The Conservative (Nebraska City, Neb.) 1898-1902, December 01, 1898, Page 3, Image 3

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tlbe Conservative *
UNITED STATUS Thompson of Lin-
SENATOKS. coin , who hns been
long known ns a railroad operator and
capitalist , in republican circles , is said
to have declared his intentions to become
a United States senator from Nebraska.
Thomas J. Majors , a bucolic brother
with a hickory shirt , long known as the
patriarch of Peru , has entered the field
and will husk out a senatorship at Lin
coln during the month of January , 1899 ,
if he can get a standing place among the
Genie M. Lambertson , a distinguished
lawyer of Lancaster county who has
been United States district attorney for
Nebraska and an assistant secretary of
the United States treasury department ,
has been persuaded to accept the sena
torship if tendered him , though with ro
bust reluctance
The faithful friends who have long
admired and lauded the energy and abil
ity of Mr. Edward Rosewater of the
Ron nro treimr t.r trot ; his nmisnnh
to be let down into the United Stales sen
ate from , his high stronghold in the edi
torial tower of his valuable daily news
paper with a derrick. As yet Rosewater -
water declines to descend.
Hon. John L. Webster , a brilliant ad
vocate , of the Omaha bar , has a number
of stalwart supporters who are trying to
get him to consent to be made United
States senator from Nebraska. Webster
Hon. E. J. Hainer , who as a worlting
and efficient member of congress from
the Aurora district made unto himself a
very desirable reputation for high char
acter and ability , is urged , by some very
good people , to become a candidate foi
the United States senate. Mr. Hainei
is honest , brainy and indefatigably in
O. O. Whedou , lawyer of Lincoln , is
mentioned as a gentleman whom , the
senatorial toga would very much adorn
He has not consented to accept the dis
tinction of candidature.
Mr. R. E. Moore , a capitalist and ai
agent of other capitalists , who has loaned
hundreds upon hundreds of thousands
of dollars upon Nebraska real estate , is
now willing to loan his time , his services
and all his mental might to the state and
accept the senatorship. He is a verj
reputable republican and well-known to
all the headmen and braves of his polit
ical tribe.
Plain people who like fair play , no
matter what party they belong to , seem
quite generally to think that Judge
HaywardjWhoso ability none denies , auc
whose integrity none impeaches , ought
in view of the late campaign for guberua
torial honors to be unanimously electee
to succeed William Vincent Allen in the
senate of the United states. How many
of the legislators will favor fair play
and vote for Hayward nobody can tell
As soon as the Hon. Church Howe
whoso craft and m anaging ability ar
unparalleled , arrives in Nebraska from
Palermo , in Sicily , there will bo another
andidato from the vicinity of Peru , un-
ess Consul Howe concludes to aid the
andidature of Col. Majors.
Judge Field of Lincoln has been led
nto the senatorial scramble by some of
lis insistent admirers and with his good
ecord as a citizen may make a formid
able struggle for the seat vacated by
Beatrice and Gage county nro not
vithout hope in the senatorial scrim-
nage soon to take place and have there
fore named their present county attor-
icy , George Arthur Murphy , ns a pe
culiarly gifted citizen , who could moke
a fine United States senator.
Jefferson B. Weston , philosopher , fi
nancier and scientist , has not been
named for senator by any politicians , but
there are a good many plain people , es
pecially among the pioneers of Ne-
jraska , who think that J. B. Weston is
; ho neer of anv man yet mentioned for
senator , and the superior of a large ma
jority of them. He is a thinker and a
worker of forcefulness and sincere hon
esty of purpose.
There are fifteen or twenty other
known republican citizens who are fav
orably mentioned for the senatorship.
But as THE CONSERVATIVE is not at
tempting a political directory of the re
publicans in the state of Nebraska who
have consented , or may consent to con
test for the senatorship it cannot in the
present edition enumerate further. In
another issue this interesting nomencla
ture of political possibilities , and states
manlike perhapses , may bo indefinitely
Th ° friends
EN'S rowpit _ ,
TO HECOGNIZE. admirers of Senator -
tor Allen have
always claimed that he has remarkable
powers of penetration and analysis.
And no recent intellectual effort on the
part of Senator Allen better illustrates
his insight of men and matter and his
detective acuteness than an interview
which he has just given to the newspa
pers wherein ho declares :
"I recognize Col. William Jennings
Bryan as one of the greatest living
American statesmen. "
But why qualify the collective and
majestic noun "statesmen" with "liv
ing ? " Has anyone impiously and pro
fanely shown skepticism as to the vi
tality of Col. Bryan whom Senator
Allen pledges himself to support for the
presidency in 1900 ?
The false doctrine -
, . , ,
trine , borrowed
from revolutionary France and injected
into our formulas of personal rights and
political freedom that "all men are
created free and equal" in the sense that
one man is equal to every other man
in conceiving , instituting , and maintain
ing governments , is so plainly false and
untrue that no sensible and sane man
denies it. When application is made
of it to the different races into which the
family of man is divided the absurdity
of it is too apparent to admit of discus
sion. It may not be going beyond the
truth to say that the introduction of
those words , "all men are created free
and equal" by Mr. Jefferson into the
Declaration of Independence , and their
manifest misapplication to the African
slave by the advocates of abolition in
their political progeny , was the primary
cause of the war itself , is now a standing
menace to the peace of the country , and
threatens a war of races in the southern ij | |
section of our Union in the not far distant 1JI
future which may produce one of the
most appalling chapters in the history of
governments among men which the
world has ever known.
Mr. Benjamin Kidd , the distinguished
English sociologist and publicist , author j
of "Social Evolution" and "The Con
trol of the Tropics , "who after more
than two months' travel and observa
tion from Boston to San Francisco has
just left our shores , devoted the closing
day of his visit , in which ho greatly
heightened his already great American
reputation , to putting upon paper his
views of the international and colonial
responsibilities and duties of the United
States , as enforced and modified in his
mind by his own personal experiences-
and observations in America.
Mr. Kidd's conclusions regarding the
control of the tropics and our responsi
bilities therein will bo eagerly awaited
and carefully studied by all thoughtful
readers , both as coming from so eminent
a source a"t once critical and friendly
and also as the only written utterance
furnished by Mr. Kidd during his
American tour.
This paper appears in the December
number of the Atlantic Monthly ,
through which Mr. Kidd will make this
deliberate expression of his judgment
" " finished him
regarding "expansion , by
on the day of his sailing for homo.
The two women who administered
Christian Science treatment to Harold
Frederic , the London journalist , in his
last illness , have been held for trial on
the charge of manslaughter , and the
case is being watched with considerable
interest. The prisoners explained every
thing thoroughly , but their statements
1 'absolutely failed to convoy any idea to
the minds of the coroner or his jury. "
The number of editorial writers in
Nebraska who really think they think
that government can create values
by fiat or edict is astoundingly large.
The same fellows , by a parity of reason
ing , ought to hold that the promise of a
meal is as nourishing as the meal itself
that a cocktail can bo made by mixing
water and sugar and fiating in the whis
key that a corn crop can bo produced
by enactment and all the ills of life
cured by legislation.