The Conservative (Nebraska City, Neb.) 1898-1902, April 11, 1901, Page 13, Image 13

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    Conservative. 13 7 .
tor fcho university than to hold to a
course in ado dry and impractical to the
demands of this ago. The American
high school is the poor man's college.
Lot us make it abreast the times in
every line of work.
Dp not bo over-ambitious to build up
a High school with a four years' course
in a small city or village. A good two
or three years' course would be much
bettor. Do not overcrowd the course.
If you teach Latin , for instance ,
throughout the four years , or the three ,
you cannot expect to teach everything
else. Do not give the high school more
than its share of attention. Komomber
the grades below. It would appear to
bo au abnormal condition when one-
third or one-fourth of the teachers in a
city or village are engaged exclusively
in high school work.
Many high schools of the state are
giving an intellectual activity to their
respective communities by a first-class
lecture course. Horace Mann claimed
that the leoturp platform is the people's
college. Yes , it is more , it is the larger
pulpit. It is the noblest advocate popu
lar education has ever had. It stands
for ability , genius , education , reform ,
But whatever our course of study ,
whatever our plans , let us remember :
"Knowledge does not comprise all
which is contained in the large term of
education. The feelings are to bo dis
ciplined ; the passions are to be restrain
ed ; true and worthy motives are to be
inspired ; a profound religious feeling
is to be instilled ; and pure morality
inculcated under all circumstances.
All this is comprised in education. "
And whatever our advice to our teach
ers , let us never forget to impress upon
them the true nobility of our calling.
"If work marble it will
we upon , per
ish ; if we work upon brass , time will
efface ; if we rear temples , they will
crumble into dust ; but i we work
upon immortal minds : if we imbue
them with the just fear of God and
love of our fellowmen , we engrave on
those tablets something which will
brighten to all eternity. "
Yours for Education ,
State Superintendent ,
Notice is hereby Riven that the undersigned ,
J. Sterling Morton , A. T , Richardson and
Robert Pnyno , of Nebraska City , Nebraska ,
have associated themselves together and formed
a corporation under the general corporation
law of Nebraska
First The name of said corporation is
Morton-Gregson Company.
Second The principal plttco of transacting
its business is Nebraska City , Otoo county ,
Third The general nature of the business to
bo transacted oy this corporation is the pur
chase and sale , slaughtering , dressing , packing
and holding for sale , selling and selling for
others , of live stock of cattle , hogs and sheep ,
and shipping by refrigerator cars or otherwise
of the meats and products thereof , and doing
generally the business of slaughtering , pack
ing and selling , , and whatever is incident there
to or in any wise usually connected therewith.
Fourth The amount of capital stock of this
corporation , authori/ed , is two hundred and
fifty thousand dollars , and is to be paid in as
called for by the board of direotorH upoiiiflvo
days' notice to the subscribers thereof.
Fifth The time of the commencement of
this corporation is March IB , 1001 , and of its
termination March. 12 , ! V5li
Sixth The highest amount of indebtedness
or liability to which this corporation is at any
time to subject itself is not to exceed two-
thirds of its capital stock.
Seventh The affairs of tha ! corporation are
to bo conducted by a board of five directors ,
and , subject to this board , a president , vice-
president , secretary and treasurer.
I ilTiiiilliK
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