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State Historical Society x
Volume 42
Columbus, Nebraska., Thursday, October 26, 1911
Number 30
The guarantee of deposit law was a democra
tic measure,
Do your business with a bank that comes
under the provisions of this law.
Republicans receive the same protection if they
do business with this bank.
Miss Gwendolyn Garlow entertain
ed Miss Nell Eyers, of Omaha, Sun
day. Fred Elias of Councill Bluffs, was
visiting with home folks Monday and
Paul Hoppen left Sunday for his
home in Aurora after a weeks visit
with hs mother, Mrs. C. Hoppen.
Mrs. Young and daughter Ann re
turned to their home in Omaha Tues
day after a week s visit with her
mother, Mrs Keating.
Mrs. V. F. Winkleman and two
sons, after a few days visit with her
mother, Mrs. Ellen Keating and other
relatives left Monday for their home
in Denver.
Dr. and Mrs. A. G. Lueschen and
baby son will leave for their home in
Bakertield, California, after a two
weeks visit with Mr. and Mrs. C. F.
Elias and other relatives.
Ms Eleanor Rusehe spent the
week-end in Norfolk as a guest at a
house party given by Miss Lilian Deg
ner. Miss Rusoiie and Miss Degner
Were former m-IiooI mates at an east
ern college.
Mr. and Mrs. August Wagner en
tertaind last evening at the Orpheus
hall in honor of Dr. and Mrs. A. G.
Lueschen. of Bakerfield. Caifornia.
The hall was richly decorated with
chrysanthemum and ferns. Two hun
dred guests enjoyed the evening in
dancing and card.
80 Acres
of land within
2 miles of Col
umbus is offer
ed at a bottom
price for a
quick sale
Inquire of
Copyright 1909 by C. E.
NOW that we have equipped with the latest
improved and modern up-to-date Shoe Re
pairing Machinery, and the fact that we will use
the best Leather that we can buy also that you
can have your soles sewed on while you wait,
we ask you to give us a trial on this branch of
of our business.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
State Bank
Don't forget the supper by the Con
gregational Ladies Friday, Novem
ber, 17th.
Use a Perfection Oil Heater to take
the chill from your rooms before base
burner weather. Cheaper than coal.
For sale by Johannes & Krumland.
For sale Some very desireable
properties for persons wanting to re
tire butstill do a little gardening, raise
chickens, keep a cow, etc. Chas.
Dickey State Bank Building.
Lost a gold g Id hat-pin, Persian
setting, between Lutheran church and
Ninth street on September 17. Find
er please leave at this office and re
ceive reward.
The Ladies Maccabees will give a
birth day party Halowe'en eve in
honor of their ninteenth birthday. An
excellent program has been arranged
and refreshments will be served for
which nineteen cents will be charged.
Do your policies give you proper
protection? We issue farm policies
in the strongest company in the world
for the same charge the Weaker com
panies make. Becher, Hockenberger
and Chambers.
Mrs. Howard Fickels, of Oshkosh.
who has been visiting her parents Mr.
and Mrs. H. A. Pueschel for the past
two weeks, left Wednesday afternoon
for Waterloo, where she will visit her
sister, Mrs. Harris before returning
to her home.
The Episcopal ladies are planning a
good time for everybody at their Hal
tve'en party next Tuesday evening
which will be held at the Orpheus
Hall. Dancing, fortune-telling and
many other attractions have been plan
ned to keep the crowd busy. Admis
sion 30 cents. Refreshments extra.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Echols returned
Monday from Excelsior, Springs, Mis
souri, where they had been called by
the serious illnes of the six month
old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dan
Echols, The Columbus friends of Mr.
and Mrs. Echols will be glad to learn
although the baby is still very sick,
the physician hold strong hopes for
her recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Harbour, who
spent several days in this city visiting
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. C,
Worden, left Sunday morning for
their home in Los Anleges. Mrs.
Harbour is a lady-dentist and has just
completed a course at the Angel School
of Orthodontia at New London, Con
necticut, the most famous dential
school in the world. Only four ladies
have graduated from this school since
its existance, and Dr. Harbour has the
distinction of being one of the four.
Zimmerman Co. No. 40
Miss Martha Hoben spent last week
with friends in Omaha.
Mrs. H. J. Horstraan will entertain
the Alpha Kensington club this after
Mrs. C. C. Sheldon is entertai ning
2k. rs. A. C. Ballon, of Schuyler, this
Miss Clara Segeke will entertain
the South Side Sewing Club this after
noon. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Devlin will en
tertain the Neighborhood Five Hun
dred Club Friday evening.
Mrs. Dwight Dickinson and baby,
of Spalding spend last week with Mr.
and Mrs. R. S. Dickinson.
Mrs. Albert Stenger has issued in
vitations to a kensington this after
noon at her suburban home.
Miss Fay Grouch, of Kearney, ar
rived Monday for an extended visit
with her sister Mrs. Ray Heacock.
Mrs S. J. Ryan and daughter Miss
Nell spent a few days in Omaha this
week visiting friends and shopping.
Miss Ethel Baker entertained the
Noah Ark club Wednesday afternoon
in honor of Mrs. Fred Baker, of Oma
ha. Clarence Clark returned home Sun- j
? . c
he has been recovering from a recent
Mrs. W. A. McAllister and daugh
ter Miss Janet left Sunday for Omaha
for a brief visit with Mr. and Mrs.
Alvine Poole.
Mrs. P. E. Russner, of Platts
mouth, and daughter Mrs. R. A.
Dodge, of Omaha spent Thursday with
Mrs. J. E. Peterson.
Mrs. C. L. Greenwell and Mrs.
Louis Lightner entertained at a one
o'clock luncheon Wednesday after
noon at the home of Mrs. Lightner.
,, , ., ... . r ,,. , I
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Walters and
, , ,. ... .. ir.-i r
UaUtllibCi A-AdCll ICbUlilCU A. & 1U0V 4.1 Will
. , - - -... , J
a three weeks visit with relatives at
Dixon, Chicago and Aurora, Illinois.
Mrs. D. T. Martyn sr.. and Mrs.
Lucy Hulst who have been visiting in
the eastern and southern states, for
the past two months returned home
Mrs. M. E. Smith returned Monday
from Omaha, where she was called byj
, . . . , ,,. ,. paring the juvenilee part for the re-
him much improved after his recent ' . , .. . V. u - . a..
ceptaion of the Holy Lucharist. The
Pe ' pupils of this class will make their
Mrs. H. J. Johnson and little son ' private holy communion November 1,
Bert left Wednesday morning for Om- at 8 a. m.
aha, where they will visit friends J November first wil be the feast of
the remainder of the week, and also all saints, a day of obligation. Divine
enjoy the concert by the Mormon service as on Sunday. In the after
choir of Salt Lake City. noon will be the solemn closing with
J. D. Stires had the misfortune
while nprforminff stunts Fridav even
ing in the Y. Sl.C . a. Gvmnasium to
wrench his ankle very badly. Mr.
Stires has since been confined to his
room with the injured member.
Grant Battles, of Genoa, was in
the city Wednesday on his way home
from a visit with relatives in Illinois.
He reports that in the part of Illinois
in which he was visiting, the corn
crop will make a very poor showing
this year.
O. B. Anderson, Don Fauble and
Homer Rush will attend the Christian
Endeavor State Convention at Lincoln
which will hold its open session Thurs
day of this week. The young men
go as delegates from the Congrega
tional C. E.
Miss Stella Sparhawk returned Mon
day from Genoa, where she has been
nursing the little daughetr of Prof.
Sutherland, who has been very ill with
polio myolitus Miss Sparhawk re
ports her little patient much improved
and on the way to recovery.
Lewis, the four-year-old son of Mr.
and Mrs. A. Nordland, was attacked
by an angry cow Monday afternoon
and severely hurt before help could
reach him. The little fellow was
thrown in the air. the horn penetrat
ing his side. Eleven stitches were
needed to close the wound. At first
it was feared the child would not re
cover, but the last reports now that
he is doing as well as could be ex
pected. Mr. Basil Gietzen. of this city, and
Miss Harriett C. Dawson, of Omaha,
were married at St. Joseph's church
Thursday evening, Rev. Father Theo
bald officiating. The wedding was a
quiet affair, only the immediate rela
tives and close friends being present.
Miss Emma Foley was bridesmaid and
Mr. C H. Gietzen was best man. Af
ter the ceremony the bridal party had
dinner at the Hotel Loyal. Mr. and
Mrs. Gietzen left for the west on a
wedding trip and will be at home
after November 15, on the groom's
farm near Central City. Mr. Giet
zen is a son of the late John B. Giet
zen and has made Columbus his home
all his life. It was during the illness
of his father that Mr. Gietzen became
acquainted with bis bride, who remain
ed at the Gietzen home several weeks
as a professional nurse.
I ICO sf , iJy JT--- I
ItmmHmtmssUmsssmw JBt (MlHHflMfl
q yl thXtfs.mWi
and along with it you will want COAL
for your comfort. -' See as about it
and you will have
after your coal is bought. Coal of all
kinds for range, furnace or heater.
T. B. Hord Grain Go.
PHONES: Independent 206
BeU 188
Dr. E. H. Naumann, dentist.
City Scavenger, independent tele
phone, 424.
Don't forget the cabbage sale at
the Columbmus Mercantile Company.
The New Goods Sale at Gray's is
. of the b events .n the hi3t
1 ? 1 .
ory of this popular store.
For Rent A. modern room; will
also furnish board. Mrs. C. B.
Brunk, 18th and Q. streets.
Mrs. Til lie Munter returned last
Thursday from Evansville, Illinois,
where she had been visiting for the
I past month
St. Francis Academy Notes.
Mrs. M. H. Compton. of St. Ed
ward, called at the Academy last Sat
urday to visit her daughter, Marine.
Sister Agnes, was called to Omaha
, . r , , . , .......
-ast Wednesday to be present at the
11. 1 1
dedcation of the grand pipe organ,
..,.,- , - ,, , . ,
which had just been installed in the
at. Joseph's Hospital chapel. Rev.
Father Gregory, the famous musician
from Conception. Missouri, presided
at the organ.
I Sunday at 1 p. m. the members of
iSt, Cecelia's Polish choir will have
' their rehersal in thr basement of the
Rev Father Sigsmund has been pre-
the Rosary Devotion.
On November 2, will be the comem-
oration of the faithful Departed.
Solemn Requium Mass at 9 a. m.
If the weather permits there will be
a procession to the cemetery, where j
impressive ceremonies will be held i
for the loved ones departed.
On November 20 the Right Rev.
Bishop Rhode, of Chicago, accompanied
by Rev. Theobald Kalamaji, of Omaha,
and Rev. Gulba, of South Omaha, will
jpass the ctiy on their way to
Tarnov, where they will dedicate the
grand structure of the new St. Mi
chael's school. On November 22 he
will be in Duncan to admit ister the
sacrament of confirmation. Bishop
Rhode has peen appointed by Papal See
as the ecclesiasstic representative of
the Polish people in this country.
October 31 is the Vigil of All Saints,
a day of fast and abstinance.
Beginning Saturday, we
will place on sale a special
lot of manufacturer sample
Hats at less than cost of
material. Watch our win
dow. H. H. Stires.
Hockenberger &
Mrs. Carl Kramer entertained the
original Bridge club Monday after
noon. Miss Alice Pratt, of St. Edward, is
spending the week with MissMargaret
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Huer enter
tained the Five Hundred' club Tuesday
Mrs. Homer Robinson will leave
Friday for Lincoln for a few days vis
it with friends.
Mrs. Irve Speice and little daughter
Katherine are spending the week with
friends in Omaha.
Mrs. George Thomas left Monday
for Kearney, where she will visit
friends for a week.
G. G. Becher entertained a number
of his friends at a seven o'clock din
ner Tuesday evening.
Miss Howard returned Friday from
Omaha, where she had been attending
the State Library Association.
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Hickok return
ed Tuesday evening from two weeks
visit with relatives in Oberlin, Ohio.
Rev. J. Wm. Carson, of Manitou,
Colorado will occupy the Congregation
al pulpit, both Sunday morning and
Mrs. C. L. Dickey and daughter
Frances and Virginia left Thureday
for a short visit with relatives in
Council Bluffs.
Mrs. George McHenry returned
Tuesday to her home in Dennison,
Iowa, after a visit of month with her
parents Dr. and Mrs. C. D. Evans.
Mr. and Mrs. John Omelia, of
Rollins Wyoming, ai rived Tuesday
evening for an extended visit with
their daughter, Mrs. Martin Hayes.
J.J. Trainor of Elgin, accompanied
by his sisters. Misses Mary and Nellie
of LaJunta, Colorado spent a few days
this week with Dr. and Mrs. H. E.
The Rev. Dr. A. M. Berry, of Lin
coln, will preach at the Methodist
church on Sunday evening October 29
on the subject of "The Indignation of
a Fine Sou.l"
Mesdames Ross Welch, Ed New
man u. a. Kicnards, David Thomas
and G. L. McKelvy will entertain, at
a five o'clock tea, Friday afternoon, at
the home of Mrs Welch.
C. H. Sheldon left Saturday morn
ing for Laport, Indiana, called by the
serious illness of his brother. Mr.
Sheldon returned Tuesday evening,
leaving his brother much improved.
Mrs. W. H. Winterbotham and
daughter Miss Maude arrived Tues
day from Ohio where they have been
visting relatives and will spend sever
al days in this city before returinng
to their home in Julesburg.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Baker and ba
by daughter and Mrs. William Baker,
of Albion, spent several days with Mr.
and Mrs. O. H. Walters. Mrs. Will
iam Baker left Tuesday for Chicago,
where she expects to spend the winter.
Rev. F. R. Wedge, was in the city
yesterday from Genoa, and reports
that he recently received fom the par
ent organizaton in New York City, a
commission to organize a company of
boy scouts in his town. He 'now has
forty-two boys enrolled for the move
ment and is very sanguine of the sue
cess of the undertaking. Mr. Wedge
says Genoa will be the smallest town
in the United States to have a com
pany of boy scouts.
Two Indian boys who had escaped
from the government school, at
Genoa, Tuesday afternoon, were
caught here Wedneasday morning by
the police. Diciplinarian Williams,
of the school, was in the city Tuesday
evening, seeking trace of them, but
failing at the time to locate them, re
ported the disappearance to the police,
and went on east. Assistant Donyski
came down irom uenoa Wednesday
noon and returned with the fugitives.
Correspondence between Colonel G.
A, Eberly and a number of former
members of the Nebraska National
Guards would indicate that a company
of the guards will soon be organized in
Columbue. The efforts at this end of
the line have been mainly under the
guidance of former Leuutenant A. C.
Boone, who announces that there is
still room for a number of enlistments
to make the enrollment complete.
Colonel Eberly, in a recent letter ex
pressed the opinion that there would
soon be room for a Columbus company,
and hoped that the enlistment would
be completed as soon as possible.
The organization of a company will
mean a good thing for Columbus in
several ways. It will bring the mem
bers into a closer intercourse with
each other; it will mean training for
them, which they could receive in no
other way; it will mean an advertise
ment of the city, particularly at the
time of the annual encampments; and
it will mean the disbursement of sev
eral hundred dollars annually in the
city in the way of salaries paid to the
Try Herring's C. O. D. Laundry.
Satsi faction Guaranteed North theatre
HOG SALE October 251 will
sel 35 head of big type Poland China
males on above date at Columbus.
They are strictly the big type with
bone and feeding qualities. Fred
Hon. J. C. Elliott, republican can
didate for congress in this district,
Postmaster Otto Zuelo, of Schuyler,
and Judge C. B. Letton, candidate for
reelection to the supreme bench of.the
state, were in the city Wednesday.
Mule footed hogs are immune from
cholera, and when crossed with the
Poland China makes one of the very
best breeds. Mr. A. J. Thomas, in the
rirst national tsanic Building, has a
few male mule foots for sale.
Platte county is a mighty good
farmer, and has a mighy good man
in charge of its farm. Last sprng.
Overseer Ernst planted twelve bushels
of potatoes, and last week he finished
gathering the crop of one hundred and
seventy-five bushels Some of the
potaoes are of good size, and they are
of good quality.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Nafe, of Gold
field, Nevada, arrived here Saturday
from Preston. Ontario, where they
had been called by the illnesss of Mr.
Nafe's. While here they were guests
at the home of O. C. Shannon, Mrs.
Nafe being formerly Miss Helen
Shannon. Mr. Nafe is agent for the
Godfield and Tonapah railway at Gold
fied. Superintendent Lecron announces
that the first meeting of the Platte
County teacher's association will be
held at Platte Center next Saturday.
The meeting will be addressed by Pres
ident A. O. Thomas, of the state norm
al school at Kearney. Music will be
furished by the puplis of the Platte
, Center schools, and the meeting will
undoubtedly be a good one for all
Edward D. Mayberger last week
filed with the county clerk a petition
signed by about fcur hundred voters
of supervisor districts 6 and 7, com
posing the city of Columbus, and
Columbus, Butler and Loup townships,
asking that his name be placed on the
official ballots as a candidate for sup
ervsor. Mr. Mayberger has lived in
the district for forty-four years, and
in veiw of the fact that it has always
been customary for this district with
its two supervisors to have one repre
sentative from the city and the other
from the country, feels that the prec
edent should not now be broken by
electing another supervisor from the
At a meeting of the fire department
last Monday evening a motion was pass
ed instructing the delegates to the
next convention of the Nebraska State
Volunteer Firemen's Association to use
all honorable means to secure the next
following convention for Columbus.
A committee consising of the secret
aries of the depatment, and of the
commercal club and business men's
c ub of the Y. M. C. A., all of whom
are members of the department, was
appointed to present the matter to
these bodies and also to the city coun
cil, in order that the delegates to
Kearney may be armed with the prop
er authority. The entertainment of
the convention will require the raising
of at least a thousand dollars, in re
turn for which the city will have as
its guests for three days, about four
hundred men. The matter was
brought up at the meeting of the bus
iness men's club Tuesday evening,
and a motion was unanimously pasced
to assist the firemen in extending the
invitation to the association. The
council and the commercial club will
be asked to take similar action.
ifc. jF -""Sfc. 1 msmssssssssi
HIGHEST aid thi Prici LOWER Thai
aiy Qaatfea by a CHy Cmera
paying the high rents a city demands.
Prescott Music Company
J. E. ABOTT, Manager
A reliable remedy that
anyone can use easy
to take quid; ia action
and handy to carry
Nothing will affect the
lungs so quickly as a
heavy cold if you
value your hugs you
owe it to yourself to use
No quinine no buzzing
in the head and no
nausea the fever of
colds and the cold itself
are quickly banished
25 Cents the
f 35 Tablets
Carload of cabbage now on sale at
the Columbus Merchantile company.
F. P. Clother, the genial landlord
at the Colther hotel at Platte Center,
was a gest of Jerry Carrig over Sun
day. Do your policies give you proper
protection? We issue farm policies
in the strongest company in the world
for the same charge the weaker com
panies make. Becher, Hockenberger
and Chambers.
THIS atttacthe deaga
has been speckly
prepared to meet the
insistrnt desaaads for a
flatware pattern to be osed
Line of Diner and Tea
Ware, which has proved
The rich effect of the
sqaare edge, the sunpfirity
of oatSae and refiaesssat
of decoraoon have been so
swxassfaQr combined
last the resak is a pattern
wkichnot only hannoalaes
perfectly with the
frymoam Line of Dinaer
ware, bet is appropriate
for ose with any other
Colonial or Old Eogfie
bright finish ware.
A radical departure
has been nude in the
bowls of the fancy pieces
which, while in ac
cozd with the gene
mi spirit of the
design, afford a
aoost attractive
novelty in con
auaUiuu aad ap
pearance. In addition to
the spoons and
forks a complete
assortment of
macy pieces is in
daded. Made in Sterling Silver only, aad stamped with
the Trade Mark: Lion, Anchor aad letter
Which c
qaaBrr sad parity of desiga
-Sold by
Ed. J. Niewohner
AE HAVE twenty-one
different makes of
pianos from which toselect
They are every one stand
ard and not a stencil in
the bunch. We know that
the quality is the very