The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, March 13, 1902, Page 2, Image 2

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Tte Dally Nebraskan
A Newspaper devoted to tho Interests of tlio
mlty of Nobrak,
Tho HenperWin. Vol. XXX
Tho NohriiHkim. Vol. XI
Tho Hcarlct a Crram. Vol. Ill
HtorllnK H. Mct'nw.
R. W. lvrlior.
MannuliiK Kdltor
Business Matmurrs
AKklHtnnt Kdltor
Chan I. Taylor, i
has. K. WoIIn.
. T. Hill.
V. C. Untie. It A. MoNown. FI. (J. Nolson
Wm Cast Dun (Jutloben.
Kntored nt tho post otllce at Lincoln. Nob us
Hecoud CliiNN Mull Matter
TAIN? The HiiKKCHtlon In yesterday's Ne
braHluiti regarding the placing of a
fountain or .some other Hlmilar decora
tion on the campus has met with the
approsal of several members of the
faculty. The plan Ih undoubtedly a
Kood one and one that ought to be
piiHlied through to success.
The Nebraskan will be pleased to re
ceive communications regarding it
from persons interested.
Professor Emerson of the department
of horticulture writes as follows:
Editor Daily Nebraskan. I note your
editorial in today's paper suggesting
the placing of a fountain or other sim
ilar decoration on the university
campus I wish to second the Idea
most heartily The new plan of orna
mental planting vhl h is being grad
ually worked out on the campus antici
pates the possible use of fountains,
statuary, etc II seems to me It would
be well if all the classes now In the
university or some group of classes
that have gone out of the university
could unite In erecting a fountain,
group of statuary or other similar dec
oration, the various parts of which
might represent the individual classes
concerned. It would then be compara
tively easy to secure unity of design
in the whole group, something too
seldom seen iu buildings, ornamental
planting, etc Sincerely yours,
At the meeting of the athletii board
last night it was oted to expend $1!hi
in the pun base of suits and supplies
lor the baseball team Manager Slud
ler reported a few open dates in his
schedule. The games will be played,
so far as it known now, as schedule
in the Nebraskan last week
Manager Engel of the football team
reported his schedule as complete and
contracts signed for all the games.
There has been no change in the
' schedule since its publication a few
days ago.
A track committee composed of Pro
fessor Richards as chairman, Cortelyou
and Manager Clinton, was appointed.
No further provision was made for
track meets with other institutions.
Sidle's Sporting Goods House
Tennis, Rase Hull and Gymnasium Goods. Agency for
ijbjrald and National Bicycles. Send us your lie pair Work.
1304 O STREET.
PHONE F 1038...
This month's Cosmopolitan contaiiiB
an Interesting article on cassava, the
latest thing in the way of agricultural
possibilities. i ne plant is raised to
great advantage in the soiu.iern states,
and Is valuable for the amount of
starch it contains, and also for the
food product known as tapioca
"German University Life"
(Continued from I'lir 1)
Theological club olten Invites in a min
ister to address them or to lead in the
discussion of some question So they
were recently discussing "The Coming
of Cod's Kingdom on iMirth" from be
hind their beer mugs and cigar fumes.
The students here look upon drink
ing as a manly sport, much as they do
upon fencing, and it would be as diffi
cult to eradicate the one evil as the
other. The ' Commers" and the "Men
sur" both are time .mnorcd student
customs. The student songs abound In
exaltations of bot practices. And
though the "Mensur is restricted to
the "Schlagenden Hurschenschaften,"
that is. "fighting fraternities." it must
be quite generally participated in,
judging from the number of scarred
faces one sees. I have seen three ban
daged faces In a single class. So long
as the "Mensur nourishes as it does
here In Strassburg there is no danger
that duelling will become an absolete
( ustom in Germany
I do not wish to convey the idea
that drinking and fencing are the hief
occupations of the average Oerman
student. Ear from it. The Cerman
student knows how to study, and he is
a hard and persistent worker He par
ticipates in drinking and fencing not
for their own sakes. but as a means of
recreation. Not infrequently the lead
er in the "Kneipe" is also the leader
in the "Seminar" The (ierman stu
dent believes In a thoroughness that
would appal many of us Almost with
out exception students specializing in
physics take third year mathematics
Eour years is looked upon as the mini
mum for the doctor's degree and many
students spend live, six and even seven
years at the university, but I am told
that the standard here is somewhat
higher than in the majority of the
Cerman universities
The semester is drawing to a close
The ofllcial date for closing is March
liL', but most of Lie lectures will close
by March 1. The custom of closing
thus early is said to survive from the
Napoleonic regime, when an ordinance
was passed compelling students to pay
rent for the fim month. The result
was that students dropped out by the
first to avoid paying the March rent
It is one of the cases in which a single
man's mistake causes joy to untold
An important conference 1b to be
held In Lincoln on the 5th and 6th days
of April, aiming to improve the meth
ods of religious education. The call
for this conference waH issued by a
number of gentlemen connected with
the University of Nebraska and others
representing the Pastors' association of
Lincoln. It has been supported heartily
by men of prominence and power
throughout the state, and a program
of exceeding interest and promise haa
been secured. The conference Is now
regarded by tnose interested in it as
an assured success
The aim of this movement does not
include the discussion of religious
views or doctrines It is merely an
Interdenominational effort to meet and
overcome the diiiiculties wnlch beset
the problem of religious training in
modern life. To a great extent these
difficulties arise from a want of knowl
edge concerning the things to be taught
and the best methods of teaching them.
It is believed that much light may be
thrown upon problems of family train
ing and that the effectiveness of Sun
day school worn may be improved by
the application of modern educational
methods This conference will contain
much of good for many people, and
should receive the hearty support of
all interested in the upbuilding of the
religious life of the nation.
Where are you going , 'my your SPRING
SHOliS? Upon youi ! sion depends a
great deal of personal comiort, as well as
economy. We carry the best that money
can buy. Look over our stocK before pur
chasing. Perkins 6l Sheldon,
1120 O STREET.
The Omaha
Tenth and Pacific Streets,
1 v
vf v
v' -y
The makers of Hunts'
hats say "AcKcnising
is simply this -having a
good article at the right
price andtelling all the
world you have it."
Hawes $3 New York
hats alpines and
derbies are good hats
at the right price. Five
hundred agents sold
these hats last year to
three hundred thousand
II 1 Att Ikr loir ox'"l " tklt city
Our spring line of
Is now complete
Omaha, Neb.
ege offers a graded extending over four
annual .sessions.
The ? Ivantiitfes Iin,i ,.e.
quiremer I of the college are
fully up to the requirements
of the present times, and the
conditions luid down by the
ussoeiution of;Ameriean Medi
cal Colleges, of which this
college is member. For in
formation address.