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Barrett J. A.
Uhe Bail? IFtebraakan
Vol. EL
No. H6.
Inter-Scholastic Meet.
The fourth annual meet of tho Mis
souri Valley In tor-Scholastic Athletic
association will bo held at Lincoln on
May 9th.
There aro in this association about
fourteen of the largest high schools In
toe middle west, including St. Louis,
Kansas City, Topeka, and soveral acad
emies. The annual meet is the largest
of Its kind hold in the Missouri valley
and will be the most important that
ever occurred at Lincoln. It will con
sist of thirteen regular track events,
such as the hammer throw, shot put,
pole vault, races, hurdles, etc.
Gold medals will be given for firsts
In all ovents and the championship of
Missouri valley will be decided upon.
The metal out of which all medals for
tho association are made is furnished
by the city whore tho meet occurs.
Tho association has been organized
three years and held three very suc
cessful meets; tho first meeting tak
ing place at St. Joseph, the second at
Kansas City, and the lost at St. Jo
seph. The schools Included In tho or
ganization desired to como to Lincoln
. this year in order to seo the Univer
sity, which has figured so prominently
in athletics for the past three years,
and because this Is tho home of W. J.
The only question that now romalns
is whether the University athletic field
is largo enough to accommodate all
events. If it proves to bo inadequate
tho fair grounds will be made use of.
Much is expected of -the city and its
schools by those who will represent
other Institutions because of the mag
niflcont record that the Lincoln high
school has mode at, these events and
it will be to the interest of the Uni
versity as well as the city to furnish
the best of entertainment, because men
from almost every large Institution in
tho country will be here either as mere
visitors or as coaches for high schools
represented in the meet.
Th6 president and secretary of the
association are Lincoln men, Prof. A. J.
Mercer and Floyd llaston, both from
tho high school.' A large number ot
Lincoln hoys have figured, prominently
in athletics of this association. Tobln,
- Manning, Benedict, Reynolds, Martin,
States; 3ell Johnson, Follmor, all are,
. '-well Jo-town for the records that they
havdlnkfleICaat year's records wefe'
below those ,ot-. western Colleges. The
OS0-yard .flash-was .made. In 101-5-sec-
quarter'rmilo nlV In 0l) afid fed half
riille run n 2:07. Ta&ebord for ham
mer Is t how 124 'feet tor shot 46 feet,
ana xopoie vault u leet. t?ome pi,
them were made by men now in" th
: s-i
The forestry students have been
studying knots and burls the past
wqek. As these structures are very
valuable they are puzzling over tho
question of iholr artificial production.
fr4"M"H"H' Hi -H 1 I 1 1 'H- Hi 1 MM 1 1 'I II 1 n..H"H"M"H"I"H j.
Union Meeting Y. M. and Y. W. C A. jj
Sunday , 3p.m, Old Chapel ::
Freshmen Stand Fast.
Junior Committees.
Dr. Bentz, Dentist, Eleventh and O.
The Palace Barber Shop; 8 chairs.
Lincoln "Local JJicpresa transfers any
old thing. 'Phone-787. '
Tho freshman-Junior disagreement
over Tuesday- night's championship
game is still unsettled. The juniors
yesterday offered to accept any one of
four wayn out of tho difficulty to sub
mit the matter to .tbe University ath
letic board, to tho faculty members
of that board, or to three basket ball
atJthorities, or to replay the game.
The freshmen insisted upon placing the
decision in the hands of the lntor
claBB athletic board, though rather ac
knowledging that such a course would
bo more favorable to them than to the
juniors, and not denying tho Junior
claim that this would bo a solution not
expressly demanded by tho Inter-class
constitution. One of the. leading Uni
versity authorities on basket ball has
added to complication of the situation
by an aBBeitfon that "one team
can claim the game just as well as the
other," implying his belief 'that tho
juniors were quite Justified in the con
tention. It is hoped the matter may reach a
settlement by tho first of the week, and
the unsatisfactory and unprofitable
wrangling be nded. The Nebroskan
has no sides to take on the diBpute,
but Joins with others In urging a
speedy adjustment, and a turning of
energies to more timely and important,
Saturday evening tho Union boyfr
will debate the question: "Resolved,
That the Introduction of the modern
industrial system into China 1b tor the
best Interests of the Chinese." Affirm
ativeSward and Towne; negative
Bwjkley and Kieselbach.. The Pal
ladfanv club will debate the question:
"Resolved, That the removal of tho
tariff: from all trust-made articles'
wouldeffectlveiy remedy trust evils."
'fflrriiattve be Gove, 'Nlelson; hega-Uve-Monroe,
Clark. Both clubs will
held their election of officers at their
meetlngB tonight. . .
izaaummxiL mass -naa-iBeen orgaaizeai
by students who are interested. In' free'
hand sketching. Tho class meets Fri
day afternoons, and 'students may come
and sketch. Any University student
may enter tho class and' the admission
Is free This is a splendid opportunity
for anyone wishing tp learn the prin
ciples ot sketching from life.
Mr. Courtenay H. Fnn, traveling1
secretary of the Student. Volunteer
movement, will speak before the num
bers ot the Y, M. C. & and Y. W. C. At
in the old chapel next Sunday after-1-noon
at 3 o'clock. Solo by Mrs. H. B
Ward. All University peopjff cordially
invited. , .
Tho appointment of committees for
tho junior class aro announced as fol
lows: Junior representation In the Leaguo
of Order and Neatness R. A. Harrison,
C. H. Hlnman, E. D. Stanley, B. A.
Newton, A. R. Moore, Harriet Brayton.
JunlOr-senior reception C. B. Boll,
chairman; Lula King, Cora Scott, Ma
bel Steven, Harriet Mitchell, Mary
Meeker, Ethel Erford, Elizabeth Feter,
Mabel Roper, Rose 'Clark, Edith Craig,
O. P. Greenwald, B. Q. Lewis, N. F.
Eliot, E. F. Davis, C. H. Bryan, W. F.
Hoi man, N. A. Kemmish, C. R. Sar
gent, W. D. Pierce, C. H. Taylor.
Junior party F. L. Van Burg, chair
man; Beulah Llvesay, Elsie Piper,
Katherino Sterling, Bertha Kern, Eliza
beth Heacock, Laura Whaley, Lillian
Robinson, Rua bheppard, L. P. Hewitt,
F. A. Wilson, R. F. Mansfield, A. F.
Becker, A. I. Myers, E. L. Bridge.
During this week University ath
letics, in Bpite of the cold weather and
muddy field, have made quite a consid
erable progress, especially in baseball.
When tho men were permitted to be
out, nearly the. whole afternoon was
spent in hard practice. 'The personnel
of the team Is quite apparent, and tho
squad will be cut down to twenty men
after the game with the laws today.
Track work, although not so seriously
handicapped On account of the weather,
progresses quite satisfactorily under
the circumstances. The chief complaint
is that the men are slow at turning
rGUt. TP'1? !8 mainly due f,o the fact
that they have not yet been excuse
from drill ob usual. Besides, drill takes
five hours a week now, whereas it took
only three befor. As It is compulsory,
the men naturally neglect the track
work .and meet ulth the requirement
wb v vjnw vuuiroverBy on over
which class is basket ball champion.
The juniors and freshmen are involved,
and it is -believed the matter -will '.like
ly bearbltrated soon.
First Game Today.
The Unlvorslty baseball team will
lino up this afternoon for tho first
match game of tho season. A nino
lnning gamo will bo played with tho
law college Everything points to a
good practlco game. The law team will
bo composed of both juniors and sen
iors, as theso classes have consolidated
in tho organization of a team to bo
known, as tho law col logo team. Tho
Uni men havo practlcod only a shqrt
time, but will novortheless be ablo to
play Bome good ball. Tho laws have
been gottlng In shape of late and will
make a strong effort to hold tho score
down. They havo some good material,
and will no doubt this year bo ablo to
mako the best showing ever mode.
Eddie Cordon, through permission of
tho Uni boys, will fill tho box for thorn
most of tho time. Reeder, an old 'var
sity player, will hold down second;
Wright, a member of last year's second
'varsity, will play short, and Sampson,
a man of sovoral years' experience,
will pitch Borne and play in tho field
the rest of the time. J. R. Everett is
Captain of tho law aggregation, and
will play center flold. W. R. Buchan
an 1b manager and Intends to get his
team a good schedule and endeavor to
make law college baseball a more
prominent featuro of University ath
letics than heretofore.
Owing to the muddy condition of the
field the men were unable to practice
outside yesterday, and tho familiar
thud was heard In tho cage. If, tho
weather and field permit, practjeo Is to
be held this forenoon to make up for
lost time.
Those who will cpmpose the law
team are as follows.. Woods catcher,
Gordon pitcher, WJJhlto first base,
Reeder second, Hew.ett third, Wright
short, Sampson right field and pitcher,
Grlgeby left field, Everett center flejd,
and Sward substitute.
The University line-up will 'bo as'
follows'. Beltzor, Longaekneckor,
Morse, and Rhublnsky pitchers, Whlt,-
Oomb and Bender catchers,, Wilson and
iioore first base, Townsehd and. John-
ion secbddr Bteeh,"Johhsdir and Eam
iey rihortHeod talrd? .heinwr and
Moore left nldfpra'gul Jtoth cen
iet fleld.i WiXook.1Kyers'is!niiBurg
Candidates wM exyect a Mace on the-
. i:- i
The Palladian society held its' regu
lar election of officers for the coming
term yesterday. The result was ai fol
lows: President. . ,...., Ed, W. Rqw
Vico-presidentf . . . f .Clyde PiUey
Recording secretary Lena Nelson
Corresponding secretary
. r. ....". .. Pearl Stephensoh
Music secretary . , , .ClraVi'Boofl
HiBtorian . . , ,, Elizabeth H,Vby
PriUc.',".... .....Dr. A. R. Wafers
Bergeant-at-arms. ... 8ihvuel Anderson
Senatori. ...'.......... .Russell Moore
' After the election the dew president,
tbe sergeanVat-arms, and the senator
were tossed amid cheers.
See line of 25c inkwells in Ports
.& j-- it. i tji; ni i k :
team will-, tf , well to tufa' 'mrf
vrRl be ct down awuftventy
mn, wild vwiH c6mTSoe"ffie first and
seeond teams. ' 'V . .
J ilfi ''. V ' r. Vv - V
The oveplnjffym cliw jhff$&& .
beja guccefifl." ItWas'td be" formed onlVr
ynder provsl6 rtw,enfyCflve men L
register tfhVine ZmetorsWwt'
umbers about ,tiilrtyt .U almost
entirely composed 4)1 jnedfcaltudente i;
and meeti Moriay'Wednesay-and
Friday at 7;80 pJm.. he' class la In
charge ot Dr., A. R, Waters. . o
Do you or, dp yu not want to' wear
good clothf" A good suit " helps '- you, J
to create a .god impresslonjind thatrf ,
w.u tmyuiMUibHBBt!i,iufvi;yQung man. 1
umttead makes clothes that'flt.Burr' " -
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