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Xlbe Bailp Iftebtaekan
& Vol.IL
No. 98.
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Geo. F. Miles Makes Important
Horticultural Discovery.
A discovery that may mean much
to fruit growers of the state was made
recently In tho department of botany.
While ongaged In Inspecting orchards
for diseases common to tho applo tree,
Geo. F. Miles, who 1b specializing along
tho line of pathology, found what Is
probably the cauBo of much of tho so
called crown gall reported from the
nurseries of Nebraska. So badly af
fected has nursery Btock of Nebraska
become that some of tho eastern states
have refused to recelvo grafts from
this state without tholr first being care
fully Inspected. Tho disease has been
called crown gall, but Mr. Miles finds
that It is not gall proper, but a knot
caused by a poor graft By cutting a
longitudinal section of tho knot tho un
decayed strings used In tying the graft
can bo readily detected. A similar knot
may be produced on any treo by wrap
ping a wire about ono of the twigs or
about a root Tho root or twig, being
unable to stretch the wlro, grows about
It, forming an irregular bunch which
strongly resembles the crown gall
found on tho apple tree. Tho string
used in tying tho grafts on applo trees
is always well waxed. The wax, If put
on in sufficient quantities, preserves
tho string which acts In every way like
a wire. If less wax wore made uso of,
the string would finally decay and tho
growth of tho shoot would not bo In
terferred with.
The discovery is .a lucky ono and if
further investigation substantiates the
theory that tho knot is really formed
by the graft, it will relievo orchardlsts
of much uneasiness, for a better graft
can probably be made.
A report of tho discovery and inves
tigations carried on by Mr. Miles will
soon appear in the Nebraska Farmer
and other agricultural papers of tho
Seniors Make Progress.
The senior, class met yesterday and
considered further tho matter relating
to programs. For several meetings
this question has been up. for discus
sion but no conclusion could be ar
,rip'd at Yesterday thetWhole matter
.Wasput into the'hahds of the program
' co.mirittee and they will use their own
judgment in selecting designs. TjRo
-committee was. Increased, iu number
sd si to better represent the class. This
moye doesvnot cut out suggestions
that any- member dt tho class has to
offer. Any design that may oe pre
"k vf. .TJi ti. in tw, .i
fifilfc; considered, the members of thp
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A Nebraska Symposium
y f
iY''tnV final selection.
2 .,
-Who. made most- of the cadet unl-
VV uu actio
. v.
''form's thltTyear.? Paine,
..t . . -V . ' - -
S- gdod- gqods every day- In the year?
.' ,J ' :Palne. Who makes things right If they
08 v"-? frdo iibtprovo, right? 'Paine.
A'rtTf . .
" , BeVtaurant Unfquet-1228 ;OiStreet
r' L r i .. --
Vr ,. Oliver Theater pharmacy.'
The University of Nebraska has fre
quently been criticized on account of
a lack of spirit among the students
and faculty. The Nobraskan has In
quired into the state of affairs and
attempted to learn from prominent
students and faculty mon Just what
tho term "collego Bplrlt" Implies,
whether tho University really lacks It
as has been charged, tho reasons why
such a Bplrlt Is not found here and
how It can be Increased.
What Is "Collesro Spirit"?
Wo are accustomed to speak of col
lego spirit as something that applies
to ovory thing In the University where
activity exists. The term, to the ordi
nary student at least, is vague and
Indefinite. In order to gain a clear
conception of what tho discussion Is
Intended to deal with, ono of tho pro
fessors was asked to define collego
spirit. Ho said: "It Is enthusiasm In
every thing connected with the Univer
sity, in tho way of debating, baseball,
football, In fact all forms of athletics.
Also in class functions, class scraps,
sneak day and bo on the element on
ters. There Is another side, however,
to collego Bplrlt, one that should be
particularly emphasized, namely, the
ethical side. Such actions as stealing
overcoats, students' books, carrying
books from tho library and getting
away with valuables in any manner,
should bo suppressed. True college
spirit would decry such thoughtless
performances and stamp thom as some
thing vicious and entirely beneath the
tolerance of an Institution with the
rank of tho University of Nebraska."
A Btudont Interpreted tho term as
meaning, "that which puts ginger into
tho dead-heads, pokes up the lazy,
opens tho mouths of tho modest, puts
wind Into the lungs of professors; that
makes tho Instructors forget to assign
extra long lessons just previous to a
big gamo of football and shakes tho
ennui from tho entlro Institution." In
other words, collego spirit is life that
asserts itself, animation that Is felt In
every department of tho University. It
Is something that causes tho students
and faculty as well to push everything
that has for Its ultimate aim the good
of the institution morally and other
wise. Does Nebraska Lack It? '
When asked as to whether the Uni
versity really lacked collego spirit or
not one of tho professors said: "Well,
It cannot be said that such a spirit
Is lacking but the Btudents are very
busy and giye all the Bupport to col
leg?, affairs that their time will perm.
If some functions have not sufficient
support, It Is not on account of Indif
ference. Both tho students and faculty
will rally to push any University
enterprise. Debating could bo bettor
supported and ought this year to de
mand more student attention, for wo
have last year's record to maintain.
On the whole, tho average student who
comes here with a Borlous purpose
gives all tho time to tho University
that he can spare outside of his course
of study."
Ono of the students thought that
"college spirit is decidedly lacking, In
fact none exists worth mentioning.
Track mon aro frequently hindered
rather than encouraged. So It Is with
basket-ball practice. Tho Btudont body
doesn't get out and become familiar
with the players and at ' the games
only a few appear and those because
thoy have tickets forced upon them.
Is that college spirit? Tho Thanksgiv
ing football games are fairly well at
tended, but mostly by city and out-of-town
people. Debates aro not attended
even where It is a matter of time
rather than price. Class spirit Is lack
ing and class meetings as well as class
functlQns aro not well attended."
A professor, when Interviewed, said:
"There Is not a lack of college spirit,
but simply a lack of unified expression.
The average student Is too individualis
tic, which Is probably duo to general
conditions of tho west. Out horo tho
people live far apart and do not have
an opportunity to cultivate the social
side of life. Then, too, most students
are not aB well prepared when thoy en
ter the. University as aro those who
enter eastern colleges and, slnco we
put them out at practically tho samo
time and place, they must work hard
er." Why has tho student In tho Unlver
verslty of Nebraska no college spirit?"
responded a student to the query. "He
is poor, but that does not answer tho
question; ono can always find the way
and tho means If he is really in earnest
Of course If he Is poor In spirit as well
las in purso it Is a dlfferont thing. He
Is busy; but as a rulo it is tho busiest
people who havo the most time for
things. Is ho primitive, and Is the In
stinct of self-preservation still too pre
dominant in his consciousness? Look
ing Inward I believe this lies hearer
Jtho root of tho matter than any other
thing. If this Is true, where can, tho
remedy be found and how long will
It take-for things to begin to be better?
(Continued on, page 4.
Ticket $J00 Forslc by coimiittcc
Nebraska Will Play Two Basket
Ball Cames at Minneapolis.
Nebraska onco more finds herself
pitted against Minnesota her strongest
rival In tho field of athletics. Tho
CornhuskerB and Gophors will meet on
tho Minnesota basket ball field at
Minneapolis Friday and Saturday
night. Manger Hlltner finally received
a tolegram from tho Minnesota man
agement accepting tho challengo and
stating that two games wero In store
for thom on the abovo dates. Friday
night's gamo will bo with the Minne
sota Agricultural College, an affiliated
school of the University of Minnesota.
On Saturday night tho wearers of tho
scarlet and cream will line up against
tho Minnesota team Itself.
Tho Nebraska team will leavo Thurs
day at 1:45 p. m. on the North wostern.
The men . will likely return Sunday
night and bo ablo to resume tholr
studies onday. Only six men will make
this trip. Thoy aro Captain Howltt,'
Hlltner, Elliot, Benedict, Hoar and
Ferguson. This tour will ond the basket-ball
As to the outcome of these contests,
It can hardly bo hoped that tho result
will be as good as that of tho western
tour. Neither of these Minnesota
teams has been defeated this year and
tho University of Minnesota recently
won from Michigan by a very decisive
score. If Nebraska should win from
ttra Gophers she would doubtless bo
champion of tho west, but thlB Is high
ly Improbable.
Tho Nebraska men have been consid
erably handicapped of late on account
of leaving to practice on a very small
field In the now chapel. The Minne
sota field Is much larger even than
our regular field and 1b claimed to bo
larger than tho maximum size per
mitted by rulo. Last year Minnesota
defeated ub by a large margin. Tho
CornhuskerB are going north this time
with tho determlnatlbn to win If possi
ble and at least retrieve last year's de
feat by holding tho MlnnesotanB down
to a smaller score.
Tho team will practice dally at 6
p. m and chapel time, until they leave.
The 'varsity defeated the Becond team,
in a practice game, last night by a
score of 24 to 18. The play was fa8t
and' snappy and the men got Into the
game with much more spirit than
The English blub met last Saturday
ovenlng in Miss Hayden's studio, A
short program was rendered, consulting
of an essay by Miss Bowen and a pa- "
per by Professor Stuff on "Celtic Lit-.
erature." Mr. Yelser was elected to',
membership in tho club; r ' .
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University people .are compliment1
ing-tho engineering' department onit8'
neat and unique blue-print posters an- ,.-.
nouncinsf-tho Cortheli ;leptUrevitbmbv-'
row nlgt.
Let the' Lincoln Transfer Co. haul
your trunks. JPhbhe476.
rdre'sslng and m'anlcurlng'at the
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