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Gbe attfc flebtaeftan
A consolidation of
The Honperlan, Vol. 81, The tf obnukaa, Vol. 12,
Bcarlot imd Crwni Vol. 4,,
Mnn(rldff Editor
Circulator i . T
' O-SJ-TliwiNOKir
. .. .TnttM tfntutiAOM
A. o. scHiitiaxj
Wm. Oao
Wm. A. Shook
A. I. Myers
John D. Rico
Offlc: 2084 UnlVomlfcy Hall. Phono A 1280
Post Offloo: Station A, Box 18, Lincoln
Entered at tho pootofilbc at Lincoln, Nebraska,
. aH second clam mall matter.
"College Spirit" Again.
(Continued from page 1.)
sure thfct Is tho word? from the en
tire institution, " TJiis is. superb.
Tho author may defy anyone to ex
plain this, feeling certain that none
but an "inspired one will have even
moderate success. Nevertheless, Mr.
Svmnoalumlcus felt called Upon to at
tempt an " interpretation? and"- reajly.,
achieved .wonders. Ho says, "In other,
words, college spirit Is life that asserts
itself, animation that is fel.ln every
department of tho ynlvorslty. It Is
something that causes the studonta and
faculty as well to push everything that
haa for .Its -.ultimate, a.! the good of
the institution niorally and'otherwise,"
This conclusion Ja,wbat wo usually, call.
a "corker." Tho "student" has not
told us where all- this ginger is to go,
but suggested strongly that ho Intended
It to go Into a "game of football." And
tho ingenious Mr, Bympoalumlcus
found In thiB tho "good of the institu
tion morally and otherwise" 1
After Symposlumlcus has given ub
this BplcrPragraph from the exem
plary "deadhead" killer, he drpps a
kronen Niagara upon tho headB of the
"college spirit" mbn as wo know them,
by giving us an exudation of the pro
fessorial gray matter, as follows (Cyn
ipnn Rtmnftctfl this "nrofessor to be
one of the "deadheads"): "On the
whole, the average studont who comes
hero 'with a serious purpose let's put
the lines under thiB gives all tho time
ho can spare outside of hlB course of
study." Why, Oh Mr. Symposlumlcus,
did you not draw from thiB the only
possible conclusion, so that the man
witfcf'glnger"' would -not have rushed,
aver it in his hurry to get to tho
''game of football"? Next comes a
great wail from a'Btudent who deplores
the fact that debates and class func
tions are a failure because there aro
too many "deadheads Is Mr. Ginger
man then really so much In the minor
ity? Cynlcus supposed from the tone
of his vdlce that ho had all creation at
his back., and because football games
are attended -principally by outsiders.
Alas! what will thia tmiverslty come
Another "professor" then assures us
that there 1b plenty of college spirit In
the students but that It la hard to get
It out of them. To him the Individu
alistic spirit 1b opposed to college
spirit. To this Cynlcus flhouted assent,
out straightway began to feel uncom
fortable when tho professor repre
oonuii "nno.lni " llfo" and "college
'social life" and "college
spirit as synonymous. vjueuu.
ArAl&ss E'crapaffodttiall,- basket ball,
sneak day, etc., 'indistinguishable from
"social llfo"? But this professor too,
must be one of the "deadheads," for
he continues: "Then, toq, most students
are not as well prepared when they
en,ter the University-as are those who
enter1 eaBtOfn colleges, and, since we
put them out at .practically thp same
time and place, tbey must work
harder." Once more, alas! In spite of
. '
C b t instil th
tho gingerman and ft 'very numerous
crew, "college spirit" doe Interfere
with work, and one who does not in
dulgo in the luxury of it, can-do iriore
Jn his studies, Although he is a' "dead-
bead." Tbjs professor and1 the one
quoted above, must no loni&r attend
fbbtball ralllca. ' fc
Cynlcus still waits for the term
"college spirit" is tho one great thing a
and Indefinite," and for someone to
demonstrate by x y z. and q. c. d. that
"college spirit'' is tho onegreat thing a
university must have to do the work
for which It exists. Try again, Sym
posie but no "authorities" please, but
proofs that can stand handling.
Yours for a scrap,
: The boys of tho Union society rerjort
ithe Japanese "at home" given by 'tho
Union girls last Friday .evening a de-
viucu. m.xestj. wnen iney arriveu at
the ball, which was beautifully deco
irated with Japanese lanterns, Umbrel
las, many-colored festoons, palms and
flowers, they were met at the door by
quaint little Japanese women who
igreeted them with "Ohyo!" and pre
sented them with cushions. After be-
jing led around to the Japanese Idol, to
'which they mado their obesiance, to
the great amusement of the onlookers.
they laid their cushions upon the floor
'and seated themselves, while three llt-
Hle Jdpufese girls, "Bum Bum," "Chyo-
ito," and "Pretty Thing," sang and act
led "Three Little Maids from School."
iThey were then favored with a paper
leritltled "Japanese Womtn Siss
cuuucu jttyuucuu wonHjj" by aTWS I n,,l-t Ul wor11 uone. troiessor uaia-
Mellck. The Japanese ia'dies thenl Veft treasurer reported that the cash
IserVed tea, In dainty cun Bnr ,,,,.Un .-nd ahd pledges now amount to
nnt. 1 ... a-- '. .. . ..'1,1.1'. '-1 .... - .. ,..,.. .. ..
l m. , . .
Tho large tea urn was presided over
by Lady Hyano. After enjoying them
selves until a late hour the boys ex
tended to the girls a unanimous and
hearty vote of thahks, "scratched the
slate," and all 'ent merrily home. Th6
girls express 'vuctnselvea as greatly In
debted to our Japanese brother, Mr.
Y. Yamashita, for many valuable sug
The Dellan society went out to Uni
versity Place last Friday night and
rendered their program before the
Theophanian society. The following
numbers were given:
Instrumental Music Selected
MIbs Ppston.
Paper "Society Dynamics"
Mr. F. T. Vasey.
Vocal Solo "Der Erie Konig"
Mile. Constance Loucks.
Story "Rock of Ages"
Miss Edith Lathrop.
Music Selected
Dellan Boys' Quartet
Reading "Rousing Out-the Boys"
Mr. Arthur Bates.
Theophanian hall was well filled and
the audience very appreciative. 4 re
turn program by the Theophanians is
expected in tho near future In Dellan
The Palladlans gave the following
program Friday evening before .a
large and Interested audience;
Recitation, Miss Huntington.
Sketch, Miss Balsley.
Vocal solo, Miss Stelner."
Original poem, Mr. W! I. King.
Instrumental solo, Miss Griffin.
Selection from "David Harum," Mr.
John Tobin.
Dramatic recitation, Miss Minuson.
Selections from classic authors,
Vocal- solo, Mr. Anderson.
Tue8day--C. M. 'Wallace:
Rhodes Scholarship."
Thursday-D. A. Dorsey: "Andrews'
Friday Music program.
Rev. B. M. Long, chaplain for tthe
week. '"'
Eat at Hendry's, 129 North Eleventh.
b - M ft ait
Half - DpUar"
Attractive additions are made
"The Qlrl at tho Halfway House," by Emerson Hough, author;ftlf '
"The MlBBlBBlnnl Buhble." ' ' " '' "' i
""The Manxman," by Hall Caine.
"The End of the World," by Edward Eggleston.
"The Mystery of Metropollsville," by Edward Eggleston. . , ,
"The Hoosier Schoolmaster' by Edward1 Eggleston.
All these booka are Illustrated with six or more fine plates.
A Large Line of New Frani
is receiving inuch attention. It Includes rich or soft pastels, rcproduc--tlons
of flp6 subjects, platjnos, oils, etq. '"
S.ome of the subjects are harvest Scenes, sheep pictures, old-world
Btreet scenes, light and alnty figures, and fruit.
The framca have been designed
tho resulting complete piece can be
Tho board of directors of the college
settlement met Saturday afternoon in
Profossor Hill's ofllco. TJhere was a
good attendance and encouraging re
ports of work done. Professor Cald
wuum uouui id oi tne outstanaing
debts. It was decided to go ahead
with tho raising of funds to bo used
for tho following purposes, In the or
der named: Paying off the debt, build
ing a sidewalk, cementing tho base
ment floor and erecting a porch.
The report of Mrs. Candy, superin
tendent of the sewing school from Its
opening to the present time, was" in
part as follows: "The school started
October 26th with 19 girls. Ninety-six
have been enrolled. Tho largest atten
dance was 77 (66 girls and 12 helpers).
The average attendance of girls has
been 38. The girls are Interested and
industrious, eager to learn, and, ad a
rule, learn rapidly. In jthe bearing
and demeanor of several of the girlB
we see a decided improvement." Dur
ing the past month the average at
tendance at the sewing school has been
53, at tho boys' club 19, at the little
girls' club 12, at the game rooms twice
a week 10. The literary and social club
was organized a month ago and has
held four meetings, with an average
attendance of 17. Three programs
have been provided. At the first the
principal feature was a talk by Mr.
T. F. A. Williams on the Lincoln post
offlce. At the second the theories of
determinism and of non-resistance
were discussed. At the third there waa
a debate on the question: Resolved.
That it is contrary to public policy for
cities to accept gifts from Carnegie to
build public libraries with." The club
meets on Wednesday evenings.
The association Ib under the neces
sity of building a sidewalk very soon
or tho city will build and charge an
extra price. Tho city has already de
livered the brl(Jks. The faculty mem
bers of the board have been soliciting
downtown people , for the settlement
work. It Is planned how' to call'dpo1
every member of the faculty. ',',
Oliver Theater Pharmacy.
C. B. Brown, Dentist. Burr 1
every few davs;
with reference to tho picture, and
secured at from f 1.25 to fib. ' l '
& Fame
University Built fin
'" - i , . , i .
TRACK men report for work Tjiob-
-' 4v,u jvyvuv wr woi
;day afternoon at tho arapry.
. THW n.1,1 t. m
THE prescription books foR mon tAk-
ing special work in, gyr can bej tyui
now at tho physical, director's office.
! BASEBALL men and thoso wno aro
Itnking field athletics, not in evm
classes, should, call at the physical di
rector's office.
ALL SENIORS who exooct to take
teachers' certificates on graduation re
port the fact to MJss tfiindnVai rJhn
Registrar's office at once. ' ' '
ALL MEN registered for irvm or
track athletics, or who aro in lwebail
squads, who have no ipckVrs, call at the
Physical director's office and arramro
for same. ' ' T.
Y. W. C. A. Tho annual business
meeting of the Young Womon's Chris
tian Association for the election of offi
cers will be held In th6 old'chapel Trie&
day, March 10, affc p. m;' It is impor
tant that evry member be oresciiL
Anna Van Zandt, Vice-President.
NOTICE. -Unless the youn$ lady
who Saturday afternoon took a pocket
book from a light coat Tianglng i&'tb
ladles' cloak room of the library imp
ing roturns the same to owner or eaves
in students' wail dox by Wednesday
noon, her nara will be exposed; to the
University authorities. '"
Burt's -Suitorum, 1281 O.
and. B995.
Phones 4?
Lincoln Local Express trausfera nr
old thins Pkooo 787. ,
Our now suits for spring are.nbw en
our tables. A great vufatWfttf if
Come, m and .tob. them over. t 4.$.V-'-1
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Prepared bi by St0ihfer-Woiifci i r
Drug Co.. Cor. 12th-and n t jmi. . wi.u 1 ': .&i'
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