The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, February 14, 1902, Page 8, Image 8

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(Column ffotn fnq;r ; )
lngfl, 25 cycles being loo low a fre-
quoncy for Inside Illumination. Turn
lug back towardH Ibo right could bi i
seen what wim claimed to be the lain
est Hlnglo cell of storage battery In
tho world. It was capal)le of gi Ing ,
lifl.OOO ampheres for a short time lie ,
yond this then' was a good si.ed model
of tlio Niagara Kalis power plant
showing the buildings, water intakes,
etc. There was also a laige model of
one building with tin- end ut off, with
a model generator i mi by a small tur
bine located In the wheel pit, wliul
was also open on one side Looking
straight ahead, across the aisle wasj
seen an Induction moloi made by the
Stanley Instrument Company Tills
Is of especial interest bee a-uM' of the
fact that the moving pait is magnetic
ally suspended, in fait rexohmg in
midair, with no Jewels. Mouels show
ing tills readily were, shown, besides
a number of complete meters.
On the south side of the building in
tills section were exhibits of Mr. H .1
Arnold, with blue prints, drawings
etc., of diflcient installations of hK
and exhibit of miiiiv small companies
making lamps, si ap .switches, small I
motors, fans, etc-., of but parsing in
terest. On the other side of Un
building and occupying the whole
northwest section, was the exhibit ol
tho Oeneral Klectrlc Company. Ilcu
were located the transformers, with a
suitable switchboard, taking caie ol
the lighting of the grounds Near b
win a 2." evelo svnc hronous itmtiu
lielteil to a Hi) c vc-le gene rator used lui
running the an- lamps m ilie buildir ;
in tin' e ening A large . tec 1 lb I
ilng for one of the in-w Ni.maia gen
eialois, seen to atii.i t iniii h a
tentiol), lifing set upon edge With .1
carpet i mining tin oiu;h ll Im- i i
one to walk thiouuh (die of tlieir new i
types of compensated alternator ih
of much interest, though the details o
construction weie not ea ilv seen
Some exhibition panels of Instruments,
switches, etc . seiiis arc and Inciui
descent laniis with uu'om.itie ie-;u
luting transformers, a milling loco
motive, an aic generator and some
motors c ompb ted tlii.s part of the
Kurt lie i along wa-. a st r-e t i.tilwin
motor equipped with the ( kl 'i
trie- in ul 1 1 jilt unit .sNstiin of coiitu.l
which Wlls opeiated siel.ll llllies .1
clay, appannth to diow n out a m
ocilerous pnonogi apn ixni. ih.u
by In front of this exhibit was a
large model of the ( Kb-ctric
works at Sc hnec-tadv, I. win. and llai
risen, showing their great nuinbei ot
buildings in an inleiesting way Op
poslte, in the center, was I lie exh
of the Northern Company, of diieit
current motors, and a. .joining tins
that of the Stanley Company of Mills
Held, Mass. Here was shown a Di)i
K. W.. 12.000 volt generator, tho hug
est on the grounds, a smaller synchro I
nous motor continually in operation. I
directly connected to a direct current
generator, a switchboard with the dif
ferent Stanley Instruments upon 1.
and with various Bwitche-i, fuses, etc ,
circuit-breakers, transformers, otc
Ono of the most Interesting tiling; wa .
the (10,000 volt switch, one of inan
used on the long power transmission
lines Installed by th(.Stanley Conn ..
In California. A large relief map ot '
a part of California. showing Hie
lines of the Standard Klectrlc Com
pany, was an interesting part of the
exhibit. i
Massing on were to bo seen the1
chloride accumulator and other hat
terles of the Klectrlc Storage Mattery
Company, and beyond, omitting some
1 J
minor exhibits, were found the
Crocker-Whcelcr Company, with a
lurgo number of Binall motors, '
across tho nlalo tho lhillock and Wiik ,
ner exhibits Here are hIiow n lines of
( ransfornierH, nlternatlriR and direct
current rnotorri, and home direct cur
rent generators When I visited the
exhibit a three pane switchboard witi
Wagner Instruments and switches u as
i,Picr erected bv Mr I, .1 Itelknan
(V of N . '(IS), who is In the IlulTalo '
o(Il( e of Hie two companies
Wo would now come to the center of
the building, which was occupied by
the West inghouse Company with b
far tho most conspicuous exhibit A
small three cylinder West inghouse
gas engine dliectlv connected to a
generator, was at the entrance to the
exhibit and back farther was a large
three cylinder gas engine, 12 or !."
feet high similarly connected to a
nun h larger generator Moth were In
operation most of the time and were
fully as silent as steam engines could
have been There was a large switch
hoard with vaiious 1 m' i at ing instru
tnentsi' some laige t lansfoi nic rs and
some higli tension tiansfoi mei -. wi'h
an electlic sign wliele CO OlMI to KM)
001) olt discharge fiom metallic let
ters on a plate glass lirn. gae true
ar'illcial lighting Display cases and
rae ks with switches, instruments etc ,
stands of pliotograohs of We, ting
house installations etc, surrounded
the exhibit At n It'll t the whole space
w:is lit up li sevei.ll bundle I Neilll
lanip. winch attracted much alien
turn liidh nlual lamps and pails wen
hown and explained bv an a'tenda it
I ills lamp set ins (e tineil lo take ,l'l
i Pit'oi lanl p-n t in 1 1 - -1 1 1 1 ii" m I lo- i ii
I lire espec 1 . 1 1 1 in sidle lei I II e
loolie: etc wliele liril'ht 1 1 1 II III 1 II . I
lion is desiiel wilhoill the bother nt
ieiiioing lailicuis as with ihe an
I imp
l'a l ing liiciee the We,l inghouse
exhibit were found exhibits of ma'i
small c (ifiipanie,. of por elalne ill.-
blocks switehe, 'in- lamps ami sin i
motor, t lie illllt 1 elll el. Illc 1 1 1 1 i i ,
some phonographic c ni anie -, etc
Near the east end were some iiiten-si
ing t lc phone c xhi'uts, one ol the Mul
lain Mell 'I eleplione Company Willi a
,w He lilioai cl i.i constant me with pi
station for c oinmui n a: ing with the
H'hl ot til" illv, and one of an lad.
pi ii i lent ( me pan w h lc li had a oinp'i '
Ii lephoilIC Ilftwolk oer I lie exposition
gi i mi ds and hid a sw He 1 1 boat d
,ut lew ol tbe i inn, lii llic ciii
t()I1 ,(1 ,,nUe.l .u the powc-i hou
l.l I ge, I a I II like st I in t Ul e III I lie 1 1. 1
pait ot Ihe gioiinds In it wen- lo
c ,'ltc it some illicit I III liilt genel.ltol
lor tlii - t c ii 1 1 1 ill pow cr ii cd 111 ih.
giounds, and a St. inlet, a Westinr
home, and a Waiien alleinaloi the
latter out of commission most ol th
time, which did the da light lighting
and furnished the alternating now m
n (h( ma, ,m,M.y building weie shown
M)im, elect lie automobiles, and there
U(re several in constant use on th.
Kn)llU(lH f()r mall ,.()llec-tion, ambii
iim,.t.s et(..
In Hie government building, in the
latter part of the exposition, there wi
a wireless telegraphy exhibit, show
ing. I think, the apparatus used b ih
gov eminent. Though there were some
things absent which one would natui
ally have expected to he present, I
think that the exhibit well showed the
'great advance in the electrical nidus
(.y Hlm,0 ,h(1 (-i,,!,,,, exposition ot
Kiiw itn A Hi ssi
Dr. Shoemaker's Private Hospital.
Special nttmition tdvru to .limse of wmi
nd all hiukioiiI .ii- ..-! -ruy examinatio.
with iu (lisruiiifoil or injury l uuttoct. Kt
erythuiff a- ImmeliLt) us i.odsiule. Hoard a&
p, o. BoxOSi. TelophoMW
II )
ii I f 1 'M HI,K VK '. I )S " is ,i collection of original poems by
A Will Kccd I)nnio , the .inthor of " Com Tassels " While
some of these poems have special icfcicnce to western life, most
ot tin. m ate upon tluiiKs as bio, id as humanity, and they ivo
e iK nee of an di-iei- of poetic talent in the author.
W J Hk in the Coiiiinonei.
l l.l. c.iioli lliicik
The University Publishing
r mi rcis i
Free! Free!
I he lns ot.tliin uf our s! ot usf. uti
iL.tliinv: ll mi lui v ii
Patent Kid Welt, Kiel Top
or ii
Patent Kid Turn, Cloth Top
It will Hint on 5 - mm
Perkins & Sheldon
1129 0 Street
Puget Sound
C.iimnt iumuh Micoli I, ami oiiliuuini;
l.iilx mini iinl :) t lit- Kut ll ii v:l on wilt
-ell inn .i sittU-is m keti t t he- ,il) t
I in UN .ii kic ull i filmed i iti s e ill mid
i;i t lull niloi luatliiu '
City Otfice Corner 10th and 0 Streets
Deoot 7th and P Streets
'orlrait and Lansdcape Photographer
130 5iutli nth street.
SIOKIS c n ul'
Co . Lincoln, Nebraska
c.i ni p i i
Colonist Excursion Rates
Lvery day during , he months f
n.rch and April, IV02, the UNION
PACIFIC will sell Colonist Excursion
tickets at the following one-way rates:
To Buttr, Aii.uoikI.i, ami Helena, $20 00
To Spokane 22 50
To points on C1e.1t Northern Ky .
Sjxik.ine to Wenatcliee, 111c ,
t m.i HnntiiiKton and S)okane ' 22 50
To points on Noilhern Ry.
west of ntarliee via Hunt- -
Hilton and Sjiokane, local over
liiatilu-e, not to exceed 25 00
To I', l'aeonia.and Seattle,
Ashland, Ore , and nitei medi
ate points, nic tiding branch
lines on S I' Co south of l'ort
land, via Portland . . 25 00
Corresponding low rates from Inter
mediate points on UNION PACIFIC.
)-Vrlte tor rules to pUnt.s not irlvcn above.
E. B. SLOSSON, Agent.
V. f J "SJIFJ ..