The Conservative (Nebraska City, Neb.) 1898-1902, February 15, 1900, Page 11, Image 11

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    'Cbe Conservative.
ecutors and administrators firmly by
these presents.
Dated this eleventh day of June , A.
D. 1868.
The conditions of the foregoing obli
gation are such that if the above bouu-
den obligors shall procure and give to
the Midland Pacific Railway Company ,
in a reasonable time , the right of way
for said railway company from the
levee , on the Missouri river in Nebraska
City , through the said Nebraska City to
the west side of Wilson creek along the
South Table creek and Fox creek route ,
and procure and give to said railroad
company three contiguous blocks of lots
on the line of said railroad company ,
east of Sixth street in Nebraska City ,
the same to be selected by said railway
company , and also shall pay to said
railway company , or secure the payment
by Nebraska City to said company , the
sum of one thousand dollars for the
damage which the said company may
sustain by reason of the recisiou of con
tracts on said company's present line of
road and for the survey of the South
Table creek route , and also shall have
Twenty-five thousand dollars of the
Otoe county railroad bonds cashed for
said company , as follows : Twenty-five
per cent of said cashed bonds to be paid
the first day of July next ; twenty-five
per cent to be paid on the first day of
August next ; twenty-five per cent to be
paid on the first day of September next ,
and twenty-five per cent to bo paid on
the first day of October next , then this
obligation shall bo void , otherwise it
shall be and remain in full force and
And this further condition is made ,
to wit : That whenever the said twen
ty-five thousand dollars of Otoe county
railroad bonds shall have been sold and
paid to the company , then ten thousand
dollars of this obligation shall be re
leased and discharged.
Witness our hands the day and year
last above written.
[ NAMES. ] [ NAMES. ]
[ This bond is signed by one hundred
and seventy-five of the principal busi
ness men of Nebraska City. ]
The above bond has not been complied
with , except that part which refers to
damages , right of way , and depot
grounds. The city council of Nebraska
City passed an ordinance calling
special election to authorize the city to
borrow twenty-five thousand dollars to
purcha&o the right of way and depot
grounds and give the same to the Mid
land Pacific Railway Company , to re
lease the citizens from that part of their
bond which was to procure and give to
the railway company the right of way
and depot grounds. The vote of the
city was nearly unanimous to make the
appropriation. The city council , to
carry out the will of the people , ap
pointed Gco. T. Lincoln , Esq. , and re
quired him to give bonds to procure the
right of way and depot grounds and
deliver the deeds of the same to the
Midland Pacific Railway Company.
The railway company feel great satis-
'action in being able to report progress ,
notwithstanding the many difficulties
; hey have had to contend with. We are
extremely anxious to push forward the
road to an early completion , and believ
ing the people of Nebraska City and
Otoe county were also anxious to have
; he road finished as soon as possible , we ,
u order to comply with the general
desire on the part of all parties inter
ested , had made arrangements by which
we could complete the road and run the
cars twenty-five miles from the levee on
the first day of May , 1869. With this
contemplated finishing of twenty-five
miles of road , we asked the county com
missioners to deliver to us the balance
of Otoe county bonds , voted by the people
ple to aid in building a railroad through
ihe county. It was necessary to have
the bonds and negotiate them for cash
before they could be used as aid in
building the road , and the county com
missioners delivered the railway com
pany the balance of said bonds , taking
from the company the following bond :
Bond of Midland Pacific Railway.
That the Midland Pacific Railway
Company , of the State of Nebraska , is
hereby held and firmly bound unto the
County of Otoe , in the State of Nebras
ka , in the penal sum of two hundred
thousand dollars , for the payment of
which , well and truly to be made to the
said county of Otoe , the said Midland
Pacific Railway Company binds itself ,
its successors and succession , firmly by
these presents , sealed with its seal , and
dated this seventeenth day of August ,
in the year one thousand eight hundred
and and its President
sixty-eight , signed by
dent and attested by its Secretary :
Whereas , the Board of County commis
sioners of said county of Otoe did , on
the seventeenth day of August , A. D.
1868 , by order bearing date on that day ,
authorize and direct the issuing of the
bonds of Otoe county to the amount of
one hundred thousand dollars , payable
to the Midland Pacific Railway Com
pany , or bearer , twenty years from the
date thereof , with interest coupons
attached for the payment of interest
semi-annually , at the rate of ten per
cent per annum , to be paid over and
delivered to the said Midland Pacific
Railway Company as voluntary aid in
the construction of a railway from the
Missouri river , at Nebraska City , west
ward through Otoe county , in the general
direction of the town of Lincoln , in the
county of Lancaster , in the State of
Nebraska , upon the express condition
that the said company shall faithfully
expend the proceeds received on the sale
of such bonds in the location , survey
right of way , grading , construction and
equipping such railroad. Now the con
dition of the nbovo obligation is such
that , if the Midland Pacific Railway
Company shall well and faithfully ex
pend all net proceeds by said company
received for the said one hundred thous
and dollars of Otoe county bonds , so
ssned and delivered to said Midland
Pacific Railway Company , in the
ocation. survey , right of way , grading ,
constructing and equipping of the afore
said railroad , then the above obligation
; o be void , otherwise to be and remain
u full force and virtue.
Attest : F. A. WHITE ,
R. M. ROLFE , President M. P. R. Co.
Secretary M. P. R. Co.
; SKAL. ]
I hereby certify the above to bo a true
and faithful copy of the bond given by
; he Midland Pacific Railway Company ,
on the seventeenth day of August , A. D.
1808 , and recorded on pages 5548 and 5544
of records of proceedings of County
Commissioners of Otoe county , Ne
Witness my hand and official seal this
sixth day of November , A. D. 1868.
County Clerk.
The arrangements for completing
twenty-five miles of said road on the
first day of May next depended upon the
citizens fulfilling their bond to cash
$25,000 of Otoe county bonds , and the
cashing of the balance by the Missouri
Bond and Stock Board of St. Louis , at
ninety cents on the dollar , according to
an agreement made with them. The
failure of this latter arrangement , which
would have enabled us to complete the
road to the Brick Post Office , is charge
able to a letter written to St. Louis by a
prominent citizen of Nebraska City ,
whose open hostility to the road at home
did but little injury , but whose letter ,
among strangers , declaring that the
people repudiated the bonds and would
refuse to pay them , did much , as is
shown by the following letter :
ST. Louis , Oct. 29 , 1868. )
J. B. BENNETT , Esq. :
Having learned that there will be
objections raised to the payment of the
Otoe county railroad , bonds , we cannot
allow the sale through this Board ; and
unless this question is settled , you might
as well send my receipt and get them.
Very respectfully ,
E. M. SAMUELS , Treasurer.
"The tobacco-growers , the beet-sugar
men , the California fruit-growers , and
others are rushing in protests against
the proposed free trade with Puerto
Rico , " notes the Rural New Yorker.
"What were they doing two years ago ,
before the island was mentioned as being
a part of this country ? They were then
doubtless cheering for the war , and its
glorious outcome. "