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The Daily Nebraskan
VOL. I, NO. iat.
tj " Vnr j . -1 v.
Contestants from Two Bute Will Meet
Tonight in Memorial Hall. '
Both Bides Prepared
for the Fight.
The enemy has arrived and before
the weary students shall have retired
tonight all will know whether or not
we are "hlsn." At any rate the Colo
rado debaters were scheduled to arrive
in Lincoln at 5 o'clock this morning,
when, they were taken to the Llndell
hotel, where they will be the guests
of the debating association. Those
who are not able to get a glimpse of
the "Websters" from Colorado during
the day will find their pictures in uni
versity hall on the" faculty ' bulletin.
They look as If they came for busi
ness and it is very probable that the
Memorial hall tonight will be the
busiest place In Lincoln.
Extensive preparations have been
Koing on for -some time and the debate
tonight promises to be a very success
ful affair from every point of view.
Not only will those attending be given
an opportunity to listen to the best
speakers whiph tho two universities
can put up, but also to hear the gov
ernor of Nebraska preside at the de
bate and the university band render
some of tho selections which have
-made' it bo popular this year. An organ
solo will alBO bo given by Professor
Kimball In order to place the audience
In a receptive mood and to All the de
baters with a martial spirit. After Pro
fessor Robblns lecture yesterday
morning to the law students, in which
he urged upon them tho desirability of
attending theso dobntes and taking in
terest In them, for success in their pro
fession would In a largo measure be
governed by their ability to debate, it
is very probable that all the law stu
dents will attend in a body. In order
that the speakers may not be inter
rupted by tho passing of the crowds,
no one will bo permitted to enter while
a speaker has the floor.
Tho Judges of tho debate for the
evening will bo: Hon. J. H. Mcintosh
of Omaha, Judge Sedgwick of the su
premo court and Hon. Albert Watklns
of Lincoln. Tho debates will begin
promptly at 8 o'clock and everyone
should be there on time in order not
to Interrupt the speakers.
The attendance at convocation Wed
nesday morning was not as large as it
should have been and the mass meet
ing In tho interests of debating was
rather devoid of the enthusiasm so
manifest in like meetings last fall.
Chancellor"vAndrowB, in Introducing
the subject, laid Bpecial stress upon
the support duo all teams of the uni
versity by tho student body.
Prof. E. A. Itoss. who is lecturing at
Harvard this week, sent the following
note, which Chancellor Andrews read
and emphasized:
"Though I am absent, my heart is
with you In the debating roll. Surely
the team which has for three months
been working in silence will be greeted
by a full and cheering house. Every
footbnll enthusiast wjll attend, unless
ho thinks brawn deserves more en
couragement than brain."
Professor Fogg, when Introduced,
gave two reasons why the university
shquld support the thinking contest
Friday night. In the flrstplnce, the
Varsity Baseball Team Defeats Nebraska
Weslejan in a One-Bided Oon-
teat. New Men in the
The Nebraska Wesleyan nine proved
easy victims to the superior skill and
ability of the 'varsity team yesterday,
being defeated by a score of 18 to 1,
after seven Innings of rather one
sided play. ThlB was the first game of
the season with a team from another
school and the boys were given a fair
chance to show what they could do.
The Methodists were out-played in
every respect, and could hardly make
tho game Interesting to Captain Bell's
colts. The Wesleyan men have not
had the practice and experience of the
university team, and It Is greatly to
their credit that they were able to do
what they did
Mrs. Emerick gave a pleasant sur
prise party Wednesday evening at her
iiome, 515 North Thirteenth street, for
J. A. Green. Mr. Green will go soon,
to Fort Dodge, la, to do construction
work for the C. & N. W. railroad. Most
of the guests were engineering; Btudonts
of the university
Frank Dobson Is going to Mitchell
to gaugo tho Platte river nt that point.
J. C. Stevens will go to Superior to
gaugo the Republican river.
Colorado Tonight!
"MunicipaLl Ownership of
Street RaLilwaLtjs"
Dr. Ross has been absent fromvthe
university this woek, being engaged in
a lecture courso which he presents at
Harvard. While there he will deliver
four lectures on different subjects in
cluded under tho study of sociology.
Ho will also speak before the Twen
tieth Century club of Boston on "The
Probable Future of American Society."
He will be absent about ten days.
representatives of the university de
mand It. In the annual interstate de
bates the university has its only oppor
tunities to discover what it Is develop
ing In the mental line. In debating the
university is undoubtedly behind other
universities of its own rank in other
matters. In Colorado the debater gets
the credit for what ho deserves, and
In Wisconsin he receives the highest
honors awarded to anyone. Mr. Fogg
Impressed it upon his hearers that tho
university owes the team support both
because it deserves it and because it
needs it The members of the team, ho
said, have spent much time and labor
on the debate and it is only fitting
that they should be given hearty sup
Dr. Hill said that at times there was
some reason fQXJndtfference in debat
ing because often the "debaters are mere
talkers. This year, however, the de
baters have been spending much time
on sound thought and careful investi
gation and they have beon made to
think instead of talk. It will be a de
bate of intellectual skill and the uni
versity should Bhow the team that ltB
work is appreciated, so that hence
forth the best students will enter.
Professor Caldwell spent a little
.time In discussing the reasons whjrthe
debaters should be supported.
A largo number of tickets were
pledged by both faculty and students.
Captain Bell did not appear on the
field, his place being taken by ex-Captain
Rhodes. Tho 'varsity pitchers
were all given u chance to work out.
The line-up:
Raymond lb
Gaines 2b
Hood 3b ..
Rhodes sh
. . . A. Enyert
Sullivan and
Pewesenbury I committee
C M. Hummel, who has been out on
a B. & M. surveying party as draughts
man, is in tho city. '
Jake Frankforter, the Janitor of the.
mechanic arts building, was tho re-(
clplent of a pleasant surprise. The
students of the C. E. department pre
sented him with a meerschaum pipe.
It was presented with a great deal of
The sophomore class held a meeting
Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock In
tho old chapel. The president called
Mr. Tobin to the platform to speak on,
the coming debate. Mr. Tobin told of
the time and labor the debaters had.
put on their work and urged his fel
low classmates to support them.
The subject of the sophomore party
was then taken up. Mr. Kanzlor, as
chairman of the committee, reported'
the progress that had been made. He
predicted a good time for all who at
tended the party. Tickets were ready
for those who wished them. Tho op
portunity of getting acquainted and the
chance for exhibition of class spirit by
attending tho party was clearly shown
by several speakers, Messrs. Belli Al
len, Blckford, Baldwin, Wilson, Weeks.
Johnson and Misses Erford and Mc
Eachron. The president appointed a reception
consisting of Messrs.
1. r.
. ..Olson
c. f. .O. Enyert, Capt.
Townsend and
Do Putron
Sholmer and
Doano and
Bender, Thomson,
Lentherby and Rohrbaugh and
Townsend p Sullivan
Umpire Koehler.
Ritchie, Thomas, Blckford, Baldwin,
MlBses Erford, Kocken, Douglas, King.
C. A. Tucker, university Jeweler, 1128
r. f.
Sampson , O street.
The young ladles In the Bccond year
claBB in domestic science, numbering
about nineteen, made a trip to tho uni
versity farm yesterday afternoon to
study the scientific tests for milk. Miss
The faculty of the industrial college
at their mooting Wednesday evening
agreed on the following courses.which
they will recommend to the regents
(or adoption: A .new four-year pro
medic group; a three-year course in
the school of agriculture; a new course
for the nine weeks' winter courso of
agriculture and a special course in
dairying. They also propose some
changes in tho present domestic
science course.
J. J. Thomas has gone to Chicago
to visit at home a few weeks, after
Jones of the department conducted the which he will go to Nevada to take
party. i charge of his mining. interests. -
The sophomore party committee is
making preparafib'ns for what prom
ises to be a very pleasant social event.
i to be held in the armory to-
morrow evening. All that can be done
for tho success of tho party is being,
done. Dancing and games will be the
chief amusements of the evening. One
end of the armory will be reserved for
those who wish to play games and .the
remainder of the -floor will bo 'used,
by those who wish to trip tho light
fantastic to the music of Quick's
orchestra. Mr. Kanzler, chairman of
the committee, promises that refresh
ments will be served. A reception
committee of eight will see that their
classmates do not remain strangers to
each other.
Many have signified their intention
of attending and all indications go to
show that the party" will bo well attended.
i ? J J
- V,