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The Daily Nebraskan
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VOL. I NO. 38
Railroads 'Promise Special Trains
at $1.10 Yesterday's Practice
Ooach Outland Hopeful
for a Victory.
A war of small dlmenlsor.s between
the competing railroads has resulted
in lowering the rate to Omaha $1.10
Tor the round trip. This rate is
made by both the Burlington and the
Rock Island and both will run special
trains. The trains will leave Lincoln
in the m o r"n I n g a n d return
about cloven o'clock Saturday night.
Chairman Wyor of tho athletic
board announced yesterday that wliilc
botli roads had made the rate tne
Itock Island was tho ofllclal route and
unleas some changes were made be
tween now and Saturday the team
would go over tint road. There is
no guarantoc, hnweer. to either road
and it is left to the choice of the In
dividual which road lie shall uatron
Jze. A bunrh of four hundred tickets is
now in tho possession of Librarian
Wycr and may be liar at the library
until tonight when they will be re
turned to Omaha. Reports from
there indicate that the sale of seats
is progressing rapidly and a large
crowd is assured. Those who want
seats will have to procure them at
once as the chances arc thai there
will be none on sale at Omaha when
the crowd readies thero Saturday.
General admission will bo fifty cents.
This will lnalude standing room only.
Seats will bo fifty cents additional.
Holders of season tickets will be ad
mitted on them.
Yestordav's pratice was the lirec
est for many a day. Although Pils
burv. Kingsbury and Shcdd were not
out. The rorr.alnder of the team with
several substitutes put up a snappy
game against ti 1 cusc rubs. Th cp I ling -ing
by Cuff was one or the interest
ing features of the pratice. Seeal
tiino he darted through the line for
long gains before he could be
downed. The team is still showing
the eJYeots of the Wisconsin game will be a day or two before it
regains its old U rm.
DENT. Since the return of tho team from
its northern trip, practice at K. V.
s.eoms to navo lost lis snap and vigor.
The return of Coach Outland from
WIsconsIrTHfldcd new zest to the play
Monday. The team mado a very
unsatisfactory showing against the
boruos, however. Fumbling appears
to bo their worst fault and it seems
to come at critical times. In spite
or poor practice they succeeded in
making two touchdowns against the
second team.
Concerning tho Nebraska game
Coach Outland said: "They play
hard foot-ball and K. U. will have to
hurry to boat them Wo expect to
do it. however and when we leave for
Lincoln lu a couple or weeks if our
team is in condition, we will give
them one of tho liveliest games of
their life.
Coach Murphy of Missouri Univer
sity and Wlffin of Kansas City havo
been agreed upon as ofllclals for the
KanBas game.
The Kirksvlllc Osteopaths sprung a
surprise Monday by defeating the
Ottawa team by a score .of 'M to 0.
From all accounts the game was a
walk avay for the u odors. The Ot
tawas had no chance of a score at any
time in the game. The only excuse
that can be offered foi the Kansans Is
that thoy had a hard game Saturday
and were not in the best nt condition.
The Interest In tho class foot-ball
teams Is lively this week. The sopho
mores, fieshmon and seniors havo
teams on the Hold every morning for
practice. The Juniors have not or
ganized a team owing to lack ot ma
terial. The Junior-Senior game will
probably be forfitcd to the seniors.
The sophomores and "scrubs" will
line up Friday afternoon for a prac
tice game.
The freshmen havo a strong aggre
gation and they have moro candi
dates for places than any otLer class
team. They will Dlay tho sophomores
early next week. The sophomores are
very confident, as they very oasily
defeated the Lincoln High school
scrubs last Saturday f)-0 In a short
hall Tho seniors will plaj 1 he win
ners of this contest as soon arter as
The senior laws and senior acade
mics'wlli probably play next Monday
The pr.igra'ns for tho literary so
cieties for t( m irrivr night are as fol
lows: UNION.
Music Duet.
Paper Miss Jennie McGufTy.
Recitation Miss Meyers.
Violin Solo- Mr. Nelson.
A (J host Story Mr. Mllek.
Rcckatiou Mr. Gibson.
Vocal Solo Miss Grace Musetter.
Instrumental solo Selected -Ann
Vocal Solo The Flight of Ages
Miss Lally.
Piano duct The King's Hussars
Pearl Emorlck, Sylvia Beatty.
Vocal Solo Mv Lover is a Sailor
Lad-Nelle McFall.
Instrumetai Solos-Lonely Wanderer
Evotik, To Spring-Grieg Martha
Piano Solo -Tapnhauser Cramer
Mr. Waiter Peterson.
Recitation An Irish Courtship
Miss Ruth Bailov.
Vocal S010 Character Song Mr.
Papor Miss Pillsbu'ry
Recitation Mr. Irenarus P. Hew
itt. Vocal Solo Selected Miss Lally.
Missouri Girls' Basket Ball Team
to bo Royally Entortained -
Both Teams Developing
Now Strength.
Arrangements continuo for tho In
tercollegiate basketball meet Satur
day night. One ol tho patronesses.
Mn.. John 11. Ilorton, will entortaln
tho Missouri players and the Nobras-'
ka first team at luncheon Saturday
noon. Later in the day comes the
informal receptnn in honor of tho
Missouri players In the 'Test room."
To this, memoers of the faculty and
tbe women students of tho university
are invited sinco it atiiI not be pos
sible to Invite all.
The Missouri team will be In
charge of Miss Helen Pender, of tho
University or Michigan. The play
ers come as tho guests of the 'varsity
team, who bring them from Colum
bia and entertain them. The invita
tion was extended in September and
the team should bo a strong one. It
is expected to reach Omaha with tho
foobtali team and to come to Lincoln
The 'varsity team for Nebraska
consists of three new players and
three old. Miss Eleanora Miller was
cautaln for two years and her clevor
and experienced work as forward
needs no comment. She is a good
general, knows the game well and Is
swilt and reliable Her colleague
this year Is Miss Minnie Jansa, a tall
freshman, who distinguished herself
as guard on the Wahoo team In the
tournament last year. Miss Jansa
prefers to plav guard, but is sure at
catching and a brilliant thrower, so
that her services woro demanded as
forward, in plnco of Biancho Em
mons. The centers aro nannah Pjlls
bury (captain) and Gertrude Macom
bor, promoted from tho position of
captain of the second team. Miss
Plllsbury retains hor old time speed
post and combining reckless disregard
of Injury with trustwortv guarding.
It Is folt that those forardR must
00 well who scoro against Miss Sly
and Miss Shields.
So far, tho team as a whole Is
poraowhat disorganized, owing to the
fact that they havo played together
but five or six times this season ahd
havo boon out of training; but it Is
likelv that by the end of the week
team work will be smoother and will
paBB under better control.
A privato lottor from a professor
in 13 row n Unlveristy to Professor
Metcair of tho Botany department,
contains the following account ol
Charcellor Andrews' reception at
"We havo been giving 'Benny' a
warm reception; never sinoo I havo
been professor hero has any man re
ceived such an ovation from students
and faculty and alumni. It was pre
arranged that tho faculty should
meet ano entertain him on Thursday
evening at tho Gorman seminar. The
students, however, to whom his fame
has descended added extra features
to the program. They first rang the
University bell for about an hour;
then with drum and life, red fire
and ronian ca'idlcs went down the
Infantry hall where he was speaking
and Just after 0 pm. escorted him
with immense enthusiasm and cheer
ing, back up tho hill to the Univer
sity. Thero they forced open the
gates and forming in double colums
escorted him and President Frauncc
to the front stepb of Soylo's Hail.
Thero he turned and addressed the
sea of young eager faces, who hung
upon his every woro. Comments all
around were: "This Is a mant"
Then while the faculty wero cntor
taining Andrews, the boys adjourned
to Lincoln field, where thoy built
several big bonfires, and cheered and
sang "For Benny's a jolly gftod fel-
Professor Wilson will give an extra
lecture this week.
Sam Crawford of tho claulnnati
baseball team and a Nebraska boy,
was married October :u to Ada M.
Latin, daughter of J. W. Lattin, an
Omaha stockman. In the season of
1001 ho made moro home runs than
any other player In tho national
league He has signed with Cincin
nati 'for 1902 and will make fchat city
his home.
and actlvljLyand her nj )illty to rise
to crises. To Miss Macomber has
rallen the difficult lot or filling the
place left vacant by Minnie Guile.
Miss Macomber is steady In match
games, koups hor hoad well, and is
always likely to emerge from a scrim
mage with the bab. Her work as
guard Ik gcnorally reliable. When
theso two centers have had oppor
tunity to get used to each other and
to work together better, they should
make a strong ouet. - -
Miss Sly, guard from last year's
team, now counts as one of tho
strongest guards the 'varisty team
has had. With the possible exception
of Miss Jansa, she is tho surest of
tho team at catching, is strong at
throwing and never fouls. So far
this season no playor matched against
her has been able to scoro a single
goal. Except for Miss Taylor's abil
ity to co-oporato with the centors,
Miss Sly's work seems .not less fault
less. The second guard, Miss Tay
lor's successor, is a player promoted
from tho second team, Miss Zora
Shields. There aro many promising
guards in school, some of them in
some ways moro brilliant. Miss
Shields was soleoted to help ..defend
tho Missouri goal because exporienced
mid "safe." She has demonstrated
tier reliability, inpraotlco games
this fall, never straying from herl
low ! ' ' After our faculty cntertaln
ment tTiey crowdecl Tnto The oTiapel"
and yelled "Wo want Benny" until
he came lrr andnddressed them-froro-tho
"Next morning at chapel thore was
tho repetition of enthusiasm and
after service tho boys deserted class
and formed in triumphal processions,
escorting him about as he inspected
thoTecent changes in the Univor-
- J!urecafibfirJLilnQolU-xiDfl j-Jolni Ly.
Thursday fair, cold wave; twenty
degrees colder by. Thursday night
than Wednesday.
Weather report for 24 hours ending "
7 pm. Wednesday.
Hlsest tomporaturo 58 degrees, oc
curlng at 2 pm. ,"' '
Lowest temporaturo, 37 degrees,
occuring at 7 pm.
Mean tomporaturo, 48 degrees,
wblob Is 7 degrees abovo tho normal
No Precipitation.
Sectlou Dl rep tor.
Monday night tho Board o(CoiifcrpJ
of the Y. M. C. A. met and compiet-
cd arrangements for tho publication
of tho student's dlrentory. It is in
charge of Robert Hill and ho expects.
Xo have It ready by December 1.
- ril
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r is. 1 ,
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