion of-all present As no quarterback
playB wore developed he had no oppor
tunity for carrying tho bull, except on
returning punts He received the bull
on Ills own live jards lino from a kick
and carried It the entire length of the
field for a touch-down, equullng Bene
dict's run In the earlier part of the
Eager and Colliding started in the
gamo at ends nnd played u strong,
steady game during the first half. Fen
lou and BlBhop, both new men. took
the positions for the second half
In tho lino Huntor and Borg and
Ieah hold tho central positions. Rob
ertson and Newton filled the places ut
tucklo. Tho line was serong and hand
led the plunges of the visitors. In a way
to bo commended
Taking all into consideration, the re
sult of the guine waB most oncouruglng
and instilled in the blood of niauy a
faint hearted rooter the idea, which is
the only correct one. thut Nebruska
has a winning team
Following Is the linp-up
Nebraska. Grand Island
Conklln-tFenlon .re Starr
Robertson rt... . .. George
Hunter g Cornish
Borg c Smith
Leab t Is Wost-Bergmau
Nowton ,.t Hewitt
Knger-Biahop . . .le A. B. Davis
TJonaer Q-- Foote
Benedlct-Brlggs rh. Sutberl'd-Larrlck
Marsh-Bell Ih J.. N. Davis
ueu-uiarK .
Mason and Wilson Came Out.
Cy Mason and his brother, who has
been plaiiig on the Lincoln High
School team both appeared on the field
lout night and along with them innie
Harry WilRon The two old men were
cheered to the echo as thry ambled
In at the gate and mingled with the
rquad of men In football suits
Taylor, a new man from Auiora. was
out lat night
The pinctlec last night was full of
lm nnd go Some time was spent In
running down punts and then the 'Var
Blty lined up ngalnst the scrubs
Th ework done there was very satls
fnctor) The snubs aie the strongest
they ha bron for man) vcars. but
the Tnislty make an ex client show
ing AgnlnM them, never failing to make
their distance and often, vet) often,
going tbiough for long gains
On the drfenshe also the work Is
good. It Is the exception when the
srubs make their distance and they
go In for nil there Is In It Go out
and see the pla) . It will help ) ou to
appreciate the Htiength of the 'Varsity
May Not Play.
Complication have ailsen that maj
prevert the game scheduled for Octo
ber ID between the second tenm and
Grand Island College, to be plnyed on
the grounds of the latter A commun
ication received by Manager Morrison
states that the team Is In a demoral
ized condition and that Its best plajcr
Ib out of commission Sue h being the
ease the Grand Island management
can not see Its way clear for meeting
the fccruba- and unless things tnke a
turn for the better Hie gamV-wlll have
to be declared off
Athletic Notes.
Theie will be
day morning nt
a football rall Kil
chapel Ever) body
,,fb. Bergman-Suthl'd
Manager Buckner requests all those
selling season tickets to report to him
nt once, as the sale will be withdrawn
The floor classes In gymnastic- work
began today and are all very large
Full) 150 men are registered In the
Hist year classes.
It la compulsory for all men tuklng
gym work or trying for the football
team to take a physical examination
Dr Clapp wishes all the men who
have not taken an examination and
are doing work to ieioit to his office
nt once
Union Boys Organize.
The Union BoyB Debuting tlub bus
already begun operations In Union hull.
Election of officers was held last Sat
urday night und resulted as followB
President. A I Myers, vice president.
Mr Borkey; secretary. J G Hunlen.
attorneys, Mr, Berkey and R. C Jumes
Considerable enthulsasm wis in.uilfoBt
ed and the club starts out with bright
prospects j
Tho Union club meets In Union hull
al tht wosl end of the main building
ou the third lloor Meetings are held
every Saturduy night ut 8 p in. Vis
itors will find 1 "something doing"
every night A sharp conillct in tho
way of parliamentary sciap Is ulwuys
followed by a debate on some timely
und living question: After the ques
tion has been discussed by the regulur
sldeB tho question Is before the house
for discussion by all present Evry
man should muko a desperate effort to
aall himself of the opportunities uf
fcrded by debating clubs. The benefits
derived therefrom are too self-evident
to need comment.
Next Saturday night the Unions will
dl6cuss the following question: "Re
solved. That the South Is Justified In
Disfranchising the Negro.'
Tennis Association Drawings.
The Tennis Association met yester
dny nt I p. m for the purpose of elect
ing n manager nnd drawing for pin a
In the lnll tournament Owlni; to ob
struct Irg difficulties they failed to
elect a manager Following aie the
icHiilts of the drawing
First Tournament nu-3crlbnc r.
Meier-Bye. Hoar-Golden. Matl.e -Sweeley.
Mathewson-Hlgglni'. Rolh
Cassady. Tyner-Payne, Huntlngtoi.-Unymond
S-e o'icl Tournament Cnisauy-Fli..
Scrlbnn -Payne. Bye-Hlgglns Sv.eeley
Hoai. Mathew-Roth. Huntlngfon
Melei Golden-Raymond. M.ith"Wson
Tynei 1 .10 two men winning out In the-e
touirnments will rcpresc nt Nebraska
In the game with Knns?s two weeks
fiom now
'i he results of yesterday's playing,
wnlch began the first toniiummt, aro
an lollows Mathewson wm from Hig
K ns Mathew from Sweelcv Today at
least nil of the first round wll' be fin
ished The following prizes bae been of
feied by public spirited business men
1st Dom racquet, by Samuel Hall
2d Racquet covei . by H E Slddles
Ai Co
1st Runnel's I'p Jerse). by B L
2d Runnel's I'p Tennis shoes by
Perkins & Sheldon
Playeis are urged to see the secre
tary and arrange for their games at
Palladian Debaters Elect.
Restaurant Unique, 1228 0 St.
The Palladian Debating club met last
Saturday evening and elected the fol
lowing officers
President. 1. Legro
Vice President. Mr Keoser
Treasurer. B A Anderson
Secietary. Will Robertson
The meeting was full of wplrlt und
enthusiasm throughput and the pros
pects for a strong club are exceeding
ly promising
The question for next Saturday even
lug's discussion Ib "Resolved, That .an
alliance between England and the Unit
ed Stutes would promote the civiliza
tion of the world." Affirmative, De
Young und Mitchell; negative, Clark
and Smith
Dr. Lees is Back.
Dr. Lees returned home yesterday
fiom his European tour after an ab
eence of five months. Ho traveled wide
ly in England. Italy and Sicily, but
confined moat of IiIb work to Greece.
In the latter country he vlsted many
places of historic Interest and almost
sacred association,, and during his
travels has accumulated a large amount
of material for the Greek department.
Mrs Lees remained behind lu Eng
land, where she will visit for several
months with Dr. Lees' mother, who re
sides near Liverpool.
Meet and Choose Officers for En
suing Year.
The Seniors met In the chapel yes
terday and held their election In tho
greatest peace and amity. After some
deliberative balloting the following of
ficers were elected:
President, N. J. Elliott.
Vice president. Miss Schlnbur.
Secretary. MIbs Wilson.
Treasurer, Mr Borg.
Sgt. at arms, Miss Ban Zandt. the re
tiring president.
Three candidate?, Elliott. Newton
and Tyner. were In the field for presi
dent and from first Indications it ap
penred thnt there would be a spirited
meeting. None of the men, however,
hnd mnde a canvass, and the tide
turned In fnvor of Elliott, who re
ceived rfi out of the 1)0 votes cast, the
remalnng votes being about equally di
vided between Newton und Tyner.
On motion of Mr Vasey It was voted
to elect the remaining officers by ac
clnmatlon. nnd this was done, each
candidate being declared elected by
unlanlmous vote The newly elected
president responded with a short
speech In which he set forth the plat
form of the class, their place In ath
letics, debating, etc., and emphasized
the Importance of pulling together on
the part of the class of '04 to achieve
success. He reminded tho class of for
mer victories and added that It had all
to lose rather than much to gain and
for that reason absoluto harmony was
exceedingly essential. This roused the
usual enthusiasm and the chapel hall
was made to ring with applause The
other officers were called on but on
acount of the shortness of time re
sponded only by rising. There being
no other business the class then adjourned
Sophomore Election.
The Sophomores met In U 107 yes
terday morning and elected their class
officials for the ensuing year. Clement
L. Waldron presided. The names of
Clarence Steen of Wahoo, and Matirlcp
Benedict of Lincoln were placed In
nomination. Mr. Steen was elected by
a vote of eighty to fifty. After tbo
election of tho president a large part
of the crowd loft, leaving only a fow to
carry on the formality of an election
lu regard to tho rest of the class offi
cers. L. 1. Sldwell of Omaha, was elected
vico president; J. C. Mooro of Omaha,
secretary, and Edith Butler of Oma
ha, treasurer.
Good Registration.
Registration figures have mounted
up to 1.500, which exceeds that of this
time last year.
The Instructors In the department of
Romance languages report a Blight
falling off in the registration awing to
the inability to offer enough divisions
in tho different daurses. The total reg
istration is about 2G5.
The Interview periods, of American
history III have been arrabged and tho
divisions met yesterday for tho first
Recptlon to students, Baptist church,
14th and K streets, 'Friday evening. All
students are cordially invited.
Marshland aHd Itichards, half-cuV
trng"a specialty; massage, sbavihgdtc.
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