The Conservative (Nebraska City, Neb.) 1898-1902, October 13, 1898, Page 2, Image 2

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2 Conservative *
clmngo the waters of the Plntto into
whiskey and its sands into pulverized
sugar by u statute. For legislation can
create beer , sugar and whiskey out of
water and sand , just as easily as it can
create value in silver or paper.
But gold standard advocates arc per
fectly willing to have the United States
mint gratuitously coin dollars in silver
without limitation , and dollars in gold
in the same way ; provided no legal-
tender quality is bestowed by law upon
Gold needs no legal-tender quality.
Silver , all of its friends admit , will not
circulate except the legal-tender quality
be given it. And TIIE CONSERVATIVE
goes further and does not hesitate to de
clare its faith that if gold bo demone
tized by withdrawal of the legal-tender
quality from all coins made of gold and
at the same time silver coins are permit
ted to retain that quality , the purchas
ing power of gold will remain unim
paired while that of silver will bo unin-
creased except in paying one's debts.
Such legislation would make plain the
fact that it is the universal human desire
for gold which makes the constant de
mand for gold and that demand makes
the value of gold.
Things not desired are not demanded.
Things for which there is no demand
have no value.
Poynter is for a monetary circulation
made out of free silver dollars of 412) < >
grains which he proposes to force by
legal-tender acts upon all the people of
the United States who have labor , com
modities or farm products for sale ! !
He would have the farmer take for the
results of his year's toil dollars of stead
ily lessening purchasing power ! ! Such
dollars would buy only the worth of
their bullion weight anywhere outside
of the United States. The populists and
Mr. Poynter and Senator Allen hold to
the financial faith of the fiatists. They
declare that government can create
values out of vacuity and manufacture
money out of irredeemable paper.
They believe that the shadow of a
broiled beefsteak is as succulent and nu
tritious as the substantial steak itself.
They agree with Calamity Woller of
Iowa , and other authorities upon vagar
ies , visions and vacuums , that the decree
.and stamp of the government can make a
bit of leather or a scrap of paper worth
a dollar , have it pass by force of a legal-
tender act for a dollaraud perform per
manently all the functions of desired
and demanded gold money.
Holding such views , how long will it
be before Allen , Poynter , Billgreene
and Bill deck will agitate in favor of
fattening hogs and cattle by a mere "be-
it-enacted ; " how long before , by law ,
bread tickets , meal tickets and milk
tickets shall subsist and sustain man
kind ?
How long before those active benefactors -
factors will provide eternal salvation
and safe seats in a silver-paved paradise
where silver crowns and silver harps for
ever sound the melodies of an everlast
ing populism for all the poor , plain and
oppressed ?
How long before thirty minutes will
be declared an hour , thirty seconds a
minute , and a day twelve haul's , in the
interests of "the toiling millions" for
whom Senator Allen and Poynter are
now acting as guardians and conserva
tors ?
Before the civil war a fire-eating con
gressman from Alabama declared , one
lay , that he had left his hotel because
Thad Stevens , Owen Lofojoy , Joshua
R. Giddings and Charles Sunnier fre
quently dined at the same table with
liim and constantly talked of the aboli
tion of slavery and of negro eman
cipation. The Southerner said he could
not stand their nauseating twaddle
aboxit equality of races and that he had
therefore changed to Browns' .
But said a listener "Seward and
John P. Hole live there and don't they
also talk abolition and equality , political
and social for the Negro ? "
"Yes , they talk it too , bnt tltoxr other
il < lfonh believed U ! ! "
The advocates of sixteen to one and
other financial lunacies are likewise di
vided into two classes ; the BilldeckBill-
greene , Poynter breed who believe and
the Allen class who without believing
talk. " Poynter cannot , probably , make ,
with his declarations and avowals as
quick time and as fine a record in a poli
tical race as have been proclamed for
Star Pointer !
rniCKS FOU n e 111 purchasing
KAiruoAJ > power in the nion-
SKKVICK.S. ey of our country
stable freight and passenger rates upon
the railroads of the United States are
essential to the prosperity of the people.
From n speech made in Chicago on
Wednesday evening , October 5th , by
Mr. Paul Morton , vice president of the
Atchisou , Topeka and Santa Fe railroad ,
TIIE CONSERVATIVE with peculiar satis
faction , reproduces the following sensi
ble suggestions :
"If the railways of the United States
were owned by the government the rates
of transportation would without doubt
bo as inflexible as the price of postage
stamps. No fair-minded man should
want anything else now , and the mer
chants , manufacturers and railroad offi
cials should all cooperate with this end
in view. In my opinion , legalized pool
ing will come as near causing stability
in rates as anything yet proposed. It
will permit railway companies to make
proper contracts with each other to
maintain rates. It will tend to prevent
discriminations between individuals and
localities and would be in the interest of
both the transportation companies and
the public.
"When the statute laws have been so
amended that the railroads may undoi
the natural law of self-preservation be
permitted to pool for the purpose of es
tablishing stable rates , and not until
then in my judgment , will wo approxi
mate unfluctuating equity to our cus
tomers. "
Further along in the same speech Mr.
Morton mentions the illegitimate trailic
in passenger transportation thus :
"It is the exception to rind a man cn-
; aged in the ticket-scalping business
with proper ideas of morality or citizen
ship. Nearly every ticket-scalping office
contains contraband tickets tickets that
have expired and can only be used by
plugging or erasions or by forgery. The
pommercial savagery of ticket scalping
is an abomination. Every traffic mana
ger , every well-informed railroad man ,
is solicitous for a law that will prevent
barbarity in transportation. National
[ aw is invoked to prevent the continu
ance of this menace to legitimate pas
senger traffic. Common honesty and a
decent regard for the rights of the trav
eling public demand the enactment of a
[ aw to prevent ticket scalping. "
Having known Mr. Morton as a truth-
belling boy for some years THE CONSER
VATIVE places great confidence in the ut
terances which he now makes ns a man.
dice is blindly as
saulting the personal character of Judge
M. L. Hayward , the republican candidate
for governor of Nebraska. But popu
lism and Poynter can gain nothing by
vilification. The best citi/ens of Ne
braska City and Otoe county , however
radically they may have differed from
Judge Hayward , all admit that his pri
vate life has been upright and honorable
and that as a judge he discharged his
duties with ability and fidelity. As
saults upon strong and wholesome char
acter wound only those who commit
them. Men of mental and moral stam
ina can not be overthrown by the mere
breath of scandalous braggarts.
After carefully examining the plat
forms of the democracy of New York ,
New Jersey and Connecticut for the
purpose of finding where the declarations
of adherence and fidelity to the Chicago
platform are concealed , some of the
estrayed and bewildered former demo
crats of Nebraska must wonder "where
they are at. " With only one candidate
on au entire state ticket and he running
a second time for the attorney general
ship , the thousands of former democrats
now trailing along as captives in the
rear of Poynter and Allen and Bill
greene and Billdeck must feel so meek
that , by comparison , Moses is a proud
and arrogant character.
And particular attention , on the part
of those former democrats , to the recent
election in Georgia , where the populists
wore defeated , crushed out of existence ,
and pulverized by Georgia's democracy ,
will only make recusant democrats in
Nebraska better prepared to quit feeding
upon husks and to return like the prod
igal sou to a bettor life and more whole
some principles among the household
gods set up by Jefferson , Benton and