The Conservative (Nebraska City, Neb.) 1898-1902, July 05, 1900, Page 10, Image 10

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    10 Conservative ,
boon heretofore chiefly influenced by
antagonism to the Mnuchus. They have
favored the restoration of the Ohing
dynasty which was Ohineso. In order
to embarrass the government tliey have
attacked foreigners and native Chris
tians , who , under the treaties , are entitled -
titled to protection.
There were occasional nuti-foreigu
riots. Riots and disturbances are not
unusual in our own country. China
paid compensatory damages in every
case of injury to person or property.
It would seem from sorno of the re
ports from China that the secret societies
have taken up the cause of the emperor.
This is almost a self-evident contradic
tion. The quarrel with the empress on
the part of the foreigner is that she is
anti-foreign and that she is secluding
the emperor , who is in favor of the
foreigners. There can bo no reason ,
therefore , why the secret societies should
take up his cause.
At the bottom of all these popular
uprisings is discontent growing out of
deluges and starvation caused by short
crops. There is a great deal of misery
and poverty in China.
The editor of the World's Editorial
Forum has asked my opinion of "the
real meaning and probable outcome" of
the existing riots. Judging by my ex
perience in China from 1885 to 1898 I
would say that the riots would be put
down by the government , as hundreds
have been put down heretofore , but
new elements have entered into the
situation. It was not until 1897 , when
Germany lauded a battalion of marines
and seized a portion of the province of
Shantung , that it came to be believed
that China had no rights that Europeans
were bound to respect. Since then
three other nations have helped them
selves to her territory , and no objection
has been raised anywhere in the world.
In some quarters the idea seems to
prevail that the human race would be
benefited by destroying the autonomy
of China and dividing her soil up among
more advanced nations.
This plea thinly veils the greed for
conquest and domination.
Left to herself , China will work out ,
as Japan has done , her own salvation.
Ruled by monarchies and despots , her
land will always be the abode of abject
misery and want.
Lot the people who wish well to China
frown upon the establishment of a pro
tectorate. It is the beginning of ab
My judgment is that the Boxers will
be put down and that before long peace
will prevail in China , and that partition
will not bo attempted at this time.
Charles Deuby , Ex-United States Min
ister to China , in Times-Herald.
The following little bit of clever sar
casm was sent to School Director Knox
from a friend in Dunne county , Wis
consin. Dr. Kuox is known to have
very liberal ideas concerning the present
method of education , but she has often
declared that children are being taught
too many things.
The doctor says she considers the
author has been where such things are
done , but she denies the implied im
peachment of Western methods.
Professor W. L. Morrison , the author
of the satire and the principal of the
Dunne County Normal School , writes
what might be termed a "Correlation on
the Lady of the Lake. " He says :
" 'The stag at eve had drunk his fill. ' "
"Stay by this line until it is fully
understood ; loose reading should be
checked. The pupil should note that
the 'Stag had drunk his fill , ' and that
this means that his stomach could hold
no more. He should bo encouraged to
find out how much water a stag's stomach
ach will hold. In this northern country
the poem should bo read during the
'open season , ' when a deer's stomach
can bo obtained without breaking the
law. A stag's stomach should be pro
cured and filled with water by a force
pump in the presence of the class. If a
deer's stomach cannot be secured , a
sheep's will be a fairly good substitute.
The water should bo carefully weighed
and measured both by the ordinary and
the metric system , and the record kept
in the school as well as in the note book
of each pupil. The stomach should also
be examined with a microscope , and the
correlation between literature and phys
iology made exhaustive.
"It would bo well if only this one line
could be seen until all possible combina
tions of correlation are worked upon it.
Take the auxiliary had , and the redund
ant drunk , each should be conjugated
in all the modes , and much drill given
upon the uses of had and have , do and
did , etc. 'The stag at eve ; ' here the
distinction between eve and morning
should be carefully developed. Child
ren should notice the clouds at evening ,
and find out in the cyclopedia why
clouds are colored at sunset.
"The class should be held upon this
line until it is understood , and correlated
with all subjects which will throw any
side lights upon it.
"Correlation may easily be made with
civil government by noting that if this
chase had occurred in Wisconsin , it
would have been illegal to chase the
deer with dogs , or during the closed
season to have molested him in any way.
"We are now prepared to pass on to
the second line of the poem , but before
this is done , the teacher should be satis
fied that no part of the instruction in
regard to the first line has been neg
" 'Where danced the moon on Moran's
Rill. '
"Tho child will see at a glance , if he
has been properly instructed up to this
time , that the author has not told the
truth , for the moon cannot dance. Note
and criticise all such impossibilities.
The laws of gravitation , centripetal and
centrifugal forces , should be explained ,
to fortify the pupil against all such in
consistencies. The moral and physical
effects of dancing should receive atten
tion. These discussions should extend
into the homes , and the parents' views
of dancing be presented. Then may
follow a classification of the different
kinds of dances , and the music that ac
companies each. So throughout the
poem , there is no line , phase or word
that cannot be correlated.
" 'Glenartney's hazel shade. "
"Are these the same kind of hazel
bushes that grow in this country ? Do
hazel nuts grow on them ? The children
should bring some hazel nuts to school
for examination , and a discussion should
follow in regard to whether or not it is
right to eat hazel nuts in school , thus
correlating literature , school manage
ment and ethics. The effects of crack
ing nuts with the teeth should bo
pointed out. Also teach the application
of the lever , fulcrum , and weight found
in the nut cracker. " Oakland ( Gal. )
"Before a mountain , beside the sea ,
beneath the stars and in the presence of
a virtuous woman , emotions of wonder
and reverence possess the souls of men. "
"They haggled a while over the price ,
struck a bargain and shook hands , the
same symbol being used among men to
seal a compact of love or hate , virtue or
vice. "
"To every man language is a kind of
fossil poetry , until experience makes
those dry bones live ! Words are mere
faded metaphors , pressed like dried
flowers in old and musty volumes , until
a blow upon our heads , a pang in our
hearts , a strain on our nerves , the whis
per of a maid , the voice of a little child ,
turns them into living blossoms of
odorous beauty. "
"Like millions of his fellow-creatures ,
he measured life by advancing
shadows. "
"The plowshare was buried deep in
the rich , alluvial soil , and a ribbon of
earth rolled from its blade like a petrified
sea billow , crested with a cluster of
daisies white as the foam of a wave. "
"He is a poor sexton this old man ,
the Past. I have watched him at his
work , and he is powerless to dig his own
grave , however many others he may
have excavated. "
"The seasoning of the bow does not
invariably prevent it from snapping.
The drill on the parade ground does not
always insure courage for the battle.
Nothing is more terrible than this futility
of the past. "