The Conservative (Nebraska City, Neb.) 1898-1902, August 31, 1899, Page 12, Image 12

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12 Conservative.
In the early HUininur morning' ! ) light
She swept the ( low drops down
From the drooping boughs and jeweled gross
Thfit brushed her yellow gown ,
As along the orehard'H winding path
She walked with tranquil grace
Like a Ceres seeking harvests' gold ,
With watchful , smiling face.
O the lawn lay green and stretched before
Uer feet its shining way ,
And she crossed it like a vision bright ,
A sunbeam of the day ;
Or a mystic damsel brought , perchance ,
Hy weird Aladdin's charm
To wander in her gleaming robes
About a quiet farm.
And the dazzling sky held up its blue ,
The arching trees bent down
Till in sylvan frame the dark-eyed maid
Shone out in yellow gown.
Like a Moorish princess from afar
Whoso shrouding veil was lost ,
Or a pictured form from Art's fair realm ,
With Nature's gems embossfd.
Like a glowing flower was the face
Above the yellow gown
With the petals' velvet on the cheek
And on her dusky crown.
All the golden pansies growing low
Looked up as she drew near ,
And their glances told their secret thought ,
"One like ourselves is hero. "
Evidence of the
ASSIMILATION , growing Ullpopu-
larity of the war
in the Philippines comes from various
quarters. Perhaps the most striking
proof is a canvass which was made by
The Springfield ( Mass. ) Union , an ex
pansion organ , of the survivors of the
Thirty-fourth Massachusetts regiment
in the civil war , when they held their
annual reunion the other day. The
questions put were these two : "Do
JAV-O is a benefit to all who drink
it. It takes the place of Coffee.
Cocoa , Chocolate or Tea , and
contains all that the human
system demands for health and
JAV-O is made from Malted Grains
Wheat , Barley , Rye , etc. It
increases the weight and in
vigorates the entire system. It
is of the greatest benefit to
children and people of weak
JAV-O has nearly the same taste as
Coffee , and most people , after a
trial , prefer it to all other bever
JAV-O is worth a trial , convince
yourselves of its merit and
health-giving qualities. iScts.
for one-pound package , 25 cts.
for two-pound package. Take
oo substitute.
you favor hauling down the flag in the
Philippines ? Do you endorse the pres
ent policy of President McKinley in
the Philippines ? " Considering that
President McKinley is a "comrade" of
these veterans , that most of them are
republicans , and that the inquiries wore
so phrased as to make affirmative an
swers easy , the noteworthy feature of
the result is the number of mou who
express misgiving , doubt , and oven con
demnation. While a large number ap
prove without qualification everything
that has been done , a respectable minor
ity made such answers as these :
"I don't believe in withdrawing the
army now , but it never ought to have
gone there. "
"I approve of the president's policy in
the main , but I'd like to see the affair
settled without any more bloodshed. "
"Certainly the army should be with
drawn if wo can't btop in any other
way. I do not believe the flag ought to
have been hoisted in the first place. "
"I think we'd better stop operations
there. I don't believe in hauling down
the flag now , but I don't believe wo
ought to have fought there at all. "
"Take the army away. I think the
flag ought to bo hauled down anyway. "
"I don't believe in their fighting over
there. I believe wo ought to have a
coaling station there , and give the people
ple the same chance as wo have the people
ple in Cuba , if it would end the war. "
I > KNIAIS. . . . . ,
TIVE ropubhshed
the allegation that W. J. Bryan de
clared , when first seeking an office in
Nebraska , that the money in holding
office , and not the honor , attracted
him. Several weak and evasive denials
of the statement by irresponsible dis
ciples of Bryauarchy have been made.
Responsible Agents Wanted
To solicit Subscriptions and Advertisements for THE CON
SERVATIVE in every section of the country. Liberal Com
missions. Address :
Overland Theatre Block , Nebraska City , Neb.
Grand Canon
of Arizona
220 miles long , 9 to IS miles
wide , a mile deep , and painted
like a flower.
"The Greatest , Grandest , Most Wonderful
Sight in the World ! "
Excursion rates via the Santa Fe Route.
Write for illustrated descriptive book and full
particulars to
General Passenger Office
The Atchison , Topeka & Santa Fe Railway