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The Daily Nebraskari
i i
VOL. 1, N().0f.
Miss Bou'on Discusses tho Food
Question at Oonvocation-
Mentnl Life Dependent
on Nourishment.
M iss Ronton, adjunct professor in
chemistry, addressed t lie students of
the imiversilv at coiivnctaion ester
day morning upon the tood question.
She pointi d" out a tew means hv which
everyone might receive Ijenelit.
Food, "said Miss Ronton, "is that
which enahles us to pertorm tin; I unc
tions of life. And there are three
classes or tin? functions, mental,
physical, and spiritual. The first
class, physical lood, is an absolute
necessity for maintaining both, tho
mental and spiritual. Some people
exist on a very small amount of poor
tood. This does not lead to practical
results. Here m the university cer
tain opportunities come to every stu
dent, and he cannot make the most
ol them without a certain amount of
good nourishing food. Miss Ronton
mentioned the diet of the foot-ball
teams which leads to the best physi
cal results It has not been so scien
tifically demonstrated, howeer, that
mental lile Is dependent upon what
wo eat. Hut mental life i.1 depen
dent upon what we cat. Hut it Is,
no aoubt, of great inlluence. Our
observations of other ueoplo lead to
the conclusion that kind and quanti
ty of fo id inlluence mental efficiency.
'Furthermore," said Miss Houton,
"1 l.elievo that our moral lire depen
ds very largely upon what we eat,
and that Is why I believe- this is an
important matter for your considera
tion. All our life is high, but the in
tellectual and moral are the hlghcs
and thev depend somewhat upon the
Miss Houton discussed the. various
food principles, motioning five classes.
The first three are nutritious, the
others non-nutritious, namely minerals
and water. As a rule people do not
drink enough water. The first class of
nutritious food, the nitrogenous, builds
up the tissues which are wearing
away every day. Auumg the common
nitrogeous foods aie lean meat, eggs,
cheese and nuts. The second class,
the carbo-hydrates give heat and en
ergy, the lats give reserve force to
the body.
Varying conditions, according to
age, health, occupation and climatic
conditions require different propor
tions of the various food-elements.
Hut there is a certain law, in gener
al, to tho effect that the fats and carbo-hydrates
should lie in the same
There are four great mistakes in
diet, under-nutritlon, over-nutrition,
wrorg proportions, und food
nbt properly propared. The first
condition, under-nutrition, is found
among the poor, tho lazy or the very
busy also among those people who
are over economical either in time
or monqy matters. Women are apt
to eat too little nitrogenous food
food and too much carbo hydrates.
In over-eating ono gets too much
nitrogenous matter. Students often
find dllllculty in getting food to suit
them at boarding houses. Hut, they
can choose from tho food ottered and
sometimes need to sjpplement the
"It is largely a matter of backbone
to eat what we know is giod for us"
said Miss Houton In closing" Wo
want to leain to think clearly and
live rightlv."
In a hotly contested game of bas
ket ball the sophomores defeated the
high school team last night by a
score ol 20 to i.'l. Dr. Condra acted
as refereo and Ferguson and Nelson
as umpires. The gamo was very much
on the order of football but perhaps
all the more entertaining on that
account for every one played his
best, enthusiasm Increasing as the
gamo progressed.
The high school was well lepresent
cd in the gallery and the armory
rang with cheers when its team
made a goal or the sophomores failed
in an attempt.
Class standings are in a muddle
now. Tho freshmen defeated tne so
-a-a-a r.niwiPAMV p &&&& X
Thursday, March 13th.
phomores not long ago and they in
turn went down before tho high
school. Now the question with the
class teams is: "Whcro are we at?"
KEN. At the meet of the central aniatuer
athletic association held at Mtlwaukeo
last Sautrday two indoor recoids
were broken. The meet was won by
the University or Chicago with 14
poinns. Reloit came second with 22
F. G. Malouy of the University of
Chicago won the 75 yards high hur
dles in 0:10 flat boatiug the world's
record by 1-5 second. Ed Merrill of
Reloit lowered the worlds indoor
record in tho 440 yard run by 1-5 of
a second his time being 0:52 2-5
seconds. Hlalr of Chicago came with
in 1-5 of a second or tho record in
the 50 yard dasli winning It in 0:07
4-5 seconds.
Messcrs Billings, Warner Turner
and North and Misses .Ilolley, Shin
ber, Thomas, Case and Hoose havo
returned from their trip to Toronto
where they wont as delegates to the
International student volunteer con
vention. Ham Anderson is spending
a few days in Chicago on h!s way
I back.
Dates for Trips Practically Filled -Series
of Games With Om
aha League arfd Nebras
ka Indians.
The basoball men were out on the
Held last night for acltve practice
and if tho weather continues good
the practice will bo kept up In
earnest. Thus fai a number of
promising men have, reported and
there is every reason to believe
that the team this vear will be one
of the strongest that has yet uono
Manager Shldler of tho team an
nounces that he has almost complet
ed the schedulo Tor this season's
games. There are now two open
dates that havo not been dellnitely
settled for the eastern trip.
The team will start out on its
northern trip about April 21 playing
the first game with Luther college at
Decorah, Iowa. On April 25 and 2(!
tho team will play tho University
of Minnesota at Minneapolis.
Ir the athletic relations with
Kansas I'niversity continue olea
sant the matter of football game
having caused some unfavorable talk
Walsh Hall, Informal
in that institution their team wll
play at Lincoln on May 1 and 2. On
tho evening of the latter dato the
university t3ani will start out on its
annual eastern trip making the first
stop at Des Moines where it will play
Highland Hark college. The rest or
the schedule is as follows:
Iowa State University at Iowa City.
Knox College at Galcsburi:.
Northwestern University at Evars
ton. Notre Dame at South Rend.
Purdue at Lafayette.
Missouri State University at Colum
bia. Kansas State University at Lawer
enco, two games.
Washington at Topeku.
St. Mary's College, at St. Mary's
Kansas State Agricultural Collogo at
After this trip has been completod a
Berios of games will be played between
the Omaha league- team, the Nebraska
Indians and tho university.
Creightou Medical College will jpluy
the university team for the first time.
Tho schedulo on tho whole ie a strong
ono and from present prospects, tho
team will bo able to make a strong
Prosidont Roorovelt and Football.
Prosidont Roosovolt iB quoted oh say
ing in rogard fo his eon's recent illness
"Ted is Btrong and ruggod, or ho
couldn't havo shown this wondorful
improvement. Ho had a littlo accident
hero last fall when ho broko his collar
bono playing football, but that is noth
ing. His mother was rather glad that
it happened, I think, as it Rlunvcd him
what to expect.
PATAHILITV. Tlio cliomicHl laboratory is as a rulo
the place of "reactions." Yesterday
however tho monotony of this rulo
was fiuddonly broken an 1 for a fow
moments it was tha scoce of tho liveli
est "action" on tlio part of oho of the
students who was industriously work
ing at pne of tho doskf.
Tho cauao of the commotion was an
accident which might havo resulted
tuoro seriously than it did, had it not
boon for tho proBenco of mind and tho
ability of the students to uso to ndvan
tago thoir knowledge of chemistry. In
some manner unaccountod for avhilo
C. 10. Hullanl was working at ono of
the laboratory desks a gallon Haek of
hydrochloric acid was ovorturnod and
fell directly upon tho place whoro he
was working. Striking tho doak tho
flask broke into a thousand pieces and
tho strong acid proceeded at onco to
combine with Mr. Dullard. Tho two
however scorned to havo very little af
finity for oach other and a bottle of
ammonia was therefore brought to the
rescue of Mi. Hydrochloric.
Repeated applications of tbo hydrate,
iogothcr with a number of ablutions in
aqua pura soon relieved Mr. Hullard of
hi discomforts as tho acid had rolioved
him of a part of his clothes which im
mediately thereafter roeomblod a com
mon eiovo more than tho garb of a
senior. Mr. Bullard took" appartmenta
in one of the offices whilo ho sont his
valot aftor another suit of clothoe. Tho
latter soon returned and relieved him of
his troubles.
Professor Rowo Succeeds Dr. Lindsay
At tho annual mooting of tho Hoard
of Directors of the American Academy
of Political and Social Science, Prof.
Leo S. Rowo, cf tho University of I'enn
Eylvannia, was electod president to fill
thoacancy made by the resignation of
Dr. Samuel Mc. C Lindsay, who was
rocently appointed Commissioner of
Education of Porto Rico. Dr. Lindsay
was, however, elected as one of tho
vieo-presidents, with Dr Franklin II.
Gidding and Prof. Woodrow Wilson
as associates. Dr. JamoB T. Young, ulso
of tho University of of Pennsylvania,
was elected secretary, Tho following
oflicors were re oloctod: Council Clin
ton Rogers Woodruff; treasurer, Stuart
Wood; librarian, John L. Ste-vart.
G. II. Ellsworth left today for
Fullerfcon to spend a fow1 davB4jGfore
going to Iowa City to assume his
duties in the University of Iowa,
lie will return to Lincoln Saturday
and will leave for Iowa City, Sunday.
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