The Conservative (Nebraska City, Neb.) 1898-1902, November 30, 1899, Image 1

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Cnc. Conservative 21.'A
One dollar and a half per year , in advance ,
postpaid , to any part of the United States or
Canada. Remittances made payable to The
Morton Printing Company.
Address , THE CONSERVATIVE , Nebraska
City , Neb.
Advertising Rates made known upon appli
Entered at the postofflce at Nebraska City ,
Neb. , as Second Class matter , July 29th , 1808.
The Blarney
STANDARD OIL Castle Attorney-
General of Nebras
ka is reported by the Omaha Daily News
of the 23rd , as "having dismissed the suit
that he brought some time ago in the
District Court to prohibit the Standard
Oil Company from doing business in
Nebraska. "
No one is surprised at Smyth. Every
body knew that he instituted the pro
ceedings to show his intense antagonism
to trusts. Nobody in Nebraska has
complained of being harmed by the re
duction of the cost of illuminating oils
which the Standard Oil Company has
brought about. But , Smyth , for the
glory of populism and the advancement
of his own political prominence , de
liberately proposed the ejection of the
Standard Oil Company from Nebraska.
He proposed , with malice aforethought ,
by preventing that corporation from
doing business in this state , to put up
the cost of lighting the homes on these
prairies. Before this gigantic company ,
with its vast capital and unlimited
facilities for carrying on business , in
vaded Nebraska , THE CONSERVATIVE
paid , as did all other pioneers , one dollar
lar and fifty cents a gallon for an in
ferior oil , while now "perfection"
illuminating oil costs only eleven cents
a gallon.
Smyth sues this conspiracy for cost-
reductions , and attempts to drive the
conspirators out of Nebraska for the
crime of furnishing cheaper and better
oils to its people. Smyth , however , does
not sue the Silver Smelter Trust , the
principal officers of which live in
Omnha , and yet the Silver Trust is
avowedly for the purpose of putting up
the price of silver. In other words
Smyth is the friend of a Silver Combine
for raising the market value of silver ,
and the enemy of an oil trust which
has lowered the market value of oils in
Nebraska. Therefore , no one will be
surprised to learn that Smyth , with
great post-election valor , has begun
another action against the Standard Oil
Company in the Supreme Court of the
state with the patriotic intention of
driving it out of business 1
T * ° l * * °
APPORTIONMENT , equality as to the
representation o f
the people of the states in their re
spective congressional districts in the
lower house of the federal congress.
The annexed table shows that in South
Carolina 4,589 voters are the average
number represented by each one of their
seven congressmen. But in Texas each
congressman represents an average of
81,233 votes , and there are thirteen dis
tricts in that state. In Nebraska the
six congressional districts cast for con
gressmen 214,968 votes , or an average
of 85,828 votes for each congressman
from this state.
Coii rcHHi < > niil Vote 1808.
Why should these inequalities be permitted -
mitted to continue ? Why should South
Carolina get a congressman for each
4,500 votes , Nebraska have only one for
each 85,000 votes , and Texas only one
for each 81,000 votes ? Unless there be
a remedy for these inequalities provided
by proper legislation prior to the basing
of the representation on the census of
1900 , this infamous system of unequal
representation and injustice will be
THE CONSERVATIVE calls the attention
of the advocates of good government
and all journals and periodicals inter
ested therein to the importance of
beginning the vigorous discussion of this /
question , so vital to the welfare of the
republic , at the earliest possible moment.
It should be reasoned upon with candor
and a sincere desire to establish equality
and fairness in representation for the
United States congress.
DUTY" enthusiasm of
American patriot
ism are entirely irrepressible. Every new
hero throws it into paroxysmal frenzy
and evolves some new method of recog
nizing or compensating servants of the
government for the plain performance
of the duties to which they are assigned
and for which they are liberally paid.
General Grant had a house in Wash
ington presented to him. Is any de
scendant of General Grant the owner of
that residence now ? And where is the
house given Sheridan ; and the houses
bestowed upon other heroes , where are
they ?
But the last real estate donation to
Amiral Dewey seems less satisfactory to
the donors and the general public than
any ofita predecessors. Disgust because
the bride of the admiral received the
gift by the public to him ns a present
from the admiral to herself became in
tense and general. But when Madam
Dewey deeded the property to her
Stepson Dewey the pulse of the public
became almost normal again. Here
after heroic widowers , with possible
suits for breach of promise before them
should be excepted from the lists of
INTFT . . , . ,
TEMPERANCE.1S good enough to
secure the drinkers
of Nebraska pure malt , vinous and
spirituous liquors whenever its provisions
are rigidly enforced. Where are the
intense anti-liquor traffic voters of this
state who wish good laws observed and
executed ? Haye the preachers of prohi
bition all been mere pretenders ? If
they have not been mere hypocrites why
do they fail to invoke the Slocum law
and thus secure pure drinks or no drinks
by the analyses of reputable chemists ?
An indictment charging Christian1
scientists with practicing medicine
without a license was dismissed on
the 20th by the district court of Minne
apolis , upon the ground that Christian
science healing is not medical practice.