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Barrett J-- .
Zhc 3Datl flebraekan
No. 120.
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School Fails to Score
Against University.
The University baseball team yes
terday gave the Lincoln high school a
goose-egg game and themselves com
pleted the circuit seventeen times.
There was a crowd of about 250 pres
ent. This was the second practice game
of the year. The 'varsity was never
In danger of being scored against ex
cept once, when Captain Fields suc
ceeded in making third. Hut Rcubln
sky proved equal to the occasion and
fanned the man at tho bat. throwing
the side out. The high school lads wero
able to reach second only a few times.
Their team contains some good ma
terial and will develop into a good
strong nine. Slgwln behind the bat,
FleldB and Blake on second and In the
box and Burress all showed up In nice
form. The Lincoln boys did some good
batting, but it availed them little, as
the 'varsity battery was given good
The Unl men played their usual ball.
Wilson did his usual sticking, but had
to die three times on i .ird. Townsend
did some good work In double plays at
second. Longaeknecker and Reubln
Hky showed up well In the' box Each
fanned four men and threw a goose
egg. Shlcmer Bhowed up In his best
form yet. He made Bome good catches
at center field and heads the list with
four scores. Gore, Shelmer, Hood,
Spurk and Reubinsky fanned twice
Tho game was called at 3:30 with
tho high school at the bat. The high
school lads found the ball three times
in succession, but through a double
play on the part of Townsend did not
reach second base. Blake of tho high
school let Wilson, Townsend and Hood
walk, which netted the 'varsity three
runs before tho first inning ended.
When Longaeknecker returned to the
box he appeared displeased with the
way the lads hit him before and did
not permit them to attempt to make
first. In the second half of the Becond
Inning Sheimer walked. Gore fanned,
the former came home on a two-bagger
by Longaeknecker, who soon crossed
tho plato assisted by a two-base hit by
Hood. Hood and "Benedict ,were put
on third and second, and the score
stood 5 to 0. Two files caught and a
well handled grounder and the 'varsity
was at the bat again, only to fall this
time to reach third base. In the first
half of tho fourth Lincoln was not
permitted to ci-obs second. At this
stage of the game the best ball was
played. Lincoln got even by not allow
ing their opponents to reach first. In
tho next alf inning a high school man
made third, but through cool-headed
work on tho part of Longaeknecker
was caught between home and third
and run down by Hood. The Unl be
gan running scores and before the close
of the fifth inning had crossed home
plate five times and the score was 11
to 0.
In the first of the sixth the Unl line
up was changed. ReublnBlcy succeeded
Longaeknecker In the box. and John
son took Steen's place at short. Lin
coln accomplished nothing at the bat
In the first half of the sixth and Fields
succeeded Blake in tho box. Tho Unl
was put out in one-two-three fashion.
In the first half of the seventh Reu
binsky threw a goose egg and the col
legians came to tho bat. Right here
Fields did some very commendable
work. With three men on bases. Hood
picked up the stick. Everyone expect
ed at least two scores, but "Bonnet"
fanned tho air throe times and dropped
the bat To facilitate matters,
Shelmer. Bonder. Spurk. Townsend and
Goro followed ouch other In quick suc
cession ocr home plate In tho eighth
inning Lincoln did not reach first base
and Shelmer made tho last score for
Nebraska. The first half of the ninth
was a repetition of that of the eighth
and the second half of the ninth was
not played.
Tj e Scar
cJe b r a s k a
Sing to the tolors that float In the
Hurrah for the Scai let and Cream!
Scarlet the hue of the roses so bright.
And pale Is the lily's fair gleam.
Scarlet the east at the breaking of
And scarlet the west when the nun Is
Hall! hall! to the colors that float in
the light.
Hurrah for the Scarlet and Cream!
Scarlet tho ruby, the Jewel so rare.
With colors so brilliant and true.
Palo as the pearl, so bright and so fair.
And clear as the drop of dew.
Bright are our colors, as fair as a
First Dress Parade.
The battalion attracted considerable
attention last night by Its appearance
on the first dress parade of the season.
The four companies, led by the cadet
band, went through the usual move
ments, and finally passed before Com
mandant Chase and his officers In
splendid order. While the first occur
rence of these military movements are
especially noticed by both the stu
dents and visitors, It Is dress parade
that always calls out a crowd. The
sight is the most pleasing of all ma
nouvers, and If properly done, cannot
fall to impress even those who have
come to ensile military formalities be
cause of long service in one of tho com
panies. The battalion Is already very
efficient, in Bpite of the fac t that It has
been necessary to conduct drilling
largely in the armory for the past three
months, and by the cIobo of the semes
ter tho contests for the cup will be a
scene well worth while. From now
on to the first of June the companies
can drill out on the campuB, which
will give them better opportunities
than they have had indoois, or march
ing up and down Eleventh Btreet.
Good Audience in Prospect for
the Glee Club.
The Gloo club will sing at Omnhu
Saturday night. April 11th. In tho First
MethodlBt church, under the auspices of
tho Epwoith League of that church,
backed up by the alumni of tho Uni
versity residing at Omaha. Already
one of tho largest crowds of the sen
son Is predicted for this date ..
This will be tho first appearance of
the club out of Lincoln, and will be
made as great a success as possible.
The club has this date at this time so
as to give University people who live
In Omaha a chance to see the club
In their home town. It Is urged thnt
all who have friends and relatives In
Omaha put them next to this date and
ndvise them to go. ,
The success of the trip will make
let and Cream
' s Present Song
Hurrah for Nebraska, and Scarlet and
Hall! hail! to the colors that shine in
the light,
Hurrah for the Seailet and Cream!
Here's to the college whose colors we
Here's to the hearts that are true.
Hail, Alma Mater, Nebraska so fair!
Hail to our colors too.
Garlands of Scarlet and Cream Inter
twine, And hearts that are true and voices
Hail! hail! to tho college whose colors
w wear,
Hurrah for the Scarlet and Cream!
the club a firm footing for all future
movements. The Omaha people are all
very much interested in it, and are
putting forth their best efforts to make
the date a complete success .financially
and otherwise. The elt'jj is well posted
now with striking advertising cards of
the club.
Restaurant Unique, 1228 O street
Dr. Bentz, Dentist, Eleventh and O.
IJutoll'N Clffur tliut'n nil.
Lincoln Shining Parlor.cor. 11th & O.
Ladles and gentlemen.
Lincoln Local Express transfers any
ol(4 thing. 'Phone 787.
For rent soon several unfurnished
rooms at 312 North ICth.
Let the Lincoln Transfer Co. haul
your trunks. 'Phono 17C.
Dr. Ketchum, Oculist, Richards bile
Glasses fitted and guaranteed.
$3.00 conomutation ticket for $2.70 at
the Merchants' Cafe, 117 No. 12th St
Students are cordially Invited.
Campus Gleanings.
University Cnlenrinr.
Saturday. April 4. Band Informal,
Tuesday, April 7. Mrs. Southwlok
Friday. April 17. Senior prom at
the Lincoln hotel.
Saturday, April 25. Junior party.
Miss Margaret Stirling is on the sick
list, the victim of a severe cold.
The English club will meet next Sat
urday evening In Miss Hayden's studio.
The annual spring meeting of tho
board of regents Is due next Tuesday,
the 7th.
Mr. Blackmail, archoologlst of the
historical society, has gone to Mllford
to look up some old newspaper flies.
In a communication from Mr. John
Mills we learn that he arrived safely at
Cincinnati, and Is ready to commence
work In the university there. ,
Miss Eliza Scherzer, '98, principal of
tie St ilbner high school, Is In tho city
visiting with her sister, Miss Lotile,
during her i pring vacation.
Mr. E. F. Myers has resigned his
place on the Junior class debating team
and MIbb Van Zandt, president of the
class, has appointed Carleton Wliburn
to fill the vacancy.
MIbb Lottie C. Worley, '98, and post
graduate last year, is spending the
spring vacation from her work in the
Red Cloud schools in Lincoln, visiting
University and town friends.
A fine black walnut reading table
has been placed In the current maga
zine alcove of the library. The table
is made very substantially, having legs
nine inches square and a leaf three
Inches in thickness.
Cards are out announcing the mar
riage of Dr. L. T. Moore to Miss Elinor
Herron of Cincinnati. Dr. Moore will
be remembered as adjunct professor In
physics here a few years ago, and is at
present at the head of the physics de
partment in Cincinnati University.
The Palladian quartet, consisting of
Elliot, Hutton, Anderson and Ander
son, assisted by Mr. Harrison as read
er, entertained the literary society at
the college zcttlement house Wednes
day evening. The audience was a
largy and appreciative one, made up
mostly of children.
Tho women of the University are
urged to be present at a students'
meeting in Union hall Sunday after
noon at 4 o'clock. Miss Van Zandt,
the newly elected president, will speak.
Miss Fern Upton will bo in chargo of
the music, opening the meeting with
a fifteen-minute song service. There
will also be a solo by Miss Stelner.
Halrdressing and manicuring at the
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