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"VOL. i N6. 63.
a Lincoln, Nebraska, Tuesday, December 16, 1902,
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AtWe tk; Btard Opens Ballots for
FHtli Captain-Asks the
Scultrs TVot Wear
u Ns."
At tho regular December meeting of
, .the Athletic board held last night the
.YttMpr for football captain wero count-
A 4 jwd tho election of John R. Bender
gX w2 4t4Vf rtinivaltf vfArl 4 rAfiiiAal
k 7'.Aii fUnlJir hftWa tint tn vor fhn 1ottir
,tr on their class hats.
;'" -ae report of Manager Bngol, con-
M-1 f. . . ' tnlnfi' r rtatomfnt. of rccnlntft and
Vt(lt expenditures for the post' season was rl1. z'.j nrt.. - n.nn ..!...
IUJIilvu jut! luaungut viw auiuui-
yicd o.'Baake an offer to Illinois for
i'a Thanksgylng game. The present ln-
Idicatlons'aro that Illinois wll play here
ion. that date'. It was' also airreed to
;'8abii a ; "jjroposftlon tt Colorado for
an October date in Lincoln. The board
t..'cltUfl tp hvo thjj annual Missouri
q m this city.
Will $& matter of voUng "N'a" to the
tniB:jileT8 yrho have woi, first
tfpaoes n iper-conegiaie tournaments
tAwaVprcsonted by Manager Peters of the
' iTgnnui association, aqd the board voted
HplN.'JeUcr to Messrs. Farnsworth
i JTrtkht and Fallor.
r'JujiJQtll.Qtibo baseball team
iior'aHorthoas.tern trip.
jIVTlie raanagor .and members of the
it6m''wtio"aro entitled to them will bo
ivtrw?tt n-1-" ....
ii 11 ryffwni nroTfin nnnrmn
r Tho board decided to take put !?,000
ra.ncei on ao granaswuiu, an m-
rea-Vif-T'l.OflQ over what is now car
SvAiMmltteo consisting of Professor'
;. Dr. Clapp, and Mr. Ringer, was.
Mihted ip revise the constitution
jrr smn nave a RMPPJy oi me same pnniuu,
.! rJPfiB'.hiillilintr anil p-rnnrwlR rrmmirtfi
tllraUthprIzcd to construct a property
iug unqprJhp grandstand, the cost
iwncn is not to exceea wo.
Tihpl(?ct4op of manager and asslst
tinanager was deferred until the
, 04vemr hspects cadets.
yernpr-SyajB,e, Inspected the bat-
illOTiin;UieJ,Arm9ty. last night. The
iTictJonwft8 mere informal, as the
Ut'rniiiBBftAnt'a. tvnrn tint AYnmlnpri.
MmiHWHI VHO ii vmisu.
!tr tMDMfton Jthe, governor made a
rW addrNj ;expreaslhg pleasurp In.
- . . "' t ma. '.fTi-nrii i .. . . v .. ,i"r ! '.( " a.m. n f
rif wing opatiauon ana compii
nted,e;cadetS"On their work. He
iV that' he wMf proud, of them and
phafeth, t acvuf6n the men that
ftwoul'nWet Have cause to regret
KK' .-'i:j.i'nV i- j.ti .."'i...ii..
jtghercpnia'tjdahfc: ytii Captajnr-
;vTe&"7gaVe ratflrif ormal
Settlement flay Report.
The College Settlement is rejoicing
over the financial success of tho "David
Oarrick" play. Although the proceeds
wero not as great as was hoped for,
the amount that tho College Settlement
has realized is a neat sum, and will
do much toward finishing tho homo
of the organization on 20th and N
streets. The total receipts for the
play were $352. After all bills have
been met, which Include expensed 'for
the opera houBO, costumes, advertising,
posters, and other items, the College
Settlement will realize dbout $100. The
tour that the dramatic' company is
making among the towns of the state
fs not under the auspices of the Col
lege Settlement. It Is hot expected that
anything will be made qut of the trlp.
If the proceeds pay expenses the com
pany will feel well pleased.
The "t)av.Id Garrick" Comedy Co.,
which showed at Ashland last Saturday
night, ;were not well pleased with the
small crowd, but were satisfied that
they just made expenses. After the
play Mr. Booth, Mr. Moorehouse and
Mr. Clark were entertained by Mr.
George Shedd, who came up from Lin-?
coin, to see the play. The company Is
billed for york Friday, and for Fait-,
bury Saturday. They are also planning
to go to Hastings Thursday.
, Caldwell's Ailr, .
Professor Caldwell's paper before the
recent meeting of the state superin
tendents on tho advisability of matri
culating into the university any pupil
merely on presentation of fjtlr years'
credit from any accredited school "with
out any specification of subjects, has
arouo bo much general interest in the
state, thai ho has been asked to re
present It before the meeting of the
state teachers' association in' January.
'Winter tarift7Ct)irse ""
Th6 winter coyrso In agriculture will
begin January 5, 1903., A large lum
ber of subjects are pffqrqa foij InsrUc
'tlon, cpjisfstlng pf soils, Qold crojps, and
farm managemetit, butter a'nd cheese
making, breeds and breeding of Hvo
stock, orcharding and gardening, dis
eases of live stock, English and shop
The course of instruction alms to
give the student tfuch. information and
training as will Increase his earning
capacity as a farmer add to Interest
him in agriculture so greatly that ho
will have a strong desire to make farm
ing his life worlt.
"There la rttfwia" special dalrycoprsei
is ,av practlcalv buEthorotfgh .study of.
all sjibjec-TelRUppihe .'dairy fri.
dustry, Including ;.hutter and Hcheee;
making; tbia carp,- piariagement .and
Judging of dairy StpcJt testing ;o'f
milk and cream,' aid subjecrelatlng
to city milk supply. Practical science
is applied lu.Pll .the operations, m
No examlriatlons. for e4trahcesxare
"Billh Grant,','&r Pmplpyod
witl tho B. -mm irirtliis cityrf' ITe-ia
from January 5, 1903,-tP MarcK t7&03,
in order uppjy';(manyd'emandjl
of Btudpri.and'lryinenr ,ThV;couTse
Only One ON Man Back en Team
Chapel to Be Used for
Practice Trip Being
If Nebraska docs not have a good
basket ball team this year It will not
be owing to lack of material to pick
from. Thirty-six men were out for
practice Saturday afternoon and four
lively games were played. Several pt
the men who have been showlhg up
best were tried on the first team $nd
everybody played hard ball. Hereafter.
vthe men will practice goals during con-,
vocation and at odd times. New bas
kets will be purchased and -placed In
the new chapel so two games can be
played at once. The man can also drop
Into the new chapel and practice goals.
when the gym is occupied by classes.
Another ball will be purchased soon,
which will greatly facilitate matters;
With Dr. Clapp to coach the team a
good team will certainly be developed
from such a large class.
The basket ball class now jneets In
the Armory at 3 o'clock on Saturday.
About twenty-five, men are trying for
the team and good work Is being dono.
Only one member of last year's team
Is in school this, year, and tho team
will practically be made upof ,new
material. is captain, arid Hilt
ner, manager. The schedulQ' of games
j for th,e season Is not yet completed, but
Manager Hlltnqr Is arranging for sev
eral trips, and) a good schedule will
undoubtedly be submitted. . -;
The first basket ball team will play
tho Y. M. C. A. team, Thursday night,
while the Second squad te'am will play
the Lincoln high school.
Stock Judging Parliament.
The Hvo stock Judging parliament
will rapet at the university farm from
January 23 to January 31 ,1903.- It Is
held In order to meet the demands of
farmers who wish Information concern
ing tb"c i values of different classes of
market stock. A contest in Judging
will take place the last day and all
' persons 'who haye taken the course, or
'who are registered In the regular
course of the school of agriculture, Will
be allowed to" compete. A. number of
prizes have been offered by prominent
78t6ckmen of' -tho- state to those who
shall make tho best records. A lecture
on some subject of. practical Import
ance to stockmen" wllirb'drflellv'ered An
viuuuiuriHi miu uhuu ovemnK 'Oi ne
vtvviv. x tcaiounuuu ico.ui ti Will UU
oi nji w'lp, eiejwine course.
Governor , Gumming of Iowa lias tic
; copte tlio mvitation' to.,dellyer tho mid
year commencement address.
Tho onlywpman's Jollege in, west-
'ft.ft rAattt 1 ..,. f A A .. .VlfMAMn tW
w bi ,Hu.,vmuMn;jB auiuue i
rth'e;;A;iprl9att :cpngp;t7pr pmen 4tt
IConataktlriopleoundedita 1171. A '
f rom iWti fiico;
Mrs. LlucfeoYtfcTBnltif rccolVe3 UitT'
following lattflr from; MJw Nina Proy,
formerly of tonyersltsr, Whp Is now
engaged In (caching school at Ponce,
Portti Rico. "ilLtiii Prey enclosed 'k let
ter, which sho hacUreceJlved . from . a
former pupil, "thlrlcen years of age. It
Indicates that remarkable progress that
the PorTo Rlcahs are Inkling In acQulf-'
lng EngllBh. MIsb Prey says:
"Ulster and I aro very nicely settled,
keeping houso in Ponce, the largest,
city In the Island. Wo enjoy tho so-',
clety of sevonteen other American
teachers, about top missionaries, Audi'
many other Americans ongagd In va-
i'lOUB pursuits
' The city proper Ib two miles from the
peach and the Tavorlto amusement is.
o attend tho band concerto held there.'
Th, electric car runs right past our
Qoor and is usually crowded on concert
night., Wo enJoy attppdjng tho wo-H
man's club once a week. There Is a)
very good theatre arid' dancing hall, Or
public library and tt beautiful plaza,'
whore the entlro population promenade
on Sunday evening; while the 'band
fclays. Tho military officers here nro
very kind and loan the government
Ambulances for picnic parties. Boat
ing on the bay Is also a very pleasant
diversion. This city has three fine hos
pitals, best In the Island. One can buy;
almost anything 'here tri the line of
luxury or necessity, but prlceB ara'
p.Igh on almost everything. The houses
have city water and electric light and;
there is an Ice factory always running
Here lco is one cent per pound, but
where wo wero losi year it was flvo'
cents. ' ;'
My work is even more pleasant than,;
It was last year, as I now teach all dayj
in the same building. ThV honrs 'aro,
8-11 a. m. and 1-4 pf m. Three days'
a week the children ore dismissed at
3 o'clock, so I can teach the teachers
for an hour. Expenses are higher in",
tho large cities, but we each have an
idVance of $9 per month over what wo
recoived lost year. Sister Is In a kin
dergarten, and teaches from 8 to ll.'
u. of N. Cile'lHrr'
Don't fail to secure one of the 1903;
U. of N. calendars. On sale at tho
Y. M. C. A. and y. W. M. C, rooms,
and fVio hnnlr ofnrn
.uu v w.. Uvw.y. .
The front page, illustrated, by Pjrof esri
sor Barbour, Is worth the price of tho yJ &
calendar. Former stpdents will bo-
particularly pleased with ihls.;Be'8nro'
YonTnt-flonriUftllVrtvlfl -tn hW nraa.
;that ypumakajyouKfpririerjcsthderitf -- 'iii
",f riend happy by malllngr-blm'onorA ,!Ur,UJ, Wy
r 'i vnvmivflKJwvibiii . . ,.:" -.uj ,m.
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i., itu;.'., Ai , .tr,.-.uit'( .''' r.j.JKtl rtV.j.i- -A-r'o:it
nrrthniNfthfaHVCft HnMnn: tn 1W Kfclrl fnf '-'?'" . -",
'' ' I: - .-. . .7--' .'.. fcv.UMituiiM..iVi,i-' v . ft
the Unrvers7tF:6fcNaW;ridy d-
December 19,4902, At B' & &fk-'S'-Ztf' ',fl
t 4rb4p;ipwlrigpap.er8Xn4re' fiT-ZM ' JSM
j -Cyaiogeneels in-Planto- CpltlvatedUir - - ioi
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