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The Daily Nebraskan.
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VOL. 2 NO. 59.
Fresman Team Getting Into Shape
Members New to College
But Nt to the Game
Goal Throws.
Tho froshmon team is Bhowing up
brilliantly at present, and it w6uld sur
prise no ono if it should omorgo next
Friday night with tho pennant, as did
tho froshmon team last year. Though
young, its members are old in
baakot-ball oxporionco, and on the
wholo have played in moro matohes and
known tho gamo a longor timo than
thoso of any othor of tho competing
teams, unless perliaps, tho sophomore.
Tho froshmon team is ospociallytrong
at goal throwing, haying for forwards,
Miss Margaret Pillsbury and Miss Both
"Wallace, and for center Miss Ina Git
tings and Miss Inis Evorett. Both
guards are good at goal making, (Miss
Ethel Amos, tho captain of tho team,
and Miss Ena Braoh). Misses Ames,
Everett and Pillsbury, have played to
gether for something like four years, on
tlie Lincoln liigh Bchool team, and have
been in many matches. Thoy are swift
players, skillful at passing and clever at
eluding tho best of guards. MIbh Git
tings is another player of experience,
coming from tho Superior team, last
year's intorscholnstic champions. Miss
Wallace of tho Omaha high school and
tho Omaha Y. W. O. A. teams, has long
ranked as ono of tho most skillful throw-
ore in the state. Miss Brach, from Has
tings, is perhaps tho newest player on
tho teain.Sho will play in her first match
Friday night, serving as tho colleague
of Miss Ames at guard. Both aro ac
customod to other positions, But Miss
Brach has good height for guarding, and
Miss Ames in default of finding a moro
experienced guard on her team assigned
herself tho difficult rolo of looking after
Miss Jausa, tho 'varsity forward, and
tho hopo of tho sophomore toam. It
need hardly bo Maid that the sophomore
freslimou contest will bo ono of the crit
ical contests of tho evening, calling out
not a little high-geared interest and
class enthusiasm.
Omega Psi Banquet.
Tho Omoga Psis hold thoir annual ban
quot at tho Lindoll hotol last ovoning.
About twonty young ladies sat down to
an ologant banquot served in courses.
Tho tables wore boautifnlly docorated
with tho intor-sorority colors and cut
flowers. Tho Misses Stovons, Looko,
Murray, Shodd, Holland and Bignoll
wore the now mombers rocoivod into
tho organization. Tho toast mistress
was Mrs. Ellen "Woods Haeohor who prej
sided ovor happy toasts prosontod by a
few chosen speakers. Omega Psi is tho
inter-sorority of tho University.
Shedd Operated On.
An operation was performed on
"Chick" Shedd yostorday morning, at
tho sanitarium, by Dr. M. H. Everett
and Dr. Harry Everett. A large abcesa
in tho region of Ills abdomou was re
moved, This aboeaa has boon tho oauBo
of Mr. Shodd'B suffering and tho doctors
look for a spoody recovery. Sinoo the
oporation tho patient has been doing as
well as oould bo oxpooted.
Thoso who attendod tho oporation
were: Dr. Dohnoff, Dr. Olapp. Dr.
Mayhow and Dr. Orr.
Upper Class Holds Bislness Ses
sion Encourages Debating
Junior Annual aud
Flower Commltees.
Freshman Meeting.
Tho Freshman class mot at Palladiam
hall yesterday morning. President
Whoelor called tho mooting to order and
presented tho business that was to como
before the class.
Tho color committoo roportod crimson
as their choice. This was adoptod by
the class.
On motion Don McOlonnan, Mr.
Waldron, and Mr. Andorson woro ap
pointed to look after tho intorests of the
class in the Annual.
The quostion of class debate was loft
to tho direction of tho president and ox
ocutivo committoo.
All-American Team.
The following mon aro given places
on the All-Amorican football eleven;
It might also be regarded as tho All-Irish
team, from tho ring of tho names.
Ends Rafforty of Yale and Oonlrty
of Depanw.
Taoklos Hogan of Yale and Shea of
Guards Flynn of Minnesota and Mo
Gugin of Michigan.
Oonter O'Malloy of Notre Dame.
Quarterback McGlewof Notre Dame
. .or O'Brien of Minnesota
ifk"Half backs McGaw of Indiana and
McFaddan of Englowood.
JPull baok Burko of St. Vincent's.
Clapp to Medics.
Dr. Olapp will talk to tho Medical
Society Friday evening, December 12.
This wook tho society meets on Friday
ovoning instead of Thursday ovoning.
Tho Medics aro planning to havo an
open mooting tho first wook after tho
holidays, at wliich a prominent man
from Omaha is oxoctod to talk.
Tho sonior class mot yostorday in tho
library and conBldorod mattors of gon
oral importance Mr. Moier, secretary
of tho dobating association, represented
tho association and requested tho co-op-oration
of tho class in arranging for, tho
session's series of debates. Ho request
ed that tho association bo grantod tho
privilego of placing tho Sonior-Junior
debate on tho season tiokot wliich will
carry tho othor debates, and is to be
sold for thirty-fivo conts. Tho roqucst
was hoartily granted and tho support of
tho class promisod to tho movomont.
Mr. Potors and tho Misses McLennan
and Hess woro appointod to socuro a
division of tho armory for tho sonior
class tooccupy at tho baskot-ball tour
nament Friday night. Tho class will
attend in a body.
A committee of five was appointed to
take full charge of the class represen
tation in the Sombrero. This commit
tee, although it Ib to have full power
in the matter, must report to tho claws
before final action can be taken. Tho
committee, comprising tho previous
committee and two additional names,
is as follows: Wm, Case, Robert Smith,
Flerman Lindeinau, Floronco Cook and
Alice Brookings.
A spirited discussion was ovor tho
flower that tho class shall adopt, La
Franco rose mooting tho approval of a
largo numbor of tho class. Tho follow
ing committoo was finally appointed to
make a canvass of tho class and re
port tho results: Joan McLannan, Doda
Gould, Theodora Fox. President Buck
has also appointed tho following mon to J
represent tho class in tho Senior-Junior
debate: Clinton Barr, Sherman Black,
"Warren Catlin.
From the Philippines.
A lottor has been received at Y. M.
O. A. headquarters from J. O. Rlnjter,
'00, who 1b now sltuatod at Bohd,
province of Marlbojos, in tho island
at Luzon. Ho is superintendent of
the schools In tho province, and also
a primary teacher. His normal school
which moots at night, is well attended
and an appreciative Interest is taken
in tho work. He Is tho only white
man in tho place, but the natives and
priests are very friendly and anxious
to learn American ways. Bohd Is
Bomewhat removed from tho main
routes of travel and mail is received
thore at only Irregular Intervals. A
white visitor there is exceedingly rare,
and a letter or a newspaper from tho
outside world is a boon Indeed.
Throughout his lottor Mr. Rlnkor ex
presses confidence in tho rapid spread
of education in tho Philippines and
the adoption of American ways and
An Old Paper.
E.' E. Blackman, while In Topeka
last week, found in tho roomB of the
Kansas Historical society a bound vol
ume of the Nebraska Palladium, tho
first papor published in this state. Tho
volume dates from July, 1854, and al
though it furnishes many examples of
freak typography and crude endeavors
on the part of the printer to supply
tho lack of proper material in the com
position work, it is exceedingly valu
able from a historical point of vlow.
At present there aro nine numbers
missing out of a possible thirty-seven,
but other numbers are known to ex
ist and It Is hoped that these may bo
secured In time.
P.' J. O'Gara, '08, lias arrivod in
Waslungton and reports that ho is
greatly pleased with tho outlook for his
work in tho division of Plant Pathol
ogy. Ho is to remainin Waslungton
during December. After tho first of
January ho is to bo sent to Atlanta,
for tho remainder of tho winter, Next
summer ho is to bo detailed for work in
tho fruit districts of Miohlgan.
The Ivy Press has given 8,000 papor
badges for the Shedd benefit, in order
to help in advertising this worthy
JVP. Bailey, state soorotary of tho Y.
M. O. A. , hold a conference Monday in
tho association parlors with tho loaders
of the biblo study classes of tho Univer
sity, Ootnor and "Wesloyan. Tho pur
pose of the meeting was to discuss
means by wliioh the biblo students of
tho tliroo institutions might bo brought
into closer acquaintance with each
Ward Shows Calendar.
At convocation Jyesterday Dr. Ward
brought the attention of the students
to the University Calendar, just put
out by tho Y- W. C. A. He described
It as the handsomest piece of art work
ever put out from the university. The
cover design, drawn by Mr. Barbour,
is the University tower and boll. Tho
calendar devotes a page U each of the
following subjects: Basket ball, mill,
tary, vacation, football and Christmas.
The price is 35 conts. Such calendars
have been put out regularly in Illinois
A great number of tickets liavo been
sold for "David Garrick.,"
Great preparations are being- made
for the "Messiah" which will be given
by tho chorus at 10 o'clock, December
19, in Memorial Hall. A stringed or
chestra will assist. This will bo about
the best free entertainment that will
take place this year and a large num
ber of students are expecte4 to attend.
State Teachers.
The Stato Teachors' association will
meet at Lincoln from December 31,
to January 2, inclusive.
General sessions will be held fore
noons in the new chapel of tho uni
versity and evenings In 8t. Paul's
church. No pains aro bolng spared
to make this a star numbor in tho
list of teachers' associations. Many of
the best educators of the country will
be present.
Among other treats will be an ad
dress to the teachers of literature by
Prof. L. A. Sherman.
There will be a program of no small
merit on Wednesday, December 31, at
which Professor Starr of tho school of
music, will rendor a vocal solo. After
the program there will be a reception
given to tho Nebraska teachers by the
teachers of tho Lincoln schools.
Captain Jplm Westover will give a
spread to tho foot-boll team Friday
Fred "Williams,
'00, is teaching in
Tho Georgetown College of LaV, at
Georgetown, Washington, -desires to'
schedule a debate with the University
law school -
Lieutenant Weeks, formerly Com
mandant of the University Cadets, has
returned from the Philippines where
ie was stationed with the 30th infan
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