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finally Cured by Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound.
Erie, Pa. "I suffered for five years
from female troubles and at last iras
almost helpless. I
went to three doc
tors and they did
mo no good, so my
sister advised ma to
try Lydia E. 1 'ink
ham's Vegetable
Compound, and
when I had taken
only two battles I
could seo a bi?
change, so I toot
six bottles and I am
now strong and well
again. I don't know how to express
my thanks for the pood it has done ma
and I hope all suffering- women v. ill
Five Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetabla
Compound a trial. It was worth its
weight in gold." Mrs. J. P. ExDLicn,
It. F. D. No. 7, Erie, Pa.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, made from native roots and
herbs, contains no narcotic or harm
ful drugs, and to-day holds the record
for the largest number of actual cures
of female diseases wc know of, and
thousands of voluntary testimonials
are on file in the Pinkham laboratory
at Lynn, Mass., from women who have
been cured from almost every form of
female complaints, such as inflamma
tion, ulceration, displacements, fibroid
tumors, irregularities, periodic pains,
backache, indigestion and nervous
prostration. Every suffering woman,
owes it to herself to give LydiaE. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound a trial.
If you want special advice writo
Mr.s.linkliam, Lynn, Mass., for it
It is free and always helpful.
In Sunday School.
'What can you say of Cain?"
'He was the first boy scout.
Mrs. Whitlow's Roothmp Syrup for Children
terlhitiK. MftrnK the (turns, reduce intljuiimii
tion, allays pain, cures wind colic, Sc a bottle.
Definition of Velocity.
Teacher What is velocity. Johnny?
Johnny Velocity is what a chap lets
go of a wasp with.
I)r. I'ierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate
arul invigorate stomach, liver and bowels.
Su par-coated, tiny granules. Easy to take
ju candy.
The time a man begins to fear for
the future of his country is when he
fears he is going to lose a job in the
Srcd 2c stamp for tire samples o my very cboic
rst t.old BmtxisMxl Christmas and Nrw Tear
i'ust Cards: bciuliful cuktrc and loTcllest designs.
Art Tost Lard Club. 721 Jackson Su, Tupeka. Kans&a
After a roan has been married about
n year he begins to wonder why his
friends didn't get busy and have him
locked up before he did It.
Blood Poisoning i often cauel bv j
light cuts or wound. Death may result,
llamlins Wizard Oil will draw out the
poison. Ileal the wound and prevent se
rious trouble.
Right Place.
"Henry may be a bad student, but
at least he is consistent."
"In what way?"
"I caught him swearing over his
profane history."
In all its forms anion; all ages of horses
.mid do;, cured and others in the same
stable prevented from having the di-ease
with Spolm's Dt!tc:npcr Cure. Every
bottle guaranteed. Over 750,000 bottles
fold lasi year. .50 and $1.00. Good drug
j;its. or fend to manufacturers. Agents
wanted. Write for free book. pohn
Med. Co., Spec. Contagious Diseases,
Goshen, Ind.
Elemental Error.
Judge Stevens was angling in the
Mantiowish waters, and just after din
ner became involved in an argument
with his boat companion. The debate
lasted some minutes, and during that
time the judge had his baited hook
dangling in the air over his shoulder.
The guide took r hand.
"Judge." said he. peremptorily,
"drop your line in the water. There
are no flying fish around here." Chi
cago Pest.
Urgent Necessity.
A distinguished theologian was in
vited to make an address before a
Sunday school. The divine spoke for
over an hour and his remarks were of
too deep a character for the average
juvenile mind to comprehend. At the
conclusion, the superintendent, accord
ing to custom, requested some one in
the school to name an appropriate
hymn to sing.
"Sing Revive Us Again, shouted a
boy in the rear of the room. Life.
Arms Made to Order.
A United States senator, worth mil
lions which he made rapidly, has a
coat-of-arms recntly acquired. He
gave a large dinner party one night
His coat of arms was emblazoned in
gold on the top of the dinner cards
The lady who went in with tho sen
ator, the wife of another senator, ob
served the insignia when she picked
up her dinner card and exclaimed:
"How pretty!"
"Yes." replied the senator proudly,
"I think it is rather neat My wife in
vented it " Saturday Evening Post.
Gured in One Day
As a rule, a few doses of Munvon'e Cold
Remedy will break up any cqlti and pre
vent pneumonia. It relieves the head,
throat and lungs almost instantly. Price
25 cents at any druggist's, or sent postpaid.
If you need Medical advice write to
Munyon's Doctors. They wil carefully
diagnose your case and give you advice by
mail, absolutely free.
Address Professor Mutton. 53d and
J5eron streets. Phtlade";.i:&. Pa.
Late in the fall is a good time to
hatch spring chicks in some sections.
Shorts are more economical feed
for sow3 and growins pigs than corn.
The deepest mudhole and steepest
bill measure the real distance to market-Turkeys
will soon become weak and
subject to disease where inbreeding is
Drenching is a poor way to give
doses of liquid medicine to any farm
Where there is plenty of skimmed
milk, beef scraps for hens need not
be bought.
When the hogs fail to gain at least
a pound a day it is time to say good
by to them.
Get your cows started right for the
coming cold weather and they will do
well all winter.
Build a warm, dry and otherwise
comfortable room for the calves for
the cold weather.
When selecting a cow for the dairy
look and see if the eye of the ani
mal Is large and full.
This 'is the time of the year when
dairy cattle require better care and
more liberal feeding.
A mule is no more prone to kick
than a horse unless he is taught to
do so by bad treatment.
Always have a great deal of respect
for the bull. His past conduct is no
guarantee of future gentleness.
When fattening for the market, do
it quickly; push all the feed down
the hogs they will stand for.
To thoroughly clean milk utensils
they first should be rinsed with cold
water, to remove all particles of
The successful feeding of lambs de
pends largely on their being offered
great variety of food while in the
It is now a well known fact that
the average pure-bred will produce
more milk than the average grade
Peach trees can be planted any
time between last and first frost; the
earlier In. the winter they are planted
the better.
Keep all the rotten fruit well
cleaned up around the orchard, as
these constitute the winter quarters
! of numerous orchard pests.
If all of the garden space is to
' grow profitable crops, no large trees
must stand closer than thirty to fifty
feet from the garden fence.
The calf that Is expected to develop
into a strong and profitable cow
should be given all the chance possi
ble during its early period of growth.
The best results are usually obtain
ed from the work that is systematized
and most carefully planned. This 1b
not always the hardest work on the
The best way to stop a bog from
eating chickens Is to nut it on the
market as soon as possible, since It
will soon lead other hogs into the bad
The best milking pall is the one so
constructed that it will reduce to a
minimum the amount of dirt falling
into the milk during the process of
An old horseman says that the chief
cause of colic in horses, or the cause
of the largest per cent, of these cases.
is brought through long abstinence
from water.
Do not neglect to secure a good
supply of fine dust for the fowls dur
ing the coming winter, while the
ground is yet dry and there is dust
In the road.
j There is much difference in the In
l di vidua lity of cows and their powers
to produce milk as there Is in men
and their powers to perform certain
j kinds of work.
The profit In a cow comes from the
extra amount of milk she will yield
over what she ordinarily gives on
common pasture or the coarse feeds
usually given her.
I The poultry raiser who notes his
j flock carefully, taking Into account
what they are doing, and capable of
I doing, ought to know more how to
feed and what to feed, than anyone
advising at long range.
Poultry ex-vrts claim that the ordi
nary hen averages only eighty eggs
per year, whereas she ought to lay at
least one hundred and fifty. That is.
Bhe ought to lay twice as many eggs
as she does now. The aim of the fancy
poultry man has always been to in
crease egg production and he is suc
ceeding to a great extent, for the two-hundred-egg
a year hen is now no lon
ger a rarity.
Winter is coining, batten the cracks.
Sour milk la caused by dirt and
What water Is to. a persot. a doit
bath is to a hen.
See that your fowls axe absolutely
free from vermin.
If the feathers are to be sold, ducks
must be dry picked.
There is profit in breeding turkeys
up to the fifth year.
The value of butter increases as
the quality improves.
A good horseman never trots a
draft horse, even when be has no
Laying hens need from 15 to 25
per cent meat scraps added daily to
their mash.
Don't feed hay or -other forage.
which wil raise a dust, before or dur
ing milking.
Tainted, musty or mouldy feeds
should never be served in the dairy
herd rations.
If we have not access to road dust.,
we may take some field earth, fine
and free from lumps.
The best market for skim milk on
the farm Is afforded by good dairy,
calves and quick growing pigs.
If the cream in the churn foams up
and runs over, the churn is too full
or the cream is improperly ripened.
Simply because a calf is given her
ration of milk each day. it does not
signify that she docs not need water
Cholera and other diseases of swine
attack herds which are in poor condi
tion and consequently most suscep
tible. If your horse is troubled with in
digestion have the animal clipped
and its teeth attended to by a veterin
arian. Until recent years the poultry busi
ness, especially on the farms, was of
so little importance that cot much at
tention was paid to it.
The egg production of the United
States is given as 1400.000,000 for the.
past year. The entire poultry pro
duction ih put at $600,000,000.
Prune out old canes of raspberries
and blackberries and burn them. Thin
the bills to three or four shoots. Cul
tivate, and add some manure to the
The red mites or lice do cot stay on
the fowls during the daytime, but
bide in cracks during the day. sally
ing forth after dark to seek their
Orchardists who have never used
dynamite should be sure to get all.
possible information from the manu
facturers of the explosive before at
tempting to use It.
If celery Is to be brought into the
cellar for winter storage cut the top
root, lift it from the ground and then
with a strong knife cut off the branch
ing roots and most of the earth.
Lousy fowls are necessarily weaker
than fowls that are free from lice, and
strength and vitality are quite im
portant factors while the fowls are.
producing their new suit of clothes.
If your fowls have the range of the
fields and orchards and can pick up a
number of insects and worms daily,
you will not need to bother much
about the meat supply in the ration.
Although flying about and appar
ently of mature age. birds may be dis
tinguished as squabs by the squeal
ing noise they make, which is always
the call of the squab.
The raising of poultry on the farm
or in conjunction with fruit growing.'
can be made very profitable with the
same kind of management that is de
voted to raising good stock or good
Everything should be kept as clean
on the little chicks' feeding floors as
if It is on the floor of the kitchen.'
If this is done the little birds will
never have gapes or many of the
chicken diseases.
If you are feeding clover, remem
ber to cut down the bulk. This is a
hearty food and you can't use as much
of it as you can of timothy without
doing your horse barm.
In filling a silo attention must be
given to the outer edges, for when
the silage begins to settle there Is al
ways a draw away from the wall,
leaving an air space that makes the
silage spoil.
There is no better germ slayer than
an ounce of carbolic acid added to a
pail of whitewash. Give the walls and
ceiling of the hen house a good coat
ing, working it in rather thick in al!
cracks and crevices.
There is not a farm In the country
where farming is seriously attempted
at all where it is necessary to try to
raise chickens without decent provis
ion for the safety of the flock and for
the convenience of the attendant
Have a gunny sack soaked with
crude oil hanging over the hole made
for the pigs in the farrowing pen to
run through, just high enough to rub
ttieir backs as they run through.
This will be sufficient to keep them
disinfected from lice, etc
Power farming Is as certain to come
as is next Fourth of July. It means a
lowered cost of production, and an in
creased profit It makes possible the
large farm well-tilled, and substitutes
expensive horsepower for reliable and
mm ft rrwttrt Nk
Mrs. C. S.
1311 Wood
land Ave.,
C i t y, Mo.,
"I feel it
a duty to
you and to
others that
may le af
flicted like
myself, to
speak for
"My trou
1 1 e first
came after
la g ri p p e
eight or
nine yearn
ago. a gath
ering in my
head and
neuralgia. I
most all tiie
time. My
nose, ears
and c y e
were badly
Mrs. C 8 Sagtraerti
affected for
the lar-t two years. I think from your
description of internal catarrh that 1
must have had that also. I suffered
very severely.
"Nothing ever relieved me like Pe
runa. It kee; me from taking cold.
"With the exception of some deaf
ness 1 am feeling perfectly cured. I
am forty-six years old.
"I feel that words are inadequate to
express my prif for Fmna."
General Idea That Too Much Food
Cannot Bs Given Is Shown to
Be Erroneous.
Many traditions with regard to the
feeding of tuberculosis patients and
with regard to iood in general, are
given severe blows in a series of ar
ticles published in the October num
ber of the Journal of Outdoor Life,
the official organ of the National As
sociation for the Study and Preven
tion of Tuberculosis. Dr. John R.
Murlin of New York, assistant profes
sor of physiology at the Cornell uni
versity medical college, holds in an
article entitled "The Dynamic Princi
ples of Nutrition." that a consumptive
will gain weight and do well on three
pints of whole milk, eight ounces of
cream, five ounces of milk sugar, six
eggs and two slices of buttered toast
as a ration for 21 hours. The entire
diet, with the exception of the bread
! and butter, could be prepared in ad
j vance and served for a cost of about
i'flffv fonts frr tho riar Mica footlin
Flick of the Henry Phipps institute of
Philadelphia also o'ffers some sample
diets which the ordinary family can
prepare for even less than fifty cents
a day.
Dr. David R. Lyman of Wallingford.
Conn., and Dr. Paul B. Johnson of
Washington. D. C. both agree that
the ordinary person eats too much,
and that the old notions about stuffing
a tuberculosis patient at all times and
seasons have been proven false. Dr.
Lyman holds that eggs are not a nec
essary article of the consumptve's
diet, but that a tuberculosis patient
should eat anything that agrees with
him that is nourishing. He thinks
that a tuberculosis patient should eat
only a little more than a person in
ordinary good health.
Her Infinite Variety.
A woman smoked a cigarette,
made thereby a sensation.
Such a sensation, in fact, that short
ly another woman was smoking, and
then another.
But as more and more women smok
ed the sensation they made grew less
and less, until at length they made no
sensation at all.
That ended it
"Well, what next?" quoth woman
kind, for age could not wither her nor
custom stale her infinite variety.
Natural Ending.
"Our cook's dead."
"Indeed? Did she die a natural
death r
"Yes. the natural death of a person
who tries to light a fire with kero
sene ! Stray Stories.
To Be
In the
e some
for breakfast
The rest of the day will
take care of itself.
Post Toasties are thin
bits of White Indian Com
cooked and toasted un
til deiicicusly crisp and
"The Memory Lingers"
StM ay 6rcsn
Pestmn Orral Co.. Lid.,
Battle Creefc, SUch.
VwBssV jiv- : x:J9rRbSss
SamUy Schawl Lama far Mev. 12, 1911
Spatially Arranged for This Paper
GOLDEN TEXT "God sIiaII brinn ev
ery work into judgment, with every se
cret thlnj;. whether it be good or whether
It be e vlL"-Eccl. 12:H.
TIME The event described belong to
the last years of the exile. H. C. 535.,
when Babylon was taken by Cyrus and'
his Kenerals.
The decree of return, and the first re
turn, occurred a year or two later.
PLACE Babylon the capital, enlarged,
beautified and fortified by Nebuchadnez
zar. Under the great Nebuchadnezzar
Babylon rose In grandeur, power and
extent, till it became the most mag
nificent and beautiful city of anti
quity. In those days Babylon was the
metropolis of the world, the center ot
commerce, art and wisdom. "The
A'ealth of the world poured into its
coffers. Babylon was the strongest
fortress in all the world. Belshazzar
was the acting king of Babylon at the
time of this lesson, while his father
Nabonldus was the nominal and legal
king who lived and warred outside or
the city.
Cyrus had been advancing toward
Babylon. He gained a decisive victory
over Nabonidus, on his way to the
capital, and his army entered the city
without fighting, and peace was pro
claimed. A portion of the city, prob
ably the citadel including the royal
palace, held out for some time, being
occupied by the army of Belshazzar
as a rallying place. Two or three
weeks later Cyrus made his triumphal
entry into the city. Seven days later,
the general of Cyrus stormed that
part of Babylon which had held out
against his army, and on that night
Belshazzar was slain. It was during
this week that Belshazzer made a
magnificent banquet to encourage his
generals and princes in their struggle
with the Medo-Persian foe.
At his feast, therefore, Belsbazzar
sought to remind his warriors of the
old campaigns their forefathers bad
fought. He had. In his possession the
treasures which these forefathers had
carried from Jerusalem when they,
conquered Israel and. as it seemed to
them. Israel's Jehovah. His conduct
thus was not merely that of a drunk
en debauchee, but partly of a cool
politician, when amid the applause of
a thousand courtiers and army com
manders he ordered the sacred ves
sels of the Temple of Jerusalem to be
brought into the hall of feasting. Such
a scene would fill the hearts of the
wine-inflamed warriors and nobles to
overflowing with daring, and also
bring a worthy occasion for the di
vine interference to encourage his
people on the eve of their deliver
ance. In the midst of the carousal, the
king saw the fingers of a man's hand
writing strange words, "letters of fate
and characters of fear." on the wall
in the full blaze of the candlestick,
perhaps the great golden candlestick
taken from the temple. There is
something blood-curdling in the visi
bility of but a part of the hand and
its busy writing. No wonder if the
riotous mirth was frozen Into awe.
and the wine lost flavor.
Belsbazzar. in his terror and horror,
summoned his wise men to declare
what the strange apparition and the
blazing letters meant, and promised
great rewards to the one who should
interpret them; but all failed. Either
they could not make sense of the let
ters, or could not perceive what mean
ing they had. Even if they bad under
stood, it is not likely that one.of them
would dare to speak it out before the
Then the queen mother, mother of
Belshazzar. came in and spoke of
Daniel as one who had shown great
gifts at Interpretation to his grandfa
ther Nebuchadnezzar. It took place
before this boy king was born, and he.
naturally, knew nothing about the
story. Daniel was sent for, and came
into the festival hall. He heard the
king's offer, and spurning it. spoke
brave and true words which might
easily cost him his life. He told the
story of Nebuchadnezzar's fall from
the height of pride, and accused him
of dishonoring the true God. Then he
interpreted the message written on
the palace walls: "Thou art weighed
In the balances and found wanting."
The want of religious restraints and
motives, exposes one undefended to
the powers of temptation. Belshazzar
would enrich the splendor of his feast
by the sacred goblets and dishes of
gold that Nebuchadnezzar had taken
from the temple at Jerusalem. They
were brought, and made to be instru
ments for drunken revelry and lust,
and worship of idols, thus declaring
that the idols had given them the vic
tory over the God cf the Jews. He
little realized the power of the God
whom he was defying, nor the reason
why he had permitted the Jews to be
disciplined by exile, and the victory of
Cyrus over Babylon was one of the
means by which the exiles should be
able to return home, and carry those
very golden vessels back to Jerusa
lem. The church in the wilderness
was like the burning bush that Moses
saw; and like the three heroic men in
Nebuchadnezzar's fiery furnace, un
consumed because God was with
them. The true religion, the princi
ples of the kingdom cr heaven, and
the laws of Cod. are certain to tri
umph at last over intemperance and
all its evils.
The social power of the wine cup,
its connection with feasting, comrade
ship, hospitality, good cheer. Is one of
its most dangerous attractions. And
one of the chief defences against its
power lies in showing that good cheer,
fellowship, sociability, eating together,
may be enjoyed in the highest degree
where men "eat and drink and in
communion sweet quaff immortality
and joy." without the fascination of
the wine cup.
Belshazzar lost his city and his king
dom. So still by Intemperance are
men continually throwing away the
kingdom God has prepared for them,
the kingdom of manhood, the kingdom
of self-control, the kingdom of the
world is which we live and of its laws
which we can compel to aid us in all
that is good.
Place the
MOTHER'S OATS firekss Cooker
It will be ready to tenre when yow get laoane
This advertisement
is good for 10 cou
pons cut it out and
you have a big start.
Then in every pack
age of Mather t Oats
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pon. Save the cou
pons and get the
cooker free in a
hurry. Only one ad
vertisement will be
accepted from each cus
tomer as JO coupons.
Buy a package of Mother's Oaf today.
Send a postal for complete preniua book.
Dunn Ah, you are in this Urns.
I've called five times with this bill, '
but you've been out.
Owens Indeed? Well, you are out
this time. Fine morning, isn't it?
Awful Tale of Suffering From Kidney
Trouble. !
Alfred J. O'Brien. Second St., Ster-'
ling. Colo., says: "I was in the Bal
timore Marine Hospital nine months.
The urine was In a terrible state and
some days I passed
half a gallon of
blood. They wanted
to operate on me
and I went to St.
Joseph's Hospital at
Omaha, putting in
three months there
without any gain. I
was pretty well dis
couraged when advised to use Doan's
Kidney Pills. I did so and when I had
taken one box. the pain left me. I
kept on and a perfect cure was the
"When Your Back Is Lame, Re
member the Name DOAN'S." 50c a
box at all stores. Foster-Milburn Co..
Buffalo, N. Y.
Appetite Not a Necessity.
Dr. John R. Murlin of New York, as
sistant professor of physiology at the
Cornell universsity medical college, in
an article in the October number of
the Journal of the Outdoor Life, com
pares the food we eat to the fuel used
In furnishing steam and power fcr an
engine. In selecting our food be says
that we should eat enough to furnish
energy for the day's work, but that
much more than this is not needed.
He holds that the appetite is not a ne
cessity for good digestion. "There is
no fallacy of nutrition," he says,
"greater than that which supposes
that a food cannot be digested and
utilized without appetite." Most of the
food we eat. fully four-fifth?, goes to
supply energy for our every-day tasks,
while less than one-fifth goes to sup
ply building material.
Shipwreck Up to Date.
"Captain, is there much danger?"
"Not a particle. A moving-picture
outfit will soon be along and rescue
us after they have taken a few Ulms."
A woman may not be able to make '
a fool of every man she meets, but she ;
can make something just as good.
mm JzEjmmm
mm ISiB
Mil KBPIfe r'
TaaBaTiaaTT SrShJl1-
Woman's Ills
Mbbt worses swRer aeedletalr from
hood and from motherhood to old ae with fhackache,
dizztaess or headache. She becomes birokea-down, steep
les, nerrotrs, irritable and feels tired from moraine to
sight. When pais end sebes rack the wosusly system at
frequent intervals, est yemr mri:Lbr Jaf
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
TMl Prescription kss, tor over GO yemrm, bm
emrtmg efecaft jreatr. palmfwrmcked wmmtm,
by Me AssafMafs of tMmsamtla mm tmia t Im
UtB mriraer mt their iabh ... a. ..
mmm sm mauMwts ro immeuemtm owesfioatwja
wicawsv wvmmmnmm exmaumatit
Si7" "ti! t..COrt:J5l?H,fide"c T letter free. Address
WvdlD,$p?"?.ry Mc"1 A" n 1.V. Pieree. M. D., Pres't, Butelo, N. Y.
xma'' t f?.i Pocrom. Book, The People's Common Sense
aVf!r r A?-,sr ewl7 reused up-to-date editios 1000 pages, asswere
ruin EugltsM riotts of delicate qoes'ioti which every woman, aiaale or married
outlt to know about. Sent free tc any nddreaa as receipt of 31 one-cens
stamp to cover coat of wrapping and mailisg r, in Presch doth binding.
2.50. 3,00, 3.50 4.00 SHOES
Meet asm Women wear WXJogIaa asoa
harasi they are the beat asoes proefecedia
Om r antiy for the price. Insist kav
sec usees. Take so other saaka.
Tie assurance that goes with aa estab
irepoUtkmkycaauracKembHiykg W. L. Doughs W -
n1 C?!U "fey00 y - foaorie.
at Brctktoo. MatL. and show yo how
cafcWIDc-jfjas shoes are RMrJe,Da
ffSntSwl In hnlrl ska ak. L. I
UtfllHH w. i.
)If von eaanoe owUn W. L. iv.u.
yonr tows, write for eatalnc. Saoea seat mm
Dinner in a
Get a
in a Hurry
44 Bu. to the Acre
b beaTT yield, but that's what Joba Kenedy mt
nonunion, Alocrta. Westers Cftoadit, sol from
irui wncatiBHH
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