The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, May 07, 1903, Page 2, Image 2

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    Gbe alls flebraohan
? "7
ZTbe alls flebraeftan
A consolidation of
The Hprlan, Vol. 81, Tho Nfcbnwkan, Vol. 12,
Scarlet and Oreara, Vol. 4.
Managing Editor C. K HgBAinoin
BasinmsMnrand Circulator A. Q. Bojthiibxti
News Wra. Cawo
Society - Wm, A. Shock
Athletlo A. I. Mrom
Literary John D. lUco
A. T. Boker, I. C. Baldwin, J. M. Paul. R, A.
Miller. L. O. Hurtx. J. R. Oroon.
Offlco: 209M Unlrornlty Hall. Phoao A 1280
Iot Ofllcu: Station A, Box 18, Lincoln
Bnlmcrlption prici', 12 pr year In adyanco.
Entered n the pogtodlcn at. Uncoln, Nebraska,
oh Hccond clam mail matter.
Editorial Remarks
The congressional library at Wash
ington wlBhes a complete (lie of this
year's Nebraskan. We are unable to
biipply It with the following numbers
and will be very grateful If any of our
renders who may have them, and not
(are to keep them, will generously sup
ply us with the same: Nob. 28, 5C, 80,
and 87.
A good story will bear repeating
but not to the Bame class.
Some one suggests that the Unlver
Hlty give a "Dandelion hour" the first
of next week an hour devoted to driv
ing the pestiferous yellow-face from
the campus. How many students would
be willing to Join the crowd for a few
minutes and pen-knife the dandelions
but by the roots? It may be a good
suggestion, If acted on promptly. We
pass It on to the proper authorities.
Blessed Is the note-taker, for he shall
be borrowed of by all his friends.
Three days yet remain for submis
sion of songs for the $100 competition.
One more has been handed in this
week, making nind In all. Everyone
who has talent In the song line is
urged to enter the contest. It Is not
the prize, but it is a matter of much
of bo much- Importance who Bhall get
(oncern that Nebraska get a good song.
If any one has thought of competing,
but neglected to do bo, let him bestir
himself and hand his endeavor In be
fore Sunday.
Convocation notes
Program for the Week:
Thursday Mass meeting in interest
of Rockefeller gift.
Yesterday's Exercises:
Mr. T. F. A. WilllamB gave an in
teresting and enlightening talk yes
terday morning at convocation on the
workings of the Lincoln postofllce. The
routine work of the offlce, with its
hustle, its apparent confusion, and real
order, and its occasional glutting with
holiday mail, was graphically described
by one "who knew whereof he spoke."
Mr. Williams' convocation talks are al
ways Interesting, and yesterday's was
no exception.
The tickets for the Decoration day
excursion to the cadet encampment at
Wahoo will be put on sale today at 1
o'clock at the executive office and with
all cadet officers.
with MIbb Ruth, Bryan, at tier home,
Saturday evening, May 9, 1903. Mar
garet E. Hauzhauens, Secretary.
Ein Schon Madchen.
Have you ever met the maiden
Who wearB a wnvy curl;
Who scarce has reached her woman
hood, Nor yet is Juat a girl?
For Bhe Is Just ein schon madchen
With arts of ein fraulcin',
No trace of care to mark her brow;
Her face a worshiped shrine.
She wears some dlmpleB in her cheeks,
Quite hid with hues of rose,
And these she shows promiscuously
To those Bhe calls her beaux.
She means to be a dainty girl,
But oft' forgets her size.
And almost any little thing
Will shock her with surprise.
8he took some French, and English,
But never worked a bit.
She bought a "pony," learned to ride.
And then quite oft' would sit,
Resting supinely on his back
All free from worldly care
She told a "shot" professor once
To "flunk" her if he dare.
The maid's still seen at intervals,
And time does not efface
The cheek Bhe wears so artfully
With nature's truest grace.
For she is Just ein schon Madchen,
And leads a happy pace,
For where cannot work some one,
She simply works her face.
The Women's University Club of tlie
City of New York was established In
1901 for the social welfare of college
bred women. A club house at 13 East
24 Btreet was opened In November,
1901. It contains attractive bed rooms,
assembly-rooms and dining-room. The
facilities of the restaurant have proved
to be particularly convenient for club
members. The assembly-rooms are
rented for the use of college or other
social organizations. During the past
two years entertainments of a literary
or musical character have been glvert
at the club house and have been the
means of pleasant social intercourse
for the many college women of New
York. The present membership of the
club is about six hundred. The annual
dues of resident members Is $10.00,
of non-resident members, $5.00. The
initiation fee is $10.00. In applying for
membership in the club the candidate's
name is proposed and seconded by club
members in letters stating the candi
date's qualifications for membership, to
the chairman of the committee on ad
missions. The Tale of Johnnie's Plum.
Johnnie Had a Sugar Plum.
Johnnie had a sugar plum
That from the store was gotten
And 'neath its red and crimson coat
'Twas most Infernal rotten.
He took the plum to school with him
To win some approbation,
And during lectures showed the fruit
With pride and exultation.
But teacher spied the little lad
With optics quite extended,
And cross her knee his puny form
Was very quickly bended.
John's conscience strove within him
To foil the heartless creature,.
He gave the plum. unselfiBhly,
To his undaunted teacher.
Wondorlul ltesoureon of the West
If you are looking for a home and
want to visit the West, you can do bo
with very little expense, as the Union
Pacific will sell One-way Colonist
Tickets every day at the following
rates from lBBOuri river terminals:
$25.00 to San Francisco, Los Angeles
and many other California points.
$20.00 to Ogden, Salt Lake City, Butte,
Anaconda and Helena.
$22.50 to Spokane and Wanatchee.
$25.00 to Portland, Tacoma, Seattle,
and many other Oregon and Washing
ton points.
From Chicago and St. Louis propor
tionately low rates are in effect by
lines connecting with the Union Pa
cific, m
The Union Pacific, has also extended
The University of Chicago
Professional Schools
Law and
Each has a special Circular of Information which will be sent on application.
Each will be in session during the Summer Quarter (June 17 September 3).
IdBThe courses in Medicine arc given in connection with the work of
Rush Medical College.
The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Arkansas Hard for Stoves - $ 9.50
Arkansas Hard for Furnaces 8.50
All grades Pennsylvania Hard 13.50
Canon City Pea - - - - 6.00
Whitebreast Coal & Lumber Co.
OFFICE 1106 0 St.
territory to which round trip Home
seekers Excursion tickets will be sold
as follows:
To many points in Kansas, Nebraska
and Colorado;
To many points in Wyoming, Utah,
Montana and Idaho;
To many points In Oregon and Wash
One fare plus $2.00 for the round trip.
Tickets on sale March 17, April 7 and
21, May 15 and 19, June 2 and 16, 1903.
For full information call on or ad
dress E. B. SLOSSON,
General Agent.
University Bulletin
I HEREBY announce myself as a
candidate for election as a student
member of the athletic board. Bur
dette A. Lewis.
1 HEREBY certify that I am a candi
date for election aB a student member
of the athletic board. Maurice Bene
dict. TENNIS. Drawings for the first lo
cal tournament to decide Kansas-Nebraska
team will take place Monday at
1 o'clock on the tennis courts.
PERSUINGS. Open drill, Thursday
evening, 7:30 o'clock. Applications of
following men have been approved:
Brookings, Waldron, Caley, Adams,
Skeen. A. K. Barnes, Captain.
Sold only by Harley
I Education
Telephone 234
ber Sidles has the largest
Base Ball and Tennis
line west of Chicago.
Prices lower than the
lowest. See our big
Sporting Goods Store
317 O St..
Phone F 1174
CoUrcll & Leonard, Albany, N. Y.
Makers of the Ops,
Gowns and Hood to
University of Ne
braska, University oi
Minnesota, Univer
sity of Chicago, Uni
versity of Omaha,
Cornell, Yale, Har
vard, Princeton, Le
land Stanford, U. of
P.. Weleslev. Brvn
Mawr, and the others. Illustrated bulletin,
samples, etc., upon request.
Drug Co., 11th & 0 Sts
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