The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, March 12, 1902, Page 2, Image 2

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' WW !W' "TOP"-" "ff"y.,y-. o.,, n
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-- X v ."( " v -
kW ' "" "' - A ,' r
Tlie Dally Nebraskaji
A N'WHifior (lcvotol to tlio Interostn of thn
Unlcr(tlty of Nebraska,
I'lio lloxporliui. Vol. XXX
The Nelinisknn Vol. XI
'I In- Kcnilet .1 Crown. Vol. Ill
Htorllnu II. McCuw
H. W. Iliirlior.
Clms I. Tiiylor. i
Oluis. K. Wells, i
H T. Hill.
MaiiitgliiK Keillor
Kdltor In-Chief
Husliirss MiuinncrK
Assistant Kdllor
V. 0. Hatle. It A MrNowu II. G. Nelson
in Case. Dan Uutlolmn.
Kntereil at tlu post nlllm at Lincoln Neb as
Hccoml Class Mall Mutter
Ah thn tlmo draws near when the
Honior clnHH of 1902 will leave itfl alma
mater, the Dally NehraHkan calls the
attention of ItH members to the tlmo
honored custom of leaving behind some
memorial. In behalf of the university
we mention the fact. We do not mean
to Insinuate that the class has no plans
In process of development, but at this
time It is considered not out of the way
to drop the Huggostlon that moro 's
expected of each class as It leaves the
There is a great tendency for stu
dents to come to the state umvfrsltv,
reap all the good that there can be
obtained and after having the pari h
ment roll placed in their hands, walk
out of the gates to return .io more,
without een a regret for leaving and
no indication of any debt whlci thev
owe to the state and the unlveislty
for the development and grow'.h which
they have experienced in the'.r own
t- w,,.en once the gradual in goin it
! the rule and not the exception ihat
he Is never heard of again in connec
tion with the university. Now, Ihcn,
on graduation Is the opportunity of
fered to the class as a whole to sho.v
to their colleagues and fellow citizen i
the appreciation they feel for what has
fallen to their lot.
We suggest that the present senior
class follow the example of Wisconsin
this year and place a fountain or deco
ration of some such nature on the
campus. Let it be known that TJ02 hem
put it theie and let it e worthy of
the clai
Mrs. Kathenne Fisher -md Viss
Clara Mulliken entertained the a'
members of Delta Gumma nt th.i !iap
ter house on Monday evening at ivu
regular meeting.
The neod of a giee club was made
manifest a few days ago when an
alumnus suggested the idea of writing
a university song. The question at once
arose. How could such a song bo
brought to the attention of tho stu
dents without a club? If a satisfactory
production Is brought forth it should
bo learned by the entire university
body. It should be used as a rallying
song at football games and athletic
The lack of a good gleo club la un
doubtedly to some extent tho cause
of tho lack of rooting spirit which was
so marked last year.
The provost of tho University of
Pennsylvania has just received a
check for $10,oju towards the building
fund of tho new medical laboratories.
The donor desired his name withheld.
This 1b tho tlmo of the year when
work drags and the usually industrious
student fools an irresistible longing for
eternal rest. Tho first manifestations
of spring fever are to bo seen in tho
small groups that gather in convenient
places about the campus and to whom
the loudly clanging gong calls in vain.
It Is tho inconsistency of fate that
Just at this time when the disinclina
tion to work is almost universal tho
heavy work of the semester comes with
the mld-semestral examinations. The
only thing to do is to buckle In and
show some of the grit that has made
our forefathers famous.
(Continued from Pane 1)
with the apex cut off, and the opening
thus made closed up with a stiff Ir-
cular plate three or four lm lies in di
ameter. Rut whatever the headgear,
each man wears a cane, one might
think that canes are the indispensable
tools for acquiring knowledge in Ger
many. Here and there is mingled with
the throng an officer in conspicuous
uniform, and now and then a priest.
Everybody Is moving, some are en
gaged In smoking, some in animated
conversation, otners are munching a
biscuit or a sandwich, many are merely
walking to make room for others Sud
denly tho university clock strikes the
quarter and Instantly every step is di
rected toward the lecture rooms which
enclose the corridors on all sides In
lesB than two minutes the halls are as
deserted aB they were on the day set
for the opening.
To an American tho first day in the
lecture room presents some unaccus
tomed scenes. As a teacher the first
thing that attracted my attention was
tho absence of blackboard erasers.
Their place is taken by a wet sponge
and a rough towel, instruments which
I believe would not survive long if the
Germans took the trouble to learn of
us that we do to learn of them. Ea h
room contains one blackboard, or at
most two, one ulune the ou.or so con
nected that as oik is lowered the. other
rises One or two walls of the room
contain hooks for the o on oats, cups
and tunes of the students, which when
the class is in session pieseut a motle
appearance. When there is a gicat
difference in the desirability of the
seats, students iosere seats by tacking
their cards on the desks. The profes
sor is invariably the last to enter and
tho first to leave uie room. Ills en
trance, happy utterances and successful
experiments are applauded by a noisy
schuffliug of feet, never by clapping of
hands. Tardiness on the part of tho
Btudents is almost unknown and is
looked upon as a disrespectful act. The
professor, on the first, as well as the
last, day enters the lecture room at an
exact moment and without an Instant's
delay, sometimes before he has quite
reached the platform, says "Meine
Herren" and plunges into his subject
Never a word Is wasted on preliminar
ies or explanations of any kind. Ills
closing is just as prompt as his begin
ning. He never tries to say funny
(To be Continued.)
The makers of HawtV
hats say "Advertising
is simply this-having a
g(Kd article at the right
price and telling all the
world you have it."
Hawcs' $3 New York
hats alpines and
derbies are good hats
at the right price. Fie
hundred agents sold
these hats last year to
three hundred thousand
WV arf Ikr fit sjrmlier tku ntj
Our spring line of
Is now complete
Where are you going i. 'my your SPRING
SHOES? Upon your en- 'sion depends a
gieat deal of personal coiniort, as well as
economy. We carry the best that money
can buy. Look over our stock before pur
chasing. Perkins & Sheldon,
1129 O STREET.
Tenth and Pacific Streets, :
Little Ovals .'Joe per dozen
Como andbee my work 1214 O Street
Cut Flowers
and Plants.
Funeral Designs
on Short Notice
Stackhous & Greer,
The Standard
for Gentlemen
The Name " BOSTON !
GARTER " Is stamped
Ion every loop.
Lies flat to the leg never
0lips, rears nor Unfastens,!
bold everywhere:.
Sample jwlr, 811k Wc
M&1U.1 on receipt of prlre.
J DEO. FH08T 00., Miktri
notion, Ilui., U.B A.
EyERY Pair Warranted-
: : : : Omaha, Neb.
ege offers a graded
course extending- over four
annual sessions
The Wantages and re
quiromer t of the college are
fully up to the requirements
of the present times, and the
conditions laid down by the
association of'American Medi
cal Colleges, of which this
college is member. For in
formation address.