The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, September 30, 1902, Page 2, Image 2

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The Daily Nebraskan
A nowBpaper devoted to tho Interests
of tho University of Nebraska.
(Published at tho
Unlvorslty of Nebraska.
A consolidation of
Entored at tho poBtofllco at Lincoln,
Nob., as second class moll matter .
Subscription Prlco $2.00 per year.
Circulator Fred K. Nellsen.
Advertising Manager P. P. Duffy.
R. A. McNown.
Wm. A Shock.
Carlton C. Wilburn.
Wm. Case.
There will be room In a short time
on the "Dally Nebraskan" staff for
some more men. The number will be
Increased, not sacrificing quality, oh
fast as possible. It is the aim of the
board or directors to have a first-class
paper In the university. This can
only be done by placing the adminis
tration of the paper and the staff mem
bers, both editors and reporters, on a
ptrletly competitive basiH. No man
who will be placed on the paper can
hold his position unless he shows some
ability. As soon as possible ther will
be a series of dally editors whose bus
iness will be to stand responsible for
the news of the day. The work on the
paper Ib very practical and made the
practical end of the course offered In
Those In this class who show the
best ability, and have the best "news
Instinct" will be placed on the paper's
staff of editors.
By this statement It Is expected that
the student body will understand how
the paper Is run and will come more
closely In touch with It.
Outing has selected the following
men for the All-American college base
ball team of 1902: Pitcher Lupdgun,
Illinois; catcher Green, Princeton;
first base Pearson, Princeton; second
base Steinwender, Princeton; third
base Guernsey, Yale;
Meier, Princeton; left field Brown,
Princeton; center field Barnwell,
Yale; right field Wear, Yale. Substi
tute pitcher, Garvan, Yale; substitute
catcher, Wlnsloy, Yale.
University Calendar.
Sept. 30. University ChoniB, 5 p. m.
Oct. 3 University Cluu uance. Work (lone by the journalism class
Oct. 4. Boulder College vs. Nebras- iH now being published in the "Daily."
ka, at Boulder, Colo. At present the worK is crude out inai
of some members of the class shows
promise. Occasionally a whole paper
goes Into print exactly as It was writ
ten. But such cases are rare.
The average copy Is full of mistakes;
mistakes of grammar, spelling, punctu
ation, capitalization. By the time the
editor Is done with It it Is scored from
short stop .top to bottom with blue pencil marks.
The eldtor Is only human and It gives
his heart satisfaction when a paper
comes Into his hands which he can
turn over to the printer without a
single correction. If the amateur re
porter will look to his spelling, punc
tuation and capitalization he will help
The members of the class In chem- the editor and at the same time help
istry 1 have had their schedules some- himself.
what unsettled during the past week. Again, much of the material is of
Because of a conflict In the printed such a nature that It can not be used,
schedule between chemlBtry and phy- Take, for instance, this Item. "Old
slcs It was found necessary to have Autumn Is with us once again, strew
two divisions of the class. Professor . ing the ground with leaves." This is
Nicholson tried to make some arrange- not a news Item. It Is a Bad attempt
ment whereby all the class could meet at poetry. Let us have facts that the
at the Bame hour and thuB lighten IiIb students want to know, plain unvar-
w"ork, but he finally decided to meet nlshed facts, written clearly, without
two divisions, one at 10:30 and the . the use of superfluous words. The bus-
other at 11 : 30. InesB of the reporter is to tell facts
and not write poetry. Do not try to
write unless you have something to
FOOT BALL PARAPHERNALIA. Every loyal spectator should
equip himself or herself with a megaphone, cane and streamer or
pennant and colors, and turn out to help the team to success. Mega
phones that will last you several seasons, 25c to 50c; Canes, 10c, 15c,
up; Pennants, 15c, 35c to $1.50; Scarlet and Cream Ribbon and
Streamers; Football Buttons, Souvenirs, etc.
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Mat Mounting Board for your Pictures, 10c for a large sheet. U. of
N. Pennants, 15c up to $1.50. Fraternity Pennants, Pennants of
Eastern and Western Colleges. Pictures of the campus and build
ings, the farm, cadets, etc.
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SOUVENIR SPOONS. Something to remember your friend with.
Small and large sizes. Design of Library building engraved.
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Seal, Initial, Pennant, Etc. Twelve styles.
U. of N.
A University of Michigan co-ed re
cently had a copy of the University of
Michigan catalogue unbound and one
page altered, so that her own record
was Improved, after which the volume
was rebound and sent to the young wo
man's parents. The co-ed was sup
posed to bo working hard for a de
gree, but in reality had only been tak
ing a few "snap" courses, and was not
in line for honors, consequently Bhe
wished to get rid of the undesirable
"S" after her name In the catalogue.
The Yale News made the following
brief statement regarding the new in
structor of military Bclence at that col
lege. Captain Smoke was last year
commandant of cadets at the univer
sity: "The course in military tactics, which
was discontinued at the outbreak of
tho Spanish war in 1898, will be re
sumed this fall under the supervision
of Captain Samuel A. Smoke. The
course was discontinued because Cap
tain Murray, who was then detailed
to Yale, was ordered to the front. Cap
tain Smoke served throughout the
Spanish war and has been detailed to
the University of Nebraska since the
close of hostilities."
have the right of appeal to the commit
tee hereinafter provided for, for the
enforcement of these resolutions, In
cluding an observance of the customs
specified In any particular instance that
may come before their notice.
IV. There shall be a committee
composed of the following five per
sons: The vice-presidents' of the two
upper classes, the editor-ln-chlef of the
Prlncetonian, and the manager and as
sistant manager of the baseball team.
The duties of this committee shall be:
1. They shall decide all questions
arising in tho interpretation of these
2. They Bhall summon before them
all members of the freshman class who
are accused of violating the terms of
these resolutions, investigate the
charges brought against them, and, if
found guilty, shall decide upon the
punishment to be inflicted.
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graph supplies.
Typewriter and Mimeo-
Amherst College will hereafter give
the degree of Bachelor of ArtH for three
years' work.