The Conservative (Nebraska City, Neb.) 1898-1902, October 24, 1901, Image 1

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Cbc Conservative.
VOL. IV. NO. 10. " CITY , NEBRASKA , 0n4SrMv- ( : : l j$85fE ! COPIES , 5 CENTS.
" > ! >
One dollar and a half per year in advance ,
postpaid to any part of The United States or
Canada. Remittances made payable to The
Morton Printing Company.
Address , THE CONSERVATIVE , Nebraska
City , Nebraska.
Advertising rates made known upon appli
Entered at the postofflce at Nebraska Gity ,
Neb. , as Second Class matter , July 29 , 1808.
Politicians of the
PRESIDENT variety branded
ROOSEVELT. "practical" t hat
is , men who in the
partisan contests of the United
States , seek place , plunder and
power regardless of any set of political
principles or policies are not falling
desperately in love with Theodore
Roosevelt , the President of this great
He is an honest man. His executive
experience at the age of forty-three is
greater than most public men can refer
to at seventy-three. He was , when we
ijj first know and admired him , the Presi
dent of the United States Civil Service
Commission , in 1898 , under the second
administration of Grover Cleveland He
was exceedingly prompt , vigorous , con
scientious and efficient in the discharge
of all the duties of that trying position.
Subsequently he was called to New
York City , where as Commissioner of
Police he did a remarkably disinfecting
sanitary service for the moral and
physical welfare of that swarming me
Thence he was taken under the first
MoKinley administration into the navy
as Assistant Secretary , where he did
good work for his country until the on
coming of the war with Spain , when he
resigned and entered the active military
service of his country. He was heard
from at San Juan hill , where he did
brave fighting at the head of his men on
the firing line He potentially aided in
preventing a retreat , which had been
determined upon by Gen. Shafter. The
cool counsels of the Colonel of the
Rough Riders to regular army officers ,
whose admiration for his deliberate
courage at that crucial moment was
expressed to their kinsfolk in unmeas-
ured praise , did much to prevent a dis
aster and make a victory.
The writer will never forgot the en
thusiasm and fervor with which Lt.
Col. Charles Morton of the regular
army , in 1898 , at Arbor Lodgedescribed
the valor , good judgment and efficiency
of Theodore Roosevelt as a soldier at
San Juan.
Returning from Cuba , Col. Roosevelt
was elected Governor of New York and
as the executive of that great state did
many good things to elevate the charac
ter of , and make more efficient , the
public service. He was there as else
where an honest , able , fearless patriot.
Before his term had expired as chief
executive of the Empire state , ho was
against his desires and in spite of his
protestations nominated Vice-President
of the United States. And now the
Mysteriarch of the universe , whose
ways are those of omniscience and
omnipotence , gives Theodore Roosevelt
the Presidency of the United Statesand
makes him trustee for the peace , pros
perity and happiness of a republic of
seventy-five millions of people.
There need be no fear. The man
who in all civil and military positions
has so far discharged with fearless fidel
ity every dutywill not fail us now. He
will prove himself an honest , efficient ,
just and righteous President. God pro
tect , guide and bless him !
His speech at
PEACE. Buffalo September
5th , President Mc-
Kiuley closed as follows : "Every right-
minded citizen of this Republic and all
the good-hearted and clear-headed men
and women of all the nations of the
earth indulge in similar aspirations and
pray for Peace universal Peace.
"Gentlemen : Let us ever remember
that our interest is in concord , not con
flict ; and that our real eminence rests
in the victories of peace , not those of
war. We hope that all who are repre
sented here may be moved to higher
and nobler effort for their own and the
world's good , and that out of this city
may come not only greater commerce
and trade for us all , but more essential
than these , relations of mutual respect ,
confidence and friendship which will
deepen and endure. Our earnest prayer
is that God will graciously vouchsafe
prosperity , happiness and peace to all
our neighbors , and like blessings to all
the peoples and powers of earth. "
Where can be
WHERE ? found a single ful
filled prophecy of
the quartet of revelators who on the
2(5th ( of September , 1900 , at the Court
House of Otoe County , oratorioally
consigned the National Starch Works
and the Cereal Mills and the Packing
Houses of Nebraska City to everlasting
inutility , eternal silence and decay ?
Did either of those stately prophets tell
a single truth ? The rumble of wheels ,
the click of machinery , the song of
steam , the fire , the smoke and the con
tented hum of well-paid skill and brawn
answer , not a truth ! !
There are many
BITTERS. kinds of bitters
prescribed for fail
ing physical organisms. But for the
decadent leadership of populism in Ne
braska and the symptoms of dementia
among its newspapers no restorative has
yet been found. Possibly Doctors Tib
bies , J. V. Wolfe , Edgar Howard ,
Poynter , Bill Deck and other lumin
aries in that school of economics had
better hold a consultation. Tansey
bitters , mixed with those manufactured
and sweetened by th former Secretary
of State , W. S. Porter , might tone up
the leadership and press pre-named.
Nebraska City ,
TRUSTS The Conservative is
WANTED. free to remark ,
would rejoice in
having the Standard Oil Company , the
United States Steel Company , the Na
tional Tobacco combine , the Rope and
Cordage , "the Sugar and Glucose and
the Whiskey trust all establish their
headquarters and principal plants with
in its corporate limits.
Ever since the deluge of eloquence as
to trusts and their vile desire to shut
down the Starcli Works , Cereal Mills
and Packing interests at this place ,
poured into the ears of populists and
discontents September 20 , 1900 at the
court house in Nebraska City by that
quartet of megaphonio orators , Bryan ,
J. Ham. Lewis , Blarney Smythe and
odorous Oldham the people who pay
taxes have wanted more trusts to locate ,
spread their establishments and inou- '
bate here. The fact that all the Indus
trial Plants of Nebraska City are ex
panding , booming , running full head
and paying out thousands of dollars in
wages every week gives our people an
appetite for more trusts.