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The Daily Nebraskan
VOL. I, NO 65
2ova Porsei tho Subject of a Talk by
Profossor Swozoy Flashed
Into Sight Within
Three Days.
Tho bright star which appeared Id
the flrmanont last February, was the
subject of Professor Swczey's tain: at
convocation yesterday.
He said that new stars aro not in
frequent things but that this was a
-very rcmarkablo one. It blazed up
last February in tho costelation or
Poraews until In three days it was
tho brightest object in tho northern
sky. it was olBcovorcd by an astron
omer at Edlnburg on Fobruary 21
and by .several others in Europe and
America within a row hours. Professor
Swezcy saw it tho next evening at
its period of groat eso brilliancy ana
measured its magnitude frr a num
ber of days It has steadily decreased
in brilliancy until now It can not he
seon by the naked eye. Professor
iswezoy said that it is known to have
blazed up from utter invisibility
within three days, for three days
provlous to its disco vory a photograph
showing stars down to the eleventh
magnitude, was taken of that portion
of the sky in which the Btar 1b and
the photograph did not show it.
He said that the sudden appearance
of tne star was probably duo to tho
collision '.f a star with some other
body, very likely a nebular mass. The
spectrum showed double lines which is
Just what would uappen if two bodies
moving in different directlous,
should come togother.
Professor Swezey Is much interested
in tho star's phonomona and olosely
follows tho reports sent out from
Harvard. Ho montiond a photograph
taken in September with tho Yorkes
telescopo which shows sovoral wisps of
Nebulous light around tho star; also
ono taken in November at tho Lick
observatory which shows a spiral
movement of certain parts, of tho
nebula In a direction outward from
tho center. According to Prcfessor
bwezoy's statement theso spirals have
a vory surprising rate of motion
wnich according to computations Is
more than 2,500 miles per second.
Another phutngraph of Nova Persoi
was taken at Llok observatory about
two weeksago, said Professor Swezey,
which shows that tho remarkable
motion still continues.-
THE y. M. 0. A. ROOMS.
-Fifty lockers for tho use of students
Y. M. C,
Tho Zoological club will meet Wed
nesday evening Decombor 18, in tho
Zoological Libiary.
Tho program will bo as follows:
Some Parasltio dilates, by Gunther
E. C. Stovonson; Conjugation In
the Infusoria, by Hover H.W. Gray
bill, Development of tho Myxosporld
la, by Dofleln R. H. Wuloott.
Visitors aro cordially welcomo to
tho meetings of tho olub.
Forecast for Lincoln and vicinity:
Wednesday fair and warmor.
Weather report for 24 hrs. ending
7 pra Tuesday.
Highest temporaturo 0 degrees,
occurring at 7:00 pra. Monday.
Lowest temperature, 7 degroes,
occurlng at 8:30 am.
Moan temperature, I degree,
which Is 30 degrees below the normal.
Precipitation for tho past twenty
four hours, trace of snow.
Section Director.
A design is being made of an elab
orate dark room for tho use of the
mechanical engineering department.
It will bo built in tho wash room in
tho shops and will bo supplied with
all modorn conveniences Including
shelves for washing plates, a ventilat
or, and an arrangement that will
permit the photographer to leave the
room without exposing his work to
tho light. It will be of considerable
assistance to the prosper tlvo engine
ers who realize tho valuo of being
ablo to make a good picture.
will bo placed In
Tocms during the
ft'Neoraskan leportor paid a visit to
tho rooms of the University photo
grapher yesterday morning. Tho call
revealed a condition of industry and
prosperity that can hardly be equaled
by any Institution on the campus.
The great rush of work required tho
assistant's presonoo bofore tho radi
ator had had time to raise the tem
poraturo of tho room above the freez
ing point. At this unearthly hour
tho assistant photographer was found
standing on the radiator while sho
was thawing the developer and hypo
no a gas stove. When theso took on
a liquid form tho work of printing
pictures commenced In such a lively
manner as to remind the reporter of
the placard formerly placed over Pro
fessor Barbour's desk by which tho
visitor was informed to "conduct
your business with despatch and givo
Christmas vuoa-
Thoy will bo ready for uso by
-the timo tho studonts rotuxn for the
opening of school. Tho looker case
will be arranged along tbo east ond
of tho room. It is tho intention,. to
rent tho lockore to students for. a
nominal sum. They will bo fitted
with lock and key so as to give abso
luto security to tho belorgings of
the porson who rents them. In case
the demand warrants It'more will bo
constructed later.
Professor Wilson has charge of tho
devotional exorcises at tno convoca
tion meetings thlB week. Ho Is, so
far as tho timo at his command will
permit, Interpreting ana giving tho
historical Betting of the Xmmanuel
propbicies of Isaiah.
Westovor Unanimously Electod Gap
tain Engol for Manager
Graduato Manager
Captain John Westovor was yester
day rooleotod to his position at tho
bead of the football team. Tno
cboico was unanimous every voto
that was cast being for him. The
votes wore canvassed at tno meeting
of tbo atblotic board last night.
Chas. Engel was elected studont man
ager of football by tno board.
Tho election for captain was almost
a toregoue conclusion from tho start.
Whilo a few candidates appeared in
the distance, tho strength of current
opinion or so strong for the roelec
tion of Captain Westover, that tboro
was ilttlaiiouht at jmv time. Jit ilia
choice Tho only oblectlon seriously
urged against bis ohoico was that re
election would break a precedent.
For managor thoro were three candi
dates, Chas. Teach, C.E. Bullard and
0. W. Engel.
An old bill that has boon hanging
over tho board for tho last three
years was allowed. It was presented
by H. M. Benedict and was for ser
vices rendered as eweh for tbo base
ball team three years ago. During
tho past year the matter has been
undergoing Investigation.
A vote of thanks was passed bv the
board to tbo phvlsciuns. who gave
their services to the football team
during tho season. They wero Drs.
II. M. Evorett and John Boaohloy.
The basket ball management came
forward with a petition for lifty dol
lars with which to equip the team.
Tbo amount was allowed them.
Tho question of a graduate manager
which has been agitating tho minds
of tho student body fur somo time
and which has been given some
notice by tho board was taken up. It
was pointed cut, however, that
under tho present constitution a sal
aried managor could not bo elected.
Tho constitution provides for a stu
dent manuger who bhall serve without
pav. It was the opinion of the board
that this provision of tho constitu
tion would have to ho changed beforo
a graduato manager with a salary
could bo chosen.
ling his "Tumolo Woods," tho prldo
of his heart and tho joy of his
friends, wants It understood that ho
trusts In God only.
Tho Iluosonlto: Tho most appre
ciative Thanksgiving poem wo over
read, and tho ono that hi tB tho
closest homo, Is tho ono wrltton for
Thursday's Bloux ' City .Trlbuno by
Will Reed Dunroy, tho' llrst .Sioux
City poot. Mr. Dunroy's poetry is
in groat domand, he being tho author
of some gems In tha poetical lino, his
two books of poems. "Corn Tassels"
and "Tuuablo Weeds," boing widely
Bought after, for, like Riloy, tho
Hooslcr poet, ho gets so close to na
ture thab you can't toll tho imitation
from tho genuine article.
Dr. Bessoy will address tho convo
cation today on the subject of fores
try. Tomorrow Mr. Lovoland of tho
Weather Bureau will speak.
Frank Hollenbeck, law '00. was in
Lincoln yesterday attondlng to a
caso before the Supremo Court. He
is practicing Jaw in Fremont at
presont and in addition is Assistant
City Treasuror.
Ex-Goveruor Furnas of Nebraska
I laid everything olse aside, business
oorrespondonco and other things to
givo ' 'Tumble weeos" a hasty perusal.
Surely Durnov Is a success aa a
Oertitioates for reduced rateB to
ltddonts" antf raomboTff oTTaonltv vnt
bo Issued at Executive OITIco Friday
morning for those obliged to leave on
Friday aftornoon trains; and Friday
afternoon for thoso leaving Friday
evening and Saturday morning. Cer
tificates will also oo issued any time
Saturday. Tickets aro only good on
trainB leaving Friday and Saturday
Tho rate is ono and one-third fare for
round trip limited until January 0,
1002, good to all points In Western
Passenger A'ssoolation.
Tho Burlington City Ticket Office
will be open from 7 to 10 Thursday
and Friday ovenings to accomodate
students who are obliged to leavo tbo
following day.
Tbo Christian college in China, -looated
at Canton, has issued a most
interesting catalogue for 1000-1001.
It represents tho best ideas of tboso
on tbo ground as to what is needed
In ibo line of Christian education at
tho present crisis in Chinese blBtory.
While Its English-Chinese calendar,
and somo of its regulations affecting
the students havo an oriental color
ing, it is a sohemo wbloh all lator
cbtol in Chinese education will. And
worthy of examination.
Mr. O'Gara is at work on his paper
on tho diseases of fruit trees for tho
State Horticultural Society.
W. W. "Graves, senior law, spent
Sunday ip Fremont).
Herman Ereo Press: On our desk
lies a codv Of thov book "Tumble
Weeds." It Is burning a hole in odr
golden oak. Unique, beautiful little
volume, the work bf tho heart and
band or clever, fanolful Dunroy.
When wo arq tired of all oIbo in tbo
world's'.literatura, when a grim ana
ghastly raven sits anovo our chamber
door and a small but fierce volcano
vexes us Boro inside, then we .Will
Reed Dunroy.
'Nowoastlo Times: Sioux City is
getting to be a olty of authors. Ex
Mayor Quick has written a book on
the fairy land, and Will Reed Dunroy
onb palled "Tumble Weeds"
Winona. Morning Independent:
Tho Salaq, Dressing man o.f tbo Sioux
Olty Tribune,, when it comes to ,'sol-
Word bus been received at the De
partment of Botany that Professor
Scibner, tbo well known botanist of
Washington, has been appointed to
tho position or Chief or tho Buroau
of Agrlcultue in tbo Philippine
Islands. It is the Intention of the
Government to send out with him a
full corps of scientific men, including
a soil export, an agrastologist, a
plant-breeding expert, a dairy expert,
botanifltrbesides-other asslstantflr-
As thrcof tbcsaaro-botanl8tH,-thore
is a strengthening of demand in -bo--tanlcal
Professor Bessoy is rojoiolng aver
tho receipt of a copy of Dr. Packard's
pew book on tho LI fo -and Work of
Lamarck, tho Founder of Evolution.
Tho author Is a member of the facul
ty of Brown University, and an oldr
time friend of Professor Bcssey's.
A mooting of-tJiQ Botanical Somm
far was held on Friday, December 13,
at 4 o'clock, in room 102 of Nebraska
Hall. Profesor Emerson, read a paper ..
giving the results, of ;a' number of; vex
porimoncs. He also read a JottqrlfrQiDa i ,.
Mr. Horn who la now in AlaskaV " " "k v
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