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Vol. n.
No. JQ3.
XTbe atls
No Second Team.
According to latest developments In
girls' basket-ball, -both Kansas teams
-wish to meet the Nebraska 'varsity
team Friday night. Kansas Univer
sity, especially, sends word that while
accepting and planning to come, it
must insist on playing the first team,
and no other, that night. It prefers,
in case of winning, the namo of hav
ing defeated the Nebraska team. In
fact, it makes "no second team" a con
dition of coming. In view of this and
the necessity of playing a strong team
against Haskell, the strongor Kansas
team, It has been decided to do away
with "first" and "second" teams alto
gether Friday night The matches will
then bo Kansas State University vs.
Nebraska, and Haskell vs. Nebraska.
Possibly some nlayers may be crossed
over from one team to the other until
tho original 'varsity is unrecognizable,
giving Nebraska two fairly strong
teams, instead, of one stronger and one
weaker team. In any caso tho objec
tlonable . "second" team will bo done
away with for Uie night. This seemed
more satisfactory than to call off the
match with Kansas University alto
gether, "and' substitute a match with
Nebraska "Wcsleyan, the only alterna-
tlvo outside of giving up tho original
tT I match with Haskell. Meanwhile the
second team has Btilt been showing tip-
poorly at practice, exhibiting slow and
weak team work, much aimless throw
ing, and general disorganization. Its
players arc good individually, but do
not ,aB yot get. on well as a team.
Those coming from Kansas University
will be Alice Rose, Edna HenrlckB,
forwards;' Jessamino Connely, Grace
Itoyle, centers; Bessie Eckley, Jessie.
Morton, guards; Jessie Bennett, sub
stitute; Rachel Mentzer, manager.
' V
The Gorham press of BoBton has Is
sued circulars announcing the immedl-.
ato publication of a collection of poemB,
"April Twilights," by Miss Willa
fllebort Cathor. Miss Cather is a native
of Nebraska and a graduate of the
University in 1895. She went to Pitts
burg, where she now resides, shortly
after, her graduation. She was em
ployed for several years on the Ladles'
Home Journal, and later as telegraph
editor on tho Pittsburg Leader. Miss
Cajther haa,hl pOeihp or stories flubjj
Ished In most or tno leading maga
zines of tho country; She has many
frienda in Lincoln,D,na throughout the
suite whofwli$be pleased to learn of
tho Publication jafc her first volumo of
poems, "
Aiiow experiment- class, which meets
every Saturday afternoon In the dairy
Moratory, has been established at the
state farm.
"i ' . .
jDr, AJey, ctirorilc diseases, 1318, 0.
" . ' ' , .
G. E. Brown Dentist Burr block.
prf Bentzr DentiBt, Eleventh and p.
OW, Ke&hum, , 'OcullatpIoharda blip.
Oiasses "fitted and guaranteed.
"?&! -! t :: ' .' j:
, X Iqnt; you moiyourhlrte, .cpUartf
:ndlicufte "done'' with'" medium' flniah.
Robbins Favors Publicity.
Prof. C. A. Bobbins of tho law school
s.oke before the Candle Light club of
the city Monday night on the sub
ject of "Federal Legislation for Pub
licity In Corporate Affairs." The sub
ject was thoroughly covered, especially
from tho logal point of view, and tho
purposo and tendency of present legis
lation fully explained. Professor Rob
bins expressed his own opinion as de
cidedly In favor of publicity as ade
quate remedy, making tho following
argument for that policy:
"Wo can destroy the corporations, or
the government may own them, or tho
government may control them. Wo
have laws In most states against over
capitalization and against discrimina
tion in rates and prices as to public
utility corporations, against official
misconduct, and against bribery. Tho
greatest need 1b information as the
baBls of the enforcement of theso laws.
The principle of publicity In corporate
management Is already accepted as to
banks, Insurance companies and build
ing and loan societies and while the
law governing these corporations has
not prevented all loss it Is unquestioned
that It has very much Improved those
lines of business."
Changes in Tennis fcules.
(Cornell Dally Sun.)
The annual meeting of the United
States National Lawn Tennis assort:
atlon was held In New York this week.
The committee to revise the rule on
"let" balls, decided to make no change
In the present rule, but the rule In re
gard to servlco was altered so as to
conform to the one now In use In
England. The rule now reads: "The
server shall servo with both feet be
hind the baso line, and within the
limits of the imaginary continuation
of the ccnter-s'ervlce and side lines.
He shall place both feel upon the
ground Immediately before serving,
and shall not take a running or walk
ing start. He shall deliver tho service
from the right and left courts alter
nately, beginning from the right in
each of the service games, even though
odds be given or owed."
, It was also decided to call a fault
on tho server If he misses the ball en
tirely in serving. The rulo concerning
the changing of sidey was amended bo
as to permit special agreement he
reon players.
A request has come to the depart
ment' of botany from the bureau of
forestry for the Philippine islands, fp'r
several well-trained foresters to take
charge of some.o'f 'tlie work .now open
ing up on the Islands. Tho salaries
range from $900 to $2,"4Q0 per year.
With transportation paid, Hero is'a
chance, for our; forestry students. -
Class Game Postponed.
The Benlor-freshman game has. been
postponed until Monday, March 10.
The postponement Is made necessary
by the delay of the freshmen in adver
tising their men. Tho lists of men as
given Ih yesterday's Nebraskan presage
a hard fought game. Tho freshmen
are all men who have had high school
training, and most of them havo prac
ticed In the basket-ball squad regu
larly this season. The senior players
have not practiced as regularly as their
opponents, tuit they will doubtless re
gain their old time form beforo the
The manager of tho freshman basket
ball team wishes to add the name of
Corlett to the freshman squad.
Base Ball Progress.
Baseball enthusiasts may rest as
sured of one thing, and that is that
when tho season arrives Nebraska's
twlrlers will be In unusually good
condition and ready to do good hard
work from tho start. The .men havo
now had a month's dally practice In
the cage. Material la so plenty that
competition Is very strong and every
candidate has beep . doing, .his best.
EVery"Tman has developed, and some
have made great Improvement. Espe
cially 1b this truo since Coach Gordon
began his work. The pitcbere no long
er deliver the sphere In an awkward
fashion and all are now throwing in
goo'd form. This weok harder work
will bo done than over. The men will
be allowed to throw their best and tho
coach will Instruct them In curving.
A diamond will bo laid off at the earli
est opportunity.
Dr. Kuhlmann, of the European hist
ory department, Is distributing tho
Just-printed copies of his thesis pre
sented to the University of Zurich
(Switzerland), for his doctor's degree
last sprjng. The thesis Is entitled "In
fluence fof the Breton Deputation and
the Breton Club in the French Revo
lution, April to October, 1789," and
makes a neat-looking monograph of
about ninety pages. It Is the outcome
of personal investigations by Mr. Kuhl--raan
of original and unprinted docu
ments found in the large French 11
A high grade ycutter from the east
Suite at $25.00 and up. .A.apeVjIalty,of
the1 Vale cut for students this Is the'
latest atunt at The Toggery, 1141 O.
Lincoln Local Express transfers any.
old .thing. Phone 787.
In the current number of the Amer
ican Quarterly, Prof. Paul H. Grum
mann, of the German department, has
a lengthy article, upon "Sunderman and;
Hauptmana, anjl their latest plays, 'Es
Lebe das I&ben' and Der Rote Hahn.' "
"An Interesipg coincidence is the ap
pearance of, Professor Grummann's ar
ticle during the same month in which
Mrs. Patrick Campbell will appear at
the Oliver, in ' iis Lebe das Lebon," or,
in Englishr'Thp Joy of Living." .
Eat at bon's Cafe. -
77 - 1 1 'fi
Flogenbaum's pharmacy, 13th and Or
Eat at Hendry's. 129 North Eleventh.
The-Palace. Barber Shop: 8 chains
Campus Gleanings.
University Calendar.
March 13. Company B hop, Frater
nity uall.
April 17 Senior Prom.
If the pleasant Weather continues
botanizing will begin In a few days.
Prof. A. L. Haecker Is attending a
farmers' instltuto meeting at Rushvlllo
this week.
Tho band has boon provided with a
number of new pieces and Is practicing
them this week.'
Misses Ida Klnyon and Carrie Wurts
are among tho latest victims of tho
mumps- opidemlc.
Professor Nicholson has, responded
favorably to the request of the medical
society for a speech beforo 'thdra dur
ing April.
Professor and Mrs. T. M. Hodgman
will give dinner parties Thursday and
Friday evenings of this weok.. Twenty-four
guests will be present each
Prof. H. W. Caldwell lsrt being,
groomed for the racVfbr member of
tho board 61 education on tho fusion
ticket. University people will appre
ciate an opportunity to vote for the
Tho Initiation of the recently-elected
seniors into the Nebraska Alpha of Phi
Beta Kappa will take placo next Satur-'
day evening at the residence of Prof;
T. M. Hodgman. Supper will be served
at 0:30 to the seniors-elect and the ac
tlvo members of tho chapter, number
ing some seventy In all. After tho
banquet the Initiation services will be
held, followed by the usual social features.
Mr. E. E. Blackman of the state his
torical society, secured several valuable
acquisitions for th6 society's library
and museum on his recent visit t6
Millard. Most important among them
was a find of five barrels of old news
papers, found in tho garret of Dr.
Harvey Link, and containing files of
the Omaha Herald from 1870 to' 1880. :
Another relic obtained 'was "the skull,
with horns attached, of the last buffalo
killed on the Plalfe.
Last week Dr. White of the chem- .v.
istry department learned of Ihe aeri- - $.
qus Illness of his father, who lives in
Baltimore, and started east. i at once,' "
but arrived at the' old homo nlyto. - .'
find his father had already-died, v Yes- '
terday Professor NJcholdon fecelvcd , ";
communication from J0r. Wh'Itrf atat-
Ing'thaf; his nipther, who was quito .
low' at the time of fhe funeral, wai en
tirely overcome, and' had i followed her -husband
to the grave, beinglafd to rest
Iait Sunday." The -Dally Joins. D,
White's inftny frienda la tendering '
heartfelt sympathy In this double; be-v ;
j i - ii i r
BurW Sultprumr33; Q. Phonea!
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