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The Daily Nebraskan
VOL. I NO. 33
Football Squad Will Loavo To-day
for Milwaukee Men Hopeful
But Silent. Team in Goo 4
This afternoon at 1:45 the Nebras
ka football squad,- fifteen strong will
icavo for Mil waukee where they will
meet tho defenders or the cardinal
Saturday. Tho partv will be made up
as follows: Cortolyou, Captain West
over, Brew, Koehlor, Tobln, Stringer,
CHShcdd. Drain. Bender, Pillsbury,
Crandall, Kingsbury, G. Shedd, Bell
and Eager. Coaob Booth, Manager
Cowglll, julbrarlan Wver and Dr.
Beachley will accompany the team.
While the momoors of tho squad
arc confident of putting up a good
ngnt againBt tne LJaageis tnoy are
making nn boasts. Coach Booth is
very reticent as to the outcome of
the game. The game with Kansas
Saturday showed that the
are strong on offensive work.
waR weak on the defensive
thi sract 'the large score
and in
run up
against her may be accounted for.
The -yk on tho gridiron during
the p, week has developed Nebras
ka's defense wonaerfully. The scrubs
instead of scoring as they did last
week have been hold for downs re
peatbdlv. Work on the offensive has
also been gratifying to tne Nebraksa
rooters. Everything considered Ne
braska goes to Wisconsin in much
better ccindltlon than she went to
Practice at Wisconsin has been
secret for tho past week or so. Their
time has been devotea mainly to te
stopping of mass plays so much used
by the Minnesota team. Punting
will undoubtedly be a feature of Sat
urday's game on both sides.
DTipatorreBto-tbo-6hIoaao Record -Herald
lvo tho .following account of
practice at Wisconsin:
Tho Wisconsin TootDall team -was
given another drill in stopping mass
plays In tho practice this afteroon
and succeeded only indifferently.
After about half an hour of punting
and signal practice the varsity
kicked off to the1 scrubs and the
latter using tho mass plays, which
are expected from Minnesota, pushed
the ball across the field to within five
-yards-ot the yarsltygoal. There they
were stopped, and, although given
eight or nine trials, were unablo to
get it over. Then tha ball went to
the varsity and the latter carried it
-back until Juneau made a long run
around tho end for a "touchdown. Af
ter the next kick-off tho sorubs again
tried tbo mass plays, but this time
the varlBty held them, and they wore
unable to make material gains. Fogg
is still laid up with an injured knee,
and Marshall played quarter back,
MotTatt was at full back in Driver's
placo and Abercrombie at left half in
place of Coohoms.
Offers of any amount of even money
are coming from Minnesota for the
badger-gopher game, Nov. 10, but
the Wisoonsins backers want odds.
Tho Minnesota eleven was sent
through an hour's hard practice this
afternoon by Dr. Williams. Tho ex
cessive heat affected tho mon and
tho play was lacking In snap, but the
offense worked smoothly and the
varlsty had a comparatively easy
time with tho soruos.
Soliaoht and Mueller, each of whom
sustained an injury to a shoulder
Saturday, will pobably not be lu tho
game for several a ays, and nelthor Is
llkolv to play Saturday against the
Haskell Indians. Thorpe will prob;
ably bo played In Hchacht's place .at
right tackle, while Ricker or Jonson
may bo selected to take Mueller's
place at right guard. Boeokman,
whoso Injured knee has been bother
ing him since Saturday's game, went
through the signals with the varlsty.
The game between Belolt and Kan
sas University played on Belolt
.rounds ended without a score by
either team.
Twice tho Kansans advanced the
ball to the Beloit ten yard line and
both times lost it on downs. Tbo
Boloit playors succeeded twice in
reaching their opponents ten yard
line but there they were hold for
downs. They also tried for a goal
from the field but the plav was block
ed and tho ball was given to Kansas.
Tho "guards halfback" formation,
which was expeoted to sweep th e
Beloit players down tbe field before
it, had Its greatest success in the
first ten minutes of tbe play. Artor
that tho Boloit men solved it, and
frequently dropped tho runner In his
tracks. The teams wero about even
ly matched. But had Bo'olt's
offense been equal to hor perrect de
fense she would have scored several
Lino bucks were tried through the
heavy Kansas lino by Captain
Bunge, Merrill, Smith and, Slater
but tho gains wero short. McRao
and Crane broke through the Kansas
ends twice for llfteon-yard runs, but
other attempts resulted In no gain
-wnri-fiAimrnl Mmflg with pss
Iowa's board of athletic" control
has unanimously nndorsea tbe action
of tbo olegiblilty commlttoe in rul
ing Quarter Back Williams out of the
recent Iowa-Minnesota football game.
It was decided, however, to call a
meeting of tbo conference colleges In
Chloago for Saturday, Nov. 2, to
make a final ruling on Williams'
case. Charles uenbam of Lorlmer,
tis, D., with WJhgfflJ&UlAJQI wasem
ployed as a drug olerk. has made""auT
davit that Williams received no com
pensation for playing on the Lorimor
baseball team and further investiga
tion may jot reveal the fact that the
disqualification of tho captain Is un
justified. Until tbo Conference Colleges re
port, Wiliams will bo kept out of tho
game. It is feared that the retire
ment of Williams will permanently
cripple tbe Iowa team as- ho was tho
field general and star player for tbe
team. Williams Is severely censured by
the 8tuoent body at Iowa City for
doing anything that would raise the
question of his eleglblifty after tak
ing the placo as captain oLtbe team.
The Y. M. 0. A. at
a hare and hound olub.
Michigan has
Peters and Shaw Go To Lawrence
To-day for the Tennis Match.
Tho Local Tournament
Arouses Interest.
Peters and Shaw winners of tho
local tennis tournament are scheduled
to leave this morning for Lawronco,
Kansas, where they will contest with
a team from Kansas University. The
games will bo played Friday and Sat
urday. The local contest was continued
yesterday. In tbo morning Gaines
and Hubo plaved two closely contested
sets. Uaincs won by a donco set and
played Hamilton to see who should
enter tho Hnils. Cains won.
In tho finals Peters was pitted
against Speiser and Shaw against
Rcth. Peters won from Speiser and
aftcrwardB from Gaines. Shaw won
from Roth. This loft bhaw and
Peters tho winners of the tourna
ment. More than usual interest has been
taken In the games. Yesterday a
largo crowd filled the space around
tho courtB. The prosopots of a trio
to Kansas brought out praotlcally all
tho gooo tennis players In school.
There wero twenty-two entries In
all. Sevoral players ho are com
paratively new have been developed.
The meet with Kansas was mado
certain by tho receipt yesterday
morning of a telegram from
there saying that they would
pay the expenses of tho team. The
j games will be played under tho au-
snlces of the University Association
on club grounds. Tho Kansas team
is composed of Sharrard and Hlgglos,
the latter belnj an instructor in tbo
University, bbarrard will be remem
bered as one of the men who played
in tho Kansas-Nebraska moot last
T-ho-Dellan.LItej:ary Jjooietfy will
give a special musical prorgam Fri
day evening. Tho selections will all
bofrom Nevln. The
Vocal Solo Tho Necklace of Love
Miss Ruth Pyrtle.
Instrumental Soto Tho Wator
Nymph. Selected Miss Day.
Sketch of Novln's life Miss Annie
Vocal Solo The TSIgbtlngalo'r
bong B. L. Doano.
wTLnstrumentaSolo Ophell. Narcis
bus Misff SuWnryoaDe.
Vocal Solo Selected Miss Lally.
- Fred J. KeTley, Editor, Irf Cblefnand;
Fred Morrell, Business Manager of
the Senior olass book have appointed
thojfollowlng associate cdltorsiMlsses
Ella Harper. Grace Montgomery,
Anetta Sprung, Jennie McGuffy,
Bertha McCall. Messrs Carrol Powers
S. D, Clinton, Evan Sage.
The board met for tbo first time
Tuesday morning and discussed mat
ters pertaining to the book. Tho
board will meet regularly onco a
week, probably Tuesday morning.
Anyone having mattorlai .which
might bo used are requested' to hand
it to the board at tnat time.
UBT. Tno freshman class got together
yestoroay and olected a Mr. Lowis
president, Tbo class then proceeded
to tho oleotloo ot a vTco president.
The first ballot resulted In no choice
and boforo a second could be takon
tho time for adjournment had come.
The progress of tho registration
sohemo sufforcd a sot back ytstorday
hy tho ford bio purloining of tbo poll
lists by somo members of tho Sophd
moro class. Tho lists wero entrusted
to a Freshman named Lewis who
was overpdwerod and tho lists taken.
Whero they ore now no ono but a few
Sophomores know. Tho Frcshmon
wero forced to carry on tholr meeting
without tho poll books. Thoy sufforcd
no Inconvonlonoo at their, meeting
yesterday from tho upper olassmen.
GAN. Moro interest is being taken each
year among tbo oastern colleges and
universities In Intor-collegiato and
inter-universlty debates. This fall
Pennsylvania will again meet Colum
bia, and tho students of Michigan
next spring.
The inter-collegiato debates at
Pennsylvania wero inaugurated nine
years ago when the llrst debato with
Cornell Unlvorslty was held. Tho
series consisted of six debates and tho
honors-wore divided equally between
tho two Universities, With the Mich
igan students Pennsylvania has not
been so successful, but thoy hope to.
redeem themselves next March whon
thoy will again meet the Michigan
boys in Philadelphia. Last year tho
first of the series with Columbia was
won by Pennsylvania, which thoy
confidently expect to ropeatln Now
York next December.
Tbo subject submitted by -tho
Columbians and which has been ac
cepted by Pennsylvania, Is ReBolved,
"That any amondmont to the Consti
tution "of tho United State providing
for a chang&Mrnrtnnnothod of - trea
ty-making is undesirabler" The
Miohlgan question has not vot been
numbors-araas'BoleQtedt.Jbut wlfl be submitted bv
Pennsylvania In a few days.
Tho Students' Debating Commit
tee expects that tho now system of
preliminary Inter-society debates, in
augurated at Pennsylvania this tali,
Will bring out more men and produoo
better results than tbo methods em
ployed Jo previous years.
Students who wish to go home to
vQtejnayjiejBjire loavo of absence on
application at the executive "bTfTceT
Classes will continue as usual in all
Princeton submits tho following
question for the Yale-Princeton de
bato on December 6, "Resolved, that
tbe adoption ofjtho fifteenth amend
ment to tbe Constitution of tho
United States has been justified."
The amendmont: "Tho right of
oltizens of tne United States tojpote
shall not bo denied or aorldged by
the United States or by any States
on account of race, color or previous K
condition of servitude. " Yalo has
tho oholce of sides. Ex.
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