The Conservative (Nebraska City, Neb.) 1898-1902, October 04, 1900, Page 4, Image 4

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more capital could be made for their
candidature trust
Because. , . , i . . .
by pitching into
the starch works at Nebraska City , and
for no other reason was this suit first
began. Bat because it has been com
menced others will now be started by
Bryan and Smyth to make this one seem
decent and defensible. Other factories
will be assaulted. No factory should
pay out a cent to defend its legal right
to do legitimate business. Every one
should withdraw from the state.
Disaster is desired by Bryan and
Smyth. They are evolutions from
calamity. They
Calamity. . . . . . .
cannot live with
out calamity. And now in the blessed
year 1900 , when God and Nature have
made normal calamity impossible by
kindly giving good crops , health and
prosperity to the people , Bryan and
Smyth propose artificial calamity by
legal process. It is essential to fusion
For that success these two men would
sacrifice capital , labor , property and
wage-earners , and
Sacrifice. _ T , , _ , . , . ,
Nebraska Oity it
self. They are twin dynamos to generate
discontent , to paralyze prosperity and
shatter thrift. They are exponents of
the corrupt camps of Oroker and Tam
many Hall , whose money is backing
their ticket. They are mere phonographs
graphs of political piracy in the city of
New York , which has corrupted and
robbed that municipality for a genera
tion. Their chief cashier is Oroker , the
plunderer , the blackleg and the outcast.
And this brace of philanthropists have
the unspeakable gall to appear before a
Nebraska Oity
audience as an-
nointed prophets and protectors , and
to admonish Nebraska Oity to beware of
citizens who for forty years have been
faithfully at work to build up a prosper
ous and contented community. Against
the acts of men who have contributed to
every good and successful enterprise in
Nebraska Oity , Bryan and Smyth utter
their maledictions and institute their
inquisitorial proceedings.
They say :
"No trust can ran factories or do any
business in Nebraska Oity or elsewhere
in this state.
"The Argo factory is in a starch trust.
"Therefore , it must close up and
quit. "
And in the next breath both declare :
"But we seek only to prevent your
factory getting into a trust. We would
not for the world have it stop work. "
These are the guardians , self-ap
pointed , to look after the economic and
manufacturing welfare of Nebraska
Oity. They ask you to vote for them
and in voting for them and their local ,
state and national ticket to vote for the
destruction of Nebraska Oity for deso
lation instead of thrift , for silence and
solitude where now the hum of whirring
wheels , the rattle of machinery and the
songs of contented industry are a con
stant symphony.
Between those journeymen exhorters
for discontent and disaster on the one
_ , hand , and men and
Choose. . , . , .
interests on the
other hand who have established your
best industries , donated year city a
park , a library , furnished a theatre and
in labors and in dollars demonstrated
their fidelity to your material , moral and
intellectual welfare for more than a
generation , CHOOSE YE !
By your votes your choice will be
That choice will be either for those
who tear down or for those who
build up.
In Nebraska Oity and all over the
state you may look in vain for an in
dustrial plant , or any great wage-paying ,
labor-employing enterprise than either
Smyth , Allen , Bryan , or any other
eminent exemplar of fusion has con
ceived , established or operated.
"No trust shall do business in this
state. All successful combinations of
capital are trusts.
Therefore no such combinations of
capital shall be permitted to exist in
Nebraska. "
This is Bryanarchy , interpreted by its
authorized expounder , Smyth. Those
who love it must vote for it. Those
who prefer thrift to indolence , growth
to decay , and life to death must vote
against it.
THE CONSERVATIVE is perhaps in con
tempt of court for having discussed a
cause pending in
In Contempt. _ f. ° .
court. It is said that
similar discussion under like circum
stances caused the Daily Omaha Bee to
be fined five hundred dollars. But
THE CONSERVATIVE enters the discussion
after Bryan and Smyth have got into
contempt and will not therefore be
arraigned probably and punished until
after those orators shall have been dealt
with by the Supreme Court of which
Smyth is the attorney-general and a prin
cipal irritant for developing contempt.
Gen. Smyth and Colonel Bryan joint
ly say to the hundreds of men who
_ , signed the aver-
Liars. ° . . . .
meuts about this
suit and asked respectfully , for good
reasons , that it be dismissed : "You are
liars. "
And Smyth , not content with saying
that in a speech , reiterates the insult in
his published letter to Hon. John Mattes ,
the mayor of Nebraska City , who , by
judicious acts , prevented the circulation
of stale eggs during the oratorical
extenuation , explanation and equivoca
tion which Bryan and Smyth evolved
at the meeting in Nebraska Oity on
Wednesday , the 20th day of September ,
A. D. 1900.
_ _ , . . - , _ _ , Deacon Smails of
. . .
SELDOM : . .
Fremont , in his
daily religious journal , remarks :
"Mr. Morton had openly threatened
to close up the factory and move it to
Kansas Oity , but Mr. Bryan reminded
them that they had an anti-trust law in
Missouri , also , and a democratic state ,
and that they might get into still hotter
water. He said , too , that if the demo
crats got the next administration the
trusts couldn't light anywhere on
American soil , because he would enforce
the laws that already exist.
"The Morton 'bluff' didn't work. "
-It is seldom that THE CONSERVATIVE
notices falsehoods relative to its editor.
It would not have replied to the above
had nobody but Bryan uttered it. But
when repeated by Deacon Smails it is
serious and weighty enough for positive
Mr. Morton has never owned a starch
factory , never threatened to close one
up , and never declared that he would
deport one to Missouri.
What the deacon means by "the Mor
ton 'Bluff' " THE CONSERVATIVE cannot
understand. It is presumed , however ,
that the word "Bluff , " used by the pious
deacon , is a technical term , in the
vocabulary of Bryanarohy meaning
honesty and courage , like that which
animated Colonel Bryan when he en
listed for the Spanish war.
. actly these woids
also : "I want [ he never forgets to
want ] to tell you I am as much opposed
to trusts as Mr. Smyth [ who holds all
corporations of monetary magnitude to
be trusts ] and I will fight them [ i. e. all
large corporations ] as hard as he will.
[ Great cheering by automatic applause ]
If , by the aid of the people of this
county and this state I atu made presi
dent of the United States [ reviling
voice of sinner in the crowd , "but you
won't be" ] I will promise you that I
will do all 1 can to dissolve the starch
trust. "
* # *
"The Federal government has power
enough to protect the people from these
trusts that deal in interstate commerce. "
Then how can Bryan and Smyth inter
fere by state law -with "interstate com
merce ? "
* " * hiS
followers advocate
a monetary system which will permit
each succeeding congress to reduce or
expand the volume of the currency. No
emperor can do that. There is no des
pot who can shrink or enlarge the cur
rency of his realm at will. But the 10-to-
1 Bryanarchists seek to give that power
to congress. It is more than imperial
ism and far worse for it leads directly
to anarchy.