The Conservative (Nebraska City, Neb.) 1898-1902, September 19, 1901, Image 1

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One dollar and a half per year in advance ,
postpaid to any part of thounited States or
Canada. Remittances made payable to The
Morton Printing Company.
Address , THE CONSERVATIVE , Nebraska
City , Nebraska.
Advertising rates made known npon appli
Entered at the postofflce at Nebraska City ,
Neb. , as Second Class matter , July 29 , 1898.
SUCCESS. TIVE which con
tained the sympos
ium as to the chances , under present in
dustrial tendencies and conditions , of
the young man in the United
States was in great demand. The
extra large edition of that issue was
soon absorbed. It went into every state
and territory of this republic. The na
tional character of the contributors to
that issue of THE CONSERVATIVE made
it particularly sought after. And now ,
with a demand for thousands of copies
more containing the articles of E. D.
Kenna , M. E. Ingalls , Robert O. Olow-
ery , W. 0. Brown , Wm. B. Carlile and
W. B. Barr , THE. CONSERVATIVE repro
duces the articles from railroad and in
surance experts , and hopes in the near
future to be able to find space for the
reproduction of the balance without
fear of offence to its constantly increas
ing number of thoughtful patrons.
Critics who criticise without study
ing , have declared that the contributors
Money. TIVE , and also its
editor , christened
cash , success and that money , wealth ,
accumulations alone , have been exalted
as the only ensign of a satisfactorily
successful career from cradle to coffin.
But such comments are away off from
the truth. Editorially THE CON
Not True. character over
and above cash.
Time and again the young men and
. youth who get THE CONSERVATIVE have
been instructed that no man or woman
can succeed in life who is not self-re
liant , self-denying and self-respecting.
Time and again have they been told that
success in life consists in what good one
may have done for others , and not in
" " have avariciously
what "goods" one may
ly piled up for self.
Reputation may be won in an hour
and destroyed in a minute. But
aoter , like the oak , forms slowly
dnreth. And its influence for good or
evil while we live and long after we are
dead determines whether we have suc
cessfully lived our brief life in this one
little planet of a measureless and un
known universe 1 The question of suc
cess is not how much have you accum
ulated in tangible things like land ,
chattels and cash. But has your life
been useful to your race ? Do you leave
the world better because you have lived ,
thought and worked ? Has your Home
radiated a clear light out into its
neighborhood ? Have you reared men
and women into decent and useful citi
zenship ? If a man's life has developed
a happy home and dutiful children and
enhanced the character of the civilization
of his day and generation , he has been a
successful man. Beside Theodore
Parker , Father DeSmetBeecher , Swing ,
Minot Savage and Bishop Whipple ,
the Asters , Goulds and Vanderbilts are
utter failures. The thinkers of great
thoughts for the uplifting and advance
ment of humanity men who leave their
mental and moral impress on the race
for centuries , are as far above the mere
money gatherer as are the stars in the
sky higher and brighter than fish spawn
in the bottom of the sea. The good
thoughts one evolves for beneficent
circulation among his fellows thoughts
that bear foliage and fruit for the better
ment of the world are the indices of
the measure of his success.
INVOICE. TIVE will be obliged
to contributors who
will invoice in eacli county of Nebraska
the benefits which have accrued to its
people from the words and works of
those "weary Willies" Colonel Allen
of Madison and Colonel Bryan of Lin
coln , Nebraska , and Havana , Cuba. No
talkers who have ever talked , and no
walkers who have ever walked the
floor , in agony of solicitude for the
"plain people" are more deserving
of the full reward of their labors.
Any thought or deed of either of the
two distinguished discontents named ,
which has materialized to the general
good , is sought voraciously by all per
sons having a taste for results or an ap-
.petite for consequences.
The chances for
SPLENDID. the young man Ab
salem , whenever
are big enough and fertile
r cultivation , are exceedingly
Wmef ou6 aoid attractive. But Absalom
, wilU.never Vget there" if he follows
* *
denouncing oj > Jawsfjour judiciary , our
executive offic j 1md' iiiciting discon
tent talking treaspti } and calling it
truth , delivering malicious orations
against "government by injunction ; "
teaching disrespect for law and contempt
for order , and out of unbridled imagina
tions sowing broad-cast the seeds for
more assassinations.
A man is as re-
RESPONSIBILITY. sponsible mo rally
for the thoughts he
utters as he is financially for the notes he
signs. The men who speak Jto the mul
titude and stir up malevolence , envy
and wrath against wealth are as respons
ible for the results of their inculcations
as are physicians who prescribe di
etaries and drugs to destroy health. The
first murders contentment and para
lyzes industry among the people at
large , and the second enervates the in
dividual and destroys the possibility of
his usefulness and happiness. No man
can be happy , if he is not useful. It is
a tremendous responsibility to try to
think and to talk for one's fellow-men.
All over fertile
HUMILITY. Nebraska in quiet
graves and obscure
cemeteries are resting the pioneers of
the plains. Their names are obliterated
and their individuality lost. But the
magnificent commonwealth which is
founded upon their j udgmeut and intelli
gent labors is a monument to their
composite success. They may have
died poor in goods , chattels and real
estate , but they first wrote the word
"success" on these plains with the point
of a plow. They were the grains of gold % _
assayed from the masses of humanity in . < , ;
populous places out of which has been " - ;
coined the prosperity of Nebraska.
Edison may die
EDISON. in a charity hospi
tal and without a
penny , but his life because of the bene
fits he has conferred upon humanity by
his inventions is a success.