The Conservative (Nebraska City, Neb.) 1898-1902, December 08, 1898, Page 9, Image 9

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Conservative. 9
The grand onk
Of th ° fo OU8
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FIDDLEK.fiddler , Neil Gow ,
has lost one of its
"giant trunks. " The tree stands near
the village of Liver , not far from Dun-
keld , where Neil was born and lived and
died. He was a great favorite with th1
Duke of Athol , who , indeed , paid him a
ealnry as family fiddler ; but he had
scant respect for dukes and duchesses as
such. "That lassie o' yours has a good
ear , " ho remarked to her Ladyship of
Athol one' day. Somebody who over
heard the remark ventured to suggest to
Neil that the Duchess might be offended
at having her daughter called a lassie.
"What would I call her ? " said Neil.
"I never heard she was a laddie ? "
Neil , like too maujr others , was fond
of whiskey. The Duchess of Gordon
once complained to him of a giddiness
and a "swimming" in her head. "Faith , "
said Neil , with a twinkle in his eye ,
"an' I ken something o' that , your lady
ship. " And so he did , no doubt.
Another story is of a gentleman meeting
him walking home from a Perth ball one
morning. "It's a very long road you
have before you , " remarked the sympa
thizer. "Oh , it's nae the length o't
that's troubling me , but the breadth , '
said Neil , as he passed on. Gow is bur
ied in. the churchyard of Little Dnnkeld.
Westminster Gazette.
George W. Bemis of York sends
the following estimate of the natives of
the Philippines to the York Republican :
If Spaniards talked Spanish , I should
have mastered the language long ere
now. As it is I can count a thousand
in Filipino style , but in Spanish am not
nearly so proficient. A curious thing is
that in the language of these ignorant
savages many words are used which
bear a close relation to the English or
rather to the Latin roots of the Englisl :
words. Their tongue for every day use
is a vile , contaminated mixture of Span
ish and Filipino , interspersed , or rather
punctuated.with frantic gesturesshrugs
supercilious archings of the brows , and 1
various other methods of commuuica
tion with the use of few words and
many muscles. Again , the lower grad' '
Spaniards use a dialect entirely foreigr
to the pure article. Very seldom are
verbs , adjectives , pronouns or adverbs
employed. It is a language of nouns. Of
course this refers only to "Spanish as she
is spoke. "I am away up in the native
tongue , and can really carry on an in
telligent conversation with any one of
the dirty , thieving , lying dogs that were
at on.o time lauded by the American
prestos patriots , heroes , etc. Since I
have visited them upon their native
heath , as it were , I am prone to con
gratulate myself upon the fact that pre
vious to the outbreak I was with the
conservatives , and never expended good
ink or lung power in asking a
iii iiimiiiiiiiiniiiiiiii i "inn in i i
country like ours to fight for the free
dom of a people that are slaves to their
own vileness to such an extent that n
government of the Filipinos , for the
Filipinos , by the Filipinos , would bo a
government of ruin and devastation , i
government without government. It
makes me blush to think that these
sneaking varmints , filthy and rotten
with disease , have been recognized as
allies of a great countrv like ours , and
that in a "humane war. " That they
have suffered can not be denied , but suf
fering does not always cleanse the soul ,
or even the. body , for that matter. As
nearly as I can discover , the Cubans are
similarly depraved , so those editors and
statesmen who foamed and raged about
"Cuba Libre" may awake some morn
ing to discover that acting under their
advice the old American eagle has fouled
his own nest. As soldiers they are
fraxids of the deepest dye , cowardly
boasters who talk much and act little.
I speak knowingly on this subject be
cause I have been with them in the
trenches ( thereby hangs a tale which I
will relate later ) , and know that they
are simply base specimens of the lower
animals , gifted with speech in order to
deceive the world into believing that
they really are the genus homo. A
Luctgert trial would fail to discover or
xincovor a human characteristic about
their worthless , ill-shapon frames.
Pictures of Bowie , Crockett , Travis ,
and other bravo pioneers treacherously
murdered in the old Alamo will forever
arise and cause mo to cherish nothing
but hatred for the Spaniard wherever I
may find him , but I would rather em
brace the whole Castilian government ,
and many General Weyler's divorcee !
wife , than to lock arms once with one
of these Philippine mistakes. There is a
certain nobility about the Spanish that
commands a limited amount of respect
but with the other fellow there is no re
deeming trait , no oasis in the desert of
his ignorance , no shoal spots in the ocear
of his depravity. He is a thorn in the
side of humanity , an ingrown toenail 01
the foot of dame Nature. There is no
future for the Filipino. He is neither
the lion that may be conquered nor the
eagle that may bo tamed. Ho is th
jackal whoso fear of man , prevents hi ?
domestication by man. Like some of our
American would-be leaders and states
men , he snaps and snarls at those win
exhibit greater industry , greater busi
ness sagacity than ho possesses or show ;
himself. The only solution of this nov
and boundless race problem is to send
hero a few thousand Georgians , and let
them lynch thu males and then gradu
ally thin the blood , on the good old
Georgia plantation plan. This is the
system which bids fair to make the
negro an exstink't race , and it may work
Manila , not so "l"ish as it used to bo ,
is a city of crosses and cannons , of altars
nd gaming boards , of cathedrals and
uugeons , of religion and devilment. It
s ruled by a sceptre surmounted with a
TOSS and tipped with a poisoned dagger.
The chink of the offering is accompanied
y thejclanking of chains of the victims of
hurch rule. Tonight's moon gleams
.vhite . o'er lofty spires and glittering
ilomes , an'd tomorrow's sun bleaches the
Jones of some unfortunate who has in-
urred the displeasure or disputed the
ill of these tyrants , who hold God's
book in one hand and stain the other
th the blood of God's creatures , ignor-
xnt and depraved though they bo. The
slanging bells call the populace to wor
ship at eve and in the morn strike the
floom of some petty thief. Murder ,
ust , debauchery , robbery and religion
such is the history of Manila. Here is n
ilace of worship that fills the beholder
with awe , and hero is a dungeon wherein
i early two hundred men were drowned
because they failed to pay their share of
the tax which was levied to pay for the
place of worship. As the slimy water
crept over their chained forms , as the
padres with hellish satisfaction refused
them absolution , as the Spanish officers
jeered them through the bars how they
must have thanked the Christain God
for the civilization taught them and the
religion brought them ! It is enough to
make one turn infidel. New York
Evening Post.
Senator Petti-
EXPANSION. grow , the silver
republican of
South Dakota , is in Washington for the
approaching session of congress. He is
as much opposed to the annexation of
the Philippines as ho was to the annexa
tion of Hawaii. "A radical change in
the constitution will be imperative , " ho
said yesterday , "if wo are to take on
more territory , and the clause should bo
stricken out which declares that govern
ments derive all their just powers from
the governed. With Cuba , Porto Rico ,
and the Philippines as a part of our na
tional domain , it will bo necessary for
the government to become more cen
tralized. There must bo power to de
clare war more quickly than at present ;
a largo army , with centralized author
ity , to use it for the quick suppression
of revolts. There must bo facilities for
moving largo bodies of troops quickly
from one locality to another. " Wash
ington Post.
Lumber shipments from Washington
for the first ton months of the year were
40 per cent larger than in the same
period last year.
Mr. Richard Harding Davis will write
a love-story , founded on episodes of ' r *
the Cuban war.
This is a weary world. s