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Sta' HJst. Social,'
r TLhe g)atl TRebraekan
Vol. n.
No. J22.
' 7
Rumor of Rockefeller Endow
ment of $1,000,000.
Last evening's News contained the
following Item of considerable interest
to University people. A Nebraskan
reporter was unable to gain any addi
tional Information, so the article is
reproduced entire from the News:
"University circles were agitated
this morning by the statement, ema
nating from some unknown source,
that John D. Rockefeller, the multi
millionaire Standard Oil magnate and
philanthropist, had decided to give
the Nebraska state university a big
slice of his accumulations. Rumor
placed the amount at $66G,000.
The story found quick circulation
about the city, and the news was
greeted with considerable Interest.
So far, however, it lacks authenticity,
and while It is not improbable that
Mr. Rockefeller may bestow some
benfactlon In the shape of a new build
ing or something of that sort, the
amount is not likely to be so large nor
will there be any particular conditions
Chantllor E. Benjamin Andrews
was cal.ed by telephone and requested
to make a statement concerning the
report. Ho declined at present to say
anything, asking that he be excused
until later. He refused to confirm the
roport ot the gift or to state the
amount, but another refusal, however,
was significant, which was that he
would not say that the tender cf the
gift had not been made.
Mr. J. L. Teeters, of the board of
University regents, was called on for
a statement, but he professed profound
Ignorance concerning the matter, say
ing that a statement of any such gift
likely would come through Chancellor
Andrews. In this connection It is sug
gested that the reticence of the chan
cellor to disouBs the afTalr is prompted
by tho fact that he has not as yet ad
vised the regents and until he has
done so ho does not feel justified In
making any public announcement.
Governor Mickey, when asked by
the News about the matter, Bald that
he had not heard a word about It. The
rumor reached the statehouse shortly
before noon, with the Information that
It was through tho influence of John
N. Baldwin, of tho Union Pacific's legal
department that the gift had been
proffered. None of tho men who are
close to Mr. Baldwin had heart of It.
According to the rumor, as It was In
circulation there, Mr. Rockefeller had
ofTered to proylde two-thirds of a mil
lion for a permanent endowment fund
if tho legislature would appropriate a
third of a million for the same pur
pose. Governor Mickey was to be
consulted, according to the story, and
asked to recommend the bill to tho
It is too late, however, for that body
to tako any action upon a now bill.
The constitution requires that every
bill bo read at largo on three separate
davfl in each bouse, and only two days
of the present session remain. It
mightbe presented, however, at a spe
cial session to be called at any time in
the future."
f New Chapel -
Mr. Sheldon Will Leave.
Another of the students In botany
has received a good appointment to a
fine position. Instructor J. L. Sheldon
of the school of agriculture has been
notified of his election to the position
of bacteriologist and plant pathologist
to the experiment station in the Uni
versity of West Virginia at the com
fortable salary of $1,800 per year. Ho
is to assume the duties of the position
on July 1st, or, If ho prefers, a month
or so later. As Mr. Sheldon comes up
In June for his doctorate, he will be
Dr. Sheldon by the time he goes to
take up his new duties. The Univer
sity of West Virginia is situated at
Morgantown on the Ohio river, where
the scenery of the surrounding moun
tain country Is picturesque.
The location Is, therefore, a favor
able one for a botanist. For Bome
monthB paBt Mr. Sheldon has been
corresponding with the Institution with
reference to the position and received
a letter yesterday morning telling of
his election. Besides his work at the
experiment station, Mr. Sheldon will
do Borne teaching In the university
proper. The position Is a twelve
month Job, but allows the professor
thirty days' vacation, which can be
arranged probably at the convenience
of the Instructor.
Professor Sheldon has been at the
University of Nebraska for six years,
taking during that time his bachelor's
and master's degrees and will soon
take a doctor's degree. He was to have
a position at tho state farm next year
teaching botany, but since the offer
from Virginia Is a better one than the
University can make, 'ho will undoubt
edly accept it. The faculty at the
farm feel disappointed because they
were looking for Professor Sheldon to
raise the character of tho work there.
His loss will be felt more keenly be
cause another man of his ability can
scarcely be secured to fill the vacancy.
While pursuing his course in the Uni
versity Mr. Sheldon has done more or
less teaching in the botany depart
ment. He was professor of botany in
the state normal at Peru for a year or
two; before returning to the Univer
sity to study for hlB doctor's degree.
Famous are selling Thompson's glove
fitting and G. B. corsets, regular $1.00
quality, at 59c.
i --
. .
h Big Annual Event
AT 8:00
Free $
New Military Ruling Helps Out
Athletics Some.
Athletics took quite a bound yester
day. Captain Chase haB made a ruling
in regard to excusing athletes from
drill. For this semester, at present,
Bixteen track men and ten baseball
men will be excused from drill re
quirements except on Friday, when
they will be required to attend the
weekly recitation. At the end of the
semester they must pass an examina
tion in the work covered during the
semester In the Friday classes. Theso
twenty-six men will be picked by
coaches and captalnB of teams con
cerned. Instead of an hour and a half
credit, which other cadets receive, they
will get only one hour. Hereafter at
the beginning of each semester a cer
tain number of men will be selected as
material for athletic teams which are
made up during that semester. These
men will be excused from drill for that
semester, but will receive no credit.
In the following semester they will be
compelled to take drill. This plan will
be followed out until all have com
pleted their required amount of drill.
This practically means that baseball
and track men lose half an hour credit
this semester by indulging in their re
spective Bports. Hereafter, at least,
first team men will practically be un
able to receive credit for drill while
they are on any team. This news
will be welcomed by all. It Is a vast
Improvement over prevailing condi
tions, but even yet tho same liberty
as heretofore has not been granted
University athletes. It has been cus
tomary to excuse football, track team
and baseball men from drill entirely
and give at least the first team men
full credit for the time they are absent
from drill.
DutoU'8 Clfttr that's ull.
It Is our intention to carry the kind
of hats that young dressy men like to
wear. This Is a stiff hat spring. We
have all kinds. -The Toggery, 1141 O.
Steluer's Cold Capsules
Positive euro for colds, grippe, acute
catarrh, headache, neuralgia and fevers.
Prepared only by Stelner-Woempener
Prug Co., Cor. 12th and O, Lincoln, Neb.
Admission, 25 and 35c
Campus Gleanings.
Unlvorsltjr Calendar.
Tuesday, April 7. Mrs. Southwlek
Friday, April 17. Senior prom at
the Lincoln hotel.
Saturday, April 25. Junior party.
Thomas Maxwell spent Sunday at
N. J. Elliot was a Seward passenger
last night.
L. O. I'felffer has gone to Tabor,
la., on huBlnebs.
W. R. Bowes Is aflllcted this week
with an attack of tho mumps.
C. A. Ronln went to Aurora yester
day for a few dayB' visit at home.
Mr. Severln went to his homo at
Princeton Saturday for a few days'
Miss Elva Sly will spend her Easter
vacation with Miss Ida Taylor, '90, at
O. R. Bowen conducted services at
the M. E. church at Havelock last
Mlqp Louise Phelps, '02, now teach
ing at Ord. visited Unl friends Friday
and Saturday.
Beach Jones Is unable to be In
school this week, as his eyes are caus
ing him trouble.
The last term of the law school
year opened yesterday with several
new registrations.
At a meeting hold Saturday tho
freshman baseball team elected Ed.
Adams as captain.
Miss Lillian Tlmms has Just recov
ered from an attack of the measles
and 1b back in school again.
The legal fraternity of Phi Delta Phi
will give an Informal party at WalBh
hall on Thursday evening, April 23d.
While the clerks In the Unl Book
Store were having a rough house Sat
urday, a window glass 32x44 was un
avoidably put oq,t
A lost combination on the door of tho
stack-room vault deprived the library
of the use of Its unbound volumes of
magazines and periodicals for several
hours yesterday.
Prof. O. V. P. Stout was at Lexing
ton, this state, the latter part of last
week, arranlging for some experi
mental irrigation work. '
Arthur Welch, '02, stopped ovpr
Friday and Saturday with Lincoln ac
quaintances. He is on his way to Chi
cago, where he Is studying Journal
Miss May Porter of Central City vis
ited with her Bister Margaret and
friends in the University during the
latter part of last week, returning
homo Saturday.
R. S. Hiltner left Saturday after
noon for Washington, D. C, to enter
upon his new duties as chemist under
tho supervising architect of the treas
ury department.
Professor Lyon of the agricultural
department addressed a meeting of
ranchmen and stockmen at Bassett
Saturday evening on the subject of
"Grasses and Forage."
The Palace Barber Shop; 8 chairs.
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