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The Daily Nebraskan.
VOL. 2 NO. 65.
Masciline Contingent Take Action
on Athletic Board Request
To Oordcr New
The Senior class met yesterday to
consider the request of the Athletic
board to change the letter which the
class proposed to place on the class
hat It Is customary In all the large
institutions to allow only athletes to
wear the initial letter of the schooP
Nebraska has followed this plan and
has awarded "N" sweaters to those who
have won distinction on the athletic
Hold. The Seniors proposed to appro
priate the university "N" and place It
on their hats. In the meeting yester
day, nowever, that matter was taken
up and not only thiB but the whole ac
tion concerning hatB was reconsidered
Several addresses were made advocat
ing different styles of caps and hats,
but no action was taken. A new com
mittee, consisting of Messrs Hurt,
Brooks and Hansen was appointed to
assist the old committee in securing
designs, to present to the class today
nt 10 o'clock a. m. The action of the
moeting today will probably be definite
and some design of cap will probably
bo ordered at once.
Academy Notes
Through the kindness of the execu
tive office the students of the academy
are allowed tho same rates and dates
as students of the university.
Miss Weldy, secretary of the univer
sity Y. W. C. A. conducted chapel Tues
day morning and gave a very helpful
talk, especially directed to young women.
Tho prospectus issued Inst spring
promised that the academy would not
be a guaranteed easy entrance to the
university. The truth of this is al
ready' evident in tho serious work of
the classes.
Tho committee on constitution and
by-laws of the new debating dub have
completed their work and will submit
It to the judgment of the society at
the next meeting. It ib hoped that C.
P. Craft can safely guide the craft for
tho next few weeks until it strikes still
water. The society starts in with flat
tering prospects, having a large mem
bership with enthusiastic feeling.
The delav in issuing the poster and
calendar is due solely to slowness in
tho preparation of plates, a delay that
BeomB wholly Inexcusable to the man
agement. As oilglnaily planned the
posters would have been on sale in
book and art stores in ample time for
use as Christmas souvenirs. It is felt
that their artistic merit would have
commended them as gifts. This plan
seoms now impossible.
"How did you get in on the Glee
club try-out?"
Made first baso on four bawls."
Social Side of Europe
I)r White spoke on the social condi
tions of Europe at convocation yester
day. Ho said that one must look at Eu
rope as made up of several distinct
parts in order to understand Its social
problems. The northern nations must
be considered apart from the Latin
"One of the first things that struck
me," said the speaker, "was that there
were no slum districts in the German
cities. The government regulates the
size and type of the houses that are
built In conformity to other houses in
the vicinity A house is rarely occu
pied by only one family
"In German and other northern coun
tries there are few beggars. The labor
ing people interested mo the most be
cause a sort of pride in labor prevails
In both city and country. The work
men seem to have accepted their lot
and they are satisfied with It. They
are a hard-working, economic and
pleasure loving class, but are not ambi
tious. According to an established cus
tom they all subscribe to some sort of
saving fund, which brings them a pen
sion when they become old and unable
to work. The result is that most of
them are satisfied with a fair living.
This does not Inspire inventive genius,
however. One of their customs Is a
9:30 lunch with a glass of beer. Strikes
are uncommon. They seem to be un
able to grasp the significance of modern
improvements. Many operations, es
pecially agricultural, are carried on in
a very primitive way, partly because
they have no Incentive to adopt new
In the Latin countries conditions are
totally different. There, begging Is a
profession. When In Rome at the Eas
tar season, I was told that 30,000 beg
gars had come to the city from the
provinc es for the occasion. The labor
ing classes work by hand rather than
with implements. They often play sev
eral days for each day they work."
Varsity Basket Ball Teams tt
Lincoln High School To
night A New Line
The first basket ball games of the
season will be played in the Armory
tonight The first team will play the
city Y M. O A , and the second team
will contest for honors with their old, the Lincoln high school. These
games are an annual occurrence, but
ordinarily take place after the holidays.
This year It has been thought bent to
get down to hard systematic work from
the first. The lln-up will be as fol
lows: University Elliot and Ferguson,
forwards; Hewitt, captain, center;
Hiltner and Hoar, guards.
Y. M C A Hamil and Hagensic,
forwards; Fields, center; Bently and
Bently, guards.
All the men of the first squad are
players of considerable experience.
This will be the first time, however
that the majority of them have ever
played on the leading team.
Tonight Is the opening game of the
season, -and tne student body should
turn out and gie the team a hearty
send-off. Nearly all tho following
games will depend upon the encour
agement that the team receives at the
The price of admission Is placed at
25 centB.
The Junior Prom.
The Junior Prom will be held at the
Lincoln hotel, Friday evening, Febru
ary 0, 1!H)3.
Preparations for the event have been
going on for some time and every
thing points toward the Prom this year
being one of the most successful and
elaborate social functions ever held In
university circles. No pains will be
spared to bring the event to a higher
plane than In former years Hereto
fore many of the smaller features, or
those considered as such, have been
sadly neglected, such ns decorations,
neat programs, etc. These little things,
while they may appear to some as
small, add much In making an event of
this kind a success.
Th music for the accoslon will be fur
nished by Walt's orchestra, comprising
some eight or nine pieces. Those who
know the qunllty of Mr. Walt's work
will at once realize that tho procuring
of his sei vices Is an Important stop to
ward the success of this event.
In all the leading colleges and uni
versities of the country the annual Ju
nior Prom has become on established
Institution, and Is made the most elab
orate event In social circles during the
year. It is attended not alone by the
student body, and the faculty, but by
many former students and alumni, also
by friends outside the Institution, but
In close touch and sympathy with It.
It was the misfortune last year to
have other leading attractions In the
city, on the same evening, but arrange
ments have been made whereby there
will be no conflicts thiB year.
pictures will bo purchased for the drill Friday night The captain ra
tion to help establish a perma- "larks were greeted with applause
Prepare tor Exhibit
The Nebraska art exhibit will open
December 2f In the University art ball,
and last for two weeks. Preparations
are being made for a good exhibit and
one shipment has already arrived from
New York, which will be unpacked the
last of the week. The association was
formerly known as the Hayden Art
society, but in the last year or two it
has become a Btate organization. Front
tho proceeds of these exhibits one or
nent art hall. In the gallery there are
at present seven pictures which have
been bought at various times by the so
ciety. AA Chess Tournament
At a meeting of the Pan-Hellenic
congress last Saturday it was decided
to hold an iuter-fraternity chess tour
nament, each fraternity to select two
men to represent them.
This Is a worthy project and should
receive the attention of all fraternity
men. Chess tournaments have proved
a success at several of the universities,
notably Minnesota.
English 13 Debate
The debate in English 13 this after
noon will be on the proposition to re
strict Immigration by a literary test
and the imposition of a $25 certificate
tax. The affirmative will be supported
by J. C. Doubt and Fred Hunter, and
the negative by J. T. Mllcck and John
A Christmas Present
Captain Chase addressed tho battal
ion briefly during the latter part of the
drill hour last night. He expressed
himself as well pleased with the work
of the cadets during his stay here, com
plimented them on their behavior, and
wished them a "Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Year." John Uhl, the
janitor of the Armory, was called out
and the commandant anounced that at
the last meeting of tho officers it was
decided to make Mr. Uhl a ChrlBtmas
present of a uniform of the design of
a second lieutenant. Mr. Uhl was in
structed to have his measurement
taken for a suit in the city. The
cadets called "speech," but no re
sponse was made. The commandanWi Mrs. Pftizner is no better. Profes-
School of Music Notes
Miss Elva Walker is 111.
also announced that there would be no
Miss Rose Olson of the conservatory
has gone to Strornsberg to spend the
Miss Winifred Howell left this morn
ing for her home in Centervllle, la.,
for the holidays.
sor Pfitzner has been kept at homo for
tho last two days on account of her
illness. '
the cadets.
Palladlans Elect
The Palladian Literary society held
a special meeting in tneir hall yester
day and elected the following officers:
President, Sam Anderson.
Vice president, Emma Shlnbur.
Secretary, Susan Barnhardt.
Treasurer, Andrew Hutton.
Critic, Ed Rowe.
Corresponding secretary, Mrs. Wa
ters. Newel Elliot has been apolnted man
ager of tne basket ball team, and Lewis
Llghtner captain.
Mr. Price, tho artist, has juet finished
a large number of anatomical charts.
These will be hung on the wall and
used by Dr. Wolcott to illustrate his
The Sophomore basket ball 'earn has
arranged a game with the Recond team
of the city Y. M. C. A., to be played
January 14th.
Phi Delta Theta gave a bob-sled par
ty Tuesday night, after which the par
ty went to tho fraternity house and
had some oysters. About fourtppn ron
pies were present.
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