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rhe Daily Nebraskan
VOL. I NO. 40
IV V J" ,'.
Missourians Outclassed in Both Foot Ball and Basket Ball
The Omaha Game a Revelatlon---Every Man on the
Nebraska Team a Star The Girls' Basket
Ball Game a Decided Success.
They came, they saw. they were
conquered. Last Saturday witnessed
the deTeat of the Mlssorul Tigers and
Mich a defeat as it was, 51 to 0. It
was an ideal day. Y. AI. C. A
was tbo batfclo ground. About two
thousand people were scattered about
the gridiron. The Held was in rather
poor condition as one fitted ud for
the occasion would be naturally.
The Cornhuskcrs fairly overwhel
med the Southerners at every point
and stage of the game. Only onco
-did-the Tigers mako -tho required
distance. Their punting was the
reature of their play. Nebraska's all
round, sound, snappv football pre
vent ed any csnecial feature. But
Drain played a quarter that was the
marvel of everybody. Never dlci he
run, nuard and catch as Saturday.
Then too he kinked a goal from field.
Tillsbury plunged through for
twenty feet ovory time he oollidea
with the Tiger's line. And his punt
ing was of the finest type. (Jrandall
at half covered himself with glory
and sore spots. Cuff for a new man
played line ball. ITo showed green
points hero and there but taking it
nil in all did very finely. Captain
Westover at tackle was a wonder.
Repeatedly ho pulled wholo piays
through the opposing lino, lie ex
perienced little trouble from his in
Jury at Minno;ota during the game.
atringer-orrtho lcftemhnlaycd -in
his old time style, breaking the
Tigers pot plays before they did
harm. 0. Sheod replaced Strlncer
later in the game owing to a bad
jolt the latter got in the oyc. Brow
and Maldnoy both stopped anything
at guards. Koehlor at center did as
ho always does and that Is enough.
Cortelvou played the same end in the
same fashion. He was al ways there
when there was any helping to be
done. Several criss-crosses had him
mixed up in them and they usually
netted a few yards to the good.
Speaking generally ltr was a kind of-
a game whore Nebraska being ahead
could afford to try their trick plays
and snares. They did this with fre
quency and yards. Coach Booth may
well reel proud of the showing his
pupils made Saturday. They simply
outplayed Missouri at ovory stage of
the affair unless at punting. Kirk
or Missouri was certainly a wizard.
When ho went out of the gamo later
on the Tigers felt his loss sovoroly.
Missouri's team Is maoo'up this year
or ainjnataU new wen- Tbev seemed
..Jo "lack expernce and woio muob
under size to Nebraska.
joach Murpb was naturally very
disappointed au he outcome of tho
game but is determined to whip the
team Into shape before the season
closes. Hespoko v?itb groat respect
or tho work done b'yv Nebraska aprt
said: "Experience and superior team
piajf (havecoftquered laojc of- -exDecl
ence and indlviual work." This sums
up tho whole thing In a nut Blicll.
Captain Washer won the toss and
Park chose the east side of tho field with
tho wind at tho Tiger's back. Ne
braska kicked off to Forrester who
carried the ball back a few yards.
On the line up Missouri made trials
at yards nout in vain. It was Nebras
ka's ball. Cranoall opened the
ground gaining by making livo yards
around right end. Pillbsury followed
through the. center-,, and Cuff tried
the richt end of the tiger line with
good results. The tackles were given
chances and made gains.
In abeut four minutes after tho
ball was kicKed off the first time,
Kingsbury made the first touch
down. Drain kicked goal. Missouri
kicked off again. On tho lino up
Crandall was thrown back lor a loss
on account of slowness In netting
started In tho play. The next movo
was a surprise to tho tigers. What
apparently was to become a run
around their left end proved to bo a
doublo pass which ecnt Cortolyou
around the opposite end for thirty
five yaros. Two minutes later, West
over carried tho ball over for the
second touchdown. Drain missed
goal. Score 11 to 0.
After Drain next mado a long run
on a fako after a few Strong gains
uirouftii jinn une Juki some end j.iins
Crandall carried tho ball across tho
Cuff L. II Anderson
Pillsbury P.II Hall
Offliiiulls Pixley, Omaha, roforoo;
Itremaii, Dos Moines, umpire; Cornell,
Lincoln, timekeeper: IUnger, Lincoln,
(iordon, Columbia, linesmen.
Harvard ;n, Pennsylvania 0.
Illinois 27, Iowa 0.
North western 0, Chicago f.
West Point (1, Princeton 0.
Minnesota Recond eleven 10, North
Dakota 0.
Wisconsin 4."), Ames 0.
line- Goal-was kicked.
Drain mado the last score of the
half, hy a splendid ilfty-fivo yard run
around the tigers' right. Missouri
had kicked off and Nebraska had ad
vanced the ball up tho hold about
twenty yards when Drain got away.
Tho run pleased tho rootors and en
tnuslastic cheers went up from five
thousand throats.
Four touchdowns were made In the
second half and Drain further dis
tinguished Himself by kicking a goal
from tho field. no also made ho
last touchdown after a thirty yard
run through the entire opposing
team. Kirk had kicked to Drain who
was playing back and the latter
mado a splendid return of the ball.
Shcdd made one touchdown on a
double pass and Kingsbury and Pills
bury are each credited with one point
scored. Tho gamo was finished short
ly before 5 o'clock. Both teams were
driven to tho Millard after the gamo
w here they took supper and spent
the evening.
Line up;
Cortolyou R. E Blrney
Westover, (Caflt,) R. T. . Wapher (Capt.)
Brew R. Q EUia
Koehler C ICoo
Maloney L. G j. .Jesse
Kingsbury . ,..Lt.T , Anatnosa
Springer u L. E.
Drain -t;...Q
CraadaU &.. H. . . . ... ,
. Perry
.. .Kirn
The Saturday night match with
the Missouri girls' basket ball team,
despite tho fact that all arrange
ments for it were mado within a
week, proved one of the events of
chief interest in tho year in univer
sity athletics. The Missouri team
came ano went in tho best of spirits.
It was composed of an attractive lot
of girls and was in charge of Miss!
Helen Bender, whose charming per
sonality brought tho Nobraska play
ers, like her own, under her spoil.
The Nebraska management of the
match had to roll up its sleeves and
work like Trojans, In cot ready the
numberless details r such an event
in short order; but previous exper
ience was a help and an event,
really of national importance In tho
feminine intercollegiate world, estab
lishing posslbiy a national precodent,
went off, unmarred by hitch or flaw.;
The score was somewhat ono-sldcd,
but play was exciting from boginninc
to ond, and interest never lagged.
At tho ond of the first half, tho
score was in favor of Nebraska by a
hopeless margin and still further
points were rolled up In the second
half, until the final figures were 31 to
4. Honors for team play during tho
evening belonged to Miss Miller and
Miss Jansa, who worked finely to-
-gethcr-and-UDOw-whoro-to-find fiaohl
other at every turn. Miss Jansa has
proved an addition of tho stellar
ordor to tho team. In sure pqbs of
catching and In the brilliant certain
ty and excellent "form" of her
throws, hor work has not been sur
passed on the unlvensty team.
Many thought that in some respects
tho Missouri team seemed superior
to Nebraska. They caught bettor,
or fumbled less, on the wholo, and
their criss-cross work at center an
innovation for them was skillful
and sure. Tn the second TiaTf the "ball
was at least half of the time about
the Missouri goal; but except once it
coulo not get by the impregnable
wall of Miss Sly and Miss Shields.
For the first time this season Miss
Sly let her forward elude her for a
goal. Every one was glad to see
Missouri scorp, but a repetition was
looked for in vain. Miss Shields re
alized expectations, by her consci
entious work, and lived up to her
last name. At center Miss Pillsbury
had one Of tho hardest propositions
on the Missouri team to look after,
but managed to hold ber down, as
well as to mako a goal. Only once
did she lose her head, when at the
belgnnlng of the second half, she
tried to mako a goal for the Missouri
team instead of hor otto. . Gertrude
Macombor had hqr usual number of
bard tumbles, but emerged smiling
and unhurt, giving her opponent all
sho could handle. Honors for tho
Missouri team woro carried off by
Caroline Stonor, who throw tho goal
from tho Hold for her team, ogan
Norvoll at center, and i.ako Ilrcwcr
as guard.
Tho "mixed" team and second
toam match was hard foimht but f nil
of fumbling and wild passing was
anything out cloan cut. Systom or
order was a minus quantity. Much
of this was duo, however, to tho exc
ellent gunrding put up by both teams
making all throwing difficult. So
goud was the guarding that in splto
of tho many skiilfui goal throwers
on both teams, not a point could be
scored on cither side, until tho first
half was almost over.
In this match Ida Taylor of last
vear'8 taam took part, though sho
has not boon playing basket ball for
a season. Her appearance was tho
slcnal for a round of applause. Min
nie Guilo at center for the "mixed"
people was a whole team in herself,
bntrhnd" liard-lnrir-witrr-hor throwsr
Sho was led a lively chaso by Alice
Towne, one of tho most competent
and active all round players on the
second team. For guards, Miss
Fowler dlo all that coulo be asked of
her against Miss Hlgglns; and Miss
Cook, also Miss Bryan, who came
late and whose place was flllcd'durlng
the first half by Mi6S McCutchcon,
substitute proved efficient in shutting
out their clover opponents, Misses
Archibald and King. Tho goals for
the second team were thrown by that
difficult and experienced duet of of
forwards, Misses Higglns (captain)
and Rltchcy. The match was pretty
oven, however, if rather of tho fum
bling, scattered sort, and ror a hasti
ly organized team the "mlxco" girls
hold up thoir end with oredlt.
TAINED. Tho Ml.sfiourx-team-arxi-vcd Fr4day
afternoon and wore taken to tho unl-
-vcrsi tyrhcro-thcy-passcd-the-attcr-
noon in looking over tho buildings.
In tho evening the bosket ball field
j-was given over to them for practice.
Saturday morning thoy were taken
driving about tho city; and beside
the informal recoption glvon in the
afternoon in the rest room, there
were various gatherings of un im
promptu nature In their honor.
Very strong interest in the game
was shown by the olty and university
peo"pIe. Tlokets were sold out long
before the match and some hundreds
more could been disposed of Sat
urday afternoon, if there bad been
raoro to place on sale. Many students
and friends ot tho team lent a band
in tho arrangements, men as well as
gjrls. TLo local team is indebted to
Manager Cowerlll of the football team
for much valuable assistance with
regard go the transportation of the
players. Mr. Gilbert Nelson and Mr.
Morrell and Mr. Hewitt helped the
teams by looking after tbo doors and
tho general admission and tbe people
or tho university book stores looked
fter tbe ticket selling. Miss Adel-
loyd Whiting was time-keeper, Miss
Nell a Cochrane assisted in. tho man
aging, and Miss Mabel Tuttlo at
tended to most of tbe duties connect
ed with tbe Informal reception.
Many more gave their services in
getting out tho invitations, looking
after tbo posters and so on and. as
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