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Com and Personal
Friday, Feb. 0. junior Prpro, Lin,
cqIji hotel.
Friday, Fob. 13. University Club
Dance, Fraternity hall.
Fob. 14-16, Midwinter Commence-
IBat., Feb. 14 Sigma XI banquet.
Mon., Feb. 16. Regular Charter Day
exercises, Memorial hall, 8 p. m. Ad
dress by Gov. Cummins, f Iowa:
"8ome Questlopt? That Havo Yet to
Be Answorod."
Wednesday, Feb. 21. Glee Club con
cert, Memorial hall.
John L. Sheldon has completed his
thesis for the degree of Doctor of
Phllpsqphy, and It Is now in Professor
Betsey's bauds for final correctipn and
criticism. It deals with certain species
I of, fungi which aro paraBltic on plants
and produce diseases In them. Mr.
Sheldon will come up In June for his
Denver Defeated 43 to 29, but
Gets Another Chance.
Saturday "2" o'clock.
Indoor baseball practlco began yes
terday afternoon. Ten battery candi
dates reported apd too)?: a worK-out In
the locker room pitching and catch
ing. Practice has begun early and It
is the purpose to get the mon In as
good form as 'possible before the sea
son begins. Among those who were
out yesterday are: Morse, Thompson,
Wilson, Bender, Gore, Whltcomb, and
Captain Townsend.
Oliver Theater Pharmacy.
fiat at Hendry's, 129 North Eleventh.
U. N. books closing out at Osborn's
old book store.
Closing out of 'U. N. books at Os
born's old book store.
Let the Lincoln Transfer Co. haul
your trunks. 'Phone 176.
"40t. Ketchum, Oculist, Richards blk.
Classes fitted and guaranteed.
Save by getting books while they
last at Osborn's old book store.
Dr. Prevey requests Tho Nobraskan
to call tho especial attention of Uni
versity students to the meeting of tho
State Charities and Corrections Con
ference, which began its sessions at St.
Paul's church this morning. Interest
ing papers on different phases of char
itable work will bo presented during
the day sessions, and special public ad
dresses by outside men will occupy
the two evening meetings. Everyone
is cordially invited to attond.
Tho R. & C. barber shop. 1144 O St.
Seven chairs. The finest In the city.
Full line Manufacturers' Sample
Shoes at half prjee. Webster & Rogers.
kle Gem hot waffles served at .the
Merchants' Cafe, 117 North latn at.
We have a largo student patronage.
Dr. C. J. Christiansen, 'Q0, who is
practicing at Hamp.ton, Nebr., visited
University and other frion,ds Jn the J
city the last week of last semester.
Professor Dann reports enthusiasti
cally of his class in Italian art Twenty-three
students have registered for
tho work, which Is a noteworthy and
gratifying increase over tho showing
of last semester. The study is a com
paratively now one in tho University,
having been taken up for tho first
timo last year. But it has now passed
beyond the experimental stage and 1b
firmly established as one of the most
substantial and humanizing studies.
Under the capable instruction afforded
every phase of the subject is brought
put and discussed, an,d its fullest pos
sibilities developed. The work this
Semester is of speciaL.interest and will
pot fail to commend itself to those
who can appreciate the beauties of art.
The Nebraska basket-ball team won
the first game of their western trip by
defeating Donver Unlvorslty Tuesday
night at Denver by tho declslvo score
of 43 to 29.
As tho detailed report of tho game
failed to reach us in timo for today's
issue, wo regret that we cap only fur
nish a mere announcement of the out
come. Tho men put up a good gamo
and Captain Hewitt filled his position
at center in an excellent manner.
Denver Beemed dissatisfied with her
showing and challenged Nebraska for
another game Monday night and of
fered a guarantee of opo hundred dol
lars. Tho challenge was accepted and
tho game will be played on the return
trip. The following games will be
played before the team comes home:
Colorado College at Colorado Springs,
University of Colorado at Boulder,
High School at Greeley, and the Young
Men's Christian Association at Chey
enne, Wyo., and Denver University at
The men who were in tho game
Tuesday night for Nebraska are: Cap
tain Hewitt, center; Forguson and El
liot, forwards; Benedict and Hoar,
$100 to $ 150 a ypar more than tho aver
ago paid teach ors In tho elementary
schools, ovon In Ohio. In tho Indus
trial and commercial world thoro aro
always attractive promlums fpr skill
and educated brains. Tho patrons of
tho school, tho public at largo, need to
bo reminded of theso things. As Dr.
Elliott has put it, wo need to double
tho revenue provided for our public
schoolB. We believe tho timo la speed
ily coming whon teachors will rccolvo
salaries moro nearly commensurate
with tho great Importance of jtholr la
bors. But wo must havo bettor quali
fied teachors teachors whP can easily
demonstrate to tho public that thoy
aro oarning moro than they are receiving.
Restaurant Unique, 1228 O street.
C. E. Brown, Dentist. Burr block.
Fiogenbaum's Pharmacy, 13th and O.
Teachers' Salaries.
SMcak 1 5c and upwards
Successor to Francis Bros.. Prop;.
m North nth Street.
Prufesser Ross announces that his
class in Cities will meet this semester
in tho European history seminar room,
jUBt off the main reading room of the
Myron D. ElBon has been offered a
position with an electrical goods con-
rn In Chicago and will leave shortly
BB at. I .1 t ofk 4 M t V Wk TT AVI tAtYl Aft T
ajxr me mm-wmiui tuuiuicuwiuoui
tcnter upon hiB duties.
Items on the Opening Dgys of the
Second Semester.
Last Sunday's Omaha World-Horald
contains a pleasant and appreciative
"write-up" of Erpest Ressey, '96, who
has been abroad on a -collecting trip
for tho United States Department of
Professor Besaoy reports that the
examinations in .his department havo
been very generally satisfactory. The
standings attained havo indicated -a
.semester of successful work by nearly
every member of each class.
Frank D. Burr, hist a student
'. i j .: i. iv.,
kin the engineering uuyuriuiut u. wo
Inlvalty, now holds a lucrative posi
tion"' ttO" -LOUge, mum.. jrav win
charge of tho electrical plant of that
place, which runs the mines and lights
the city.
Even the Daily reporter occasionally.
' finds a funny vspot In tho day's experl
tenco. Yesterday afternoon, after half
in hours attempt to get an important
telephone connection, he was rewarded
the housewifely query: "Hello!
iayrott hear the eggs frying." The
Jrter didn't belong, and got out
Registration at the Academy Is pro
ceeding very slowly and tho principal
is seriously considering the advisabil
ity of levying a fine upon all latecomers.
The shorthand class under Miss
Hoffman seems assured. An excellent
opportunity is afforded law students,
but one of which they havo not as yet
availed themselves.
The students in Miss Nellio Dean's
English class are onjoying a now test
on extracts from standard authors,
studied by the laboratory method. The
matter is illustrated by artistic cuts
and photogravures.
TjTe debating club will meet Friday
evening of this week. Tho young mon
aro improving in their work and ap
preciate the valuable guidance of Mr.
Craft, Mr. Craft, fiowever, will be un
ablo to be present Friday night.
(The Ohio Teacher.)
When we take into account tho in
creased cost of living duo to the pros
perous condition of this country for
several years past, we must conclude
that teachers are receiving relatively
less today than they were ten years
ago. When compared with salaries
and incomes in other professions, the
salaries of teachers aro overywhoro en
tirely too low. Thero is now a Bcarcity
of teachers in several countlps of Ohio.
If the stringency in the supply should
continue, one of two things will neces
sarily follow: Tho shortago in tho
supply will result either in tho Intro
duction of teachers more poorly pre
pared than those now engaged, or it
will result in increase of salaries suf
ficient to attract to the profession men
and women pf skill and ability. It
frequently happens in the commercial
world that when there is a scarcity
in a commodity tho people are forced
to accept a very inferior article. How
can we account for the decrease in the
number of teachers who are really pre
pared for tho great work? The fact
is that a young man who may be mak
ing ?1.60 a day in tho schoolroom
finds ho can make $2.50 a day in the
oil-fields, or shops, or coal-6ankB. A
young man told the writer a few
months ago that ho had quit teaching
school to go to work In a coal-mine
to earn money to take him through
college! The average day-laborer in
tho shops and mills and fields makes
moro money than even a flrst-rae
teacher. Farm hands receive from
Columbia National Bank
Capitol, $100,600.00
John B. "Wright, President
J. H. Wescott, Vice-President
Joe Samuels. 2d Vice-President
P. L. Hall, Cashier
"W. B. Ryons, Asst. Cashier
'Physician and Surgeon
Special attention paid to diseases
of females and rectal diseases.
Rooms 2)2 to 214 Richard Block, Resi
dence 13 10 G Street. Office Telephone
53S. Residence Telephone I 984.
Billiard and Pool Parlor
Tables newly covered
Powell's, 145 North llth St.
Phone L 664
Capital $200,000; Surplus $100,000;
'Profits $18,3 9; Deposits $2,596,093
S. H. Burnham, President
A. J. Sawyer, Vice-President
H. S. Freeman, Chlcr
H. B. Evans, Assistant Cashier
Standard and regulation
j(n evjery particular'
J2I0 Q ft.
H.C.Thomas, Proprietor
f5f40 Street. Tet. 75f. ;
ytrotk ,Hqm .satisfactory.
A number of now courses have been
established for the convenience of
"conditioned" University students and
regular Academy students who vare
Just entering,, There is a beginning
class in botany under the excellent
management of Miss Edith Lathrop.
There are also beginning classes in
chemistry, algebra and plane geometry.
Sold onhj by Harley JDrug Co., Jlth & ,0 Sts
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