The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, December 13, 1901, Page 2, Image 2

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a newspaper doTotcd to the Interest o( the
University f Nobrn eka. .
Publiiihod at 134 Nortli llt! St., by
J. W. Crnbtreo, President.
O. L. Towno. Berrotnry-Treftsnrer.
J. I. Wyor, T. J. Ilowott, E. W. Washburn.
Mrrllnjr II Mc''nw.
Ulmrles I. Tuylor.
UoorRo I'. Hhlilirr,
MiinaKli'K Edltnr
Assistant MiinnK'i
Athletic Kdilor
C lUtlc, Cliirn OIovit. R T IIIII
Mown, Dun (Ititlelirn
It A Me-
It C Pollard, I D lliuilon. Clifton Ourtor,
Norrls llusi1
.John A Wilson
.1 R Kiiriuw. CII II CrooUs,
Linn M llunlnulon.
has bcon dealt out to students has
been brought nbout by tholr own ac
tions. Instead of critlolslng the
management of the library for doing
Its duty, students should co-operate
to allovlato the evil the existence of
which all admit.
' The rubicrlptlon price of the Dailjr Nebras
Van It 82 for the college year with n regular do
llrerr before chnpel oacu day. Notices, com
munications, and other matter Intended for pub
lication, mutt be handed In nt tho Nebrasknn
ofllce before 7 p. m., or mailed to tho editor bo
fore 3 p, m., of the day preTlou to that day on
hich they nro expecced to appear.
Bnbicrlptloni may bo loft at the Nohrskan
office, at. tho Co.Op., or with Business Manrwjor.
Bubncrlbors will confer a favor by roporlihjr
promptly at thii ofllce any failure to receire tho
All changes In adTertinln mattor must bo in
the ofllce by 8 p. m. on the day prerioui to that
on which they are to appoar.
Address all communications to the Doily Ne
braakan, 131 N. 11th Bt, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Telephone -479.
Entered ut ttiu p w ollli-o at L ncoln. Nob.
as Booonrt class mull mutter
borne ad verso criticism is heard
among a small class of students re
garding the strict way tho library
rules in resnoot to talking in the al
coves anl roading room, are being en
forced by tho library stall.
Tho criticism comes almost alto
gether from those who have been in
trio habit of using the alcoves for
conversational purposes. Among the
majority or the students tho action
of tho Librarian Is uphold.
Tho library authorities proceed on
tho assumption that the library is
Intended to be a place or study for
the whole student body. It is with
this end iu viow that It Is maintain
ed. Tnoso in charge aro under obliga
tion to so manago It that the great
est good will accrue to tho student
body. If tho library is to bo main
tained as a reforonceand study room,
sllonco is imperative. Tho conversa
tion of two or three persons mav rob
a do.en students or an afternoon
winch should liavo been devoted to
work. Tills can be looked upon in no
other wav than as a serious offense.
When repeated it becomes little less
than criminal.
Tho loninnoy which has been shown
by the librarv officials in tho past
JlJLsli?ectiLjjsyuilsugcU by UlO fiHb,
A few days ago Dr. Thomus. the
state Veterinarian, brought to Pro
fessor Hessey a curious hall taken from
tho stomach of a hog. It was found
on examination to bo composed of a
mass of felted vegetable iibrcs, the
source of which has not yet been de
termined. The ball resembles the
'hair balls1 which are sometimes
round in the stomachs of cattle. .So
far as can be made out at present
this is something new which has
never vet" been' described. Profcsso r
Itessev intends to preparo an article
on it for, publication In. the sclent 1 11 c
Journals. J
Mrs. Uraco"MacMilIan, '!)8, who re
contlv accented the latin fellowship,
in the University of Missouri, writes'
that she is quite bottled and that her
work seems lluht. She mentions
among other new tilings that "they
go to school on Saturdays here jut
as on other days and take great pride
in tho tact that they do not require
attendanco on Sundays." She soeaks
in high praiso of the Pnlversity
In a recent number of the Amer
ican Agriculturist, publlsned In New
"ork. aro given eight pictures or
loading experts connected with the
Department or Agriculture in Wash
ington, and among them are two or
the alumni or the University of Ne
braska, namely, IT. .1. Webber, '8'.),
and A. F. Woods, "JO. In the "write
up" accompanying the pictures both
are spoken or in the highest terms.
Cards aro out announcing tho wed
ding or MissMauoe Hull.urst to iiev.
Clinton Lowrio of ljincoln on De
comber 2(5. Miss Ilullhurst was regis
tered as a sophomoio last year in the
University and Mr. Lowrio was
raised In Lincoln. Ho received his
education In tho East and abroad.
They will be at homo after January
15 at Iloldrcge.
dents. Tho conduct ot a few made a
stricter enforcement or the rules
necessary in order that tho library
might bo ot value to those who
desiro to use it honestly.
Whatever of harshness or severity
Instructor Sheldon ot the school Of
arglculturo has made out the nature
of tho disease affecting the carna
tions in the green house in Lincoln
and other places i-i eastern", Nebraska.
IIo Is preparing a paper for publica
tion in which lie will discuss the na-4uciiof-tho-trullo-and-4;uggtiSt-reme-dles.
I Allegretti
I and
The CIO. Society ot the First Pies
bvterian Church will hold an '"Adjec
tive Social" this evening at tno home
ol .1 oh t Reed, coiner of Twelfth aud
E streets. All students and frlonds
are cordially inviteo to attend.
I Chocolates
Professor Tliornber, '97, Univer
sity or Ari.ona, has requested the
department of botany at the Univers
ity to exchange western Nebraska
plants tor Ari.ona specimens.
State hecretary J. P. Ualley ot Om
aha, will bo fn Lincoln Friday and
will meet the Association at tho
University rooms.
Tho tirst year Domestic Science
class will oxperlment with batters In
tho fonn ol pancakes, waflles and
muflins tins atttrnoon. r
The greatest variety of sweaters ever shown in Lincoln.
a combination of warm effects we are showing
SI. 00 TO $4.50, Ml Sizes.
They wil. fit everybody.
C QWpO lined or unlined, work or drcsB a (treat Line
" I V L..O, to secct from 50c to $2.)0 per par, and every
pair will givo satisfaction some j re fire proof steam proof
nearly wear proof.
O A DO n "lyies. all colors as a ppecial we have a GENUINE
do.en left) $5.()().
regular SlO.UU while they last (about a
NECKWEAR -new arrivals in ties weekly if you don't see
what you want ask for it, or it may be in Friday - 25, 50, $1. $1.50
It is a hard matter
To select suitable presents,
isn't itV Come in and let us
show you our line of slippers.
The're appropriate for any mem
ber of the family.
1129 0 STREET.
A Unique Christmas Gift
For $1.00
Poems of Nebraska
By Will Reed Dunroy
Author of ,4Co.rn Tassels"
"lie has the Genius chat makes great poets.'1
Ukan Winans, Princeton University.
"Surely Dunroy is a success." 15x-(Jov. ltobt. W. Furnas.
"The very outdoor atmosphore is in his verse." IVof. Oscar L.
Trigy, Chicago University.
"No lover of the l'rawio Land ean fail to find sincere pleasure in
Dunroy 'b verso." -J. Sterling Morton.
$1.00. All Good Book Stores.
The University Publishing Co.,
tjfc t- --- t-tte-tfrfr--
t Be Keaay ror
S The Holidays
vt !-?' (jet your new suits i
JJ; U and pants now.
JjJ Wo have a full line of first clas-,
ii goods ready to tnaUe up.
It Call and look it over.
Tyro new students, Mr. (Jompton
and Mr. McIIenry, ronisterert with
the Junior ajuws at tho beginning of
the second term, Monday.
t Nebr. Pant and Suit Co., S
ft 143 North Thirteenth. S
Dr. Shoemaker's Private Hospital.
Special nttrntion given to (Haeaso of womu
nil all Birrgtcnl riteensosr -X?rnjroxnmlntltm
with no discomfort or injury to patient. Bt
erytliing ns liomehko us possible. Hoard and
room rousouablo.
P. O. Box 051. Telephone WO
: Hiii & Co
clean your salts with BBftBoiL
1222 0 Street.
will make
your cloths,
Phone A672
Fine Watches and Jewelry
Also sheet uuisie and supplies 9.'
I wish to know you.
1 wish you to know my work.
For tliib reason 1 will give jour
dental work at about half the usual
rates for sixty days.
DR. A. H. AYERS, 1U7 S. Twelfth.
Tumble Weeds
at all Rook Stores
- T
It! -",
mr1ttT Tf
I J- fn .fiy 1
. 1
V 1
11 J !