The Conservative (Nebraska City, Neb.) 1898-1902, July 28, 1898, Page 10, Image 10

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    10 Conservative ,
had they boon wisely conserved , woxilrt
now inako that dononu'imtion ono of tlio
richest in the state.
Among other wise and useful acts of
Bishop Talbot , was the establishinonfc of
a sohool on the land where Mr. IIollo-
baugh now lives , two and a half miles
southwest of Nebraska City. This in
stitution was known as Talbot Hall.
The head of its faculty was the Rev.
John Gasman. It was a very promising
seminary. At one time there was an
attendance of between fifty and sixty
boys. The faculty was made up of
thoroughly educated gentlemen. The
discipline and instruction were of the
most desirable and effective character.
Talbot Hall should have been conserved
and perpetuated. It would have proved
a great beneficence to the common
wealth. The pupils from that school
have as a rule , by their lives and suc-
braska City. A. C. Fling is principal of
the high school ; B. H. Morgan principal
of the Sixth street school ; Ellen Ware
principal of the Second avenue school ;
Homy N. Blake principal of the Four
teenth street school ; Celia M. Burgert
principal of the Greggsport ; and Cora
Clary principal of the Kearney school.
Prof. E. M. Lippitt is instructor in
music. The total number of teachers
employed is thirty-three. The board of
education for 185)7-08 ) is : Dr. Claude
Watson , president , ; Dr. E. M. Whitton ,
vice-president ; S. A. Hail , * secretary ;
R. M. Taggart , Fred Hollier , H. R.
Young , E. L. Overtoil and D. W.
It is wisely provided ( see page 1004 ,
481 S , section 20 , compiled statutes of
Nebraska 1807) ) that no supplies can be
furnished the board of education by any
member thereof. This prevents favor
itism in the purchase of books , station-
I i
The building is ninety feet long and forty-five feet wide.
ceases demonstrated the value of its in
In 1871 the Presbyterian denomination
established Otoo University and located
the same between Thirteenth and Four
teenth streets. But after a sickly existence
of brief duration under charge of a gen
tleman from Ohio , the property was
transferred to the Episcopal church.
Then Talbot Hall and its interests
merged into this property , which was
called Nebraska College. The first year
it had thirty-five pupils enrolled.
The school buildings of Nebraska City
are the high school , Sixth street school ,
Fourteenth street school , Second avenue
school , Greggsport , Kearney and Belmont -
mont .schools. The buildings occupied
by them have cost $80,000.00. ,
The enrollment in the high school dur
ing the year ending May 27 , 1808 , was
217 pupils ; in the primary and grammar
grades 1514 ! pupils ; total enrollment ,
ICiJl. W. H. Skinner is the efficient
superintendent of the schools of Ne-
ery and other articles of that sort which
the board may require.
The school library contains about 500
volumes. "When the Nebraska City
Public Library was opened the board of
education donated to that institution
about 200 valuable volumes.
The public library of Nebraska City is
domiciled in a very pretty building. It
was first occupied in April , 1807. It is
nearly fire-proof , built of the very best
material , roofed with beautiful French
tiling and corniced and guttered with
heavy copper. It was a gift from Joy
Morton to the Nebraska City library as
sociation. It is open every day from 2
until G and from 7 until 0 p. m. On its
tables are found all the best current lit
erature of the United States. These
magazines are paid for out of the Van
Wyck memorial fund contributed by
Mrs. Katharine Van Wyck , relict of
General and Senator Chas. H. Van
The accompaning cut is a very correct
delineation of the Nebraska City public
In 1874 all the schoolhouses and the
land appertaining to them in the county
of Otoo were worth $74,470. But in
1807 the schoolhouses and sites of Otoo
county are valued at $102,088 and other
school property is counted at $14,510 ,
making a total valuation at the present
time of $176,002.
Data concerning educational develop
ment of adjoining counties will bo
gratefully received and properly pxib-
STATUS. under just and
equal laws , by self-denying and intelli
gent industryhave acquired fair fortunes
and clean characters , arc conservatives.
They have everything in human life
that is worth conservation. And it is to
this class of thinking citizens that the
Republic and all its glorious memories
and all its immense possibilities must bo
committed. Those who have homes ;
those who have honorable records of cit
izenship and philanthropy ; those who
revere the wisdom which formed and
the valor and brains which defended the
Government of the United States are
now needed as monitors among the pee
ple. There is work for conservatives all
over this country. It is wisdom to take
care of what wo have ; it is courage to
defend constitutional government
against all the beguilements and en
croachments of jingoism and imperial
ism. God save the Republic !
MOVINCI OF missioners have no
mtiDGES. right to move
bridges , at great cost to the taxpayers ,
except for unanswerable reasons. There
is a bridge two miles east of Syracuse ,
in Otoe coiinty , between two quarter
sections known as the Littlofield lands ,
which it is proposed to move a short dis
tance at a great and unnecessary cost.
County commissioners who are in ses
sion almost perennially , and who draw
salaries averaging between $1,000 and
$1,500 a year , ought strenuously to en
deavor to save money for the taxpayers
of Otoo county.
During the Trans-Mississippi exposi
tion , now being hold in Omaha , a com
modious hotel in the immediate vicinity
of the grounds will bo maintained for
the benefit of the Presbyterian hospital
of that city. Any member of the con
gregation intending to visit this exposi
tion can secure particularly comfortable
quarters and at the same time assist a
most worthy charity by patronizing
"Tho Benefit House"
( Pincknoy and
21st Streets. ) Full information will bo
mailed on application to
Mr. or Mrs. J. H. HUHU ,
Benefit House , Omaha , Nob.