The Conservative (Nebraska City, Neb.) 1898-1902, February 06, 1902, Page 13, Image 13

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passage of an elcotrio current through
gold electrodes in a slightly acid.solu-
tion , the anode becomes coated with
hydroxie , and on subsequently connect
ing the electrodes to a seusative gal
vanometer , a current is indicated whoso
intensity varies with the light thrown
on the hydroxide. The variations de
pend upon the color as well as the in
tensity of the light. Under the electric
arc the difference in potential between
the plates has been as much as 0.1 volt ,
but the most striking fact is that dif
ferent parts of the spectrum , red and
violet , produce opposite currents , dif
fering in direction as well as in degree.
A peculiar breed of domesticated
sheep , having goat-like hornshas been
kept by natives of the Bunden Ober-
laud , Switzerland , and appears to have
been descended directly from the so-
called peat-sheep of the Swiss lake
dwellings. Alarm is now felt at the
present scarcity of the animals. The
breed is already nearly exterminated
through crossing , and another in
teresting type of animal life will have
disappeared in a few years unless
steps are taken to preserve it.
The blue and green colors of frogs ,
lizards , certain fishes and other verte
brates have been investigated by two
French biologists. A black pigment
causes the blue color by what Pouchet
called " cerulescence , " or kind of
fluorescence , and the green color is
due to a mixture of black and yellow
pigments. The colored skins seem to
serve as sieves for separating iiseful
and harmful light. The useful red
heat rays are allowed to pass , but the
violet and ultra-violet , which induce
skin disease or other ill effects , are re
The terrestrial mammals of North
America were found by Prof. Baird in
1857 to number 220 species , not in
cluding the bats. The later tendency
has been to make more divisions , and ,
with new discoveries and the addition
of marine forms , Mr. D. G. Elliott's
1901 list gives 628 species , be sides 808
subspecies. The rodents have in
creased from 180 species to 880 species
and 255 subspecies ; the iusectivores ,
from 26 species to 47 species and 3
subspecies. There are now recognized
seven species of reindeer , four or five
of Rocky Mountain sheep , nine species
and three subspecies of bears , and not
less than 20 species and 4 subspecies
of skunks.
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nny glnzlngof any sort , cither cues
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fragrant cotluo.
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Notice is hereby given that sealed bids for
ihe construction of all now bridges for York
County , Neb. , for the year 11)02 ) , will be re
ceived at the office of the County Clerk , on or
before noon of February ; . ' 5th , 1002 , said bridces
to bo constructed in accordance with the fol
lowing plans and specifications , as adopted by
the County Board , in regular session under
date of Jan. 15th :
Piling to bo not less than nine inches at the
small end , and to bo driven to the satisfaction
of the Roads and Bridge Committee. Caps to
be 8x12 inches , 10 ft. long , to bo bolted to end
of piling withx20 inch drift bolts to each
iHing. All bents of piling that project over
ft. above the ground , to be sway-braced with
% sway-braces extending from end of cap to
ground on opposite piling. All bents that pro
ject 20 ft. or more abovfi the ground , to have
double sway-bracea with pieces extending
across the center of the piling. All sway-
braces to bo fastened to caps and piling , with
one % inch bolt , with nut and cass washer on
each end. Joist to be not less than 8 inches
12 ft. panels to have 0 string of Cxl2 joist.
10 ft. panels to have 10 string of 8x12 joist.
IS ft. panels to have 11 string of 8x12 ; oist.
20 ft. panels to have 12 string of 8x12 ; olst.
24 ft. panels to have 13 string of 8x14 ; oist.
12 and 1C ft. panels to be bridged once with
2x4 white pine , 18 and 20 ft. panels to have 2
rows of bridging of 2x4 white pine. All
panels over 24 feet in length to have three
rows of bridging of 2x4 white pine. All joist
to be sized to an even width where they rest
on caps ; to bo securely nailed ; and to rest at
least 4 inches on caps. No joist to have more
than 8 sound knots more than 2 inches in di
Flooring to be 10 ft. long , not less than 10
inches wide , and 'IV inches thick ; and to be
fastened to joist with one 60 penny nail to each
Hand-rails to be 2x4 on the face of post , and
2x0 on the top of the post. Hub-rail to be 2x8
Posts to be 4x4 , 4 ft. long. Hand-rail posts with
2 half-inch bolts ; and hub-rail to be bolted to
the posts with 2 half inch bolts.
All 12x10 ft. panels to have one hand rail posi
in the center ; 18x20 ft. panels to have 2 hand
rail posts in center equally divided. 24 ft. or
longer panels to have three hand rail posts in
center equally divided. All hand rails to be
surfaced and joints broken between the posts
Hand rail and caps to be painted with one coal
of good mineral paint. One two-eighths inch
bolt hook to extend from ton of flooring to
piling at end of each span. All wing piling to
be of same dimension at small end as piling
for bridges. All end bents when piling nro-
jocts 8 ft. above ground to have 4 piling
driven to the bent. Where bridge , is construct
ed over old bridge contractor to remove all olt
material at least 20 ft. from end of now bridge
cutoff all old piling at top of ground ; and re
move the same from under bridge.
All material to be of good quality , free from
rotten snots or wainey edge ; no material to be
accepted unless conforming fullv to the speci
fications as to quality and dimension the
usual width and thickness shrinkage except-
All flooring to be of Burr Oak.
All piling to be of Red Cedar.
All bridging to be of White Pino.
All'other material to be of Oregon Fir.
Party to whom contract shall be awarded
will be required to give sufficient bond condi
tioned for the faithful performance of con
tract ; and to be approved by the County
Dated this 10th day of January , 1002.
C. 0. BOSfjAW ,
County Clerk York County , Nebraska
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these already at work to
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Spanish ! Krtncli ; etc. Circular free. When writing
Hale subject Hint Intcrct ta rou.
International l'orrei,8chooliRoxiaiHISeriiiitoiiPa. ,
BEND , IN . , KANKAKEK , HI , . ,
STREATOK , 11,1 , .
Direct Connections. Junction Point *
A. T. & . S. F By . .Streator , 111.
B.&O.R.R . .Walkertsn , Ind.
B.C.R.&N.Ry , . .Clinton , la.
Chicago & Alton Ry , . .Streator.Ill.
Chicago & Alton Ry . .Dwight , 111.
Streator , HI.
Zearing , 111. '
Chic. Burl. & Qninoy R. R { Fulton , 111.
East Clinton , 111.
Walnut , 111.
Denrock , 111.
Clev. Cin. Chic. & St. L. Ry. .Kankakeo , 111.
Chicago & East. 111. R. R . Momenco , 111.
Chicago & East. III. R. R . Wheatfleld , Ind.
Chicago , Ind. & Louisville ( Shelby , Ind.
Ry. Co. ( M'onon ) . ( San Pierre , Ind.
Chicago & Erie R. R . North Judson , Ino
( Fulton , 111.
C. M. &St. P. Ry . \ East Clinton , HI
( Clinton , la.
f Fulton , 111.
Chicago & Northwest. Ry.
L Clinton , la.
Chicago & So. Bend Ry. . . . . .South Bend , Ind
O.R.I.&P.Ry . .DoPue , Ind.
Chic. & Wabasli Val. R. R. . .Kersey , Ind.
Davenp. R. I. & N. W. Ry. . . .Clinton , la.
Grand Trunk Ry. System. . .South Bend-Ind.
Illinois Central . . . ( Kankakee. HI.
R. R. : . . . . {
Lostant , HI.
Indiana Northern Ry . South Bend , Ind.
Lake Shore & Mich. So. Ry. j fgj jj. * *
Lake Erie & Western R. R. . . Walkerton , Ind.
Michigan Central R. R . j jgjgB gj _ -
N. Y. C.&St. L. R. R . Knox , Ind.
Pero Marquette Ry . St. Joseph , Mich.
Lake Mich. Boat Lines . St. Joseph , Mich.
P. C. O. & St. L . North Judson.Ind
P.F. W. & C. Ry . Hamlet , Ind.
Vandalia Line . South Bend , Ind.
B. R
Operating Fast Freight Service between the
Bast and West , North and South , in connection
with all the principal railroad systems and
fast freight lines , thus avoiding the delays to
which traffic passing through Chicago is sub
jected. .
General Offices ,
505 The Rookery , Chicago , 111.
Pres. & Gen. Mgr. Traffic M r
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