The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, November 19, 1901, Page 3, Image 3

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Local and Personal.
The Co-Op.
Knt nt Hendry's, 129 N. 11th.
Fine furs, Steele, 143 So. 12th.
( Steele, tlio furrier, 143 So. 12th.
The Hjgicnic Cafe, TAG So. 12th at.
$1.2:. kid nloes Sc :it T,,c Famous.
t-.l off on millinery at Tin- Famous
l)r Woodward, nceulist. Kich'ds blU
Hoy your underware at The Fannus
Meals 1 .")(, K.ile rest.uir.rit, 1'Ht ()
Oystci soup ."e todav Kraneis Hros
Don Cameron's lun.-h counter. Ill
So 11th st.
Lindsey's Cigars, Pipes, Ton, in o
and Canes
V. L. Newby tesuined Ins law
stunies last week.
Pass's photographic Studio. 102l
O street. None bcttei
Miss Lawrence enhyed a short islt
from her parents Sunday.
Miss Maud spmne spent, Sunday
in Omaha with hei patents
Miss Adneo Cady's lather Itoin St.
Paul visited her for a few das
Miss Mable Johnson's hrothet is
isitinn with her tora few days
Miss I'.vi' McCune was the guest ol
the English club Saturday night.
Miss (J nice PhcJps or Walioo rogis
teren at the school of n hsic satur
da. Junior laws will take their final e
amination in contracts some day tills
A cruwd of jouili: people weie up
from Peattire Saturday to see the
A. II. Stale '01 was in the city
Saturday and attended the foot -ball
A couple of new students weie ley
isteied in the cadaemic college this
The football belonging to the jun
ior law 'class has mysteriously disap
peared. Mr Austonorg or Walioo Is visit
ing with his Sigma V ilia Kpsilon
Sheet Music and supplies are best
secured from the Matthews Piano
Co., 1120 O St
Swell printing, engraving and em
bossing. Phono :usr. The New Cen
tury, 112.'l N street.
Try our hard wood for heating, $7
a cord delivered. It's tine. Union
Fuel Co., 1011 O street
The Famous luve decided to closo
out their Knox hats- never -before
sold for less than $5.00. (Nunc and
get one at $:i.f0.
The basket uali team will probnulv
bo chosen from the following men:
Cortelyon. Pillsbun. Thomas, Un
mond, and IliiKOtislck Kochlor is
.linn r and Senior Laws will try
for suprcmary in football. Wednes
day aft crnnon.
Miss (Jamct Sullivan returns to
her !:ome tnda aftei several days
iait with Miss Anna Maxwell.
Miss .Sol ma Wlunenhorn ol Asli
land is visit inn with her Kappa Al
pha Theta sisteis for a lew davs.
Nelson Iaidson, "ft, was in Lin
coln foi a lew days visiting wit It his
Sinma Alph brothers and taking m
the Kansas irame.
You know you'll need a new drc-s
suit loi that next parlv- 1 1 T. are
selling them 10 per cent discount this
week only.
The law students who desired to
attend t he eame Saturda were ex
cused culv fiom their afternoon
A II. .I.nes, foinietlv huslnc-s
manager of tlie Hasting's Collegian
came up Sat lrdav to see the Kansas
1'rofcs.sur Crabtree lelt foi a trip
into n( rt horn Nebraska yesterday.
While g(-ti3 he will inspect t he Valen
tine high school.
lOugine lluse. of Nnrlolk, i.sited
his brother. Norris, at the Delta
Tau house over Sunday Ileietutnen
home esterday
II. A. Tukev, manager or last
year's foot-ball team came up frnn
Omaha Saturday to see the game,
and to act as time keeper
When you want to get something
nice for a friend step into K. Flem
ing's P.J1 1 O street and look at his
line of .leweln ftvei tiling up-to-date.
Miss Mabel Prowu lei! Friday for
her home in after two weeks
visit in the city She expects to re
sume her work at the Conseratoiy
next spring.
Wehaetne ery latest, style in
shoes lor Cniversilv girls. The box
stitch the rope stitch and temced
welt. Call and see tnein. elister
Uogei.s 10 i:i () st.
Miss Madge iggins "00 is vMtmg
mends in the citv. She is travelling
saleswoman for a prominent confec
tionary house, and is nrosperirm in
her new held of woik. Mie attended
the Kansas game
Following tho suggestions ol Dr.
He?sey, Mr. Fossler has made a model
for a new psychrometer for use in the
botany department. The instruments
will bo made in Chicago. They will
do much more satisfactory work than
those used heretofore.
Frnest Wlggenhorn or Ashland and
Albert Fi Icke or Palttsmouth were
in Lincoln o"er Sunday. They were
In town to attend a reunion of a
camping party who spent several
weeks together last summer, inci
dentally t hey took in the foot-bali
The st;ite educational directory
h is been Issued by the state depart
ment of public instruction. The
book is a very hanny reference work
The jrentest ariety of sweaters ever hIiowii In K'ncoln. Sueh
a combiniit io of wiirm efVects we are nlwinir
$1.00 TO $4.50, Ml Sizes
They wil. (It everybody
Gl 0F- lined or unlined, work or iI'chs a (Srent Line
L-v-' L0, f() m.,.ct fimil ,")() to $'2.00pcr pa r. unci cvci y
pair will tfive .sa'iHfuelion some are lire prof steam proof
nearly wear proof.
f a no all My ics, all eo'ors as a Fpei la e have a (1UNUINK
UAruSI:AL SKIN trtfnlin 1 00(1 whi e they last (about a
doen left) $ ()()
N K( KWKAK new ai'i'ivalrt in ties weekly if you don't see
what 3' on want nsk for it, or it in.iy he in 1- ruiay 25, 50, $1. $1.50
111.V1117 O St., Lin( oln.
Not Everything from a Needle to
a Threshing Machine, No,
but SHOES we're specialists
on shoes. We have Ilanan
shoes at 5.00. All styles and
finalities at 3.00 and 3.S"-
1129 0 STREET.
lor teachers or those intending to
teach. It coritaines a 1 i -it of all the
public schools In the state together
with a large amount of valuable in
formation concerning each one and a
list of county superintci dents There
is also a list of private colleges.
Those intending to teach would do
well to secure a copy at once
President Crawford ol t lie senior
law class must face impeachment
proceedings next Saturday. The ac
tion is Drought on the grounds that
he refused to call a meeting or the
class after all the preliminary pro
ceedings as required by the constitu
tion had been coniDleteo. His accusers
say that his action was arbitrary and
without warrant In law. therefore
they are golpt: to try to oust him
from his high and mighty position.
Kumors are rampant that President
Crawford will not defend the case
but will treat it as factional and
neneat li is not ice
Last year Prolessor (,'liatburn and
his class In "The St rength or Mater -
lals" discovered some serious defects
in an attachment to the testing
machine winch is intended to draw
automatic, illy a curue Indicating the
relation of the stress to the deforma
tion of tho test-piece. These defects
lormed the subject of a paper fcent
by Professor Chathurn to Buffalo to
be reaa before the convention of the
American society for the advance
ment of science last June. It is in
teresting to note in the proofs of tho
society's "proceedings." forwarded
'for correction, that the inventor of
ulre apparatus disagrees with the
author of the paper but offers no
adequate explanation
nn o 11-11 IV Twenty car exuer
Utl. J. Oi NlbrlAli leiuc 'Has uudc over
U1 OOOkttBOl tccin. a iioou BCl 01
UBlll STl tcclli. is 00 22 K (iold crown 5.
1214 0 Str80I) uj)CGolil fi'li.s $1 oo ad
I lUPni U "P Teeth extracted wunuui pain
LlnuULrli 25 cents.
nilDnAoNAi l.osticet
1 '" I"
Vai Wnof
IUU TT bill VlUllllO
i Don't Yon?
. r . 1 .1 e t
u ixrt'i) in mirni lih jucu "j
that we make lirst class o
$ garments only. Come in
si 11 l look over our stock.
Nebr. Pant and Suit Co., ;
S 143 North Thirteenth. ?
Eyes examined Pre. Price Reasonable.
1238 O Street, '&"
7 5"g-.,,u' P. E. DePUTRON