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The Daily Nebraskan
I i J
VOL I, NO 78
Varsity Basket-Ball Toam Wins
From the Methodists Good
Toam and Individual
Work the Feature.
The 'varsity basket ball team won
:i magnificent victory from the Wcb
Icyan toam last Saturday night In
tho Armory, by a scoro of 03 to 14.
The second team also defeated the
high school boys by the close score of
20 to 18.
The first team plaved with deter
mination at every point often to
such Rood purpose chat two or ihreo
goals would be thrown in as many
minuted. Then might follow a period
of biilllant Dlay on both sides, Weslo
yanbracinu up against tho losing score
in right loyal style. The scores they
won wero fairly earneo. They were
:iii tnii RnnrtBinen like fellows and it
is a great misfortune they aro so
severely handicapped for the merest
conveniences. With the use of a
good lloor they would liavo made a
vastly different appearence In tho
At tho beginning they started with
spirit enough to make tho onlookers
who favored tho home team a trifle
nervous, ana hero did the best part
of their work. Soon, however, tho
large smooth floor began to givo favor
to tho nomo team who wore much
lighter on thoir feet and rapidly
settled down into their usual close,
accurate work.
Pillsburyat center had no difficulty
in over-reaching his opponenL and
starting ovory play as ho pleaBed. So
sure of this point was ho that a sys
tom of Bignals could bo used to groat
advantage. Often from tho first
pass tho ball would go to the basket.
If it failed "Pill" would be be
neath to catch it.
What "Pill" accomplished by tho
advantage of height nncr steadiness.
Cortclyou did through extreme swift
ness and clever eluding of his onpu
nent. In the latter he was so suc
cessful as orten to have a free throw,
wbilo tbo latter was.recoverlng from
an inoffcotivo rush. Once ho touch
ed tho spectators off after several
unfortunate trials at tho goal, shout
ing at tho obstreperous sphero the
command, "Get in, there!"
Hagonslck threw quite as manv
oals as eithor of the otuers out no
did it in a less spectacular way. II is
raovoments wero clover and su cat-like
that no would often have the posi
tion ho desired before his guard unew
bo had moved at all. His accuracy
aU-tUo goal on such cccaslons was
pjoverblal, tho ball would drop neat
ly through tho basket without touch
ing its edges at all and often so
quickly that tho onlookers failed to
boo it in time for a full spontaneous
Koebler and Raymond, protected
Choir goal in an effcotivo way and
oftion found timo to run forward for
a goal. The strategem of changing
tho forwards and guards in position
was worked successfully several
times. Tills trial lea tho guards of
tho opponents down the field and
often failed to nring their forwards
up. So the goal was left entirely
unguarded to the lncreaso of Nebras
ka's score.
The second team was far more
equally matched against the high
school and though they finally won,
It was often vory doubtful how it
would turn out. T'c high school
sadly miss Benedict and llagensick
who, last year, did such enthulsastic
ana brilliant work. The second
team on tho other hand Is very
strong and often gives the first a
merry chaso In practice. Some of
the members may be pushed up to
a place on the first.
The teams wero better equipped
than ever before, as far as uniform
ing goes. The first team wore scar
let trousers and white jerseys bear
ing the "Varsity" N of the team,
and the second team were furnished
with black jerseys in contrast. The
opposing teams were quite as well
Tho dates of four of the games to bo
played next fall have practically been
settled. They aro as follows: Lincoln
high school, September 120; Doano
College, September 27; Minnesota,
November 1; Northwestern, Thanks
giving day. Arrangements with all
but Minnesota have pratically been
closed, and a mutual arrangement
has been made with Minnesota
which precludes much chance of a
change. An exohango of letters be
tween tho authorities of both Insti
tutions indicates that the date will
bo satisfactory to both.
Despite rumors to the contrary
there is still a llkelyhooo that the
Wisconsin gamo will be plaved. If
the contest comes oil it will probably
bo uctober 18 at Milwaukee. That
dato Is satisfactory to Nebraska and
correspondence from Wisconsin indi
cates that It will be acceptable to
Iowa is anxious for a game early
in the season but Coach Booth is op
posed to a hard contest so early in
tho season so nono is likely to bo
Thirty-une Mon Preparing for the
Preliminaries The Contest
Will be Held in Two
Sections Soon.
in preparation for tho preliminary
contest In debate to select tho mon
who arc to do the University's work
In Interstate debating this year with
Colorado, Kansas and Missouri, thlr-tv-onc
students are engaged.
The preliminary debato, which
mil be held either the end of exam
ination week or at the beginning of
the following week, promises to be
exceptionally interesting tills year,
because of tho oxcellonco of tho ques
tions ard also because of the uniform
ly high-grade ability In real de
bato of tho whole group of aspirants
for the places on tho interstate
The registration list Includes tho
following, about equally divided be
twben the two questions: Mr. At
kinson, Mr. Baldwin, C. J. Berkoy,
C. M. Bracelen, W.B. Catlln, J. L
Clark, C.P Craft, N. M. Cronln, J. C.
Doubt, b.C. Hawthorne, O. O. Home,
F. M. Ilun tor, F. J. Kelly, C. A.
Kutchcr, G. A. Lee. B. G. Lewis,
W. F. Meier, J. T. Mllok, Thomas
Maxwell, W. Morrow, C. C. Kortn,
J. N. Norton. J. n. Overturf, H. G.
Strayer, D. D. Stull, P. H. Smith,
Mr. Thomas, J. F. Tobin, Mr.
Willotts and William Yodor.
Tho dato of the preliminary con
test, which will bo held on two
evenings, will bo fixed by the T)o
batlng Board in a few days.
Tho debato in the Monday section
of English 11 this week will bo on
Resolved, That there should bo a
property qualification for voting in
municipal eleoyons. Tho principal
spoakers will bo Messrs. Ryraer,
Uchuvleman, James and Peters.
In criticising tho debato last Fri
day Miss Howells assisted. Messrs.
Dungan and Taylor, AlcCaw and
Burko argued tho proposition that
the United States would be justified
on moral and economic grounds, in
re-onaoting tho Chinese oxoluslQM
Church and Sects in England .was
tho subject upon which Dr. Jones
spoko to tho University convocation
Friday morning. ni remarks wero
prefaced with a "little sugar coat
ing" as ho called it. To his mind
theTe were two kinds of poeplo In
America those who did nut like the
English and thoso who did. Tho
view of the former was doubtless
due to lack of acquaintance with tho
English who aro extremely hospltablo
and courteous. In faot the Ameri
can often feels at a loss to under
stand tho cause for such attention.
The friendship and tho fellowship
of tho Enalisiiman, however, have
their bounds and these are quiokly
reached when he is approached on
the subject of religion. To him re
ligion 1b a very touchy subject and ho
is religiously intolerant. To be thus,
he believes it his duty. Evon such a
porson as Cardinal Newmann, a man
of the most courteous and cultivated
manners and who, it said, was
possessed with a feminine kindness,
said that heretics (those who differ
ed from him in religious views)
should bo shown no friendship but
dealt with harshly.
Intolerance 1b tho dominant issue
in tho Church and this was r.lcarly
shown by Its refusal to take part in
the Church Confercnoo recently held
at Chicago. To participate in this
meeting, it scorned to them, wns to
return to paganism.
With tho American people it is diff
erent. Thoy oro rollglously vory tol
erant, not, as the English bellevo
because they liavo no religion but
because they have found n modus
Vivendi whereby sects can livo side
by side in perfeot harmonv. Not bo
in England. There no modus vlvendi
has been found but on tho contrary, a
religious orisis is now in progress
which Is tho result of historical
The Church was originally a com
promise between tho Puritans and
the Anglo-Catholics. In 1002, came
the first schism in tho Church with
tho passage of the Acts ot Noncon
formity. This was followed by Wesley
ism. From that timo tho Church
was gradually dividing, the crisis
finally coming in 1832.
Public opinion soon oamo to tako
a strong Btand in the Cburoh. The
spirit of liberalism was rising and
thus we And Cardinal Newmann at
the head of the Oxford movement.
To stem this revival came a strong
Catholic (out Roman) revival. Tins
gavo particular emphasis to tlie ex
ternal form of the Church and
scorned everything Protestant. The
success of this was duo to the fact
that as yet tbo catholics had not
been attacked in this nonconformity
movement. The demand of the Non-
cof or mists for tho disestablishment
of the Churoh has been growing rap
dly In England. And Id 1800, there
is found for the first timo a move
ment against the Catholic party.
The high Church party is now de
manding the disestablishment of
the Church on tho ground that it
long ago ceased to be free.
Owing to the lack of time Dr.
Jones was unable to concludo his
nd dress.
Yesterday's meeting of tbo Y. M.
C. A. was one of the best attended as
well as most interesting which hare
been held this year. Dr. B. L. Paine
spoke to tho young men on "Com
promise's" showing that tu lead a
Christian life it was absolutely acces
sary to .cling to ideals, not to bo
drawn astray in tho least and com
promise oneself with evil. To have
an object in life coupled with some
firm resolutions is tho only safeguard
against compromises.
After the address by Dr. Paine
tho matter oflnoreaslng tho mem
bership of the Association was
disoussed. By the new pian a
largo number of tho members
have pledged themselves to sc
our o new mombers. It is hoped
by this means that the association
mombers will tako more aotlve In
terest and help the crowth of the Y.
M. O. A.
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