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The Conservative *
Palma nnd Oubn
PALMA liavo agreeably sur-
AND CUBA , prised us. Palma's
cabinet seems so
well-chosen that many of his political
enemies have felt constrained to express
their confidence in him.
But even before the appointment of
these good men to positions in the of
ficial family , Cuba's attitude toward
Palma had changed wonderfully.
At the time of the election many of
his adherents were in a purely negative
frame of mind. They voted for him ,
not because he possessed their confidence
and esteem , but because Ins opponents
iu the political field failed to win pop
ular approval. Palma was the most un
fortunate of candidates a compromise.
They voted , not for him , but against
the others. Probably it was the joy of
possessing a real , living , breathing ,
president of their own that thrilled the
Cuban blood and converted the island
ers into one vast group of merrymakers ,
singing their greeting to their first
Whatever may be the cause , the effect
of the universal expression of confidence
in Palma is to strengthen the newly-
laid foundation of the Cuban govern
ment , and , as he is well known to be
friendly with the United States , to es
tablish a mutual confidence between
this nation and its off-spring.
Governor General Wood also receives
his full share of adoration from the
Cubans , and the friendship between
himself and the new president does
away with the possibility of any fric
tion between America and Cuba , or
Cuba and Wood , which is the same
The president's cabinet is as follows :
Diego Tamayo , nationalist , secretary
of government , a new portfolio.
Sefior Tamayo will have charge of the
rural guard , sanitation , the administra
tion of the postoffices and signal ser
vice. He was formerly an autonomist ,
but lately joined the rebellion ; was
head of the revolutionary board and has
been secretary of state since the Ameri
can occupation.
Carlos Zaldo , republican-autonomist ,
department of state and justice.
Sefior Zaldo is a well known business
man. He was at one time a supporter
of Juan Gualberto Gomez , "the black
revolutionist. "
'Emilio Terry , independent , depart
ment of agriculture.
Sefior Terry is a wealthy sugar plant
er of high character.
Manuel Luciano Diaz , nationalist ,
department of public works.
Sefior Diaz , who had charge of the
works at Matanzas during the Ameri
can occupation , is an engineer of abil
Eduardo Yero , nationalist , depart
ment of instruction.
Sefior Yero was superintendent of
schools during the American occupa
Garoia Moneto , republican , a lawyer
of standing , department of finance.
It was an oxceed-
60NE BUT NOT ingly pretty tableau
FORGOTTEN. and the audience
boisterously applaud
ed until the stage manager ran the
curtain up and turned on the red
ight to give them another view of
; he angel.
But the angel seemed to have some
lecidedly unaugelical ideas about ac
commodating people for she wasn't
ihore , and all the spectators saw was
lier wings tacked to a board , in front
of which the stage manager had ex
pected her to stand , as usual. The
stage was set ; the tinseled scenery ,
and glowing lights startled the ob
server with their brilliancy and mag-
lificonce ; bu * ; the angel , the center
piece , the only living figure , was
missing , and the shallowiiess of the
whole show was exposed.
The curtain will soon be rolled up ,
and the political tableaux of 189(5 ( and
1900 will be repeated. The stage
settings are to be as superb as ever ,
; he light as glowing , but whore once
stood the life of the picture , will be
seen only a pair of frayed and tattered
silver wings tacked to a board.
The angel will be missing.
Our inquiry of
QUEER. the other day as to
what became of
bho Russian thistle scare is
easily learn that
this thistle , once so dreaded as
a pest , has all of a sudden become a
crop staple. There is one definition
of a weed , "A plant whoso use to
man has not yet been discovered. "
This seems to apply to the vegetable
in question. Owing to its unpre
possessing appearance and the rapid
ity of its spread , the Russian thistle
was viewed with alarm by agricul
tural experts all over the country ,
but now they claim that it is a rival
of alfalfa as a hay-producing plant.
It is cut , wilted , bunched and stacked
very much like alfalfa , and when
cured it is said to be soft and green ,
and both acceptable and nutritious to
cattle. The prediction is made that
it will bo a very valuable crop for
the arid belt.
As this is the last
POSITION DE- issue of this journal
FINED. in which matters
political will bo
treated , it may be well to dispel all
doubt about our position by saying
that The Conservative lias been and
is opposed to the free and unlimited
coinage of silver at the ratio of six
teen to one , either with or without
the consent of any nation on earth ,
or all of them , or nations on any
adjacent planet. We make this frank
statement so that those who may
have entertained doubts as to our
position may cease idle speculating.
Mr. Nixon seems
NIXON REGAINS to be the one man
CONSCIOUSNESS , in the United
States who has
labored under the delusion that he , not' *
Oroker , was Tammany's chief. Having
been duly enlightened xipon this point
by having one of his pets suppressed at
the suggestion of the Lord of Wantage ,
Mr. Nixon promptly resigned and re
fused to receive a vote of confidence.
Which proves that Tammany has had a
man in the chieftain's seat who had the
spirit of a born leader , and only needed
ihe support of the club to make his ad
ministration one of great profit to the
General Woyler
NEVER WHIPPED has been heard
THEM. from on affairs
Inlippinistic. He
dolorously predicts that tne Mores
will be hard to conquer , and adds
that in his dealings with them they
never know when they are whipped.
Probably an explanation of this may
bo found in the fact that iu his deal
ings with them they never had an op
portunity to know that they were
Dr. Herbert Fish ,
CAUSE OR of North western
EFFECT ; University , pre
sents statistical
proor or tne alleged tact that students
who smoke cigarets lose their moral
and mental strength. He might better
have said that students , losing their
moral and mental strength , smoke
cigarets. His theory is certainly
groundless , for when a boy smokes
cigarets that is prima facie evidence
that ho has no mental or moral strength
to lose.
The military man-
PRECAUTIONARY darin who leads the
EXECUTIONS. present rebellion in
China , killed his
family before launching the enter
prise , for fear they would bo pun
ished in the event of a failure.
The political relatives of Senator
Mason have killed him before enter
ing into the state campaign , for fear
they would bo punished in the event
of his failure. The American system
is decidedly the better.
If you will have
CERVERA it that there was a
NOMINATED , heroic admiral at
Santiago , why not
Cervera ? He took up his sword en
thusiastically , wore it with credit , and ,
when the proper time came , surrendered
it gracefully. What more could mortal
man do with a sword ?